So James Harden must play carefully,Don’t be fouled again。

But got the basketball,Bearded has just passed halftime,I saw Shen Huan blocked it up。
He has a shadow on Shen Huan now。
Did not feel Shen Huanxingyun Liushui’s attack,I felt Shen Huan’s sharp foul first.。
Forget it,Can’t afford。
James Harden turned sharply,But didn’t take two steps at all,He threw the ball directly to front power forward Ryan Anderson。
The Rockets don’t have a serious center.。
Nene Gilario, the center who played the most regular season,But only hit67field,Of which only8Field is the starter。
But their players are usually taller,Generally, power forwards and small forwards are2Over meters,This largely replaces the role of the big center。
For example, Ryan Anderson today,Is used as a center。
But taller,Naturally move slowly。
Ryan Anderson just received the ball,Haven’t turned around and attacked,A huge force came from behind,“Snapped”The sound of,The basketball was shot off。
Then a figure passed him,Bring the basketball all the way towards the Rockets’ basket。