Ice cool sound is full of irony。

Her gaze,One inch is allocated from two faces,Tauntful,Gradually from her red lips。
“Blue Xin,You don’t have blood to spray,We just want to travel abroad。
What is a huge sum??
Don’t worry about doing things。”
Gu Anan bite her teeth and watching her.。
Looking at Lan Xin, the face is full of hatred,She is afraid of her heart.。
Gu’s is like this.,Do you still have a thought to go abroad??
Gu Anan,You do your thief,I will never hide the disclosure on your face.。
Grandma is an accident,My big brother’s thing,Shares,A few billion,Not all your good means??”
Blue Xin cold eyes to her,Full of anger and hate。
From the clear eyes,Shoot a burst of cold light,It is even more embarrassing chill.,All instantaneous frozen around around,It’s like a ice.。
Listening to Blue Xin’s stripes,Gu An’an’s heart tight,I saw Xu Xianghe.。
Xu Jinghe is looked at Blue Xin,Some regrets directly do the plane left。
Blue Xin said so clearly,I am afraid that Xu Jinghe’s heart’s idea has not yet fallen.,There are many casual police around them around.。
Brigade first step forward,Looking at Gu Anan and Xu Jinghe,Show your own documents。
Come together,Pulling a warning line around,Crowd in evacuating around onlookers。
“Gu Anan,Xu Jinghe,Your alleged fraud,kill,Deliberately murder,unambiguous evidence,Now arrested you now。”
Captain’s voice,Rewinding the ears of Gu An’an and Xu Jinghe two。
Gu An’an unbeliented,Looking at Blue Xin,“Blue Xin,Your happiness,It turns out that you have already arranged together.,Just waiting for us to jump,Yes or no?”
Gu An’an lost to the blue and blue,Roar like a mad woman,I have to spend the second half of my life.,Let her be willing。
What is your life?!Blue Xin is cold and cold,The bottom of the bottom,She doesn’t deny that Gu Anan’s words:“I don’t have such a big matter.,This is everyone’s credit。
Let Xu Jinghe turn over the money,But just want to figure out the path and method of him turning money.,It is good to take the previous ten billion people.。
So I will drag it for so long.。
more importantly,Xu Jinghe should understand,How do you use your technology to control the evidence of my husband’s car?。”
Last few words,Blue Xin’s tone is suddenly heavier,In order to get these evidence,They are really waiting for too long.。
Xu Jinghe listen to these words,Some shakeheads who don’t believe:“Do not,impossible,How can you find out??”
He is in a hurry, but it regrets it.,Doesn’t he do not hit??
At this time,Ou Jing and Le Zhenxi have also appeared at the scene。
European scenic, temperament, Hua Yao,Standing with Le Zhenxi,The two people have emitted the same deep domineering moment.。
“Xu Jinghe,There are people outside people.,There are days outside the sky.,Do you really think that your technology is invincible??”

Duan Yu is a little taste on the side.——I am clear that I am“Big brother”!

“Do not,We are big and bright,Deficiency of shrinking。”Chu Deirers said more directly。
“Then let’s rely on the past。”Abi Seech Chuzi said so,Miss Table has not opposed,So I followed。
However, the Chu Deirers broke:“and many more,Let me first……”
Chapter 68 Pot to the forefront
Listen to the fragrant,A group of three-school rivers and lakes,One is called a fierce,This makes Murong return out、That let Murong look good,Search all over the room with obvious no one。
And at this time,Just listen……
A big 高 高 唢 声!
“Which turtle grandson is blowing?”
“Mom,Gain!Can’t come out?”
“He Fang Hero,How unexpected?”
Jianghu people in the housing,I heard it at the beginning.——How can someone blow??Blow……Monster!
But a closer look,But I found that this sound came from all over the side.,Come like a certain internal fire,Therefore, a one-mouth or polite、Or bring crude words,But all guard。
Overhead,Survey,Everyone understands this,The people have not on the shore,I gathered in the docky stop of the water.,At the same time,I have seen three points higher.!
Be right,The person is natural is the Chu Deirers.。
Why do you want to blow??
Give yourselfbuffStill in its next,Mainly to deepen people——What is the Taiwanese poem?,Change is a person who is not happy,This is naturally elegant.。
Especially the previous synthesis“Sound soul”,Effectiveness is also effective,More Chu Deirers can meet natural。
certainly,The timing of the appearance and performance is also very important,This time is very successful,Otherwise, when you are in front of everyone,I drums with the god、Go into the field,That is not good.!
When everyone came out,Just see Chu Dee White Fluttoned Standing on the Shiphead……
Reaches the water,Chu Deirers floated directly——Special control does not need some water,Directly floating maximum distance。
The Chu Deiren also saw the people on the shore.,Sure enough, it’s a shower.。
After all, like a gang、Shaolian stream,Although some people die“Also”,But now I have waiting for Murong to swear.。
Even if Murong does not explain,They want to come to Murong Mountain Villa,I will definitely pay first.,Order the day、Admission,Three ways、Tee drum,The big brightness is a guilty。
Instead, when I went to the Shaolin Temple to explain.,Quietly Mi Mi, Murongshan Zhuangzhuang……
At this time, listening to the martial arts people in the fragrant water.,Divided division,One is headed by a young man,Another dial is a thin middle-aged man。
See the Chu Deirers,http://www.afhymat.cnThe former, the first open mouth:“Down to Yuanzhuang Lu Guanying,Add the total scoop of this Taihu Lake,Look at this friend’s extraordinary,I don’t know how to call it.?”
Taihu Lake really became bigger。
In addition, this crown,Chu Deirers also impressed,His father, the wind is the owner of the Yuanzhuang,In the impression of most people,Old Lu is just a cool、Urgency,Not martial arts,And still a scorpion,But actually the true identity of Lao Lu,Is the disciple of Dongxie Huang Pharmacist。
Just by Mei Chao、Chen Xuanfeng’s implicit,Has been interrupted, it is also coming out of the teacher.,I don’t even dare to teach my son’s martial arts.,But let him make a teacher Xianxia School……
This“Xianxia School”Naturally, the woman’s martial art,It is created by a Customer disciple of Shaolin Temple.,Embossing the side of Shaolin。
According to the rules of Shaolin Temple,Customers disciples as long as you test,Can also learn one of the seventy-two stunches,So there are many side bypass outside。
Lu Guanying’s skill,Maybe not the highest,But people are the total scoop of Taihu Green Forest Swage.,Everyone will give this“Floor snake”A bit。
“Lu Xiazhuang is polite,Deerman,However, there is no famous passers in the rivers and lakes.。”Chu Deirers(zhuang)Virtual(bi)Say。
“It turned out to be a new master!Long-lasting。”That dry middle-aged,At this time, I also recognized the identity of Chu Deirers.。

Six silhouettes leap out directly,Surround Li Ming Tuan Tuan。

“you guys。 。。”
“kill~”No language communication,The moment these six people spoke in Li Minggang,Full burst。
Head full of dirty braids,The skinny warrior holds a giant axe,Cut through。
And the other http://www.huabao88.cnfive warriors,Or use bow and arrow,Or use a spear,Or scimitar,Mixed with various genes,Slammed at Li Ming。
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Chapter 26 The Order of God
Red mist forest,Six Great Warriors,Especially two of them are masters at the pinnacle of the Great Warrior,Join forces to besie a great warrior。
If in a normal situation,This besieged great warrior,Even the strong one,At least it takes a lot of effort to win。
But actually,Li Ming doesn’t care about these six。In the realm of Li Ming,Nian Li’s analysis of the strength of their six is extremely thorough,The strongest of them may not be able to mix a third-class elite in the four major organizations of Black Dragon Mountain.。
Li Ming, who is also at the universe level, just flipped,Take a picture。

Listed to haha, laugh:“I also know Cao Meng,Ginger,Jiang Xing,Zhou Dak,Li Nancheng,Lu Zhengnian,Huo Qizhong and Tan Zhuohui。”

Girl preemptively cheers,But immediately skeptical:“Why didn’t I listen to Jing Yun, a big brother, saying you?!”
“We are just just,Jing Yun Captain now Shanghai executive task?,I believe it will come soon.。”
“Do you say that the brother of Jing Yun is coming soon??”Girl is excited,
Laughter:“Yes,It seems that you really like our Jing Yun captain.!”
Girl instantly red face,Bowen Road:“Don’t think that I believe you.!”
NS481chapter You have a prompt to you.
Rui Rui seemed to see the martial arts relationship with water village,These lakes seem to be very impressed with Jing Yun,It seems that this kid didn’t give them less.。
“Do you really know the captain of Jingyun??”Big man asked,
“Really know,Would you like me how to know all the team members of their arms。”
“You still say someone。”Another big man,
“I am less talking about the gun hand.?”
“It seems that you are really a person.!”The man’s name of the martial arts is not possible to know,And this is not bad.,So Xu Wei basically believes in the words of Qi Rui。
“Such as fake。”Qi Rui finished reading the Song Jian and Tang Rui,Waiting for it to explain to them why you know the martial arts team。
“Triple,Please take it inside.。”
Enter the cabin,There is only a small table inside,There is a small basket above,There are some dry foods,There is a kettle and a water bowl next to it.,The cabin is very simple,But it can cover the wind and rain。
Rui Rui:“I haven’t advised all the names.?”
Twenty-six-year-old man said:“My name is Xu Wei!”
“My name is Xu Mao!”Xu Mao said that the girl who finished his face was said.:“This is our little girl Xu Jiao。”
“Are you a brother??”
“no,We are a cousin。”Xu Wei said,
“How many people have this water??”
“More than 60 people。”
Rui is talking to them for a while,Only I know that they are all hiding into the mountain lake.,Many people’s families are devilly,The reason why the lake is also hungry, it is not hungry.,Grab the rich family,There are no food in the people of the people, let them grab,Over time, it was called the lake.。
Qi Rui curious:“How did your gun law practice??”
“The gun method is early,Because we are in the push town。”
Most of the water in the water is around the people.,There are only more than 20 people who can fight.,The day of the ghost sweeping almost found the water village,Wei Dawei took a few people to take http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cnthe devil,As a result, only four come back.。
“Xu Da Ge,Can you find the hiding place of the new four army guerrillas??”Qi Rui,
“I want to find it, I can find it.。”
“Can you take us to find them??”
“What is wrong?,The New Fourth Army is a team of devils,We are also willing to help them。”
“That day, you will trouble.。”

Ouyang Hongyi said,Xia Jian immediately thought of where they went on a motorcycle last time。When the car goes uphill,Although the road is all hardened cement,But Xia Jian still slowed down,Because he wants to see,The fruits of their labor over the years。

Both sides of the road,A piece of greenery,All self-harvested fruit trees,And some melons and fruits。Although it’s almost past lunch time,But there are still a lot of people here to play。
Xia Jian parked the motorcycle next to the pavilion where they sat last time,So I walked in with Ouyang Hong。I found a place to sit down。It was night when they came last time,This has almost become their two-person world,But not today,Because tourists come and go,I feel the atmosphere is wrong。
Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong,Slightly embarrassing:“Or let’s change place?“
“no need,Anze,I’ll talk to you about something!“Ouyang Hong actually stood up,She pointed the road ahead。
Xia Zhijima understood Ouyang Hong’s meaning,She is going for a walk。Xia Jian couldn’t help but groan secretly,Although the weather says there is no sun,But the temperature is still quite high,I believe it won’t take two steps,Will be sweating profusely。But since they said it,He was too embarrassed to refuse。
Ouyang Hong walks ahead,Xia Jian glanced at her secretly,Asked softly:“I drank two glasses at noon?“
“Ah!I was also forced to be helpless,Wang Youdao just invited me to dinner,I can’t refuse,So I went。He got a bottle of red wine,I also had two drinks with me“Ouyang Hong walked under a willow tree in two steps。
This is a big willow tree,The trunk can’t be hugged by at least one person。This should be planted during the production team,Unexpectedly when the big tree was planted,Today visitors can enjoy the cool here。
Xia Jian glanced around,Found no one nearby,Then said with a smile:Wang Youdao invites you to dinner,I’m afraid the weasel didn’t pay the New Year’s greetings to the chicken!“
“Don’t talk nonsense,Who is the chicken?I’m a pretty woman”Ouyang Hong made a joke,She looks a bit charming。
First1239chapter Clear the fog
Although it’s summer,But there is still a cool breeze on the top of the mountain。

Zhang Boyi,Shape rotation,Another hand punching summer temple,Summer shape,Other punch,Then, he will usher in Zhang Keyi’s hot leg.。1t

Perspective,Backward,Summer is like a fairy crane,If you lose weight。1t
Two people in turn do dozens of tricks,The sound of the study is constantly thoroughly,More accompanied by the sound of the blank。1t
Two people,High-attack,Hand fist with the mouth of the knee,Leave a debris,But not damaged in any part of the study。1t
So strong!1t
Zhang Bin is more and more surprised。1t
Although summer is in passive defense from beginning to end,Can Zhang Bo,No matter what kind of rapid attack,Can’t break through。1t
This surprise,Over time,Become a horror,Even the feeling of Zhang Bo has a heartbeat。1t
Just starting a few collisions,He realizes that the summer power is amazing,Constitution,I have started to use myopype fighting skills.。1t
But when you really change, you will now be a terrible and an awkward fact.。1t
He can’t find a sack of summer.。1t
Summer is still defense,Still not active,Completely changed with Zhang Bo’s change,A pair of soldiers will be shocked by the water。1t
Take a look,The whole body is a flaw,After all, it is passive.……Can Zhang Bozi can’t catch the flaw。1t
Let Zhang Bo can’t believe it.,Every trick,The other party seems to have a pre-judgment,It feels like it is waiting for him in advance.。1t
This makes Zhang Bosheng feel very uncomfortable.,Although it is in the offense,But the more the more passive。1t
This is the most intuitive image left by the other party.。1t
A dewant is brushing,After the continuous collision,The two are bounced。1t
Zhang Bo did not continue to attack,But the face is lifted to the extreme,Breathe,A forehead green jump,Burning the bears in the eyes。1t
See him,Summer is deeply spit out,Laugh,“Zhang Bo,You are really a deep hidden.。”1t
Zhang Bo smiled and shook his head,Just throwing the battle gradually extinguished,“The little grandfather is old。Young man now,Really surprised,Xiao Mel is a little,I will go to notify the master.。”1t
Also waiting for about more than ten minutes,Lord of Los came to study。1t
“Haha,Xia Xiaosi,I didn’t expect your painting and calligraphy, it is so high.。”1t
The father is very enthusiastic.,I don’t put myself.,Directly talking to the way of painting and calligraphy。1t
“I have seen your three paintings.。”1t
Between the eyes of the old man with a strong shock,“It’s a painting of your fifteen years old.?”1t
He has to shock,The three exactly the same closed public painting,If it is not the inscription below,Even if the eyes of the old blonde cannot be judged to be authentic。1t
“Yes。”Summer laughing at the summer,“At that time, I felt fun.,All three paintings have been sticky together。”1t
“Oh。”Master a smile,“You are cheating others.,I can’t defraud my old age.,The painted Dragon Xuan paper is special.?”1t
Be discounted,Summary is slightly awkward,I have to nod.,“Is me and my master。”1t
The old man’s eyes are slightly bright.,A useful information,But he didn’t deliberately,It is a swift,I really put the topic into the way of painting and calligraphy.。1t
Two people talk about this,I can’t stop it.。1t
Lord Louis looks at the eyes of summer,Get more and more appreciation,Get more and more smooth eye。1t
Until at 5 o’clock in the evening,Zhang Bo has come in to urge the opportunity,The father is still unfair to stop the topic.。1t
Just,He’s next sentence,Immediately let summer,I just brought a piece of tea directly sprayed out.。1t

This is the last short holiday before the college entrance examination,Such a good time,How can it be wasted easily?Outing together,What a monumental thing!

Yan Mo had an appointment with Wen Jing,It’s just that Wen Jing doesn’t want to be that shiny light bulb,She doesn’t want to eat dog food,So she wisely refused。
fair enough,That was her date with Shen Siyan,Yan Mo thought so,Don’t mention how happy you are,Excited for a whole week。
The day of meeting out is coming as scheduled,The two brought them to tourist attractions in the suburbs。
This place is beautiful,Green grass,The lake water reflects a blue sky like a wash,Beautiful。
It’s a holiday,The beautiful scenery also attracts an endless stream of tourists。The bustling crowd poured in,Hustle and bustle。
“Shen Siyan,It’s so beautiful here!”Yan Mo shook Shen Siyan’s arm excitedly,Smile。
Shen Siyan looked at her,The corners of the mouth follow up,then,Watching her run away little by little。
She raised her head,Embrace the breeze,Feel the sun,Spin and jump to a small stone bridge,Small bridge and flowing water,Creek。
She stood on the bridge laughing and watching the scenery,And he under the bridge,Standing not far away smiling at her,Wherever you look,Only her。
“Shen Siyan,look!What are those two in the middle of the lake?Mandarin duck??”Yan Mo beckoned to Shen Siyan,Shouted excitedly。
Shen Siyan approached,Look in the direction she is pointing,Nodded gently。Watching that pair of mandarin ducks play in the lake,The two are inseparable。
Yan Mo lay on the bridge railing,Looking at them with interest。And he is standing by her side,Staring at her intently。that time,Shen Siyan seems to understand why the ancients sighed“Envy mandarin ducks but not immortals”Up。
he thinks,As long as she is there,Everything else is beautiful,He won’t be envious。Because she is his warm sunshine,Is his world。
“save, me.”
A hurried cry for help sounded,Brought back Shen Siyan’s thoughts,When he followed the prestige,I saw Yan Mo fluttering in the lake。
He doesn’t know when Yan Mo ran to the shore of the lake,How can it be in the blink of an eye,People fell into the lake。

Originally arrogant,now,Shut up instantly。

And the silver needle,Was also found at this moment。
Zhuo Sihan who got the silver needle,Take it out and take a look,After making sure,And hand it to Lin Yu。
Lin Yu who took the silver needle,Light the alcohol lamp quickly,Then sterilize the silver needle,As for using Zhen Qi to disinfect the silver needles,That’s really consuming,Lin Yu wouldn’t do such a stupid thing。
After disinfection,Lin Yu picked up the silver needle,And walked towards the old man on the bed。
See this,Zhuo Sihan finally couldn’t help it,Ask the previous doubts。
“Lin Shao!Is it you who saved my grandpa this time??”
Chapter 152 Lin Yu’s Shot(in)
It’s impossible,You thought it was someone else?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Turning to look at Zhuo Sihan and asked。
Was asked so,Zhuo Sihan doesn’t know how to answer。
Because I just thought,Lin Yu asked his family doctor to come。
if not,I would definitely not agree。

In his words:“Relying on a person’s hard work for more than ten or twenty years,Just want to surpass other people’s ancestors,Parents,Plus decades of hard work of this generation?Why?”

But today,He found himself wrong。
It’s wrong,The guy opposite who can smash his pride is a proof。
This makes Zhao Yuming not want to talk at all。
quickly,Yuan Jiequan took out a memo that was already prepared,After seeing the three,Signed directly,This means the matter is officially settled。
Although Guo Xiaoyi has to go to high school for a few years,To go to university,But Wang Yufei is not too worried that the school will break the contract。
In fact, his experience in Beijing these days taught him a truth,People need to be strong to be king。
For example, as long as he is strong enough,No one dare not keep the promise to him,I didn’t see Ge Lingyue come to Sichuan to meet him,Xu Ruixuanhai called specifically,The person who told him there was an Apple went to him to apologize。
After understanding the cause and effect,That guy also analyzed,It is unlikely that Apple employees that day were actors from Apple.。
Between words seems to have put down the previous defense,I really mean to treat him as a friend。
But does Wang Yufei need friends now??
Hard to say,At this moment,Obviously this genius is not very good at making friends,Still staying at the low-level stage where a woman is enough。
“When shall we go to university?How about after this summer vacation?,I don’t think it makes much sense in the third year of high school。”After everything is done,Wang Yufei said to Lu Yuxin。
“OK,Then register for the college entrance examination this year。”Lu Yuxin nodded。

“Okay,I believe in the SHIELD to which Shunhuo and Shunhuo belong,Will definitely not do things that endanger the safety of Ninja World,Kidnapping a child,There should be other reasons too。”

Pratunam comforting Kushina,Before there is conclusive evidence,Watergate does not think that a person is a bad person at will.
Although Watergate believes that Instant Fire’s kidnapping of children is indeed wrong,But the instant fire will harm the world of Ninja,Watergate is not approved。
Pratunam thought that instant fire might really just like money。
“I will prepare food for you,I’ll leave it to you here。”
Whether it’s food or daily necessities,In the system lottery draw, I got a lot of instant fires,It’s no problem to take out some water gate and Jiuxinai。
“did not expect,Instant fire you are not only a talent for space ninjutsu,And the gift of sealing。”
“This should be a ninjutsu similar to a storage scroll。”
“Storage scroll is to seal items into the scroll,Your ninjutsu should be to seal items into space。”
Looking at the food that suddenly appeared in front of me,Watergate tries to guess the principle of the ninjutsu of Instant Fire。
“Hey,Watergate,You try this strange contact ninjutsu。”
Jiuxinai quickly yelled at Watergate。
At this time, Instant Fire remembered a crucial thing,That is that everyone did not hide their identity in the chat room,Because there were only two people, Shunhuo and Itachi Uchiha,So instant fire forgot。
But it’s not too late。
Since it is a chat room,Then there will naturally be a group leader。
In the setting of instant fire,The Director of S.H.I.E.L.E.D. Bureau Marinated Egg,As the deputy director of SHIELD, he is the deputy group leader。
Actually,Group owner and deputy group owner have the same permissions,Who is Shunhuo is the real boss behind the scenes。
Use owner permissions,Shunhuo changed the chat room settings,Everyone’s names have become code names。
【Knock grandma li chat room】