The violent power is hitting the shock wave.。

The people of the gods in the lower part are all affected.,All are in the bustling,Suddenly a chaos。
Only the madness is not affected。
He is like a beast.,Touching the body,Intimate,Anxiety,噼噼。
Fladder,The strong people of the gods are flying in the air,Unexpectedly。
And the other side,Summer has been with Dongxuan fierce battle together。
The two is like a electro-light entanglement,Disabled,Along with the sword of the sword。
“Fukou,What are you waiting for?!”
Dong Xuan is one side with summer fight,While cold,“Want to see the lively there?,Go to block the madman。”
Jiangkou Fang Ye Face,A bit bite,Also leap from above。
Great,“Everyone gathers together,Don’t separate,He is alone,Injured,Don’t fear him。”
This sentence has played a lot。
Counting ordinary members,The gods in this place have hundreds of people,It is also all arbitrarily in this moment.,Handheld sword screaming towards the 枭。
I saw Dong Xuan, a knife.,The air in front is now broken.,Like electricity, it is generally straight in summer.。
Summer shape,On the side of the side, let go of the hand and pull it back.。
Dong Xuan’s figure jumps,It is like a gyro-like rotation,Hitting。
His strength is indeed,Even if it is in summer, it is difficult to defeat.。
There are many external factors in this.。
There is nothing in the summer injuries.,However, those huge shock waves falling in the shells,But let him have also hit hard with the 枭。
“Kill god,You are dead。”
Standland,Dong Xuan big drink,“Die!”
At the same time,His hands appear on a white jade,Slaid to throw in summer。
At the same time,A terrible energy is open。
White jade is still blasting in half air,The white dust in the sky has raised。
Next second。
The shocking scene appeared。
I only see a giant snake with a foothold with more than ten meters.,Working with a residual shadow toward summer。
Summer is not shocked。
He is very profound about this。
This is an aggressive Xuanmen!
Last time on the killing conference,There is a woman named Maria to get one,And used to deal with summer。
He remembers that is a huge vulture.,If he does not have a cognition,I am afraid that I will have the other side.。

At this time, Xu Chang lives in the new Harle.,And the Song Dynasty people still insist,Said to find Qiao to help,Advise him to change……

Only full crown,Continue to follow the real thing,帮 disciple antiq,Put the hatred,A pair“My gangbu is countless,Qiao Feng’s martial arts is not afraid of him.”Shelf。
It’s all about the fact that Qiao Feng is not worthless.,Herd of heroic……
And Chen You is already a good fortune,Will be put low,Chu Deirers also see,This manager,More than the crowns in the original,Alever, because now there is a total of a total of his own dog legs,So the operability is large.。
The purpose of driving Qiaofeng has reached,And the rudder of the big scorpion in the district,It is impossible to go to the help of the host.,Even now Song Wu San Dafa,And other a lot of rudder,Have some opinions on him,At this time, lower your own existence,Is the most correct。
The package is different and the wind wave is hobby,Although it is convinced for Qiao Feng’s discouragement,But it is obviously nothing to do,So they left,There is also no special and gang to say hello。
“Gang,Must be early to let the son know,Three brothers、Four brothers,You first go to Shaolin to find a gongzi.!Don’t wait for me and Abi。”Agitland。
After the package is different and the wind wave is deteriorated,Just leave first,Didn’t pay attention to Ai Bi smiled……
Just package、The wind four or even didn’t come over and greeted Wang Yizhen.,This is not a taste in the heart of Wang Yin.。
“Ap,You take the package of three brothers and wind four brothers,Is it necessary to go to Wuxi??”Apiki,Obviously she heard the words of Chu Deirers to Duan Yu.。
“Pooh!Don’t think about it,I want to ask Qiao Gang,Is there a clue?,That stealing fan,Shi 89 is a person who is framed by our son,Don’t forget that you can help this murder.,Dirty to the son!”A Zhu Lian is busy explaining。
Duan Yu heard,Also take the initiative:“AB、Ap,You want to find a brother.,We can go with。”
So the three are also giving……
And the disciple of helping disciples is still a contradiction,The position of the help of the host is decided not to come out.,Finally, the crown is clearly:“Since Qiao Feng also said to Chama’s deputy,Then we surely revenge,As a test of new players!If he Joe Peak is on the full scorpion,I have a whole crown clearly not his opponent.,But I can’t do it alone.,I have ten people.、Hundred people、One thousand people……Not afraid of him!”
Many gangbu disciating that are incited,Also follow。
Wu Changfeng suggested ridiculous:“I read,Which small person is doing this matter?,When I arrived at the ghost knife,One knife will click him.,After that, my old Wu took the lead.,Welcome to Qiao Gang!”
Similarly Wu Changfeng,Also attracted many 丐 帮 子……
Jiang Bifai,The face is uneasy and embarrassing,It can be said that it will play a play.,If it is not a Chu Deiren read the book(《Double arrogance》)I really want to be fooled by him.。
“Hey,In fact, Jiang also hopes,The murderer will not be a Joe Gang……Hope of the gang,Here, I will leave it.!If there is any doubts about the flowers,Looking for me to find me!”Jiang Bifai“I just do a certificate.,Don’t know anything else”Look。
When you leave with flowers without acknowledgment……
Chu Deer estimation,Jiang Bifu should be received.“Look at the flower”Task,After all, there is a connection in the back of the river.。
Discussion,The old sisters of the floral palace are added together,Not enough to Jiang Bifai’s fudge,but……One force breaks ten,Ten Jiang Behe,Not enough to invite one hand to play,And in inviting the month, I also know the old bottom of him.!
Flower is not short, it is an older who is not in the world.,On martial arts may not be weak in Jiang Behe,Even the current Chu Deirers have the upper river,And confidence can be opened five five,But the problem is no shortage.,The air is weaker……However, it does not affect his emotional business.“Fatal injury”。
Invite the month to play“Brotherhood”Sanitary idea,I don’t want to spend or not, I’m going to die.。
After all, this big river lake,But it is very chaos,“Transfusion”The famous head is scary,But no《Double arrogance》So humble。
In most rivers and lakes,“Transfusion”As“Heroes Island”almost——Can’t afford,It is not invincible,This rivers and lakes,Has been a long time“Invincible”。
Even if you must say one“Invincible”,thats right“Zhang Sanfeng”。
However, it is not long after the Jiang Bifai crane.,Suddenly there is a soft in the scene.……
Chu Deman:???
This is wrong.!
Say good, you should come out first.,Everyone is playing a look and then let it in.?
Be right,Chu Deiren is not an old age dementia,Remember“Tianlong Babu”In the original,Have such a out……
Xixia people have not been old and realistic after seven days.,Instead, I want to take pictures of Qiao Feng.,Will help the gang!
In the original, the rumor will take people with people and gangs.,After that, I will take a mess.,Chu Deirers have always waited for them to appear,Unexpectedly, this is so good.,Directly put a hurry?

Xia Jian didn’t expect that Guo Meili would have such a comprehensive question,When he came, he was afraid of her pushing back,This is not in the investment agreement after all。Seeing Xia Jian breathing out,Guo Meili shook her head gently and said:“It’s a pity that you are a talent,It would be great if you are really the parent official here,The local people will benefit a lot”

“Hi!you flatter me,I’m just a little bit more experienced than others,Know the ups and downs experienced by farmers,Try to do more,Just work hard”Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xia Jian still has something to do,But just walked to the door,A thirty-something came to face,Medium body,A man with a hat on eyes,When this person saw Xia Jian,Hurriedly asked:“Mr. Xia!”
“Oh!Are you the Manager Zhuo of the External Relations Department??“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Guo Meili hurriedly introduced:“Yes, Mr. Xia,He is Manager Zhuo,Responsible for our outreach work“
In this case,Xia Jian is not leaving either,He sat down again,I want to hear Manager Zhuo talk about which piece of land in Xishan。
Manager Zhuo wiped the sweat from his forehead,So he sat on the sofa opposite Xia Jian,Guo Meili was very sympathetic to his subordinate and poured him a glass of water。
Manager Zhuo took a sip of water and said:“This one hundred mu of land belongs to Heiwang Village,In fact, it has been deserted a few years ago,Don’t look at it as a flat land,Actually, there are almost all small rocks under the soil,So it doesn’t grow long,The villagers gave up,No one wants to rent“
“Isn’t it great??Didn’t we just solve the problem for them”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Manager Zhuo nodded and said:“When the head of their village heard me,,Of course very happy,But there is still a little problem,I’m afraid it’s still a bit difficult to handle”
Guo Meili frowned and asked:“what is the problem?”
“In the middle of which piece of land,Isn’t there a few shabby cabins??Which is rented to a small boss,I heard from the village chief that the lease term is 20 years,About seven or eight years have passed“Manager Zhuo said,Took a look at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“I think the plant should be useless for many years,Just take it back,This should not be a big problem“


Think,The tiger was again passed before,I saw a tiger jumped over the grass.,Jumping directly!
Then Zhang opened the bloody pot big mouth and waited for someone.,The bloody smell came again.!
The rest of the six tigers also rushed at the same time.!
A time between,Tiger’s voice is endless!
Shen Xuan and other three people were scared to cover their ears!
And the two big black bear is squatting on the ground,Surse trembling!
Xiao Huang doesn’t have to say it.,Lying in Shen Xuan’s feet,Tremble!
Biased only has a rhubarb but is standing in place.,Two eyes are dead staring at Tiger King,What seems to be brewing?!
“Trough,Seven tiger gather,Tiger!”
“Be too spectacular,Oh shit,This is called true!”
“Laozi is three legs through the screen.,Xuan Ge still does not have to be diaper?”
“Quick look,It is not afraid of tiger,and,How did it suddenly grow??”
soon,People in live broadcast have discovered a strange thing.,The rhubarm actually stopped the roar of the tiger.,Not retreat,Not shaking,I have become very straight up in my posture.。
A dog can be confronted with the tiger king?
NS72Zhang Dahuang inviting
Shen Xuan and others witnessed this,It is also a bit。
When I met a tiger last time,Rhubarb and Xiaohuang direct running road,Go to the salvation,This time,Not run away,even,Standing the most in front!
This is a little incredible.!
A dog,And the tiger?
Listen,It’s a little incredible.!
“rhubarb,come back quickly!”
Lin Wei shouted,“You come back later.!”
Heard shouts,The rhubarb also looked back at Shen Xuan and Lin Wei.,Shake the tail,But not moving,Turn over,Continue to confront the tiger!
Tiger in the area of the front of the rhubarb,Suddenly screamed,Target finger!
obviously,It is very uncomfortable!
It is a tiger king!
Piece of Beast!
Wang’s dignity,Is it a dog that can challenge?!
“Wang Wang Wang……”
However,Rhubarb is not weak,Shake the tail,Also called the tiger loudly。
Three consecutive three!

At this moment Taro’s smile,It’s just that my eyes have grievances.。

Kill god?
What kills??
What is the sacred。
Griffin next to it is some,I can’t react it for a moment.。
He is used up from his head to the tail,Until now, still in the drum。
“who are you。”
Summer first looks deeply about the old man,This is the Talope。
“Hahahaha,Who do you ask me??”
Tarop is laughing again.,Laughing is full of hysterical crazy,“Don’t you guess??”
Summer narrowed eyes,“God’s desire?”
“God’s desire?
Hehehehe,Right,You are right like this.。”
Tarop finally revealed the true face,Eye looks like a ghost,“You can call me Oktaro.Christian。”
Summer is watching,Ambient,“God’s daughter?”
“Hahaha,Congratulations, Finally answered,Unfortunately no reward。”
Summer silence。
He is indeed surprised。
Once tale with God, I have been fighting for so long.,About all intelligence information of Talorose, is quite fine。
In all information,Tianshen Taratos only has a son and a daughter。
How to take a daughter。
But look at each other’s appearance,There is no doubt in summer.,Indeed with God,Augustas and Okitawei killed by him,More similar。
The two are the sons and daughters of God。
“Kill god,Are you surprised?,I don’t know my existence.?”
Speech,Tarope is slowly moving towards the summer.,It seems that it is not afraid that summer will violently hurt people.。
“Very simple,Because I am very small,Join the St.,Hahahahaha……Why do you know why people who are teach are looking for your moon??
Very simple,Because that is my means.,You kill my father,Kill my brother and sister……”Merely,Her original pretty face is twisted,“I have to retaliate you.,Definitive you,Everyone around you,Will die one by one!Do you think they are safe,Do nothing……As long as you die today,The moon is still a holy woman,Do you know what the role of a saint is??
Be a sacrifice……Her meat,Her blood,Even if it is her bone,Will be grinded and eaten,Hahahahaha……”
First2162Chapter madman
The expression on the Taro face is like a ghost.。
And her sharp voice,And the eyes of grievances,It’s just that people are cold and chestnut.。
That kind, I can’t wait to swallow the summer.。
Not worried about the summer to shoot her,Step by step to the past。
Teeth,A word a meal,“Kill god,Do you know how long is I waited for today??”
Summer has not responded,Just staring at each other with a dark scorpion。
God’s daughter……Holyism……Waiting for many words in his mind.。 “So much,All this is you in the dark?”
“Be right,it is me!”

Zhang Haibao said disapprovingly:“You said it all,We are zombies,Everything is respected by strength,Morality in the world、The law cannot yoke us!”

“There is such a thing!”Chen Xiu said in surprise:“You kill each other underground,The five ancestors don’t care?”
“Why care?”Zhu Huiwei asked。
Yes indeed。
Kill for life,This is created by the emperor’s law in order to better govern his people。
In the animal world, the weak eat the strong,But there is no such saying。
Zombies are the top existence in this food chain,The same envelope is the creed of the weak。
The fifth ancestor doesn’t care about the killing among the zombies。
“of course,The matter of killing Guo Jing tonight is still a secret,There are a lot of people who are better with this guy。”Zhu Huiwei added:“Secretly killed him,Can also cause less trouble!”
“How can I get him tonight?”Chen Xiu asked。
Zhang Haibao pointed to his head and said:“Already have a plan,You listen to my orders to act tonight!”
Half past one in the morning,Moon black wind high,The best time to kill people。
In a small col 30 kilometers away from Centipede Ridge,Chen Xiu and Zhu Huiwei hiding on a big banyan tree。

One leaned on him to attract the attention of three defenders,There is another Westbrook far away,It is equivalent to no one defending Kobe,If you can’t score like this,The name Los Angeles Iron King is no longer enough to describe Kobe。

The third ball is also Shen Huan’s prediction of success in advance,After grabbing the ball, Ingram assisted。
Ingram only needs to start running right away,Speed don’t be so embarrassing,Will definitely receive the ball,Goal unguarded。
at this time,TNTKenny Smith of Tiantuan praised Shen Huan,“Look at!Look at Shen Huan’s pass!They didn’t throw them around at all!He is very particular about the intensity of throwing,Not hurried,And can bounce to the height of a normal human,Let Ingram receive the basketball most comfortably,Thereby shooting!
In our time,If there is such an excellent passer,I am afraid it is a good helper that every player dreams of!?”
“Do not,It should be like this in any era。”Buckley Road,“Look at Ingram now,I have completely beaten my courage,His game,Definitely not bad!”
“If I have Shen Huan by my side,We both cut down every game100Points are possible!”O’Neill also slightly envied the way。
With Shen Huan’s breakthrough passing ability,For O’Neal, who is unstoppable at the basket,Definitely more powerful。
No need to move a game,Just stand under the basket and shoot well。
Power at the basket,Who can beat a big shark?
“Ha ha,You think too much!”Barkley hit him mercilessly,“Shen Huan needs to be anyone’s assistant?Even Michael,Is not qualified to ask him to do this。”
O’Neill’s mouth moved,Shameless:“Hahaha,Maybe,Shen Huan and I are still in good tune,We can be a very good combination!”
Noisy comment,Does not affect the excitement on the court at all。
Under the leadership of Shen Huan,Whether it is the main force or the substitute,Have launched a storm-like attack on the Thunder。

Pacers offense,Xu Xuan’s ghostlycrossoverDazzled Kyle·Lowry。

This range,This center of gravity,Introduce,JustAINa!
Xu Xuan didn’t jump into the ball,Directly on the outside line after spreading the distance.Body pull,Throw one back!
“Xu Xuan used a backward three-pointer to divide the first quarter into a perfect end.!”
27ratio34,The Raptors fell behind at the start7Minute。
“Torontonians shouldn’t have thought they would fall so much behind in the first quarter”
“In the second quarter, it is obvious that their overall tactics and strategies have become rigorous.”
“Coach Casey doesn’t want to give up this game!”

To know,The deterrence of a peak fighting king,In a small place like the Gama Empire,Not worse than a Douhuang……

Li Chenfeng who recovered from his memories,Looked at the two people present,Out channel:“grandfather,I just heard my father say,You were injured when you picked a strange plant named Qihuanqingling?”
Nalanjie nodded,Tao:“Not bad。”
“These seven magical blue spirits salivate this plant,Its rhizome,Can extract a very mysterious liquid substance。And this substance,Is the best medicine to restore soul power。So it can be regarded as a special strange thing between heaven and earth,get it,The injury is worth it。”
Li Chenfeng has some joy in his eyes。
Because he seems to have found a way to wake up Yao Lao……
Sorted out my thoughts,Li Chenfeng looked at the two,Tao:“grandfather,This experience,Grandson’s harvest is not small!right now,I am already a fighter……!”
“what did you say?!”
Nalanjie, who was originally smiling, opened her eyes wide.,A look that didn’t understand,Asked again。
Li Chenfeng has no nonsense,Direct operation of fighting spirit,A thin layer of fighting gauze was formed around his body。
“this is……Fighting gauze,Fighter!”
“How can this be!You were nothing but Six Star Fighters when you went out!It’s only half a year now,How can I be promoted to Master?”
Seeing Nalanjie and Nalansu both look unbelievable,Li Chenfeng smiled slightly,Explain。
“This time I can make such a big breakthrough,Actually because I was lucky,Thanks to a good teacher!”
“teacher?”Nalan and his son looked at each other,All saw the surprise in their eyes。
“Hurry up,Elaborate。”
Nodded,Li Chenfeng narrated the words he prepared one by one。
In his words,It means that I accidentally met an injured old man,The other party thinks he has good qualifications,Accept him as a disciple。
of course,Li Chenfeng also made up a lot of twists and turns in the middle。

The second one was too weird to promise。

It’s scary fast。
People can’t believe it。
“why?”Wei Xi stammered a bit。
“Because you know。”Shen Huan smiled,He who is laughing,Very handsome,“I like to deal with people who know something,Since you know something,Then I won’t be stingy for you。”
Wei Xi looks at this smiling face that can make hundreds of millions of fans scream,The heart is excited and fearful。
This is16Years old!
So mature,where is that16Year old can have?
To know,His reputation outside,But gentle atmosphere、A super nice person to help others!
Where can I get it when necessary,It’s actually like this。
If not for huge benefits,He feels like this,It’s better to deal with less。
Because of such a person,Controlling people’s hearts is too great。
“200In case the price of the song does not change,I can give it to you these few days。”Shen Huan said,“If nothing happens,You go back early,Prepare for Dong’er’s album!This album,I hope she does well,With a head-up knowledge,Leaving the mediocre studio。”
“This is what i hope。”Wei Xi came over,Said with a smile:“Thank you teacher Lu!”
Of course he should thank Shen Huan。
If someone said it would be singing these days,He has to wonder if he is fooling himself by making a song,But since Shen Huan said,That is sure to work。
Seeing others are rubbing《I sing my song》The popularity of,But they must have never thought,I will be the first one?