So James Harden must play carefully,Don’t be fouled again。

But got the basketball,Bearded has just passed halftime,I saw Shen Huan blocked it up。
He has a shadow on Shen Huan now。
Did not feel Shen Huanxingyun Liushui’s attack,I felt Shen Huan’s sharp foul first.。
Forget it,Can’t afford。
James Harden turned sharply,But didn’t take two steps at all,He threw the ball directly to front power forward Ryan Anderson。
The Rockets don’t have a serious center.。
Nene Gilario, the center who played the most regular season,But only hit67field,Of which only8Field is the starter。
But their players are usually taller,Generally, power forwards and small forwards are2Over meters,This largely replaces the role of the big center。
For example, Ryan Anderson today,Is used as a center。
But taller,Naturally move slowly。
Ryan Anderson just received the ball,Haven’t turned around and attacked,A huge force came from behind,“Snapped”The sound of,The basketball was shot off。
Then a figure passed him,Bring the basketball all the way towards the Rockets’ basket。

A few bites of rice,Mental head is back,“brother,Nothing happened at home?”

“What can be,Eat your meal。”Wang Lan glared at her daughter,“Hurry to school after a full meal,Why are you running back at noon?,Little troublesome。”
“I’m afraid you will be bullied,Run home after class,I can’t even drink my saliva,Who wants a calm home,Really boring。”
Gan Yifan joked:“You still want to make a big turn at home to be interesting?”
“That is not what i mean,Just,It’s different from what you imagined。”
“It didn’t matter much,Eat quickly,Brother sent you to school after dinner。”
Wang Lan said:“Don’t pester your brother,Your brother has to go to school,Mom will send you there。”
“I am on the same road with Xiaowen,Take her to school together。”Wang Yahan put down the dishes,“Eat slowly,Start at one point,Xiaowen can rest at home。”
Xu Wen does not appreciate,Make faces at her back upstairs。Gan Yifan was amused by her playful appearance,Add another bowl of rice。If Xu Wen knew how many steaks he had,,Just ate a few bowls of rice not long ago,I must say he is a pig again。
Gan Yifan actually discovered this too,I don’t seem to be full enough,When I was in this state before,He estimated that he would go to a new level in his cultivation away from fire art。
After eating, Gan Yifan went straight to school,Wander around the lake,The number is not small,He went to the dormitory to show his face,Lest Wang Youwei can’t see him,Go back to the lake,It’s almost time for class,The school security blasted a circle of people,The lake is finally quiet,Gan Yifan dived into the depths of the grove and started practicing。
At noon, the practice is not progressing from the fire technique,But it can increase proficiency,In this practice, he controls the flame of the three fingers and has tended to do whatever he wants,It is estimated that I can light the fourth finger flame at the same time when I go back on the weekend,It’s getting closer and closer。
In the afternoon this basketball game was played against the Chinese Department,The Chinese Department of Gansu University is a major department,Divided into several departments by subject,This basketball game is played against freshmen in the Chinese Department。
There are many international students in the Chinese Department,As China has become more and more influential in the world,The proportion of foreign students is also increasing year by year,The number of foreign students enrolled this year in the Chinese Department of Gan University alone is more than 30 higher than last year.,The number of overseas students in the Chinese Department is also more than ten more than in previous years。
Of the five players on the field, there are three foreign students,Two European students,Not shorter than Gan Yifan and Wang Youwei,And another Asian student is also 1.85 meters tall,There are still a few tall people sitting on the bench。

Mo Xiaosheng said lightly,“and,What you said is too early,Has he ever committed a crime in China,There is no conclusion yet!”

Yuan He snorted coldly,Just about to speak,The horn by the door squeaked suddenly。
Yuan He frowned,Cold voice:“Don’t you know I’m interrogating the suspect?,Who?Tell him to go!”
He said he winked at Chu Fan,Chu Fan quickly got up to open the door,Just about to yell,When he saw the person outside the door, the color changed suddenly,Neck shrinks,Vibrato:“Hu,Director Hu?”
No one else came,It is Hu Fan, the head of MI!
“Yoha,**,Come in time,how,Are you so anxious to fish out??”
Yuan He glanced at Hu Fan,Sarcastically said,He knows without asking,Hu Fan was born for Mo Xiao。
But Hu Fan was at a loss when he heard what he said,And after seeing Mo Xiaosheng,Hu Fan looked surprised,Surprised:“Niche,Why are you here?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head when he saw him,I don’t know how to explain to him。
Yuan He frowned slightly,Then sneered:“Okay,**,In front of me,Also acting!”
“What kind of play,I don’t even know what is going on with you!”
Hu Fan frowned,I don’t care about asking Mo Xiaosheng,Anxiously said to Yuan He,“Old yuan,I came here to ask you,Your people invite Yuan Yuan over,Why don’t you say hello in advance!”
Yuan He frowned when he heard Hu Fan’s words,Some unclear so asked rhetorically:“What Yuan Lao?”
Hu Fan was taken aback by Yuan He’s rhetorical question,Some unsure doubts:“Didn’t you invite Mr. Yuan over??!”
“What is old Yuan Fang,I don’t even know what you are talking about!”

The remaining actor Shen Huan didn’t worry much,Let Xin Changkong recruit people directly。

After all, time waits for no one,After the hurried personnel recruitment is complete,Then you can head to the Shengjing Palace in Fengtian as a group。
Yang Feng is a refreshing person。
Whether it’s a clothing production company,Still Shengjing Palace,He arranged everything properly,He has an assistant to follow up this matter,And will accompany to Fengtian。
By the way, Boss Yang is also a man of temperament。
He gave3000Million sponsors,Shen Huan changed hands and handed it over to Lai Haijin,Let Lai Haijin be used for the entire publicity。
Lai Haijin thought about it seriously,Promotion must at least continue3Months time,This money can’t be wasted,So I planned to be the main force at first,Do your own firepower output point。
Facing the Mavericks’ counterattack,He must be able to drool and scold back。
Available on Mavericks film and television that spent a lot of public relations fees,initial《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》One side is weak。
Those big guys on the internet,He really doesn’t have that much money to buy。
But I didn’t expect it to last two hours,This web is biased towards《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》A lot of comments,Countless big coffee came in to support《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》、Buyi、Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang, etc.。
Most of them are not filled with indignation,Fans do it like this,Still a minority after all。
Most of the boost,From Yang Feng, the second richest man in China。
This is what Yang Feng admitted when he called Shen Huan。
He thought,Nima,What happened to my daughter acting in a movie and TV series??What offended you?Dare to use her as an attack point?
My daughter is so good and so good,Dare to hit her,This is not giving me face to Yang!
So he spent a lot of money,I found the two largest PR companies,Hit back immediately。

Qin Liang turned into a sheep in seconds!This is called an obedient。

So Yang Shiyun is in front,Qin Liang is behind,Two people went upstairs one after another,Looking at Yang Shiyun’s slim and beautiful back,Qin Liangqing couldn’t help but began to swallow……
In Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom, everyone was still chatting with Xiao Yuer on various topics,So no one noticed how long Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun disappeared,No one even noticed when the two of them came back。
Compared to before,Xiao Yu’er’s mental outlook has changed a lot,She is really cheerful,At least not as depressed as before,Silent,This makes everyone’s mood a lot easier。
And the relationship between her and Murong Xiaoyao is obviously much closer than before,This is what everyone wants to see,Even if there is only one close friend,It is also very important for Xiao Yuer。
“Yuer,Sapphire misses you,Hug it。”
do not know when,Shen Ruoxue took her most beloved cat baby,It seems she is really considerate,A very considerate girl,I know Xiaoyu also likes cats,So deliberately went to hug my pet cat。
“Wow,It has grown a lot again,Also a lot fatter than before!”
really,When Xiao Yuer saw Sapphire,He immediately held Sapphire into his arms with a look of love。
Qin Liang was secretly surprised:He has never seen this cat before at home!He thinks this is also very amazing,Something incredible,Live together under one roof,How could I never see this cat??But he really never saw it……
I don’t know if it’s because I have been accustomed to being hugged by so many little beauties at home,When Sapphire was held by Xiao Yuer,Not only did it have no resistance or resistance at all,It’s pretty obedient and obedient,Still smelling the smell of Xiao Yu’er,From time to time, she sticks out her little tongue and licks Xiao Yu’er’s hand。
“Since Yu’er likes cats so much,Let’s go back and buy one and two more。”
Shen Ruoxi said with a smile。
Several little girls immediately replied with joy。
“But let’s say it in advance,No matter how many,You guys are responsible for all their food and drink。”
Shen Ruoxi said seriously again。
“no problem,Do not worry,Just leave it to us。”
Shen Ruoxue immediately patted her chest and promised,Seeing that Qin Liang began to swallow subconsciously again……

“rest assured,Someday,Both of us can be as powerful female killers as Sister Yanzi!Don’t be discouraged,Hope is still great。”

Seeing Shen Ruoxue look a little lost,Liu Xiaoyun hurriedly cheered her up。
“Does being a female killer sometimes rely on hue to perform tasks??”
Shen Ruoxue suddenly proposed a very“sensitive”The problem。
“Do not……Isn’t it!Sister Yanzi……That one……”
This question silly Liu Xiaoyun!In her cognition,The female killer seems to have this problem!
“But we both look absolutely fine……”
Shen Ruoxue came out again!
“That’s not OK!Do you want to betray your hue??Think about it,The men we want to kill touched on us……Can you bear?I can’t stand it!Don’t even think!I would rather die,I would rather die with him!”
Liu Xiaoyun said indignantly,Just like the men who are going to be killed by her,As if standing in front of her right now……
“Still touch……Just look at your face?”
Shen Ruoxue said innocently。
“what are you thinking!Not only to touch,I have to take you to bed,Take off your clothes and do something like that!”
Liu Xiaoyun said very clearly……After all“Big sister big”People,The words that are said are level,Know a lot……
“Oh my God!very scary!Sister, won’t you do that before?!”

“Next words,I really want to see。”

“Capable,Just let them try。”
Chapter 74—Things That Don’t Exist
“what did you say,Surrender??”
“Sorry,These ones,Something that doesn’t exist!”
See here,obviously,For such things,What should I do。
Actually just this problem,It’s already unexpected。
And looking at these,The more so,In fact, Ye Xuan was very calm。
“Actually now,There is still no reason to entangle other things temporarily。”
When Ye Xuan was talking here,As for such things,What method should be used to solve it。
Actually just like this,These things,It’s not easy。
“boss,He let us surrender,Then now,What should we do?”
The people around look at Ye Xuan,I didn’t forget to say to Ye Xuan。
After all, now,Actually such a thing,It’s already obvious。
But the more so,Actually here,Such a problem,What should I do。
But from the current point of view,These things,Ye Xuan is very calm。
“I have already said,But since the Huang family has noticed us。”

“Stop talking to me!You guys drive me a car now,I want to go!If you don’t agree,,I immediately slaughtered this bitch!”

The man has clearly made up his mind,Speak very firmly。
“it is good,We have so many police cars here,You just drive away。But have you ever thought?You want to take hostage again,Going to drive again,Can you do it?”
Yang Shiyun reminded him loudly。
“What to do then?”
The man was shocked,Obviously he didn’t think of this problem,Neither I nor my wife can drive,So even if you have a car,He still can’t run!So he subconsciously asked Yang Shiyun。
“So be it,You took the hostage,I’m your hostage,I can drive,You can sit next to me and hold me,what do you think?You can’t run away with your wife,You can run with me。”
Yang Shiyun said decisively。
“Well,Then you turn over,Walk backwards,and also,You threw your gun first!”
That man thought for a while,There seems to be the only way,So I had to say to Yang Shiyun。
“Big brother,Although I am a policeman,But I am in the hospital,How come i have a gun?What do you think you……”
Yang Shiyun is talking,I stretched out my hand and patted everywhere on myself,She really didn’t lie to him,She did not carry a gun。
“Then come over,Turn over,Come back!”
The man ordered。
Yang Shiyun turned around,Look at Qin Liang,Step by step back……

“Hu Lai……”Even his voice is shaking。

See him like this,Hu Lai said with a frown:“Fatty, I really can’t pay a hundred dollars,Wait until I have money……”
“Hu Lai!have you!have you!!!”Song Jiajia suddenly yelled,Then point to the notice。“You are the last!!”
Hu Lai turned back,I saw the only name in the last row of that list at a glance:
Hu Lai(Senior One and Two)
Chapter Thirty One They are not ordinary classmates
Hu Lai(Senior One and Two)
In the last row of this list,There is only one name,Alone but stubbornly occupying a whole row。
On white paper,The bold red text is very conspicuous。
Yes“Hu Lai”,Is not“Hu Cai”,Nor is it“mess”,There is only such a surnamed Hu。
Those who were determined not to be selected let out wailing and disappointed sighs。
But more people stared at the name dumbfounded。


Xiaoyu gently agreed,Then my face blushed。
“I’m silly,Here comes another blushing……But don’t say anything,She looks pretty shy。”
Qin Liang secretly thought。
“Let’s go,Let’s go home。”
Qin Liang greeted Xiaoyu and got out of the car together,Took her into the house……
Qin Liang called out loudly。
The swallow appeared in the living room in an instant。
“Ha ha,Come,introduce,This is Xiaoyu,Will be a member of our family from now on,You should remember her?Just……”
Qin Liang saw other little female soldiers coming out,So he didn’t continue speaking。
“Oh,I remembered,I know who she is。”
Yanzi looked up and down at Xiaoyu,Then I remembered who she was,As a professional killer,Memory is also one of the key intensive training content。
“Yep,That’s it,I left her to you,Take good care of her。”
Qin Liang confessed a few words,Then he turned around and pulled Xiaoyu in front of Yanzi。
“Xiaoyu,This is your sister Yanzi,She will take good care of you in the future,Protect your。”
Qin Liang said to Xiaoyu very easily,He wants to make Xiaoyu feel like a family,Eliminate her strangeness and fear as soon as possible。
“Xiaoyu,I know you,Ha ha,Welcome home。”