Ma Fengkuang looked at Cao Anna,This famous Hunshi Demon in Jingnan City is busy for Lu Yi,Instantly increased my curiosity about Lu Yi。

15Hours ago。
Cao Anna is in a huge crowd,I still recognized Lu Yi who only dared to hide in the corner。
“This is probably fate,Our Cao family has always done things for results,Regardless of the cost;If it’s love,Go through fire and water。”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Fourteen Internet cafe overnight
Cao Anna ran out of the ward,Tears couldn’t stop streaming down,She also holds a rose in her hand,That is the one she left from ten thousand flowers。
She cried:“Lu Yi, you stupid big head,Can give Bailing nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine flowers,Can’t you give me one??”She has never been so wronged since she was a child,The key is that she asked for it。
“Wait for me,This lady will never let go!Someday you will understand how high I can’t afford……”
suddenly,The absent-minded Cao Anna bumped into the same person,Both turned to the ground。
“Which melon baby does not have eyeballs when walking!?”Shouted the person who was hit。
Anna Cao took a closer look,Isn’t this little whirlwind Zhangsong??What a coincidence,I can meet you in the hospital at night?
“you,you,You followed Laozi to the hospital?It’s really lingering,I just re-bandaged my head,Crashed into your gun again!”Zhang Song said tragically。
“Yes,How about i chasing you?”Anna Cao wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and said。
“beauty,you……Don’t cry guiltily because of the toilet,I have pants,The skull is also hard,Refreshed,Terrible……”Zhang Song explained。
“Hey!You really changed your pants!”Anna Cao looks at Zhang Song’s expression in bandages and pants,Couldn’t hold back his tears and laughed。
“Big sister,Crying in the hospital?Pregnant?”Zhang Song asked。
Cao Anna stood up,Angrily:“Believe it or not, I’ll knock you crooked?”
“That’s broken love!Which shit kid made the eldest sister angry??I go and make him bleed?”I saw Zhang Song rolled up his sleeves as if he was going to fight。
“You don’t need to care about my business!”Cao Anna felt a little moved,But stubbornly。


First0258chapter Confrontation
Family management is also an art,If you don’t say anything, you will be in flames。{}{} suimеng][}
Wang Degui didn’t like this Qin Shuifeng at all,To look better than Chen Xiaoju,But there are many odors,No noodles,Have rice for every meal,So Chen Yueqin has to do each meal separately,And you have to wash every night to go to bed,And Wang Youfa is trying to listen,Be obedient to this Qin Shui style。
“Oh my mother!You can’t say a few words“Wang Youfa said to Chen Yueqin a little unhappy。
Wang Degui hurriedly coughed twice and said“Have hair!Can’t stay at home every day,Bring your wife,Go to the city,Urge the second child,See how your business is going“
Qin Shuifeng couldn’t sit still long ago,When Wang Degui said this,Pull Wang Youfa and run,Seeing Wang Youcai,Got up hurriedly,Ready to chase。
“You stop!What do you run,Does this matter to you?“Wang Degui shouted,Wang Youcai took back the leg he stepped out。
Chen Yueqin grabbed Wang Degui’s dry tobacco stem,I gave Wang Youcai a bit,She scolded“You prodigal,I only know to take the money from home,how?Eyeing your brother again,You just die this heart!“
“mom!How do you talk,I’m still not your son,I asked my eldest brother to invest some money in the carton factory?“Wang Youcai grinned,Touching the painful arm beaten by Chen Yueqin and said。
Wang Degui shook his head so angry and said“Are you blind or something,Your big brother has no money,He wants to borrow chicken to lay eggs,Which Qin Shuifeng’s dad depends on“
“impossible!Brother has been outside all these years,Impossible to have no money“Wang Youcai still doesn’t believe it。
Chen Yueqin,The fire is bigger,She kicked it over,Shouted“Get out of here!Didn’t it say that Chen Xiaoju was pregnant and cost 2,000 yuan?Where did this go?Where did you lead the other day?**come back,I stole a thousand yuan from my box before I left,Are you human“
Chen Yueqin roared,Pounced on。Wang Youcai saw that his old lady was getting angry,Twist and run,This smoky,Keep running out of the village。
“His father!These guys,Dumb eating dumplings,Know well,What do you say about this?!”Chen Yueqin sighed and asked。
Wang Degui took a deep breath and said“They want to start from me,impossible,Unless i die,This guy,I just missed it,None of them are fuel-efficient lamps”
“Are all my own children,Or just shoot!”Chen Yueqin said again。
Wang Degui suddenly sat up straight,Roar loudly“Try again“

“What do you want to open these boxes?”

“Feiye!”Dayan shook his head into a rattle,“The old man is the guardian,Never open these boxes without authorization,I said before,I just want to prove my guess。”“Then,What do I have to do with this nameplate?”
“Uh……”Dayan tilted his head and looked at Li Tianzhi,Talk and stop,Want to stop and talk,Last grief“Dao friends really don’t know?”
“I’m Li Xiucheng?Tell you the truth,I am not him,He is not me either,In short, we two count as one,But it’s not the same thing。”
“Dao friends ascend to the immortal world from mortals,I understand this,Accidentally entered the gods from the immortal world,I also know,But these are not the points,The point is that the body of fellow Taoist is a body of chaos。”
“what?!”Li Tianzhen’s eyes widened,As if to swallow the old man in one bite,Only he and Li Xiucheng know this secret,Is the old thing the roundworm in other people’s stomach??How concealed things are not a secret in his eyes?
“Do not panic,Being old is not deliberately prying into the privacy of others,But I came from the metaworld,Yuanjie is the oldest world apart from Chaos Land,In fact, there are no secrets in the eyes of the other worlds,In addition, I am quite concerned about the two missing square boxes,So just pay attention。”
“Old stuff,You better remember these words today,I can’t touch the box,But worry about falling into the pit you dug,Knowing it is a pit,I have to jump,Are you a jerk??!”Li Tianzhen suddenly grabbed Dayan’s collar fiercely.,Since falling into the hands of this old guy,Restricted and passive everywhere,An inexplicable fire that has been under pressure for a long time erupts instantly。
“Even if you are the Lord God of the God Realm,You have to respect the elders。”Dayan is not only not angry,But smile like a chrysanthemum,Reached out and patted Li Tianzhi’s wrist gently,Tighten the placket,“Taoists rest assured,The old words of today should be remembered,Must do!”
In just a few days,Xinglongshan Mental Hospital in the southeast of Fukuyama became a confidential unit,Together with the hustle and bustle around the mental hospital, it suddenly became tense,One side is an extremely busy construction site,One side is the intensive martial law and blockade,The scope of martial law even exceeds the area of ten mental hospitals,Even the county road at the door is re-planning and detouring。
Old man Dong’s main force originally stationed in Daheishan all moved to Xinglongshan,Because of unexpected events,Hundreds of monsters have run out of the rift,Construction progress has not kept up,In addition, the formation drawn by Li Tianzhen is not completely embedded in the wall,So the role of the big array is equivalent to the decoration,It’s hard to stop these monsters,All the practitioners around Old Man Dong participated in the war,Even Gu Changfeng、Mijia and others also directed the puppets to fight with monsters for several times。
The monster’s strength is getting stronger and stronger,More and more types,By contrast,The three-headed monster that was caught by Li Tianzhen for the first time running in can only be regarded as cannon fodder,The two big monsters that rushed out yesterday afternoon,Big body,Very small head,With long tentacles,With countless legs,Extremely cruel,Three strong men in the Yuan Ying realm joined forces to suppress,Finally, one person was injured,Just barely killed the two monsters。
The situation took a turn for the worse, making old Dong frown,He predicted that more powerful alien creatures would invade the world through space rift,However, the resources he has on hand are already stretched,Including Xiao Yanda、Shen Wenyu、Gu Jian、Wu Fang and other five special teams have already taken turns in battle,Nearly a third of casualties,The 13 practitioners and Li Hao’s team around him are already exhausted.。

From now on,At this time, Qian Sunlong is looking forward to his eyes.。

Qian Sunlong itself,Don’t feel at all,What is different now?。
“All right,These are not the key points of the problem。”
“but,Since things have been here,Then I think it is,Let’s follow,What can I do?!”
When Money Sunlong looked at the eyes,At this time, Qian Sunlong is completely ignited.。
“Since things have been here,So next,Let’s everyone,Do you still need to worry??”
At least,In Qian Sunlong looks,Shen Xuan, they have nothing to move temporarily.。
so,Need what to do now?
Qian Sunlong is a swing against his eyes.:“temporary,How do you don’t have to take care of them?。” “As long as we are optimistic about it,It is best not to let Shen Xuan come over.。”
“By the time,We have a way to pack him.!”
When Money Sunlong’s words,Those people around you,It is a brush to look at it.。
obviously,Such a thing,What should I do?。
In fact, their hearts,Why don’t you understand??
So I saw these,At this time, Qian Sunlong,It is more completely settled.。
Just this,When Money Sunlong saw it here,Qian Sunlong is just a look of a play look.。
“As for you,Pay attention,But in my look,Right now he,I don’t dare to do this.!”
When Money Sunlong said,Those people around me look at the eyes。
In fact, it is now,What is the situation here?,Don’t say more,In fact, their hearts,Why don’t you understand??
And this time,These guards in the money,It is completely awkward。
“Although I don’t want to say this.,But now,This is a good opportunity.。”
“That’s right,If things have been,So now,Let’s do it, you can do something at this time.。”
“otherwise,Let’s stare at them first.,As for other things,Even if we are tangled,A half,In fact, I can’t see anything.。”
This,As those people around say。
In fact, now,Their hearts,It is more clear。
As for Qian Sunlong,It is put a swing:“That’s good,remember,Don’t do something。”
“This time is critical,If you really have something?,Then regret it.。”
When Money Sunlong said,Those people around me promptly。
At this time, Shen Xuan,Then I saw the people around you.。
“How about it,It’s already ready to be.?”
When Shen Xuan finished,As the clouds around you have seen it,It is a nodes。
“Yes,The head collar is good, even if you can rest assured。”
“As long as the head is told you,We will solve them in the past.。”
When I heard the cloud,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Still very willing to believe。
Because of such a thing,In fact, it is already completely lying here.。
But the more this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like。
Next thing,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,It is more direct than anyone else.。

Watermouth opened his hand,Blow out a burst of black smoke:

“It has become a shadow of black smoke disappears.。”
Forest head is depressed。
He is still planning to play some useful magical or fascinating from so many soil,Now it has become a dream bubble.。
“Be full of drinking?”
“almost,But the effect is not big。”
“Then your appetite is not small.。”
The water lady pushes the forest.,It seems that there is nothing to see in it.,Talented to be so anxious。
but,Lin rang is also too lazy to snoke the secret,One person left the government again,Back to Zhaojia Dyeing。
Lin looked at the child in Xu Erni hand,Some headache。
How can he arrange??
The water nice seeing Lin Ren because the child is somewhat hard.,Propose:
“Jia Kangfu has become like this,It is better to bring back to Pingyang Government?That kind, find someone to adopt this child.。”
“Can only be so。”
Other better ways。
Xu Erni hugged the child in front of the forest:
“Do you want someone to adopt this child??”
“We can’t bring him。”
“Since you can’t bring him,Just adopt this child。”
Xu Er Dogs heard his daughter,Erupted reminder。
Obviously Xu Erni has made up his mind。
She is the same as the child’s life。
“He but a tacit bottle,Maybe you will be even tired of you can’t marry people.。”
Lin Ren has to remind Xu Ernini。
Xu Ernini teasing children,Let’s talk on the side and its firm tone:
“I’m not afraid。”
Xu Erju can’t bear your own daughter being dragged down in the baby,Dangdao, long-term persuasion:
“Can you take care of your family??Or, we give him to others to adopt。”
“father。I have decided。”
Xu Erju helpless,It knows your own daughter’s character,The decision will not change,Can only be a master。
Lin Ying, Xu Erni, adopted this child is a handsome endorsement,She is a good girl,This child follows her or not.,The slight point is the default.。
When this child has some adoption,The shackles on the lingering are then faded.。
It’s a lot to get up and down.,Feeling that every pore can breathe。
The lady is staring at the forest,巴 巴 巴 眼,Looking back, Xu Er:
“Your father and daughter are also going back to Pingyangfu.!Jia Kangfu is ghost everywhere,Not a few years, it is not possible to live.。”
“it is good,it is good。Erni,We are hurry,You a normal person,Waiting in this place,not good。”
Lin linger can’t help but laugh:

First1587Chapter Dead is you

Ancient morning!
When the summer is saying these two words。
Liu Qingqing does not help but stay。
She slows down,It is completely awareness to see two black people。
Her eyes,Be a horror,Be ignorant,Is extremely strong and unbelievable。
“Ancient……Ancient morning?”
Two black people are silent。
For a long time。
One of them slowly uncovered the black yarn in the face,Out of a handsome cheek。
It is ancient morning。
Another person also exposed a positive face。
This is a middle age of 40 years old,An ordinary,But the eyes are cold, scary。
“Liu Miss,Sorry,You can’t die.。”
The ancient body shape is not high,But this is a cold scary。
Handsome face hanging on bloodthirsty cold,Explosion cold light in the eyes。
“Blame,I monsted that I recognized me in summer.,Liu Miss,Don’t blame me after the next hell.。”
Liu Qingqing is not afraid of death,The resentment in my eyes is more。
“Dead is you。”
Summer hand-held spear,The shoulder’s clothes have been reddish by blood.。
But he seems to feel hurts.,Slow and force to the middle age。
His body transplants a unable to describe perseverance,Dark hair,Put the face is more resolute as a knife。
An invisible‘Potential field’Prove with him,It’s like an impact wave, it’s generally in the square.。
He didn’t pay attention to ancient morning。
A darkly dark scorpion ice is cold,Dead, lock, middle-aged。

If you can’t find the source,Can only purify one or two streams in the village for the time being……

Although Zhu Minglang planned to kill the stone village,Killed the dragon there,But there is no guarantee that there are other groups of lost dragons in this Lihuagou,Lihuagou must settle down,The problem must be solved from the root cause。
Zhu Minglang and others can’t stay in Lihuagou,Lihuagou still needs to rely on its own strength to fight these dragons,But once the water source is polluted,The guards of all villages in Lihuagou are also paralyzed。
Purify water。
Slaying the largest group of dragons。
Or the supreme leader who killed the Dragon。
This is what Zhu Minglang can do for Lihuagou。
The rest depends on their Lihuagou itself,Guard、Patrol、Hunting team……
“I……I might know,Where is the source of the river in the cave。”The girl from the stone village whispered。
She always closed her eyes before,Like sleeping,But in fact she can’t sleep at all,She listened to what everyone was saying,Hesitated for a while,Still speak。
“Girl,The kind of river deep in the crypt,How could you know。”Song Luo said。
The best mountain patroller in their village,It is impossible to find the source of the river in the cave,A thin-skinned young girl who probably hasn’t even done farm work,Isn’t it unpleasant to say this??
“Listen to her。”Li Xing painting stops Song Luo’s satire。
“There is a man who fell into the rift,He told me,In the mountains of Lihuagou,There is a crypt black lake,The bottom of the Black Lake is covered with gems,He was trapped in the black lake for a long time,Part of the cave rock was destroyed by a heavy rain,He finally left the Black Lake of the Cavern。”The girl said very carefully。

Duan Yu is a little taste on the side.——I am clear that I am“Big brother”!

“Do not,We are big and bright,Deficiency of shrinking。”Chu Deirers said more directly。
“Then let’s rely on the past。”Abi Seech Chuzi said so,Miss Table has not opposed,So I followed。
However, the Chu Deirers broke:“and many more,Let me first……”
Chapter 68 Pot to the forefront
Listen to the fragrant,A group of three-school rivers and lakes,One is called a fierce,This makes Murong return out、That let Murong look good,Search all over the room with obvious no one。
And at this time,Just listen……
A big 高 高 唢 声!
“Which turtle grandson is blowing?”
“Mom,Gain!Can’t come out?”
“He Fang Hero,How unexpected?”
Jianghu people in the housing,I heard it at the beginning.——How can someone blow??Blow……Monster!
But a closer look,But I found that this sound came from all over the side.,Come like a certain internal fire,Therefore, a one-mouth or polite、Or bring crude words,But all guard。
Overhead,Survey,Everyone understands this,The people have not on the shore,I gathered in the docky stop of the water.,At the same time,I have seen three points higher.!
Be right,The person is natural is the Chu Deirers.。
Why do you want to blow??
Give yourselfbuffStill in its next,Mainly to deepen people——What is the Taiwanese poem?,Change is a person who is not happy,This is naturally elegant.。
Especially the previous synthesis“Sound soul”,Effectiveness is also effective,More Chu Deirers can meet natural。
certainly,The timing of the appearance and performance is also very important,This time is very successful,Otherwise, when you are in front of everyone,I drums with the god、Go into the field,That is not good.!
When everyone came out,Just see Chu Dee White Fluttoned Standing on the Shiphead……
Reaches the water,Chu Deirers floated directly——Special control does not need some water,Directly floating maximum distance。
The Chu Deiren also saw the people on the shore.,Sure enough, it’s a shower.。
After all, like a gang、Shaolian stream,Although some people die“Also”,But now I have waiting for Murong to swear.。
Even if Murong does not explain,They want to come to Murong Mountain Villa,I will definitely pay first.,Order the day、Admission,Three ways、Tee drum,The big brightness is a guilty。
Instead, when I went to the Shaolin Temple to explain.,Quietly Mi Mi, Murongshan Zhuangzhuang……
At this time, listening to the martial arts people in the fragrant water.,Divided division,One is headed by a young man,Another dial is a thin middle-aged man。
See the Chu Deirers,http://www.afhymat.cnThe former, the first open mouth:“Down to Yuanzhuang Lu Guanying,Add the total scoop of this Taihu Lake,Look at this friend’s extraordinary,I don’t know how to call it.?”
Taihu Lake really became bigger。
In addition, this crown,Chu Deirers also impressed,His father, the wind is the owner of the Yuanzhuang,In the impression of most people,Old Lu is just a cool、Urgency,Not martial arts,And still a scorpion,But actually the true identity of Lao Lu,Is the disciple of Dongxie Huang Pharmacist。
Just by Mei Chao、Chen Xuanfeng’s implicit,Has been interrupted, it is also coming out of the teacher.,I don’t even dare to teach my son’s martial arts.,But let him make a teacher Xianxia School……
This“Xianxia School”Naturally, the woman’s martial art,It is created by a Customer disciple of Shaolin Temple.,Embossing the side of Shaolin。
According to the rules of Shaolin Temple,Customers disciples as long as you test,Can also learn one of the seventy-two stunches,So there are many side bypass outside。
Lu Guanying’s skill,Maybe not the highest,But people are the total scoop of Taihu Green Forest Swage.,Everyone will give this“Floor snake”A bit。
“Lu Xiazhuang is polite,Deerman,However, there is no famous passers in the rivers and lakes.。”Chu Deirers(zhuang)Virtual(bi)Say。
“It turned out to be a new master!Long-lasting。”That dry middle-aged,At this time, I also recognized the identity of Chu Deirers.。

At this time, Xu Chang lives in the new Harle.,And the Song Dynasty people still insist,Said to find Qiao to help,Advise him to change……

Only full crown,Continue to follow the real thing,帮 disciple antiq,Put the hatred,A pair“My gangbu is countless,Qiao Feng’s martial arts is not afraid of him.”Shelf。
It’s all about the fact that Qiao Feng is not worthless.,Herd of heroic……
And Chen You is already a good fortune,Will be put low,Chu Deirers also see,This manager,More than the crowns in the original,Alever, because now there is a total of a total of his own dog legs,So the operability is large.。
The purpose of driving Qiaofeng has reached,And the rudder of the big scorpion in the district,It is impossible to go to the help of the host.,Even now Song Wu San Dafa,And other a lot of rudder,Have some opinions on him,At this time, lower your own existence,Is the most correct。
The package is different and the wind wave is hobby,Although it is convinced for Qiao Feng’s discouragement,But it is obviously nothing to do,So they left,There is also no special and gang to say hello。
“Gang,Must be early to let the son know,Three brothers、Four brothers,You first go to Shaolin to find a gongzi.!Don’t wait for me and Abi。”Agitland。
After the package is different and the wind wave is deteriorated,Just leave first,Didn’t pay attention to Ai Bi smiled……
Just package、The wind four or even didn’t come over and greeted Wang Yizhen.,This is not a taste in the heart of Wang Yin.。
“Ap,You take the package of three brothers and wind four brothers,Is it necessary to go to Wuxi??”Apiki,Obviously she heard the words of Chu Deirers to Duan Yu.。
“Pooh!Don’t think about it,I want to ask Qiao Gang,Is there a clue?,That stealing fan,Shi 89 is a person who is framed by our son,Don’t forget that you can help this murder.,Dirty to the son!”A Zhu Lian is busy explaining。
Duan Yu heard,Also take the initiative:“AB、Ap,You want to find a brother.,We can go with。”
So the three are also giving……
And the disciple of helping disciples is still a contradiction,The position of the help of the host is decided not to come out.,Finally, the crown is clearly:“Since Qiao Feng also said to Chama’s deputy,Then we surely revenge,As a test of new players!If he Joe Peak is on the full scorpion,I have a whole crown clearly not his opponent.,But I can’t do it alone.,I have ten people.、Hundred people、One thousand people……Not afraid of him!”
Many gangbu disciating that are incited,Also follow。
Wu Changfeng suggested ridiculous:“I read,Which small person is doing this matter?,When I arrived at the ghost knife,One knife will click him.,After that, my old Wu took the lead.,Welcome to Qiao Gang!”
Similarly Wu Changfeng,Also attracted many 丐 帮 子……
Jiang Bifai,The face is uneasy and embarrassing,It can be said that it will play a play.,If it is not a Chu Deiren read the book(《Double arrogance》)I really want to be fooled by him.。
“Hey,In fact, Jiang also hopes,The murderer will not be a Joe Gang……Hope of the gang,Here, I will leave it.!If there is any doubts about the flowers,Looking for me to find me!”Jiang Bifai“I just do a certificate.,Don’t know anything else”Look。
When you leave with flowers without acknowledgment……
Chu Deer estimation,Jiang Bifu should be received.“Look at the flower”Task,After all, there is a connection in the back of the river.。
Discussion,The old sisters of the floral palace are added together,Not enough to Jiang Bifai’s fudge,but……One force breaks ten,Ten Jiang Behe,Not enough to invite one hand to play,And in inviting the month, I also know the old bottom of him.!
Flower is not short, it is an older who is not in the world.,On martial arts may not be weak in Jiang Behe,Even the current Chu Deirers have the upper river,And confidence can be opened five five,But the problem is no shortage.,The air is weaker……However, it does not affect his emotional business.“Fatal injury”。
Invite the month to play“Brotherhood”Sanitary idea,I don’t want to spend or not, I’m going to die.。
After all, this big river lake,But it is very chaos,“Transfusion”The famous head is scary,But no《Double arrogance》So humble。
In most rivers and lakes,“Transfusion”As“Heroes Island”almost——Can’t afford,It is not invincible,This rivers and lakes,Has been a long time“Invincible”。
Even if you must say one“Invincible”,thats right“Zhang Sanfeng”。
However, it is not long after the Jiang Bifai crane.,Suddenly there is a soft in the scene.……
Chu Deman:???
This is wrong.!
Say good, you should come out first.,Everyone is playing a look and then let it in.?
Be right,Chu Deiren is not an old age dementia,Remember“Tianlong Babu”In the original,Have such a out……
Xixia people have not been old and realistic after seven days.,Instead, I want to take pictures of Qiao Feng.,Will help the gang!
In the original, the rumor will take people with people and gangs.,After that, I will take a mess.,Chu Deirers have always waited for them to appear,Unexpectedly, this is so good.,Directly put a hurry?

Otherwise, this new medical advice wash your head.,He faintly feels that he will follower and make some small episodes.。

“Now look at,This patient still has to continue to observe,Fortunately,It should be no relationship。”Chen Riyuan pulled everyone back to this patient。
Don’t forget the present theme is the new research department.Gpatient!
“The chest of this patientCTIt is also a manifestation of mycoplasma infection,This must have a good time.。”Chen Riyuan is actually looking at the chestCTTime,Nothing to see serum mycoplasma antibody,I perceived the patient may have an infection of mycoplasma.。
Zhou Ye is stunned。
He didn’t see it.!
According to the internal medicine book,Mycoplasm infectionCTCheck that you should see the fog or uniform shadow,Retrieving the nest,Gradually becoming。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu heard Chen Ziyuan said,I also looked at the chestCT,Also nod。
Zhou Ye has hung,Weak road:“Chen Shu,This baccoline pneumonia chestCTWhere is performance?”
Chen Riyuan smiled,Take the pulley for turning the mouse,Handle,I really found a cloud-shaped floss.。
“Really 唉,Have seen it。”Zhou Ye also laughed like a new mainland.。
Watching this kind of thing is still fine enough,Otherwise it is easy to miss some little things。
For example, the shadow of the cloud is very small.,It is easy to ignore……
Seeing Zhou Yewu is very exciting,Three major director also laughed:“Learn more,Let you take a diploma expert in the future。”
NS185chapter Close the big disciple
“Director cultivation!”
Zhou Ye went to the little hand,Two eyes。
“Chen Shu,Military brother,There is also a ritual,You will not lie to me.?”
Zhou Niwei is a medical expert,That is from small dreams.。
Really hidden white,Received the world。
Surgeon who wants to wearing a green surgical jacket,Zhou Niwu still wants to be a physician。
Have your own outpatient,Then I will save people,It’s beautiful.!
“Silly goose,Do we have three director’s words??As long as you learn,Advance the first-class professional ranks of Tianfeng respiratory disease。”Sun Jun Wang Po selling melon,A face is proud。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu are probably a pair of live treasures.。
Sun Jun is talking about there,Then Hu Yu is also added:“Yes,As long as you learn,Tianfeng’s top ten excellent youth is yours.!”
“Tianfeng image representative!”
“Tianfeng’s most cattle breathing doctor!”
Two people sing one and,It is also thoroughly laughing Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan.。
Zhou Ye wrinkled frown,I always feel that there is a trap in these words.。
He carefully think,Carefully,Then summarize the road:“But the premise is that I have to help you with your doctor.,Write the course of the disease……”