Summer stares them,“You are not veterans,But a change……Brent!”

Three Tianzhu masters successively discolored,The pupil has a dramatic contraction。
They didn’t think of dreams.,The secret of keeping for many years is actually seen in a glance。
Their true identity,Even if the employer today doesn’t know,Now that it is blocked,This makes three people have a feeling of frightening.。
“Who are you?!”
“No country,How is home?,This is our education from the Xiaoxia.,Soldier,It is also willing to throw your head for your own country.。”
Summer cheeks have a smest,Cold drink,“I and ask you,What is the duties of the military?!”
Three people discolored。
This sentence has already touched their hearts of their heart.,Also don’t want to face one side。
“I ask you again.,I can still remember the vows under the national flag.!”
Three people eyes flash,Face 狰狞 distortion,Be accompanied by crazy。
“Don’t ask you what to do for the country,but,Why don’t you do good people?,But you have to lose your livestock!”
Da da da。
Three Tianzhu masters have taken a step,Forced forward。
Killing madness in the scorpion。
Bamboo。Fundamentally to continue to open in summer,The shape is full of a debris,Speed up,Crazy attack。
NS322chapter Steel to burst
As the summer is saying。
The three of them are not only the soldiers,And is the same battle group。
For some reason,They became a detour。
Since then, it is mixed in the Western underground world.,Become three Hech’s famous master list。
This thought it was changed to the face,No one knows their identity,But I didn’t expect to be called by the summer.。
This person must die!
have to say,Their cooperation between each other cannot be described in tacit understanding.。
It is impeccable。
One person rushed to the summer,I don’t know anything in my hand.,Sharp in the palm of the palm,Quick like electricity is generally rosted by the summer neck。
And another one is directly on the right side of a boxing,Big tiger,Complete each other dodge and living space,Forced him to only dodge on the left。
at the same time,The last accelerated tiger,Punch,It’s like a war ax in the trick.。

From now on,At this time, Qian Sunlong is looking forward to his eyes.。

Qian Sunlong itself,Don’t feel at all,What is different now?。
“All right,These are not the key points of the problem。”
“but,Since things have been here,Then I think it is,Let’s follow,What can I do?!”
When Money Sunlong looked at the eyes,At this time, Qian Sunlong is completely ignited.。
“Since things have been here,So next,Let’s everyone,Do you still need to worry??”
At least,In Qian Sunlong looks,Shen Xuan, they have nothing to move temporarily.。
so,Need what to do now?
Qian Sunlong is a swing against his eyes.:“temporary,How do you don’t have to take care of them?。” “As long as we are optimistic about it,It is best not to let Shen Xuan come over.。”
“By the time,We have a way to pack him.!”
When Money Sunlong’s words,Those people around you,It is a brush to look at it.。
obviously,Such a thing,What should I do?。
In fact, their hearts,Why don’t you understand??
So I saw these,At this time, Qian Sunlong,It is more completely settled.。
Just this,When Money Sunlong saw it here,Qian Sunlong is just a look of a play look.。
“As for you,Pay attention,But in my look,Right now he,I don’t dare to do this.!”
When Money Sunlong said,Those people around me look at the eyes。
In fact, it is now,What is the situation here?,Don’t say more,In fact, their hearts,Why don’t you understand??
And this time,These guards in the money,It is completely awkward。
“Although I don’t want to say this.,But now,This is a good opportunity.。”
“That’s right,If things have been,So now,Let’s do it, you can do something at this time.。”
“otherwise,Let’s stare at them first.,As for other things,Even if we are tangled,A half,In fact, I can’t see anything.。”
This,As those people around say。
In fact, now,Their hearts,It is more clear。
As for Qian Sunlong,It is put a swing:“That’s good,remember,Don’t do something。”
“This time is critical,If you really have something?,Then regret it.。”
When Money Sunlong said,Those people around me promptly。
At this time, Shen Xuan,Then I saw the people around you.。
“How about it,It’s already ready to be.?”
When Shen Xuan finished,As the clouds around you have seen it,It is a nodes。
“Yes,The head collar is good, even if you can rest assured。”
“As long as the head is told you,We will solve them in the past.。”
When I heard the cloud,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,Still very willing to believe。
Because of such a thing,In fact, it is already completely lying here.。
But the more this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like。
Next thing,In fact, Shen Xuan’s heart,It is more direct than anyone else.。

Lin ring。

Lin Father and Linmu feel like a new body,Overlook。
Who doesn’t want to live?。
Chen Yuqing said:
“Two old ages live in 50 years is more than enough,Continued by the heaven and earth,When you arrive, you have no borders.。”
Lin Father said:
“We are not greedy,Instead, I want to see Lin Yong has children born.,Great is full of satisfaction,I will continue to have a lot of life.。”
Lin mother also said:
“His old disease is dead,You can’t exceed these cultivators.,,What’s more, we are?”
Lin ring does not say;It is indeed the law of life and death.,No one can’t escape。
Don’t look at the life of the millennium now,Can not break through for a long time,Millennium also blinks。
Lin Father and Lin mother take the medicinal medicine,Good spirit。
Take them to see the garden。
After the place,Lin ran is very surprised,The peach tree species is full of mountains.。
“Usually we are all crude tea,What is the spiritual stone that is sent by the gold and silver jewelry?,Only this place, I spent a big price.。”
Zhu Yolian touched the peach tree:
“It turned out to be a spirit,A sapling is less than saying a hundred Lingshi,Master is really arrogant。”
Lin Father said:
“This spent the nine bull of the bulls.。”
Lin loudly:
“I really don’t know how the guy makes money.,Can so wealthy。”
I am waiting at the peach blossom.,Lin lived and Qingqing leaving Linfu。
They came out,Qingqing deeply sucks our cool air。
“It seems that you haven’t come out for a long time.。”
“Not too long。Previous time before the mother,Have been more than ten years,The number of fingers came out from the time。”
Lin raw hand into her waist,Laugh:
“It is cheaper.?”
“Not dare。”
From Qingqing Road,The two people walk along the broad path of Lincheng。
During the house, it is lonely,She stops。
Lin looked up,Immediately:
“Since it is coming,Don’t go in and see?”
“They only have my sister is a daughter.,I am just an accessory,The one who can be discarded。”
“what!It seems that you are blamed, you have lost you to a good person.。”
Lin loudly:
“I guess you like reading people.,Just like the peach blossom just now,Poetry,Huadian Moon。”
Qing Qing shake his head:

When he finished,Jin You Rong stood up,Face iron,“What?Kill our fifteen boxing boxers?Challenge the master of all Chinese?Gorgeous!Find dead!”

He hang up the phone,对 对 道 道,“Sorry,I invite you to drink alcohol。”
Thunder nodded,At the same time,But still curiously ask,“What happened?”
Goldao Rong did not hide,I have said things over.。
Thunder,“These foreigners,Have all my Huaxia??One-wave existence,Go back to promote how you do……”
Toned,Drink the beer in the cup,“Walk,I am going to join you.。”
Goldao Rong is a bit surprised。
“Misunderstand,I just make fun of the fun.,It also sees the master of the abroad。”
Summer does not know the wind of the outside world。
At this moment, you will watch TV together on the sofa.。
TV shows is a variety of interesting variety,Liu Qingqing laughs like a silly girl.。
Summer is drinking tea,Look at the direction of the window。
“What happened?”Liu Qingqing asked。
Summer doesn’t speak,But use the chin to indicate。
Liu Qingqing also follows the direction of the direction。
How much,Same is a glimpse。
I saw it on the edge of the window,A small guy ghost head is standing there,A pair of round eyes is looking for it。
“Small gold?”
Liu Qingqing is not surprised,I immediately gone up。
Subsequently open the window,Come in the little guy。
A few days have not seen,The little guy has become a pure green body.,Old soft light,Even in the lights。
The little guy is not struggling.,But the eyes are extremely integrated……Sometimes sometimes doubts,Is this little thing that can understand people?。
When Liu Qingqing is restrained,The little guy jumped directly to the tea.,A pair of small short legs curled up,Lavender。
Then,Polyperbite looks at the previous LCD TV。
Liu Qingqing is a stay。
Since learned that the little guy actually killed a person,She will come back every day.,People will give the little guys for food,And you will be teased。
In summer,,This is called cultivation。
“Give it a name.。”Summer ridiculous,“Small green。”
“Go,Little green is not good。”
Liu Qingqing is blaming,Curious,“Do you say what variety it is?。”

For these,At this time, Shen Xuan’s consciousness。

The more like this,Shen Xuan speed began to speed up,It looks only between blink of an eye,Just arrived quickly。
In front of Shen Xuan,At the moment, this person’s consciousness looks at the eyes.。
The more now,How to do this。
Tang Hongfei speeds up,Arrive quickly。
“Shen Xuan,I’m going to kill you!”
Tang Hongfeng Hand holds the blade,Come quickly。
But all this,Falling in front of Shen Xuan,But I didn’t feel the roots.,What will this look?。
After all, I will follow it.,In fact, Shen Xuan has already,Fully out。
“Humph,Tang Hongfei,really do not know,Where did you come to confidence?。”
“Even people,Already give up resistance,You are still here,Insist?”
Shen Xuan’s words exported,For the current,It’s like directly slaughtering.,Slapped。
Before this,Already fully expected。
But here,Also don’t dare to think,These are true。
Those people in Tang Hongfei,All have been caught,Even a lot,Already give up resistance。
The warriors of the War Temple see here,Still not help。
“I thought it was,Very difficult,But from now on,Sure enough, it’s very simple.。”
“This is natural.,if not,Let’s follow,Even if you continue to toss here,In fact, there is no big use。”
“If now,Things really becomes this,So at least in me,all of these,Still come, far is not enough.。”
With these people,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
no doubt,These things,The next step is going to start from what is started.。
In fact, it is this,I plan to do it from what is going on.。
these questions,In fact, in Tang Hongfei looks,deep in the heart,It’s more and more clear.。
At this time,Tang Hongfei sent out:“Shen Xuan,I am absolutely impossible to surrender to you.。”
“soon,You are dead.!”
When Tang Hongfei said here,It looks at Shen Xuan.。
Shenxuan at this time,Then how much manifestation is helpless。
obviously,at this point,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,What yourself,It doesn’t feel that,What is the problem?。
After a while,Shen Xuan still helpless sigh。
“Ugh,This makes me,What should I do??”
“But now,Since you have already said this,So next,I feel,It seems that I don’t have to stay with you.!”
After Shen Xuan’s http://www.rendegushi.cnwords,It is a direct shot in front of you.。
Tang Hongfei,Staying。
Even until now,He still didn’t think,Shen Xuan will actually say it will work.。
After all, now,These things itself,The more it is more and more。
And you can focus on this scene,This,Shen Xuan is an active activity,Don’t forget to speak directly to you.。
“all in all,Now in the case,Since things here have resolved。”
“So,Next step,It is dealing with Xia Dezhang.!”
Shen Xuan uncertain,Can Li Tianhong control these。

When two fists hit together,I actually issued a metal-like 铿铿,Like fried thunder。

Summer face micro-change,Feeling a giant strength from the arm,The face of the fist is actually hurt.,Just a few steps。 Against black armor,At the same time。
He is like a mad beast,的 吼 吼,Rush again。
铿铿 音 音 不。
The two do not have any moves and skills at all,Although the speed of speed and strength。
They hit the house from the house,Convert direction,Leave a shadow。
Summer and the other party constantly collide,He detected that this person did not show the moving skills.,But the battle consciousness is like the wild beast is generally keen.。
Plus the other party wearing a unknown iron armor,I can compete with him.。
But the summer is not only afraid,But gradually, gradually。
In fact,He hasn’t encountered people who have a strong power to fight with themselves.。
Even the realm is more than him,I am afraid that I don’t dare to touch him hard.。
He lifts his legs,Reach,They are like a sound of wind.。
The air is as if it is exploded.。
Gu Zhenjiang also came out from the house。
When he saw the hill and the summer playing in the summer,First shock first,Complete color。
Surprising,Nai Mountain is his basement,Just to deal with summer。
But I didn’t expect a guy with a summer look.,It can also be up and down with the hill.。
But he believes,The final victory must be a hill。
Equalo people send a mad beast,I have played the 18th punches continuously.。
A punch than a punch,A punch than a punch。
The air is no longer 噼 脆响,But it is like a ghosts and general.。
Summer is in the dragon,惊 惊 鸿,Can’t avoid flash at all,Never return,Welcome to the other party’s iron boxing。
“锵锵 锵 锵……”
Under the collision of two people,It’s like Improving the iron.。
This time this time is no longer retained.,Increasing strength。
He joined the big momentum,Quickly appear in front of face,Continuous waves,Into the continuous connection。
Cracking continues to thoroughly。
This time,The armor on the face has cracks.,He rushed to retreat,Although trying to block,But it is still spent in summer.。
Summer cold drink,Both flashing blazing,Be with a sound,I chased it in an instant。

He doesn’t have that profound knowledge,But it doesn’t matter at all,Just use Baidu frequently。

Although the knowledge on Baidu is not necessarily reliable,But he can be sure,The audience’s knowledge of this show is not high enough to pick Baidu’s mistakes。
So you can safely quote the information on Baidu。
He is not learning,Just make a show to entertain the public,Don’t need to be so serious。
And the audience watching this show,It’s just a picture,Not so serious。
The clothes Ye Wenwen bought on this day were dropped by drone,There are three different styles of Hanfu。
Three pieces of Jiang Li were worn to Liu Qing,Let him decide which photogenic to wear。
This is the first time Liu Qing has seen Jiang Li in Hanfu。
I saw her appear in front of me in Hanfu,Suddenly Liu Qing was in a daze。
As if walking towards him is a little fairy who can’t eat fireworks。
It’s so beautiful that it feels a bit heartbreak——Such a beautiful woman,Why not my woman?
Chapter Four and Seven The squeamishness of a rich daughter
That special episode was only recorded for over an hour。
In that special show about the changes of Hanfu,Jiang Li is not just sitting on the sofa,But with more body language。
For example, stand up and turn around to show your clothes。

The key is,If you continue to stay close to the garden,It’s easy to be misunderstood by Xiaolan。

In case this kind angel came up with the idea of matching himself with the garden,That would be a real loss!
“No trouble no trouble!No trouble at all!”
“Lin, you are welcome,After all, we are already friends!”
Lynn’s euphemistic tone,In fact, he is already expressing rejection。
Regrettably,Yuanzi didn’t seem to hear it at all,Not only took the initiative to move the table next to Lynn,By the way, I pulled the chair,That distance,I almost leaned on Lynn!
“Suzuki students!what are you doing?”
Above the podium,Shizuka Hiratsuka naturally saw this scene。
Mingming just warned,How come in a blink of an eye,Someone came to give her eye drops?
“Report to Mr. Hiratsuka!Lin has no textbooks,I lent him the textbook to study together!”
Was called by Shizuka Hiratsuka,The garden immediately raised his hand and stood up。
Facing the death gaze of the head teacher,This Miss Suzuki did not retreat in the slightest。
She is reasonable, what is she afraid of?

Otherwise, Shen Huan will go in and out to meet others,When others talk about this,Shen Huan must be unhappy。

Once Shen Huan is upset,Just sell this house,A few more words,Not only will the riverside be green,Other houses they developed,Will definitely encounter difficulties。
As a paradise city,There are so many real estate developers in Lin’an,If the reputation gets bad,There is no way to gain a foothold in Lin’an。
For the mere millions,Just can’t pay。
So this house was found cheap by Xia He,400Wan directly won,By the way, I gave a parking space。
But this makes a profit,Liang Xiuxiu is so willing。
Give Xia He such a convenience,Then I want to ask Shen Huan to do something,It will be easier。
Not necessarily real estate related,Other things are fine。
With Shen Huan’s development momentum today,It must be difficult for ordinary people to have a relationship with him,Only one favor at that time,But it’s very valuable!
Xia He is also very happy,It happened that the two houses were renovated together,No need to change decoration company,Just change the plan。
during the weekends,She is happy to talk about the decoration plan,Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu rarely sit on the sofa,Watch TV shows together。
Actually,Most TV shows,Especially variety shows,Tend to be naive and brainless。
Because it looks easier,Make people laugh,That’s a good pastime。
But there are also not so easy。
Like some talk shows。
Especially the one called“Liao Xin’s Date”Talk show,Often get some sad interviews。

“Three non-stick!Shaq punished a three non-stick!”The magician’s eyes rounded,Can’t believe it,Although Shaq’s free throw was terrible,But three free throws are not touched, something that novice basketball players can do,Still surprised the knowledgeable magician。

Then just laugh。
The magician and Kareem were laughing together,Looking at raising hands,O’Neill staring at his hands incredibly。Magician and Kareem can’t help it anymore。
“The situation of this game may be different from everyone’s guess。”Ma Fu guessed。
And at the other end of the American Republic,Far east,What happened in the sinful land of the windy Chicago。Also beyond everyone’s expectations。
“Got in!Joe Dumas!Joe Dumas!Dumas with the help of pick and roll,Made his third mid-range shot in a row!”
“quasi-!Too accurate!The state of Dumas today reminds us of88-89Playoffs,At that time, he also faced the red bull,Treat Michael Jordan as nothing!4:0Swept Chicago!At that time, Joe Dumas was the god of heaven!And today,Will the Bulls be at their home court,Usher in Detroit’s revenge,Welcome to Joe DumasFMVPWhere’s revenge?”
“Michael’s face changed!He seemed to recall the shame of being bloodbathed by the Pistons.!Michael is a bit grumpy this year,I don’t know if it’s because Kobe broke him too many good things?Cause Michael is no longer willing to be a gear in the triangle offense。”
“One to one!Michael Jordan let everyone pull away!He is going to fight Joe Dumas!”
“Bullfight!1980The two strongest shooting guards of the year!in1980Years,This scene has happened many times,And enter1990Years,Jordan has already thrown this former opponent far away。”
“Michael Jordan changes direction before the continuum to try to break through!”
“Guarded!Joe Dumas defended!Swift side slide!Joe Dumas’s lateral speed seems to have returned to its peak,Move quickly like a cheetah,Blocked Michael!”
“Michael leaned back!Take advantage of height!”
“Hit!Michael went back to halftime without saying a word,And Joe Dumas took possession of the ball from Grant Hill!”
“Fateful duel!Continues to today!”
Chapter Three Seventy Six Shaq’s bad free throw