To know,The deterrence of a peak fighting king,In a small place like the Gama Empire,Not worse than a Douhuang……

Li Chenfeng who recovered from his memories,Looked at the two people present,Out channel:“grandfather,I just heard my father say,You were injured when you picked a strange plant named Qihuanqingling?”
Nalanjie nodded,Tao:“Not bad。”
“These seven magical blue spirits salivate this plant,Its rhizome,Can extract a very mysterious liquid substance。And this substance,Is the best medicine to restore soul power。So it can be regarded as a special strange thing between heaven and earth,get it,The injury is worth it。”
Li Chenfeng has some joy in his eyes。
Because he seems to have found a way to wake up Yao Lao……
Sorted out my thoughts,Li Chenfeng looked at the two,Tao:“grandfather,This experience,Grandson’s harvest is not small!right now,I am already a fighter……!”
“what did you say?!”
Nalanjie, who was originally smiling, opened her eyes wide.,A look that didn’t understand,Asked again。
Li Chenfeng has no nonsense,Direct operation of fighting spirit,A thin layer of fighting gauze was formed around his body。
“this is……Fighting gauze,Fighter!”
“How can this be!You were nothing but Six Star Fighters when you went out!It’s only half a year now,How can I be promoted to Master?”
Seeing Nalanjie and Nalansu both look unbelievable,Li Chenfeng smiled slightly,Explain。
“This time I can make such a big breakthrough,Actually because I was lucky,Thanks to a good teacher!”
“teacher?”Nalan and his son looked at each other,All saw the surprise in their eyes。
“Hurry up,Elaborate。”
Nodded,Li Chenfeng narrated the words he prepared one by one。
In his words,It means that I accidentally met an injured old man,The other party thinks he has good qualifications,Accept him as a disciple。
of course,Li Chenfeng also made up a lot of twists and turns in the middle。

The second one was too weird to promise。

It’s scary fast。
People can’t believe it。
“why?”Wei Xi stammered a bit。
“Because you know。”Shen Huan smiled,He who is laughing,Very handsome,“I like to deal with people who know something,Since you know something,Then I won’t be stingy for you。”
Wei Xi looks at this smiling face that can make hundreds of millions of fans scream,The heart is excited and fearful。
This is16Years old!
So mature,where is that16Year old can have?
To know,His reputation outside,But gentle atmosphere、A super nice person to help others!
Where can I get it when necessary,It’s actually like this。
If not for huge benefits,He feels like this,It’s better to deal with less。
Because of such a person,Controlling people’s hearts is too great。
“200In case the price of the song does not change,I can give it to you these few days。”Shen Huan said,“If nothing happens,You go back early,Prepare for Dong’er’s album!This album,I hope she does well,With a head-up knowledge,Leaving the mediocre studio。”
“This is what i hope。”Wei Xi came over,Said with a smile:“Thank you teacher Lu!”
Of course he should thank Shen Huan。
If someone said it would be singing these days,He has to wonder if he is fooling himself by making a song,But since Shen Huan said,That is sure to work。
Seeing others are rubbing《I sing my song》The popularity of,But they must have never thought,I will be the first one?

Of course it may be an illusion to others,But Han Wenle probably understands what’s going on。

The first question is the hardest,Even if the process is omitted,I still spend more time。
The second question is proof,The key lies in the details of the proof,So the process must be written clearly and plainly。
The third problem is a calculation problem for derivation of implicit function,Obviously Wang Yufei found the simplest solution,So the problem solving speed is very fast,You don’t need to write too many Chinese characters,Simple mathematical notation will not take long……
Then the fourth question,Fifth question,Sixth question……
Solve each problem,Han Wenle silently took a picture with his phone,record on file。
But I was madly complaining,Have you done all these questions?Even if you did it, you have to remember it?Is this no need to think at all?
When Wang Yufei put down his electronic pen,Look at Hangeul Le Shi,The senior math teacher silently exited the phone from camera mode,Look at the time——Five thirty。
Wang Yufei only uses28Minutes to solve these six problems selected by the mathematics geniuses in the class borrowed from collective wisdom。
this moment,Han Wenle just wants to be silent。
He hesitated,Is there any need to say the next thing?……
This blow seems to be enough,Han Wenle can see that the small faces of the children in the audience have begun to turn white,Even more dare not look up at the podium。
“teacher,I’m done!”Wang Yufei stood on the podium and reminded。
It’s not that I don’t adapt to this quiet environment,But just after putting all my mind on solving the problem,Because the brain is always in a state of high load operation,Too much consumption of the body,Makes him feel very tired,What’s more depressing is,He feels hungry again,So that Wang Yufei felt his legs might tremble after standing a little longer。
Standing on the podium……
That picture is too beautiful,Wang Yufei doesn’t dare to think,I’m afraid of embarrassment,Just because Lu Yuxin is also sitting in class,He subconsciously didn’t want girls to see his indecent posture。

“Of course i am sure!”

“Ok,I really didn’t speak for Lu Yuxin,I told you just now,Lu Yuxin has a special family environment,Simply put, neither of her parents are in this city,Every parent meeting is also held by her aunt,I can only contact her aunt,I will give you her contact information on WeChat。”
Hang up the phone,Yu Dewei let out a long sigh of relief。
Ok,No wonder Lu Yuxin’s father left the number from Nanshen City,Didn’t you live in Star City?。He suddenly understood why Lu Yuxin was so difficult to deal with。
Parents are not around,Lack of company,Leading to lack of family education,Hey……He is too hard!
It’s just why he felt that Teacher Hu insisted on calling Aunt Lu Yuxin,A bit weird?
Forget it,forget about it!
The most important thing now is to take care of this child’s affairs!
quickly,WeChat is coming,Teacher Hu sent a phone number。
This time Yu Dewei finally got through。
“Hello there,Are you Lu Yuxin’s aunt Lu Furong Lu??”
“I’m,you are?”

Yang Shiyun is a girl with a quick temper,Do whatever you think of,So she immediately sent a message to Yanzi,Call yourself back when it’s convenient for her。

after awhile,Yanzi actually called back!
“Sister Shiyun,Is something wrong at home??”
Yanzi asked the first sentence,But the sound is very small,Obviously she deliberately did not want to be heard by others。
“No,I know you are in Dechang,I am also here,So contact you,where are you now?”
Yang Shiyun said happily,There is a feeling of finding an organization。
“Me and Yang Zhi are the three,Now follow a few people in secret,Those few people are following my master secretly,We are tracking and anti-tracking,Hehe……A fun game, right?。”
Swallow said mischievously。
“where are you?I’ll take someone over immediately?”
Yang Shiyun immediately said excitedly。
“We are in the mountains……I don’t know the specific location……Wait for my call if you want to come……”
Yanzi said embarrassingly。
“Mountain?Why did you go to the mountains?”
Yang Shiyun was surprised,Is it difficult to morally change the dealers hidden in the mountains??
“I do not know either……Master is wandering in the mountains,The group followed him,We followed those people further behind。”

“Why don’t you go out?”

Yang Shiyun looked at the girl alertly and asked。
“I won’t go out,I want to save people with you。”
The girl said decisively,Then he bent down and picked up the gun of the robber who had just died,Also posted to the door。
“Mischief!We are the police,Saving people is our mission and duty,Don’t do it,Go out immediately。”
Qin Liang, who had been listening to the movement outside the door, turned his face back and said to the girl。
“do not talk,I won’t go out。”
The girl didn’t mean to give in at all,Very firm attitude。
“Who are you?”
I saw the girl holding the gun skillfully,Yang Shiyun is skeptical,Asked her to become severe,At the same time, the gun in his hand pointed at the girl subconsciously。
“rest assured,I am not a bad guy,If I were in a group with them,Can you two stand here now?Can the hostages in this room leave here??”
The girl said coldly,Then he looked at Yang Shiyun’s muzzle pointing at her,One more sentence;“Don’t point the gun at me,I hate this。”
Yang Shiyun retracted the gun in embarrassment,She has to admit,What the girl said is right,If she and the robber were together,Qin Liang and himself are lying underground now。
“No time to discuss these,The longer,The more dangerous the hostages,Take action。”

This action is so natural,It’s so natural again,Not only did Shu Qing not feel the slightest awkwardness,Instead, he leaned against his arms,Everything happens so naturally。Since she came back from Kangzhou,They haven’t seen it yet,I usually contact you via SMS or phone,When we meet again this time,They all feel like people who have been in love for a long time。

Shu Qing’s parents are due to age,Take care of by the unit,Change the first floor。When Peng Changyi walked into the door,The door has long been hidden for them。despite this,Shu Qing deliberately rang the doorbell,Said:“we are back。”
After Shu Qing’s parents heard their daughter’s voice,Walked out of the kitchen immediately,Peng Changyi shook hands with them,Said:“uncle、Hello auntie。”
The two old people shook hands with Peng Changyi,Mother Shu said:“Where’s the kid?”
Peng Changyi said:“Went back with the car,I’ll bring her to meet grandparents from now on。”
Mother Shu said:“it is good,Welcome your daughter to be a guest。”
Peng Changyi said:“Thank you。”
The two old men enthusiastically invited him to sit in the living room。
Mom Shu wants to pour water for Peng Changyi,Shu Qing said with a smile:“mom,Leave this job to me。”
Mother Shu looked at her daughter happy,Smiled and let go,Sitting on the side of Peng Changyi,Looking at Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi is at a loss,When Shu Qing handed her a tea cup,He might get up too hard,Almost knocked over the teacup,Shu Qing exclaimed,The tea cup did not fall,Peng Changyi surprised,Hurriedly took the tea cup from Shu Qing,Ask with concern:“Hot hands?”
Shu Qing smiled,Shake off the tea on your hands,Said:“Not get in the way,sit down,Relax。”
“Haha。”Listen to my daughter,Shu’s father and Shu’s mother both smiled happily。
Shu’s father said:“Xiao Peng,I heard Xiaoqing said you went to Beidaihe?”
Peng Changyi sit down,Put the cup on the coffee table,Calm yourself,Said:“Yes,I have an old leader,My wife left the other day,I wanted to accompany him out to relax。”
Shufu nodded,Said:“Yes,I heard Xiaoqing say,How many old cadres retired and ignored,Can you treat an off stage as always、Old leader who made a mistake,Really rare。”

“well,Actually at present,These things,It’s completely under control。”

“Since this is the case,Then next,Actually, we have nothing to entangle at all!”
When Ye Xuan saw this,The more so,Actually Ye Xuan’s heart,It was even more touching。
Just in the blink of an eye,Ye Xuan speeds up。
And in front of Ye Xuan,Yellow Tang in front of you,In the end I couldn’t resist,The whole person flew out directly。
Ye Xuan,Looking at all this,The whole person suddenly felt a little funny。
Ye Xuan reaches out,Pointed to Huang Tang,Suddenly don’t forget to speak directly here。
And the Huang Tang in front of you,Standing there,Can’t help but sigh。
“Ugh,I did lose。”
When Huang Tang looked at Ye Xuan,obviously,at this point,It makes people feel very tricky。
But from the current situation,These things,Make those in the Huang family very shocked。
“How is this possible,Is it wrong?”
“impossible,Something so obvious,you all,Haven’t you seen them all??”
“but,How could Huang Tang lose??”
now,Everyone see here,All unbelievable。
After all it looks like,Huang Tang is a master。
If Huang Tang handles such a thing,According to reason,It should be possible to solve it。

“strange,Why is Qin Liang missing??”

In the lobby of Lanting Hotel,Chen Hao looked for Qin Liang’s shadow everywhere in the crowd。
“sister,Let’s go too,I want to drive your car home。”
Feifei Sun see if the people in the company are almost gone,Ran over to hug Chen Hao and act like a baby。
“it is good,Sister drives you。”
Chen Hao helpless,I had to give up and continue to look for Qin Liang,Pulling Feifei Sun out of the hotel……
“Mr,Open room。”
Qin Liang helped Zhao Lu, who was stumbling, and walked to the front desk of the small hotel。
“Oh,Ok,Please show me your ID。”
The receptionist at the front desk is a young guy,Speak quietly,Qin Liang answered politely。
“I didn’t bring my ID……I don’t know if she took it。”
Qin Liang brought his ID,But he is more mindful,He didn’t want to have any clues left。
“Oh,What is the relationship between you and this lady?”
The boy still asked politely。
“Me and her……”
Qin Liang was stunned,What is the relationship between myself and Zhao Lu??Husband and wife?Subordinate?Still friends?
“Ok,This is your room card,Please pay the money。”
The young man reached out and put a room card in front of Qin Liang。
“I haven’t told you what is my relationship with her yet……”

That person is very thoughtful,Said very closely with Ling Mofeng,do not know why,Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun have a good impression of this manager,Because when he speaks,The look in the eyes is very sincere,I can feel that what he said to Ling Mofeng is not hypocritical。

“Make you bother,Ha ha。”
I probably also felt the enthusiasm of others,Ling Mofeng finally showed a smile,This is except Qin Liang,Outside Yang Shiyun and the Shen family,For the first time since he came back from an accident, he smiled at his friends in society outside。
“What did you say,We are friends,No matter when you come,to me,You are all Ling Shao。”
The manager reached out and patted Ling Mofeng’s arm……
To go to that private room, you have to go through the lobby of the restaurant,So all the guests dining inside can see Ling Mofeng and the three of them,And these guests,There are friends from Ling Mofeng。
“Yeah,who is this?Isn’t this Ling Shao?long time no see,Where did you get rich??”
A fat man with big ears stood up and said hello to Ling Mofeng,before,He is the one who does everything possible to curry favor。
“Ha ha,You sit on your,you are welcome。”
Ling Mofeng keeps going down,Go on one side,One side casually waved to the fat man and said。
“come on,Ling Shao,Since I met it is fate,Let’s eat together,”
The fat man still said enthusiastically。
“Can’t do it,I told my friend something,You eat,Thank you。”
Ling Mofeng smiled and declined。
“Ling Shao,Here here!”
Another table of guests stood up and greeted Ling Mofeng from a distance……