Various emotions,I can’t miss anything wrong. Who is wrong?。

And the spring is also guided.,Slowly change people’s thoughts,Although you can’t solve all problems。
But the generous direction is absolutely good。
He is just a vast passenger.,The past is just an ordinary person,Not so much retaliation。
And the spot is just a big conflict with his awareness.。
Maybe this is also his influence。
“Then there is nothing to say.,Bar,Who will win this world?”Spouse。
Obviously he saw that he did not speak,Prepare to fight。
Spot is not a person who is very strong,It seems that Ashura’s revitalization is particularly strong.。
And the spots I feel that I have stood at the same height.,I want to share the winning and negative between the two.。
“You can’t win”Spring smiles。
This is the battle of six models,This has never happened in the history of the role.。
One has the strongest challenge,A five elements of yin and yang with themselves,Who is strong and weak, I really don’t say it?。
far away。
“Have not started,Good luck”After falling in the column。
“。。。。Are you not worried at all?”He said in the middle。
Others have also fallen。
“What is I am worried?,It seems that,Dao Dao Dao once again”Block smiles and patted shoulders。
扉 无 无 语,But still put your eyes on the body of the air.。
Others don’t talk,Quietly watch this history unprecedented battle。
“Oh,The column is also coming.,hehe,Then let you see how I am defeated everyone.,Re-establish a new world”
The spot appeared in the front of the spring,Whenestone formed by jade,Falling over the spring。
The spring also appeared in the hands of a black sputum blocking。
When the wavy suddenly exploded。
“I have the Chakra far super,You can’t be my opponent”Looking at the eyes of the spring。
“hehe,Yes?Our two are six models,Can better,Then see the body skills,This is very good at this”Spring is a smile。
Spring, with powerful power, straight-blocked long stick,Then instantaneous,Lift a high kick leg,Kicking on the spots。
Kick it directly on the spot。
Even if there is a big strengthening of the body of the six models,But it is definitely more than the body that is abrasive under gravity.。
Just kicked out a spring,Instantly disappear,Then in front of the spot。
The long stick in his hands is a set of stabs.,Play a lot of wolf,The body is also retreating。