Various emotions,I can’t miss anything wrong. Who is wrong?。

And the spring is also guided.,Slowly change people’s thoughts,Although you can’t solve all problems。
But the generous direction is absolutely good。
He is just a vast passenger.,The past is just an ordinary person,Not so much retaliation。
And the spot is just a big conflict with his awareness.。
Maybe this is also his influence。
“Then there is nothing to say.,Bar,Who will win this world?”Spouse。
Obviously he saw that he did not speak,Prepare to fight。
Spot is not a person who is very strong,It seems that Ashura’s revitalization is particularly strong.。
And the spots I feel that I have stood at the same height.,I want to share the winning and negative between the two.。
“You can’t win”Spring smiles。
This is the battle of six models,This has never happened in the history of the role.。
One has the strongest challenge,A five elements of yin and yang with themselves,Who is strong and weak, I really don’t say it?。
far away。
“Have not started,Good luck”After falling in the column。
“。。。。Are you not worried at all?”He said in the middle。
Others have also fallen。
“What is I am worried?,It seems that,Dao Dao Dao once again”Block smiles and patted shoulders。
扉 无 无 语,But still put your eyes on the body of the air.。
Others don’t talk,Quietly watch this history unprecedented battle。
“Oh,The column is also coming.,hehe,Then let you see how I am defeated everyone.,Re-establish a new world”
The spot appeared in the front of the spring,Whenestone formed by jade,Falling over the spring。
The spring also appeared in the hands of a black sputum blocking。
When the wavy suddenly exploded。
“I have the Chakra far super,You can’t be my opponent”Looking at the eyes of the spring。
“hehe,Yes?Our two are six models,Can better,Then see the body skills,This is very good at this”Spring is a smile。
Spring, with powerful power, straight-blocked long stick,Then instantaneous,Lift a high kick leg,Kicking on the spots。
Kick it directly on the spot。
Even if there is a big strengthening of the body of the six models,But it is definitely more than the body that is abrasive under gravity.。
Just kicked out a spring,Instantly disappear,Then in front of the spot。
The long stick in his hands is a set of stabs.,Play a lot of wolf,The body is also retreating。

Otherwise, this new medical advice wash your head.,He faintly feels that he will follower and make some small episodes.。

“Now look at,This patient still has to continue to observe,Fortunately,It should be no relationship。”Chen Riyuan pulled everyone back to this patient。
Don’t forget the present theme is the new research department.Gpatient!
“The chest of this patientCTIt is also a manifestation of mycoplasma infection,This must have a good time.。”Chen Riyuan is actually looking at the chestCTTime,Nothing to see serum mycoplasma antibody,I perceived the patient may have an infection of mycoplasma.。
Zhou Ye is stunned。
He didn’t see it.!
According to the internal medicine book,Mycoplasm infectionCTCheck that you should see the fog or uniform shadow,Retrieving the nest,Gradually becoming。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu heard Chen Ziyuan said,I also looked at the chestCT,Also nod。
Zhou Ye has hung,Weak road:“Chen Shu,This baccoline pneumonia chestCTWhere is performance?”
Chen Riyuan smiled,Take the pulley for turning the mouse,Handle,I really found a cloud-shaped floss.。
“Really 唉,Have seen it。”Zhou Ye also laughed like a new mainland.。
Watching this kind of thing is still fine enough,Otherwise it is easy to miss some little things。
For example, the shadow of the cloud is very small.,It is easy to ignore……
Seeing Zhou Yewu is very exciting,Three major director also laughed:“Learn more,Let you take a diploma expert in the future。”
NS185chapter Close the big disciple
“Director cultivation!”
Zhou Ye went to the little hand,Two eyes。
“Chen Shu,Military brother,There is also a ritual,You will not lie to me.?”
Zhou Niwei is a medical expert,That is from small dreams.。
Really hidden white,Received the world。
Surgeon who wants to wearing a green surgical jacket,Zhou Niwu still wants to be a physician。
Have your own outpatient,Then I will save people,It’s beautiful.!
“Silly goose,Do we have three director’s words??As long as you learn,Advance the first-class professional ranks of Tianfeng respiratory disease。”Sun Jun Wang Po selling melon,A face is proud。
Sun Jun and Hu Yu are probably a pair of live treasures.。
Sun Jun is talking about there,Then Hu Yu is also added:“Yes,As long as you learn,Tianfeng’s top ten excellent youth is yours.!”
“Tianfeng image representative!”
“Tianfeng’s most cattle breathing doctor!”
Two people sing one and,It is also thoroughly laughing Zhou Yewu and Chen Riyuan.。
Zhou Ye wrinkled frown,I always feel that there is a trap in these words.。
He carefully think,Carefully,Then summarize the road:“But the premise is that I have to help you with your doctor.,Write the course of the disease……”

“sharp,sharp,You come to attack me,Let this seat try this is not dead。”Just got it on this moment.,His figure is high。

The power of terror。
The whole person will make a breath of the mountains and rivers。
“it is good!”
Night moon,Neighborhood,Oriental star,The four strong people of Su Xiuzi are like a rainbow,The figure of the four people went to the empty day,Now they are also unfair.。
Because the gap between them and the remains is reduced.,a lot of,Even the four strong people have confidence and the remains of this semi-step, the big coffee, the big coffee is higher.。
A roaring sound,The four strong people are simply simple.,The fast-chance is fast,Everyone is simple to display a punch,It’s like a thousand years of harmonielling.。
Suddenly sounded in the empty。
No motion,No brilliant Huaguang,Only four happiness layout,These four boxing speeds are fast,Strongly smashed the gods。
Whenever,His hand slowly reached out,Seem slow,But there is an invisible force,This invisible force is full of imprisonment,Spread,Cabin in the four punches。
Be awkward,Be awkward,Be awkward……
It’s like a glass broken voice.,The speed of the four fists is still constant,Massive rushing to the remains,The old figure stands standing,His hands sounded on volcanic sounds。
A splendid ray broke out,Submerged four punches in it,Four punches are broken,Dissipated in the void。
“Strong 30%,More than the general king!”Direct opening road。
“Defense is also strong。”After the ice is a long time, I also open the mouth.,This 30% of the probably can directly determine the winners of the two strong people.。
“30%,What do you think of adding a bloody blood??”Lin Feng smiled and walked up。
“This is good!”Ice,Magic cloud,The remains three and a half steps in the sky,Can they say bad??If some semi-holy workers in Jiuyu have this kind of medicinal medicine。
Ji Ma birthday,And very powerful saints,Nine domain forces will have skyrocketing。
“it is good,Since adding the blood of Xuanhuang,Do you think this allocation scheme needs to be modified??”Lin Feng smiled and asked。
“This we have signed an agreement.?It doesn’t seem to change it.?”Magic cloud laughed and turned。
Tell this,Ice demon and the sky have a black face to turn,Nima,You answer this question too much.。
“OK then,The blood of Xuanhuang is so precious, still does not join。”The greedy sanctuary smiled and walked up:“Waiting for five or five points,We directly integrated these mysterious blood into your own unsatisfactory,Have the same effect,This is still confident。”
“In this way,The success rate of Dan medicine refining is not very low.?”Lin Feng smiled and said:“achieve81It’s not bad.?The effect is also possible!”
Lin Feng came out,Magic cloud,Ice,The remains three and a half steps in the sky。
“This joke。”The magic cloud hurriedly laughing:“Lin Chengwin,This is not allowed。”
“Yes,This joke,How can you make your people lose money?。”Ice Magic is busy:“so,This first furnace we want40Tie,Or add to Xuan Huang,how?”
“good,US40Tie,how?This way, your family has68Unstead of death,Make bigger。”The remains of the sky are so hard to laugh:“how?”
“Allocate,According to this algorithm,You also take advantage of,In accordance with the agreement,You are also getting more40One more,Or more than half,Drug effect is far without this good!”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Lin Chengwin,Though,But you can’t always let us account for a little cheap.?”Sirredly。

After all, now,In fact, this thing itself,Already completely posted。

As for next,In the end, we should start to deal with these eyes.。
In fact, how do you think,How to give a chance。
That is,These things,What kind of way is it to solve it?。
In fact, it is,In turn,Silk is not enough。
“this matter,Who is doing??”
Wei Yun looked at the eyes,Whole brow frown,Asked the next consciousness。
After all, this is,too suddenly。
Let Wei Yun have some intake,so,what is this?
people around me,It is said to Wei Yun.。
“boss,The other party is the head of the War Temple Shen Xuan。”
“It is a person who is with the Hall of War.,Treatment。”
As people around you say this。
This is to let Wei Yun,The whole person’s brow is slightly frown。
After all, now,This is actually,It has not made people。
After all, this extent is now,How to do it,In fact, it has been quite important。
“Humph,In short now,Since we do everyone,Already fully controlled。”
“So,Is there anything to say??”
When Wei Yun’s sight is slightly condensed,The next conscious look at the eyes。
The more like this,In fact, in Wei Yun’s eyes,It’s full of killing。
Wei Yun’s,Side around those people,What’s more, the more I feel very excited?。
After all, I will follow it.,How to solve this thing in the end,Right,In fact itself,It is even more difficult。
“In short, start now,get ready,I have to kill this Shen Xuan。”
“Not destroy him,It’s hard to eat my heart hate!”
Wei Yun bite his teeth and said to this。
This is said,Wei Yun’s side,Others are, the more I feel very excited.。
After all, this extent is now,I should try to solve this thing in front of it.。
In fact, it is,This is coming,More simple than thinking。
And just this,In fact, when I saw it in front of my eyes,The more these,Actually look,It is far away.。
What about the rest,The more you think about it, the more you feel angry.。

“There is a result.,Be sure to tell me。”

“it is good……”
Zhou Yewu and Xu Lu have become uneasy.,The two people are in the same way, they are thinking in a direction.。
“What happen to you guys?”Lu Min suddenly appeared next to the two:“What are you talking about?……What to check?”
I only saw Xu Luohuo smiled.:“fine,Chat。”
Lu Min looked at the hand on the shoulder of Mu Ye.,Eyes a hint of different。
And Wan Ye is busy and retracted,Other is too excited.,There is some somewhat not to grasp the size。
“Just deer my sister said that I have a superior medical skill.,I argued with her.。”He casually found a reason to smother。
Lu Min does not ask more,Double eyes are still gentle:“Um,The room packed up,Teacher, you go to rest.。”
“it is good……Thank you teacher。”Zhou Ye went to the room。
that’s it,Zhou Ye had a rest in Lu Min’s house for a night.,Sleep overnight,When I woke up the next day, Lu Min had already made great break in the hall waiting for him.,And Shu is still sleeping。
“morning。”Lu Min saw Zhou Yewu walked from the bedroom,Laughing greetings。
Zhou Ye also laughed:“Early,Lu Jie,How is your rest of my deer??”
Lu Min expresses Zhou Ye to eat breakfast。
Zhou Ye wiped his hand,Can’t wait。
“The cousin is very sinking,Playing a night。”After that,Lu Min people don’t know the direction of the room,Then laughed out。
When she laughed,Zhou Ye I saw some shocking,I can’t talk。
“what happened?”
“Still the first time I saw the Lu Sister laughed so happy.。”
“First time?What is I am in your impression??”
“Very gentle person,It is that it is completely related to the world.,Will not quarrel with anyone with the gentleness。”
“Now what you see now??”
“Also gentle,But it feels like it.。”
“You mean, I am very hypocritical.?”
“That was not what I meant,”Zhou Niwu’s eyes become slow,He is a hurry to pick up the phone,Regardless of whether it is now going to be late.,He directly dialed the phone of Weekvel。
10Second after a second……
The mobile phone only came up with a crisp sound.:“The user you made is temporarily unable to connect.。”
“The phone is no one.,I also tried it.,Untoneless。”Shu De Road。
Zhou Ye:“Where will it be going??”
“Xiao Wu,Don’t say it is you.,I am also very worried about the situation of the antecete.,Can be placed in front of you,We have no way to contact her.。”
“What happens to happen??”
“Be unlikely,If there is a normal danger,Her house will not be listed for sale.。”
“Deer sister,I remember that you have disappeared after her physical examination.,Is it a little abnormal behavior after the medical examination?”
“You said this,It seems really like this。”
Zhou Ye, I pressed the shoulder of Shu Lu.,Getting her eyes:“What abnormal move she has??”
Zhou Ye is more excited,Xu Deer was scared,She swallowed and recalls:“It is often in the office.,And when I look at the room, I am not here.,Behind I look for her to play,I can’t find a movie。”
“Can you find a way to find the medical examination of Week ante??”
“You suspect……”

Sound voice,The knife is like a mature。

No accident,His life is broken from the waist.。
Nothing blood,Summer is walking,Unfold,Tiger leopard thunder。
This center,The distance between the two is getting closer.。
Shi Shengyi wants to crack,Feel the murder of the monks,he knows,I can’t escape at all.。
His eyes are full of crazy,Face on the foot,Jump to the air,One foot is gently on the trees,Hand-held sword refraction。
“Sword without me!”
In addition to the sword, one with the sword flying fairy,This trick is no,It is the strongest trick of Shi Sheng.,It is also a strongest that he is desperate.。
Give up the defense,Pulling all the spiritual gods on this sword。Sword light,It’s like Shenlong Wangyue,Life and death are just a moment。
NS866chapter Destination
Watch this sword,Shi Sheng has not feels yourself。
Only a kind of floating inspiration and understanding of crazy breeding。
He feels that he is like crossing time and space.,The soul is separated from,Standing in the peak to heights。
It seems to sweep the eight parties as if you waved,Destroy everything。
this is……Promotion to people’s understanding!
Moment,Shi Shengqi heart fluctuations,Thirsty to make this kind of understanding。
Without me,Without him,Sword。
Sword light carries the cold murderous murderous summer,A cold light seems to be the only one in the world。
The sound of the sword is like a ghost,The four weeks are like a sword.,More like the sky flying fairy,Clever。
Sword,A turbulence,Turbulence aggregation moment,Fried,A clique to a hidden spider line。
“I have broken.……”
Summary is a bit surprised,A aperattable dignity between the look,It is not afraid,Sprinkle the snake knife。
“The most important world!”
These four words,It’s like being filled with boundless magic.,Snake knife rose skyrocket,Then it is like a mountain.,Surprisingly pushed out in summer。
His action is not fast,Can make people see clearly,But it is a lot of pressure。
at the same time,A black mysterious energy in the body crazy,Climb the knife in the arm。
The became the rays that were unable to specifically。
Half Wushu,Half of white light,A sword in an instant。
The two moves a very fast,A very slow,But they seem to be outside。
Moment of encounter。
No sound。
Swordless sword,It turned out to swim,Extremely and slow,Imitate to surpass time and space。
Until this time,The sound will pass。
Wavy,The nearby air is like a blown,The weeds on the ground and the gravel constantly splash,Several one people thick trees violently,The leaves of the sky are like snowflakes.。

Other skin care products and cosmetics are placed in the dormitory,Didn’t bring it here at all。

Fortunately, there is no big problem with recording videos without makeup,Just make the beauty bigger。
After applying lipstick,Open WeChat,I saw a lot of her in the group of friends:
“Lijie, were you okay last night??”
“Why are you still not online??Won’t something happen??”
“Do you want to call the police??”
“Sister Li, speak up,I’ll be anxious to death if we don’t say anything!”
“Li sister,Have you become the director’s wife now??”
Chapter Four Eighty trouble
Jiang Li didn’t turn on his phone after waking up in the morning,After washing up in a daze,Then have breakfast,Went to bed after breakfast。
So sleepy,Don’t have the energy to look at the phone。
Wake up,Have lunch again,People have done it,The food is waiting for her to eat,She can’t play with her phone for a while。
After eating,Sitting at the dressing table,I have time to turn on the phone and check WeChat。
I saw her in the group and didn’t show up all morning,Really panic,Don’t know what happened,Speculation there。
Their guess is getting more and more outrageous,Already made upnMuch plot。

“how about it,Kakashi。”

Standing in front of the mirror,Naruto stroked his sleeve and said。
“Very handsome,master,You must be the most dazzling tonight,You must be able to attract Miss Hyuga’s attention。”
Kakashi says。
Although the big family does not allow their blood to flow out,But only for civilians。
The head of the Hyuga family now has two daughters,There is only one patriarch,So there is the possibility that the patriarch’s daughter of the Hyuga family will marry。
“forget it,Kakashi,and also,I ask you to investigate what happened?”
“There is not much information about Fuer Jar and Watson Zoriana,I just know that these two people have recently cleaned up many underground forces in Konoha Village,Formed a pot gang,Has not caused any trouble to the village。”
“what?Jar gang?”Naruto is kind of surprised,“Doesn’t sound like an evil underground force,On the contrary, it’s more like the business of these two people who specialize in selling cans.,Where’s the clown’s intelligence?”
“Sasuke Uchiha,Should be the real name of the clown,The reason why the master is familiar with clowns,It should be because you two met when you were young,After all, your mother and Uchiha Sasuke’s mother were once close friends”
“Is the mother’s best friend’s son?”Naruto muttered to himself,I strengthened my determination later。
No matter who the other party is,As long as it is bad,Naruto will never let it go easily。
What happened before Naruto back then,It is still vivid today,Even when Naruto is sleeping, he often wakes up from dreaming back to the scene。
Naruto’s principle of not killing,In addition to restricting yourself,Also considering the mood of the criminal’s family。
“Let’s go,Kakashi。”

So James Harden must play carefully,Don’t be fouled again。

But got the basketball,Bearded has just passed halftime,I saw Shen Huan blocked it up。
He has a shadow on Shen Huan now。
Did not feel Shen Huanxingyun Liushui’s attack,I felt Shen Huan’s sharp foul first.。
Forget it,Can’t afford。
James Harden turned sharply,But didn’t take two steps at all,He threw the ball directly to front power forward Ryan Anderson。
The Rockets don’t have a serious center.。
Nene Gilario, the center who played the most regular season,But only hit67field,Of which only8Field is the starter。
But their players are usually taller,Generally, power forwards and small forwards are2Over meters,This largely replaces the role of the big center。
For example, Ryan Anderson today,Is used as a center。
But taller,Naturally move slowly。
Ryan Anderson just received the ball,Haven’t turned around and attacked,A huge force came from behind,“Snapped”The sound of,The basketball was shot off。
Then a figure passed him,Bring the basketball all the way towards the Rockets’ basket。

A few bites of rice,Mental head is back,“brother,Nothing happened at home?”

“What can be,Eat your meal。”Wang Lan glared at her daughter,“Hurry to school after a full meal,Why are you running back at noon?,Little troublesome。”
“I’m afraid you will be bullied,Run home after class,I can’t even drink my saliva,Who wants a calm home,Really boring。”
Gan Yifan joked:“You still want to make a big turn at home to be interesting?”
“That is not what i mean,Just,It’s different from what you imagined。”
“It didn’t matter much,Eat quickly,Brother sent you to school after dinner。”
Wang Lan said:“Don’t pester your brother,Your brother has to go to school,Mom will send you there。”
“I am on the same road with Xiaowen,Take her to school together。”Wang Yahan put down the dishes,“Eat slowly,Start at one point,Xiaowen can rest at home。”
Xu Wen does not appreciate,Make faces at her back upstairs。Gan Yifan was amused by her playful appearance,Add another bowl of rice。If Xu Wen knew how many steaks he had,,Just ate a few bowls of rice not long ago,I must say he is a pig again。
Gan Yifan actually discovered this too,I don’t seem to be full enough,When I was in this state before,He estimated that he would go to a new level in his cultivation away from fire art。
After eating, Gan Yifan went straight to school,Wander around the lake,The number is not small,He went to the dormitory to show his face,Lest Wang Youwei can’t see him,Go back to the lake,It’s almost time for class,The school security blasted a circle of people,The lake is finally quiet,Gan Yifan dived into the depths of the grove and started practicing。
At noon, the practice is not progressing from the fire technique,But it can increase proficiency,In this practice, he controls the flame of the three fingers and has tended to do whatever he wants,It is estimated that I can light the fourth finger flame at the same time when I go back on the weekend,It’s getting closer and closer。
In the afternoon this basketball game was played against the Chinese Department,The Chinese Department of Gansu University is a major department,Divided into several departments by subject,This basketball game is played against freshmen in the Chinese Department。
There are many international students in the Chinese Department,As China has become more and more influential in the world,The proportion of foreign students is also increasing year by year,The number of foreign students enrolled this year in the Chinese Department of Gan University alone is more than 30 higher than last year.,The number of overseas students in the Chinese Department is also more than ten more than in previous years。
Of the five players on the field, there are three foreign students,Two European students,Not shorter than Gan Yifan and Wang Youwei,And another Asian student is also 1.85 meters tall,There are still a few tall people sitting on the bench。