Zhan Li smiled:“I went to Pengcheng a few years ago,I don’t know what it looks like now。Read your book,I think that city seems to be getting more and more beautiful。”

“Yes,”Fang Haozheng said with full energy,“The construction of the motherland is changing with each passing day,Every day I can feel the vigor of this society’s vigorous development,Living in this era,Really happy。”
Zhan Li glanced at him,Said:“I’m free in a while I want to go there for a few days,Handsome boy,Would you like to be my tour guide?”
Fang Hao’s heart burst:“What does she mean?Is she greedying my body too??”
I don’t think when I don’t have this idea,With this idea,I think Zhan Li’s every move is confirming this idea。
Said with a smile:“of course can,Sister Li, you are the goddess in my heart,For you,That’s my honor。”
But my heart is very tangled。
It’s not that Zhan Li is old,His physical reaction told him,Not disgusted at all。
Mainly because this woman doesn’t dare to mess with it!
I’m not afraid to tear him,I just don’t want to get too close to this woman,Because this woman was rejected by the whole circle,Has been blocked by this circle for several years。
He wants to be a star,If I get too close to this woman,Hate House and Wu,Was implicated by this circle,Block him too,Isn’t that going to cry?
No problem,But in my heart,If this woman really travels through most of China and goes to Pengcheng to sleep with herself,I still have to find an excuse for not seeing me。
Writer,You can find excuses——Cut off contact with the outside world,Write yourself in a small black room。
Zhan Li doesn’t know what he thinks,I just think I have successfully dated a peerless gun,In a good mood。
They talked and laughed and walked to that small yard,Sheng Tiange saw that scene in the courtyard,I feel so bored:
“Why did this mad woman come over?,Those two guys ran so far like pugs to meet?I’ll come over,They sit there still。Am I more mad than a mad star?”
Chapter 201 The world is so complicated
Although I am very dissatisfied,See Zhan Li coming,Sheng Tiange still hurried to greet,Said with a smile:“Sister Li hasn’t seen you in a long time,I find you become more beautiful。”

“Chojuro,take a good rest,Leave this person to me to deal with。”

“Terumi Mei.must be careful.”
“Although I am older,But don’t underestimate me,Chojuro。”Terumi Mei said,Side knot,“Meltdown·Monster Melting!”
A special liquid composed of water-like chakras and earth-like chakras was sprayed out from the mouth towards Dyruda in the sky,Not only has super stickiness,It is also highly corrosive。
“Is this the strength of the Five Dynasties Shuiying??”
Diluda, with his hands on his chest, easily turned sideways to avoid Terumi Ming’s spitting,Looked down quite disdainfully。
“Water escape·The Art of Mist!”
While Diruda dodges sideways,Terumi Mei uses the signature ninjutsu of Degiri Hidden Village,The entire surface of the sea is filled with white mist that can’t be seen,Even Dyruda flying in the air is shrouded。
“The attack just now was just a pavement,Is the real idea to use the technique of mist hiding as a cover to escape?.It’s a pity that you met me!”Diluda’s eyes started to glow red,Turn on the infrared function,“Got you!Don’t want to run!”
I saw Terumi leaving the cruise ship,Diluda hurried to catch up。
“Boiling escape·Skillful Fog!”
Combine chakras of fire and water,Spit out white mist from Terumi Mei’s mouth,It’s different from ordinary fog and concealment,This is a white mist composed of boiling steam,It can even be melted。
“Laser beam!”Diruda’s finger points to Terumi Mei,A laser shot through Terumi Ming’s chest and said,“In front of these infrared eyes,It doesn’t make sense to me to increase the density of the fog.,The two of you will never escape。”
“Concentration of fog?That’s it,It seems that you don’t know much about my intelligence.”
Terumi Mei covered the wound on her chest and said。
With the sound of Terumi’s words falling,Diluda’s body also began to melt。
“How is this going?!”
With a frightened expression on his face, Diruda watched that he was gradually melting,Body that exposes the wires inside。
“This is a ninjutsu that even Susao can melt.”Terumi Ming’s hands began to seal the road,“Diruda,Sleep in this sea forever!Water escape·Water Dragon Bomb!”
A water dragon made of sea water formed on the sea and rushed towards Dyruda, who was too late to dodge because his body melted.。

Dugu Fengyun rushed towards the ink and smiled,There was a concerned look from the bottom of my eyes。

Mo Zizhen gritted his teeth,Think of those dead brothers,A layer of tears floated in the eyes again,Chong Dugu Fengyun said,“Lonely senior,Do you know what the chopsticks did?They don’t even let the baby in the baby go,Children under three in that village,Dead in their hands,No less than ten!”
When Mo Zizhen spoke, his fists creaked,Blue veins bulging on forehead,Said very painfully,“That is our Huaxia child,Is our future,and so,I do not regret,If I do it again,My brothers and I will still keep going,I will swear to kill them all,The only thing I regret is,dead,Not me Mo Zizhen!”
Mo Zizhen believes,It’s not just that he doesn’t regret,His siblings who died will not regret it either!
At that time, although he advocated chasing and killing those gangsters,But none of his men opposed,And they all regard death as home!I have enough energy to completely kill these beasts!
after all,something,I would rather die than protect!
Dugu Fengyun was slightly startled when he heard this,Then he sighed heavily,Full of emotion。
How can Mo Zizhen be like him when he was young?,It’s just carved out of a mold!
Mo Xiaosheng, who was listening attentively, was also shocked,Looking at Mo Zizhen and trembling,“Mo Erye,you……You say,They killed all the children in a village?!”
He feels buzzing in his mind,Shocked,It must be such a conscientious person to do such a cruel thing!
The endless sadness in Mo Zizhen’s eyes,Nodded solemnly,Shen Sheng,“They killed all the people left behind in the whole village,57 people in total,More than ten children……”
What he just said is that there are no fewer than ten children under three,If you count all the minor children,A dozen people。
Mo Xiaosheng clenched his fist tightly,Red eyes,Gritted his teeth and asked,“Why are they killing these innocent civilians?!”
Mo Zizhen raised his head and glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Look down,Distressed first,“For a catchy news!”
“Catching news?!”
Mo Xiaosheng was startled,Opened his mouth,My heart is dripping blood,Vibrato,“Just for a catchy news,he……They killed so many people?!”
this moment,He suddenly realized what Mo Zizhen said just now“No regrets”The meaning of the three words,If Mo Xiaosheng was there,He will certainly not hesitate to hunt down those beasts that have lost all conscience,Even if you lose your life,I can’t let these demons wandering around the world retreat.!
at this time,He knows more about the weight of Mo Zizhen’s sacrifice,To these people,Respect Mo Zizhen more and more!
Can train such a soldier,It is the blessing of China,Is the blessing of the people!

Chapter Two Hundred and Two who is it

When they were talking, Song, whose surname was Song, stopped again.,Although I know the other party should be talking nonsense,It doesn’t hurt to listen,The other party said it rigorously,Doesn’t look like a lie。
Little girl and Song, whose surname is Song, are the same as each other,Then the three of Zhang Bai and Bai are thinking about the authenticity of this matter,But in the end they decided to stop and see what the other person would say.,They won’t have any losses anyway,The more important point is this, do you really know something, really know some amazing secrets??
“Speak,What do you want to say first,Let’s listen,Unreasonable,If it’s reasonable, I’ll listen to you to continue,If it’s unreasonable, don’t say anything,We don’t want to listen,Anyway, such a thing is not necessary for us,No matter what the situation is now,Don’t care if we are born or not,This is not the time to say these things,It’s all over,Is not it?”
Zhang Bai’s open mouth is to let the other party know his position,If this mustache is still on sale,Still insatiable,Then he felt that there was no need to go on,Mainly this situation is really not worth letting them continue。
“Among the three of you, Zhang Bai, you are more special and smarter,It’s still like this,Have you ever thought,In fact, with your ingenuity, how could you be just an ordinary person?You are no ordinary person,Your life experience is more complicated than you think,Your identity is not necessarily worse than that of Song,Your family is also a big family,People are very rich,but,For some reason I have to put you……”
Speaking of this, the mustache didn’t go on,But moved to another topic。
“My request is quite simple,Give me a delicious meal,Give me a cigarette,then,It’s that simple for me to drink some more water,As for letting me leave this place, etc.,I know this kind of thing without even thinking about it,I won’t mention it to you,I know what’s going on in my heart,That’s it。”
“Now is not the time to say these things,I don’t want to tell you these nonsense,Get a cigarette and give me a smoke first,Draw a few more。”
Mustache said so,Instead, Zhang Bai’s Bai relaxes his guard at this time,If this guy says to leave,I must let him go.,Zhang Bai’s Bai will definitely not negotiate with him。
Now this guy just said,Give him a bit of food, he give him a bit of drink,This kind of thing is not a big problem,Easy to satisfy,So far, he didn’t even want to make a look at Song, whose surname is Song, and asked him to find someone.,Bring what this guy wants,Just eat a few cigarettes,A little drink,Such things are simple and won’t delay things。
Song, whose surname is Song, let people prepare,This thing will be ready in a short while,Put it in front of the mustache。
“I said you guys are not bright?Didn’t you see that I can’t move now??Quickly find someone to feed me,I have to light a cigarette and let me take two puffs。”
When things are placed in front of the mustache,Mustache is furious,Then scolded,This made everyone wake up,This person has been bound tightly,There is really no way to do anything。
no way,Finally, Song, whose surname is Song, can only let one person in from outside,Then feed him,The whole process has become simple,Just feed him,Light him up,smokes。
Although this guy shows an arrogant appearance this way, he seems to enjoy it,But Song, whose surname is Song, can still tolerate each other’s way。
About half an hour passed,This guy in front of me finally eats and drinks well,I have smoked three cigarettes,Until this time, Zhang Bai’s Bai knew that it was about,There is no need to let the other party continue。
If the other party hasn’t mentioned the issue he mentioned before,That’s the other party playing him,I still know this so white。
“All right,We don’t have much time to wait here,Say whatever you have,Don’t waste time here,If you think this time,Can also fool us,Then you continue,I can guarantee that we will not come again,As for other things, we won’t pay too much attention to it,This is our position and attitude。”
Zhang Bai’s Bai Yi said,Song, whose surname is Song, nodded beside,The same goes for chicks,They all know that this is not the time to waste time with each other,It’s still like that sentence,Things that should be dealt with must be dealt with quickly,The problem you should face is to face it quickly,Instead of letting the other party delay time here,waste time,Spend their time。

She doesn’t know what’s going on。

“Forget it,Let’s go!”
Fang Yu saw that Qiao Yun really didn’t know,Take her away。
Almost rested,I should go out for dinner!
Qiao Yun knows。
That fat guy,May be the wrong person。
She really doesn’t know that fat man!
But after they left,That fat guy chased up。
“Qiao Yun,That fat guy is chasing……”
Fang Yu reminded。
“No way……I never thought I was so beautiful and cute,Was spotted by a fat guy!”Qiao Yun distressed。
“Not as good as,We went over and asked what happened?”
Fang Yu proposed。
Qiao Yun knows。
not ready yet,Was pulled by Fang Yu。
And soon came to Fatty’s side。

After Ma Wenbo left,Peng Changyi told Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang:“right now,This street has been registered in the province,The city bureau said that our place has become the largest stolen car sale in the country,If not rectified and regulated,Something will happen,Maybe it won’t be handled by us then,Maybe it’s banned from the file above,The entire market is scrapped。I remember that I told you all alone before,right now,We need to take some regulatory measures,We are accustomed to using one sentence to prevent some risks,That’s planning ahead,Now this work is obviously not a rainy day,We are already seriously behind,and so,Let’s close the door first,Come to a governance and rectification action。Both of you think about it,After the Public Security Bureau comes up with the plan,We will further study and discuss at the Standing Committee in the afternoon。”

then,They also discussed some problems in the scrap car dismantling market,And unify the understanding to the aspect of safe governance。
After saying this,Peng Changyi informed Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang about Shu Qing’s appointment to Kangzhou,He said:“Professor Shu is here to experience life,I just told Secretary-General Lu,Let her participate in family planning and petition work,Why is it involved in charge,Instead of letting her catch,Because these two tasks have always been hard tasks throughout the year,If you leave it to her,,such,Secretary Dongliang, bring her more,Let her get in touch with the actual situation。”
Lu Hui smiled,Said:“A girl in an ivory tower is not doing well with family planning, right?,Those people go home,But full of foul language,Is this suitable?It’s more appropriate to let her do group work or culture, education and health。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Your thoughts on this issue are the same as Lao Lu,He thinks so too。She is the deputy secretary,If it is the actual work of the deputy mayor, it will be more,Since I want to experience,Just plug it in。”
Dongliang Zhang, who has not spoken, said:“I read,She’s not very good at managing letters and visits,To know,There is no good thing in those complaints?Say again,It’s not good to let the superior know that there are so many bottom layers?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“The superiors are all promoted from the bottom,Low-level things,They know exactly,We can’t hide it。What are you afraid of?Say again,Professor Shu isn’t a person who doesn’t measure up,People’s political consciousness is higher than ours。”
Just talking,Yao Bin knocked on the door and came in,When he saw them, there were notebooks in front of them,Just said:“Several secretaries have a meeting?”
Peng Changyi said:“No meeting,Say something,come on,come in。”
Lu Hui saw Yao Bin come in,Just stand up,Said:“I touched Dongliang again,We also need to have a rough framework。”
Peng Changyi said:“Correct,You are called Lao Bai,Since we take this as a job,Then arrange it more closely,For cadres whose relatives are engaged in business operations on this street,The Commission for Discipline Inspection must have a statement。”
Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang went out。
Lu Hua looked at Peng Changyi and Yao Bin,Also went out。
Yao Bin sit down,said laughingly:“I’m fine,Did you bother you??”
Peng Changyi said:“No,We’re done。”
Yao Bin sees him look bad,Just talk and stop。
Peng Changyi saw that he had something to say,Just asked:“What’s up?”
“Little things,Ha ha。”Talking,Just watching Peng Changyi’s face。

Chen Jing“Buzzing”Crying。

She is a little worried,Knowing that grief is greater than death,Tears streaming down,She kissed him again,Kissing myself this first man,Holding his face in both hands,Kiss a while,Just look up at him for a while,Seeing him still not conscious,Keep talking:“Wake up,You wake up,I am Xiaojing,Your Jinger,I love you……”
Of course Peng Changyi didn’t get drunk completely,He told Ding Yi early:Not drunk。I know someone is undressing him,I know it’s Chen Jing,But he doesn’t want to wake up,Don’t want to open your eyes。He does want to feel her again,But he restrained himself,Breaking up is a foregone conclusion,He doesn’t want to leave a shadow on Chen Jing,He loved her,He wants her to walk into the sunny love,Holding hands with her future lover,He has caused pain to this girl,Don’t want this pain to continue,He is so much older than her,He must grasp this point。
At this time, Chen Jing’s kiss didn’t work,Simply take off his shirt,Open sweater,Put your upper body on Peng Changyi’s body,Simultaneously,Reach into the bed,Caressing Peng Changyi’s skin,Then all the way down,The hand slipped over his abs,The hand touched under him……
Peng Changyi warned himself in his heart,hold onto,Must hold on!This is not love for you,This is sympathy for you,I don’t want you to die more painful,It’s time to test you。He clenched his teeth secretly,Luck。
Chen Jing saw that it didn’t work for a long time,Put his hand inside him,The cold little hand directly touched Peng Changyi’s vital parts,Put his things in his own hands,Fiddling around,gradually,That thing becomes bigger in her hands,Get hot,Hardened……
Damn!Peng Changyi cursed in his heart that he was not promising,How can you be so unbearable to tease??To know,This is her pity for you,You desperate bastard!Think about how affectionate she is with other men?Thinking like this,Thinking,gradually,His things began to become dejected。
Chen Jing already felt Peng Changyi,His things are slowly rising in his own hands、grow,I know that Peng Changyi still has perception,He still loves himself,I am relieved,Want to move further,But his thing soon wilted,And let her trick,I don’t see it lift up。
She was disappointed,Withdraw hand,Holding Peng Changyi’s face again,Tears fell on his face,Murmured:“You hate me,Really hate me,You hate me,But i’m innocent,I only belonged to you……”She can’t go on,Crying on his body。
Peng Changyi mumbled something,Just turned over,Gave Chen Jing a cold back。
Chen Jing raised her head,Look at him,He has never been drunk,He is famous for not falling a pound,Just two catties,I drank seven or eight tonight and vomited up,It seems,He is indeed a drunkard,Completely drunk。
Chen Jing helpless,Kissed him last,Said:“I know you are drunk for me,But i have no way,I am leaving,Take care of yourself,I’ll see you again tomorrow morning。”
Chen Jing shed tears,Pull down sweater,Stand up,Put on a down jacket,Button up,And gave him a quilt,Dim the light,Just walked out,Closed the door gently。
Peng Changyi heard the door closing,He is still motionless,Two tears,Dripping from the corner of the eye……

After the chat。

Mei Xianyun is busy。
Mei Xingyun,I went back to rest long ago。
Qiao Yun came to Fang Yu,Look envious。
She also thought about being with Fang Yu。
Hopeless now!
Fang Yu doesn’t know how to answer。
Qiao Yun is strange。
Fang Yu only announced that he was with Mei Xingyun in the morning。
Get upset in the afternoon。
Is it possible that there was a contradiction in the beginning?
“Is not……I’m just thinking about other things。I’m just with Dr. May,Not married……You have to say congratulations,Still early!”
Fang Yu calm。

Chen Haotong blushed and replied loudly,This is the greatest degree in her life“Bravely resist”One of!During the difficult entrepreneurial period of Ouya Group,She was the same as Shen Ruoxi several times,Encountered with bad intentions“Rich boss”Want to do something wrong with her,But she escaped the clutches as desperately as Shen Ruoxi。

But what is different from today is:If Murong Shan really messed with her today,At best, she was taken advantage of by her sister,It’s different before it can,If once it was taken advantage of by those lustful beasts,That’s the real“Catastrophe”,It’s a tragedy that will last a lifetime。
So now looking back at those past experiences,Chen Hao and Shen Ruoxi are really not easy!But compared to Song Min,The encounters between Chen Hao and Shen Ruoxi are much better,But simply being“Forced deprivation”if,The damage to the girls is equally huge and irreparable。
Chapter three thousand six hundred and sixty seven Definitely not her opponent
Chapter three thousand six hundred and sixty seven Definitely not her opponent
I heard Chen Hao’s way of fighting,Both Murong Shan and Song Min couldn’t help laughing,What is this and what,This is fine?Chen Hao is really talented!
“You are really my sister,I served you。”
Murong Shan said helplessly to Chen Hao。
“If you think Sister Shanshan would bully you now,Do you still have a chance to run to the window and call for help?”
Song Min interrupted with a wry smile。

Yang Shiyun was joking,It’s actually helping Marin secretly。

“I didn’t bully him,He bullied me,He forcibly touched my hand,Don’t you bully me??”
Liu Xiaoyun said frankly。
Marin was so scared that he couldn’t say a word!He looked at Liu Xiaoyun pitifully,Look like crying without tears。
“I really learned how Sister Xiaoyun is today!Really,A capital‘Service word’For you。”
Qiangzi said something to Liu Xiaoyun with admiration。
“Brother Qiangzi,We two haven’t talked yet,How about let’s talk about my sister Qiaoer?”
Liu Xiaoyun showed her beautiful and lovely smile to Qiangzi again……
“I have headache!It hurts badly!Don’t you talk to me yet,I need to close my eyes and rest for a while!You talk to others first!”
Hadron finished these two sentences,Decisively curled up in the corner of the seat,Then I closed my eyes tightly,Started to pretend to be dead。
Liu Xiaoyun relies on his own strength,Suddenly lost four of the best dragon soul fighters in a row,Who else has her abilities!
A soldier who fell without a fight,I got the most perfect in Liu Xiaoyun,The most classic interpretation。
This is Yang Zhi driving,Can’t be distracted,So Liu Xiaoyun didn’t make trouble with him,otherwise,It is estimated that the men in this car were all killed by her,Annihilated!
Zhuge Liang“Confucianism”,Liu Xiaoyun’s eloquence is no less than Zhuge Liang,If Liu Xiaoyun can travel to the era of the Three Kingdoms,She definitely fights Zhuge Liang,Maybe even the history of the Three Kingdoms has to be rewritten in Liu Xiaoyun’s hands……
Seeing Qiangzi not picking up his own tricks,Liu Xiaoyun, who was addicted to playing, turned her face unwillingly,It just happened to meet Meizi,Liu Xiaoyun’s brilliant smile appeared again!
“Do not talk to me!I beg you!I don’t want to chat with you now!”
Meizi immediately said to Liu Xiaoyun in horror。