In his words:“Relying on a person’s hard work for more than ten or twenty years,Just want to surpass other people’s ancestors,Parents,Plus decades of hard work of this generation?Why?”

But today,He found himself wrong。
It’s wrong,The guy opposite who can smash his pride is a proof。
This makes Zhao Yuming not want to talk at all。
quickly,Yuan Jiequan took out a memo that was already prepared,After seeing the three,Signed directly,This means the matter is officially settled。
Although Guo Xiaoyi has to go to high school for a few years,To go to university,But Wang Yufei is not too worried that the school will break the contract。
In fact, his experience in Beijing these days taught him a truth,People need to be strong to be king。
For example, as long as he is strong enough,No one dare not keep the promise to him,I didn’t see Ge Lingyue come to Sichuan to meet him,Xu Ruixuanhai called specifically,The person who told him there was an Apple went to him to apologize。
After understanding the cause and effect,That guy also analyzed,It is unlikely that Apple employees that day were actors from Apple.。
Between words seems to have put down the previous defense,I really mean to treat him as a friend。
But does Wang Yufei need friends now??
Hard to say,At this moment,Obviously this genius is not very good at making friends,Still staying at the low-level stage where a woman is enough。
“When shall we go to university?How about after this summer vacation?,I don’t think it makes much sense in the third year of high school。”After everything is done,Wang Yufei said to Lu Yuxin。
“OK,Then register for the college entrance examination this year。”Lu Yuxin nodded。

“Okay,I believe in the SHIELD to which Shunhuo and Shunhuo belong,Will definitely not do things that endanger the safety of Ninja World,Kidnapping a child,There should be other reasons too。”

Pratunam comforting Kushina,Before there is conclusive evidence,Watergate does not think that a person is a bad person at will.
Although Watergate believes that Instant Fire’s kidnapping of children is indeed wrong,But the instant fire will harm the world of Ninja,Watergate is not approved。
Pratunam thought that instant fire might really just like money。
“I will prepare food for you,I’ll leave it to you here。”
Whether it’s food or daily necessities,In the system lottery draw, I got a lot of instant fires,It’s no problem to take out some water gate and Jiuxinai。
“did not expect,Instant fire you are not only a talent for space ninjutsu,And the gift of sealing。”
“This should be a ninjutsu similar to a storage scroll。”
“Storage scroll is to seal items into the scroll,Your ninjutsu should be to seal items into space。”
Looking at the food that suddenly appeared in front of me,Watergate tries to guess the principle of the ninjutsu of Instant Fire。
“Hey,Watergate,You try this strange contact ninjutsu。”
Jiuxinai quickly yelled at Watergate。
At this time, Instant Fire remembered a crucial thing,That is that everyone did not hide their identity in the chat room,Because there were only two people, Shunhuo and Itachi Uchiha,So instant fire forgot。
But it’s not too late。
Since it is a chat room,Then there will naturally be a group leader。
In the setting of instant fire,The Director of S.H.I.E.L.E.D. Bureau Marinated Egg,As the deputy director of SHIELD, he is the deputy group leader。
Actually,Group owner and deputy group owner have the same permissions,Who is Shunhuo is the real boss behind the scenes。
Use owner permissions,Shunhuo changed the chat room settings,Everyone’s names have become code names。
【Knock grandma li chat room】

How come you are called by your name so quickly?

But soon,Lynn’s treat,But let him completely forget about it。
Kogoro Mori is difficult recently,He lost the bet to Marseille,In addition to the necessary operating funds,The rest of the money was detained by my daughter。
Don’t talk about drinking,It’s hard to even drink a bottle!
Now the landlord is very kind and planning to treat,Of course he can’t miss this opportunity!
But he didn’t expect,Just as he kept flipping through the menu,When you want to order the most expensive coffee,The city’s face is causing Xiaolan to have a fever。
Today, Dad has completely lost his face!
“A cup of irish coffee?I understand。”
“correct,Xiaolan、Garden,What do you want to drink,I got it done together by the way。”
After a lot of thought,After all, Kogoro Mouri did not choose the most expensive coffee,But picked a cup of Irish coffee with alcohol。
What should I say?
Worthy of you?
I don’t even forget to drink coffee!
Xiaolan’s understanding of coffee is obviously insufficient,otherwise,After Kogoro Mouri ordered this cup of coffee,,She will definitely stop。
But Lynn didn’t plan to find out the truth,But after ordering Mouri Kogoro’s order,By the way, I asked Xiaolan and Yuanzi’s preferences。
A cup is also boiled,Three cups are also boiled,Just together。

Yuan He hummed,“It is good for young people to be confident,But I want to remind you,If you don’t understand,Heal Colonel Ye,You are killing,I will never spare you!”

He just waved his hand,Turned around and ignored Mo Xiaosheng again。
“Oh shit,The official is great!”
Li Zhen saw Yuan He’s arrogant look,Angry face,But he also noticed the military rank on Yuan He’s shoulder,Did not dare to attack,I can only curse in a low voice。
“okay,Brother Li,You go back first!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled at him lightly,Patted him on the shoulder。
“it is good,Mr,Then tell me if you have anything!”
Li Zhen agreed,Then walked out quickly,When passing by Yuan He’s side, she didn’t want to sneak into Yuan He’s back and shook his fist.。
Not long after,Tan Kai and others ran back in a hurry,Because they are one person responsible for one thing,Bought separately,So it takes a short time。
“ink……Mr. Mo,you……Look at everything……Incomplete……”
Tan Kai gave the things he bought to Mo Xiaosheng,Panting,Obviously they are in pursuit of speed,Not slow。
Mo Xiaosheng glanced at the contents in his bag,Nodded,“no problem!”
Said that Mo Xiaosheng took things and turned back to the ward。

Aunt Zhou said:“not coming,He said that he would save the 饹馹,Come to pick it up tomorrow,He said he didn’t dare to disturb you,Let you chat to your heart’s content。”

Secretary Liao mumbled:“Not come better,Humph。”
Guan Hao said:“Liu Ming is almost forty,Should you put it down too。”
“Considered,Let’s see what happened this year。All right,Say you。”Secretary Liao continued just now:“I tell you a secret,You can’t break up with her family anyway,Run a few times during the holidays。I think your Aunt Zhou’s home was high,She’s afraid of hurting me,Also play missing,I went to her house almost every day,Girls can’t live without home after all,Finally got me caught。”He look at Aunt Zhou outside,Said again:“Do not be discouraged,Don’t be decadent,take care of yourself,Presumably she also hopes you are good in all aspects,Women are like this,You obviously miss what she wants to eat,But if you really feel helpless,She looked down on you again。”
Guan Hao smiled helplessly,This is the best mother-in-law since he met Secretary Liao,He must be worried about his own affairs。After understanding the old chief’s mind,He just said:“do not worry,I won’t languish。I will do my job well,But there is one thing I have to discuss with you”
Secretary Liao said:“As long as it’s not illegal,I promise you everything you discuss today。”
“Can you not drink,I have to walk at night。”Guan Hao said。
Secretary Liao said:“Drink less,Less cars on New Year’s Eve,The police are not too serious。do you know,Liu Ming is thinking about my wine for some time,I was not willing to let him drink。Moreover,I won’t leave if I drink too much,Chinese New Year at my house。”
Guan Hao smiled,Say:“Any year will work, but not this year,I’m not going back, dad should have an idea,He doesn’t feel well these days。It’s not easy to be severely criticized by my mother every day,Especially knowing that I am a grandfather,I have secretly shed tears several times。”
Secretary Liao is also a grandfather,So he understands,Just say:“Well,Just drink three cups。”
The situation is as Guan Hao expected,Even though he called mom before,But dad still feels restless,I thought my son was angry with him,Until midnight, Guan Hao came back,He entered his house with confidence。
Guan Haoyi enters the house,I found out that there was no Spring Festival atmosphere at home this year。
First of all,No one sees the annual Spring Festival Gala,Not even the TV turned on,Guan Yao went to sleep upstairs a long time ago,Dad entered his room as soon as he saw him back,Mother’s eyes are red and swollen,Also seems to have just cried。

“Flame Destruction!”

Shout three times,Mo Qilin’s whole body unexpectedly appeared countless crisscrossed flame thorns,This kind of attack can be said to be extremely strange。
Can invisibly make the opponent’s head different,But it’s not enough for Mo Qilin,Because before the inflammation thorn appeared,With his keen perception of the warrior who is also a fire attribute,Avoided beforehand。
Dai Tianbao didn’t even think of using this trick to defeat the man in front of him,His real target is the spear in the air,And when he got the spear,Is the time to decide the outcome of this battle。
The flame spear melts and grows,Turned into a Yanlong with a thick waist and mouth,Swimming around men。
The most recognized beast species on the mainland,That’s the dragon。So many powerful martial arts come out through fantasy fighting with dragons。
But fantasy is fantasy after all,These martial arts have no dragon power,Even the shape of the dragon is not delicate enough to imitate,So after all, it can only become a high-level profound level。
Mo Qilin is different,He is the one who really has the arm of the ancient spirit beast unicorn,He has the majesty and shape of the ancient spirit beast。
A huge unicorn braving the flames appeared above his head to watch the movie,Yanlong***Intertwined。
Hovering in a high place Dai Tianbao fell to the ground,Bitterness in the corners of the mouth,A genius whose family has high hopes,I didn’t expect to lose in the first fight,This is something no one thought of。
“I lost,Hahaha,I lost。”Dai Tianbao looks at the sky,Shout out loud。
Everyone didn’t expect this to happen。
“brother……Are you OK!”Dai Tianfeng ran down quickly,Kneeling in front of my brother。

Friend laughed,Come over and bite Song Menghai’s ears,“You said,Shao Zhen said it was so awesome,Secretly,Are you jealous of Xie Yunchu?,I hate it when I take a shower and go to the toilet.?”

Song Menghai raised an eyebrow,This one,Really maybe。Sudden,He thought of a little,“Is it,Shao Zhenyan suddenly opposed me,It’s because Ou Baobao recorded me a support video?”
My friend froze,No?“Shao Zhen is a science madman,Carrying on the great cause of rejuvenating the motherland by inheriting the family,How can you have kung fu and love for children?”This is not irony,Really。and so,How do you think Shao Zhenyan is not of this type?。His love of science and knowledge,Definitely the most fanatical ever。
Song Menghai became more and more convinced of his guess,“That’s Baby Ou.”Peerless Beauty,Disaster for the country,All incarnations of words describing beauty。A sincere and pure fairy like an orchid in the empty valley。
Who can hold it。
Shao Zhenyan is really amazing,Extraordinary。Koo Baby,No longer like a mortal person。A level higher than Shao Zhenyan!!
Friends can’t refute。Yes。That’s Baby Ou.
Two people at the same time,Involuntarily looking towards sitting not far away,Baby Ou clapping and encouraging while watching the performance,There is a deep sigh in my heart.
If you have never met such a character,My life,Will become more colorful,It will still be bleak?
Shao Zhenyan became the president of the student union,Song Menghai directly withdrew from the student union。There is a lot of discussion in the school,Although sympathetic to Song Menghai,But she still supports Shao Zhenyan。But Shao Zhenyan is even the chairman,And still indulging in the ocean of knowledge,Everything,Were handed over to the new position he created himself——Vice President of the Student Union,To be responsible。
this person,Also a man of the world。Briefly,It can also crush Song Menghai。
Tong Jiaotie。
The name is very unique,People are also unique。
It’s the style of a very neutral and beautiful boy,Although not as smart as Shao Zhenyan,But also at the level of God。Is not usually studying,Flip the book before the exam,Can test the first type。Is really the first in the exam。
Shao Zhen said that his exam results were not very good,He often takes the exam,Sleepy,Fell asleep。The exam is a rare break for him,So Tong Jiaotie can always be the first。But once Shao Zhenyan didn’t fall asleep,Tong Jiaotie is definitely second。
And Tong Jiaotie is still the kind of almighty scholar。What sport,Not a while after getting started,Can be comparable to the veteran。Practice again,It’s professional level。Sometimes in school,Sports competition,If someone can’t play in a sudden situation,I won’t go to the bench,They are all looking for Tong Jiaotie to save the field。Can’t find Tong Jiao Tie,To find a substitute。
Chapter One Hundred and Ninety discuss


Chapter Thirty Four Ace show
“Why choose to play professional football?”
Hu Lai in the camera smiled at Chen Jianyu’s question,Then replied:“Because I like,I like football。”
This is a very standard answer,But it doesn’t satisfy Chen Jianyu,He asked:“If you like football, you can continue to play football on campus,There are also national football leagues in universities。Can it satisfy your love of football??Why must choose to play professional football?And he didn’t start football training until he was 16,You started much later than others,Even if you have outstanding talent,You may not be able to walk this way,So choosing professional football is very risky,This road may die at any time,You may be blown away after touching your head……”
There are some empty shots switching at this time:Empty training ground,No one’s locker room,Empty gym,Finally fell on a somewhat old and dirty football,It lies quietly on the floor of the equipment room,The background is a blurred basket full of footballs。
These lenses are for different occasions,But there is one thing in common:The tone is dark and blue。Later, through the color correction, the emotion contained in this question was conveyed to the audience well.,Let the spectators involuntarily worry about Hu Lai’s future in professional football。
At this time Hu Lai’s voice sounded again:“In fact, when I was determined to leave high school to go to a professional team,My coach on the school team and my dad told me about the cruelty of professional football。I also know that I started a little late……But what does it matter?Professional football is my dream。Pursue dreams,It’s never too late。”
While he was talking, the picture turned into a scene where Hu Lai was training alone on the training ground against Chaoyang,The flaming sun shines light on him,Zoom in,From a big panorama to a panorama and becoming a bust,Finally pushed it all the way to his face。
He stands against the light,Dense beads of sweat on his face are illuminated by the sun’s rays,Like countless little suns。
The lens continues to zoom in,Almost all the way to the eyes,Those eyes look very huge in the close-up,Turned into two mirrors,Reflecting the light of the rising sun,As if burning。
The camera goes around behind him again,Gradually pull away,I finally freezed in such a picture:Hu Lai standing on the training ground,Facing Chaoyang,Brilliant sunshine pouring from the sky that the camera is facing,A gold border is drawn around Hu Lai’s slightly darker figure,More light overflows from the outside of his body,The inexhaustible golden thread cuts through the thin morning mist in the air,It seems to have a pair of pale golden wings for Hu Lean standing proudly。
It’s different from the gray and blue hue before,This set of lenses is warm and bright,Uplifting。

“call120,Report to City Council,Request support。”

The nature of this sudden case has changed,Yang Shiyun must report to the city bureau’s general duty desk in accordance with regulations。
But she is not worried that the suspect will run away,With her and Qin Liang here,The man in front of me is hard to fly!She is worried about the safety of the hostages。
The police scattered around,Into a fan surrounded the scene,But no one dared to approach,Because they see,The hostage has been injured!
“You guys get off,Let me go,Or I’ll kill this bitch!”
The man yelled in panic。
“You release the hostage first,Let’s discuss something,good or not?”
Yang Shiyun said to him gently。
“Nothing to discuss,Either you let me go,Either I die with her,that’s it!”
Man yelling frantically。
“You don’t take the hostage,How did we let you go?”
Yang Shiyun finished,Smiled easily,Seems to be chatting casually。
at this time,She must first relax this man,If he comes so nervous,It’s possible to lose control of emotions,Hurt the hostage again。
“What the fuck are you smiling?Do you think it’s fun??what?”
The man started scolding Yang Shiyun,This is normal,He is extremely nervous,Need to show strength,So I can increase my confidence and courage……
“Ok,Then i’m not smiling。”

Peng Changyi suddenly realized,He remembered what Xu Deqiang told him“Old revolution”s story。

Jiang Fan couldn’t help nodding when he heard him,Peng Changyi said disapprovingly:“Hi,That poor place,It’s not rare for others to go?”
Peng Changyi suddenly remembered that Wu Youfu had something to say to him:Poorer,Can’t be poor。He couldn’t help but admire the minister,Said:“You said so well,Talk to Wu Youfu。”
Wang Jiadong says:“I have two choices here,I invite Mayor Jiang to choose,One is Sanyuan County Party Committee,One is the mayor of Kangzhou,These two,Which one would you choose?”
Wang Jiadong says:“Most people have this mentality,Be a mayor in a good economic place,I don’t want to go to the poor mountain area,Because I got there,It is relatively difficult to call back further,Be the mayor in a good place,In the future, there may be hope to become a rememberer or to be remembered elsewhere,Even if it might be a few years or even once,But in the long run it took a shortcut,and so,A variety of reasons have caused Wu Youfu’s current situation of stable residence in Sanyuan。”
“Definitely won’t let him go,He doesn’t want to go,Others don’t want to go,Besides, there is no big fault,Do some homework behind,It should be no problem to retire at Sanyuan。”Wang Jiadong said confidently。
“This one?I really don’t know。”Peng Changyi said。
Jiang Fan smiled knowingly。Peng Changyi said:“I think he is in his fifties,Pretty young,The hair is fake。”
Jiang Fan and Peng Changyi pondered for a long time,Finally, I figured out the conversion relationship.,After understanding, both of them laughed loudly,Peng Changyi smiled so much that tears came out,He quickly took out a cigarette from the side,Order for Wang Jiadong,Said:“I admire you so much,It’s really a talent that doesn’t go out,Know the world!”
Wang Jiadong says:“I can’t help with anything else,I can still help a little by being busy。”
Wang Jiadong took a cigarette,Looked at Jiang Fan and said:“You can’t help,You have to rely on your own big ideas。Chang Yi is the same,I will just hit the side drum from now on,You have to decide what to do。”
Peng Changyi said:“Then i got to that place,Is it not easy to come back??I don’t want to stay in that place。”
Jiang Fan said seriously:“Not reactionary,It’s a kind words from my family,Because of caring,That’s why it’s not so grandiose,Can’t even get the desktop……”What else does he want to say,At this moment his phone rang,He took a look,Get up and go out to answer the phone。
Wang Jiadong further ordered:“Kid,Remember my words,Don’t get caught in the vicious circle of intrigue with Wu Youfu,This is both internal friction,Also unwise,Your task is promotion,Not fighting them at that place。While young,Seize every opportunity that can be seized。How do you make progress for a long time to come,Not how to get rich and how to work。of course,Work is also an essential achievement,Can’t be ignored,Not to be taken lightly。”
“It’s not too difficult for you to get along well or not,Even if you don’t get along well,You tune out,Also the county magistrate,But it will be difficult to push him away within five years,Don’t move this mind,It’s not impossible to mention it in that place,if you are willing to。”
“Haha。”Wang Jiadong smiled,Say:“I guess he won’t change this time。You can get rid of poverty,But not the only,Minimize intervention in mine matters,Less intervention,The travel idea you said is good,Can make a fuss,It’s not your character to be a peace official,Think of ideas in this regard,Create momentum,It’s easier to get results,And you are also studying industrial economics,Tourism can also form an industrial chain。I still said that about the mine,Less intervention,Less intervention。But if there are stones that must be removed,Don’t be vague、You’re welcome!”Say here,Wang Jiadong’s eyes and tone became sharp。
Wang Jiadong says:“Whether he knows or not,The feeling he said this is understandable,Just imagine,Is there any parent who is willing to make trouble with his own family?,Of course it’s better to be as small as possible。Solve any problem,The accident is no small,Shocked the province,Maybe someone will be held accountable,Not a natural disaster after all,To be more serious, this is**,But whether it’s economic loss or political influence,He wants to be minimized,As for the concealment,You just pretend to be confused,You don’t know anyway,Besides,Even Xu Deqiang himself,Just guess。”
Wang Jiadong took a cigarette and said:“Xu Deqiang is a good official,But in China,Good officials do not necessarily have good rewards,Bad officials are definitely not rewarded。A good official is long。”