I want to understand this sentence.,Get the first sentence from the snow,That is“We have been threatened,Please help us。”

“it”When roaring,I also make a threat to the surroundings.,Thus, there is a fortune that is attached to the natural。
Time to watch news,I saw a similar expert lecture.,Say what happened this year’s climate will be very abnormal,Especially in the Pacific region,Lanina and El Nino effect will reach the strongest history.。
This unusual storm,Just this year’s start,Next year,Climate disasters will be very frequent。
At the beginning, the department is only thinking this.“US”Index to one of the snow,But now it seems,It refers to the entire natural weather。
this“it”,With the ability to shake the entire natural climate,This ability is,May only be a dragon.?
Props three:【warning】
“Demon,Already waiting for you in the Pacific Ocean。”
This is a card written with red ink,Reflecting the style of quantum force。
The Pacific Ocean。
These two key elements are combined together,It’s enough to let the science callgaTerrorist game,Still the type of disaster film。
Yinchuan Longhe,This man who is born from the Pacific cruise ship accident,His figure,It’s been behind this storm.。
He is using his strength to be a dragon,And a full room,What do you do in the Pacific?,His series of behaviors lead to chaos of the climate,Finally, the tourist town of this Hokkaido,Caused a blizzard。
Scary to unrecognized ability。
Lenten it again《Casel》Tsunami shot when the tape。
Not good,He really will trigger the tsunami。
I have so far,The two dragons of the slaughter are also demon and the Lordora,But to say that these two dragons,Also doped some moisture。
These two people are in the help of the genital spirituality.,In order to become a non-purely river。
Zezi brother,He until the last moment,I have a chance to win chess,But he is hard to die.,This is unpaladable with his too bad mentality.,Huge win-negative pressure makes him difficult to think in the last http://www.hebzgrs.cn moment。
失 武 那,His technical level is of course impeccable,He also turned his mentality in the key moment.,When the subject is on the time of sacrifice mode,A few steps, the hand, the arrogant and fragile attitude,After a long time, he slowed down.。
If the disappears can be equipped with a strong heart from the head to the end,Corporation will open the sacrifice mode even,Maybe it is not so easy to turn this plate from the other’s hands.。
Yinchuan Longhe,It is true pure blood dragon in the true sense.,One does not take anything in any junction,Purely relying on your own genius and efforts,Extended protagonist’s luck to embrace the man of the dragon,Unveiled in the technical level,On the mentality level,It is like the dragon claws.。
Such people,The more you put him on the road,He may be more exciting.,Just like the http://www.szht92.cn smile showing when he decided to discard it under the disadvantage situation.。
Think here,Kohuan looked like a remote sky。
Today’s weather is sunny,It is self-playing into the winter.,The best in the Hokkaido is one,But such weather is in the roaring of the Dragon,It is possible to break away at any time.。
The fortune attached to the chess,Shaped the bustling of the chess,Also gave a lot of madness。
Can be fade,What is the fortune??
Simple luck,Still, it is true that some concept?
Quantum mechanics,What is the relationship with them??
So from yourself into the chess,It has been nearly a year.,On this fairy road,He has also gone to a very high position,Now there are only a few peaks left in front of him.。
The worldview of the world is often like this.,Not imaginary pyramid shape,I’ve walked from high http://www.shhongxiang.cn levels,The less unknown areas,But the shape of rugby,In the middle,Mystery and questions are the most,But continue to this critical line,Mystery will reduce high speed。
He now,Although the strength has entered a high-level group,But you will feel self-feeling,Overall progress is still in the middle half,If this is a24Episode,May be the current progress bar12Set。
He now,There are still many people,I have never seen it.,Only witnessed on newspapers。
Such as well,Such as Mu Gu Sheng Naixiang,There are also a few top holders,Also, such as half wild teachers,When these people start, when they appear in front of him.,Maybe it means that the story is about to come.?


First0258chapter Confrontation
Family management is also an art,If you don’t say anything, you will be in flames。{}{} suimеng][}
Wang Degui didn’t like this Qin Shuifeng at all,To look better than Chen Xiaoju,But there are many odors,No noodles,Have rice for every meal,So Chen Yueqin has to do each meal separately,And you have to wash every night to go to bed,And Wang Youfa is trying to listen,Be obedient to this Qin Shui style。
“Oh my mother!You can’t say a few words“Wang Youfa said to Chen Yueqin a little unhappy。
Wang Degui hurriedly coughed twice and said“Have hair!Can’t stay at home every day,Bring your wife,Go to the http://www.simier-shop.cn city,Urge the second child,See how your business is going“
Qin Shuifeng couldn’t sit still long ago,When Wang Degui said this,Pull Wang Youfa and run,Seeing Wang Youcai,Got up hurriedly,Ready to chase。
“You stop!What do you run,Does this matter to you?“Wang Degui shouted,Wang Youcai took back the leg he stepped out。
Chen Yueqin grabbed Wang Degui’s dry tobacco stem,I gave Wang Youcai a bit,She scolded“You prodigal,I only know to take the money from home,how?Eyeing your brother again,You just die this heart!“
“mom!How do you talk,I’m still not your son,I asked my eldest brother to invest some money in the carton factory?“Wang Youcai grinned,Touching the painful arm beaten by Chen Yueqin and said。
Wang Degui shook his head so angry and said“Are you blind or something,Your big brother has no money,He wants to borrow chicken to lay http://www.rmbtrip.cn eggs,Which Qin Shuifeng’s dad depends on“
“impossible!Brother has been outside all these years,Impossible to have no money“Wang Youcai still doesn’t believe it。
Chen Yueqin,The fire is bigger,She kicked it over,Shouted“Get out of here!Didn’t it say that Chen Xiaoju was pregnant and cost 2,000 yuan?Where did this go?Where did you lead the other day?**come back,I stole a thousand yuan from my box before I left,Are you human“
Chen Yueqin roared,Pounced on。Wang Youcai saw that his old lady was getting angry,Twist and run,This smoky,Keep running out of the village。
“His father!These guys,Dumb eating dumplings,Know well,What do you say about this?!”Chen Yueqin sighed and asked。
Wang Degui took a deep breath and said“They want to start from me,impossible,Unless i die,This guy,I just missed it,None of them are fuel-efficient lamps”
“Are all my own children,Or just shoot!”Chen Yueqin said again。
Wang Degui suddenly sat up straight,Roar loudly“Try again“

If it is with Qingdao Lu to come to this next time, it is the declaration of the stadium.,So most halfway, you have to see you a few days.,But considering the next itinerary of Saito is Hawaii,This should have a long time.?

After Sotey,Cang Yun Bridge is talking together:“What did you gamble before you?,Let him will be willing to move the teaching location to us.?”
This problem, Cang Yuqiao, also asked Saito.,But Saito just laughed,God’s secret,The more you have a curiose heart。
“You really want to listen?”
“I say,If I lost,I will marry his granddaughter.。”The science is calmly speaking.。
“puff——!”Cang Yu Bridge took the wine to the wine。
“啥?You want to marry the granddaughter of Saito?!”Cang Yu bridges widely。
“I said,I am lost.。”Corporation is calm soup,Essay’s own polite http://www.jiehuncheng.cn sound。
Cang Yu Bridge is asked for a calm question as much as possible:“Stop stop,what do you mean,Granddaughter,Instead, it is also grievances.?”
“Don’t do this,I just think that the style of Saito is,Although he is very enemy of the teacher’s ceremony,But I can feel that he is actually really trying to have a set of fun.。”
That dish is forcibly the worship of the two sons is the best proof。
“So I am thinking,He is actually very hoped to take me later.,And he still appreciates me.,So I put this kind of bet that married his granddaughter.。”
“You will set the teaching location at school,Gamble, this kind of life?”Cang Yu Bridge looked at his face。
“This is not good.,Can you destroy?,In short, my top priority is to hurry him with me and I am going to the previous game.。”
In fact, when I was in Scot,Boarding http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn also looked a challenge,To enhance the chance of successful success。
And in the challenge bet,He is filling this。
Challenge this kind of play intention to metallology,Even if you want your own chess,It is estimated that it also has 10,000 ways to make yourself.,
God knows that if you really lift chess,What storyline will be entered?。
But the science did not think so much at the time.,He felt invincible for seven days of spectral,Who is dead?,Therefore, there is no more thinking of chess。
Moreover,Again,The consequences of regardless of the loss are beneficial to increase the winning。
The later facts also proved,He gambled again。
Cang Yu Bridge is still smashed,It seems a headache:“Kojun,Not I said you,You are present before this bet,Do you really do a little intelligence??”
“understand what?”
“for example,Senior granddaughter,Who is it?。”
“I know,It seems to be called Zaito in the vegetables.,It seems to be a famous female player,Participate in the competition,Have a name,Age and me almost,But I have never seen it.。”
“You see,You still don’t know anything.!”Cang Yu Bridge suddenly roaring。
Cangmo always feels that Cang Yu bridge is with him to play riddles.,Can’t help but obstacle:“Then you are talking,What important information I missed!”
“Granddaughter of Saito Senior Grandman This year, the third grade of elementary school.!The game she participated in only a primary school student game.!Take a master of primary school students.!”Cang Yun Bridge continuously to do the end,It is enough to see his heart crash。
The chopsticks of the subject are directly dropped.,A sound,Echoing a hit in his heart。
Doggy day,How can I always feel that I seem to be with dangerous stuff??
The story of the entered after the loser,Be called a jailbad end?

Murong watching,The face is full of faint laughs.。

“only,I don’t know recently.,Is there any chamber of chambers??”
When Murong Moon said,people around me,Start reporting。
“Miss,If the chamber of the chamber,At present, there are two major chambers of commerce.。”
“First,It is the God of War, the Gods Chamber of the Shenjianmen and War God。”
When people around me,Murong’s cheeks,It’s even a smile.。
“kindness,If this is this,It is really good。”
In fact,Even even Ming Mingyue,I have to admire the president of this chamber of commerce.。
New Chamber of Commerce that consists of two major power,And the two major potentials complement each other。
“If you give them a certain chance,Then I believe,This chamber of commerce,It must be growing into a home。”
When Murong http://www.ccxingxing.cn Moon saw it here,Her face,It’s even more serious.。
And those people around,I also said。
“Yes,So now all major chambers have begun to have opinions.,Even ready to get started with them。”
“That’s right,If it is really this now?,So this thing looks,It seems very passive。”
“But now,This look,In fact, it is nothing.?”
This,With those people around you,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
And as they finished,At this time, Murong Moon still continues。
“What other Chamber of Commerce??”
actually,God of Commerce,Murong Mingyue has heard of。
And with the Murong Mingyue,people around me,It is the beginning of reporting。
“actually,This chamber is called the big chamber of commerce。”
“very beginning,The chamber will only have ten people。”
Do you still have such a http://www.fqrvtu.cn chamber of commerce??
only,Such a chamber of commerce,What kind of potential is there??
actually,Murong’s heart,It is very curious.。
And this time,people around me,Then, this thing is to Murong.。
This will let Murong Yuer,For these,Probably has a deep understanding。
Just now,Murong Yuger saw it here,Her face is still an incredible。
Because of such a thing,In fact, she is a little curious.。
“If it is really this now?,So don’t you say,In the future,Will be more interesting。”
“but,If you are all truthful,So next,I am very urgent.,I want to see it.。”
When Murong Yuner said,Others nodded。
The first thousand twenty-seven seventh chapters help me
“you said,Are it true??”
Tasty people watching people,Slightly curious,I can’t help but ask here.。
And the side of the quarter,When the man saw it http://www.huaitw.cn here,Then I said that I nodded again.。
“boss,This thing is thousands of true,I see my eyes.,I heard her so much.。”
When people around me,At this time, the season is looking at this side.,The smile of his mouth is getting rich。

What is the identity of this young woman??

It’s so rich.?
The two faces are shocked to see a eye,I saw the interestedness and unbelievableness in each other.。
Wang Yuxin’s voice continued。
“Main store,I suggest it to make an eight-story palace building,To control the market here,Attract the scatter to put jade in us to shoot here,Let our store become a jade。”
Wang Yuxin also came to the inspiration,She has a very set of business,“By the time,The whole hall of the Temple,As long as one buyers,What they first think of is our store.……”The longer http://www.jabakery.cn the two city guards, the greater。
They listened to Wang Yuxin to talk about,Almost square faces are considered,Directly let two people have a high mountain to stop。
Black cat also listened to the stupid。
It can’t understand,But you know,It takes a lot of money。
The initial investment is 400 billion yuan,I can’t help but I can’t help it.,“喵 喵……Who are you from your sister?,Why is it so rich?……”Two cities also erected ears。
Wang Yixin laughs and not speak。
Summer laughing,“Black girl,She is one of the supervisors of Dongfeng Communist Party,Wang Yuxin。”
“喵 喵?
Total Tube of Dongfeng Great Class?
That is not a thousand people?”
Black cat is also a sense of knowledge,Suddenly be surprised。
Two city guards also revealed。
“No wonder……”This is the rich people.,A few words seem to be a random http://www.kato365.cn joke,It is a few billion business.。
Both people silently。
Fengpaic City has a lot of money,But in commercial,It is also impossible to compare with Dongfeng Daries.。
Different fields,Level is also different。
I really want to iron, sniper, Fengzhou, Fuku shop……The other party really can’t live。
“cough,Little brother,Time is almost,Let’s help you apply for applications.……”The two people are looking at each other,At the same time stood up。
“Then please two adults.。”
Summer arches,Put a $ 200 billion coin prepared in advance into a storage ring,Handed two people。
Two people think,The heart is not jumped in a few times.。
离 离,And again, the guarantee will soon handle the application protection.。
NS3467chapter Of course it is grabbing
Waiting for them,Wang Yuxin suddenly stood up,Summer deep。
http://www.guerqiang.cn “Xia Master,Yixin offends。”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Like laugh,“Wang always recognizes the wrong person.。”


“Chu girl……,Thank you。http://www.fanqir.cn
Faced with such a pair of eyes,Chu Qingming final,Actually nodded。
“Let’s continue,Chu girl。”Shen Siyin stands up。She still remembers Xiao Zonghan’s request.……In such a physical condition,She still have to learn her own……Chu Qingzhen is stagnant:“Why do you have to do this?……”
More painful people in the late gastric cancer,Chu Qingyi met。It is because I have seen it.,She didn’t understand why Shen Siyin insisted!
Tell Xiao Zonghan,Is it not good?
“He likes。”
One sentence,Three words。
He likes,Just because such a ridiculous and sad reason,Shen Siyin supports the body of the body,In the cold winter night、In such a place,Learn with her。
Chu Qing’s eye eyelashes,She can see it,Shen Siyin has time no longer。
This woman……
Holding a Shen Siyin’s hand tight,Chu Qing’s heart is slightly sigh:“No http://www.ltmingwu.cnneed,Lady sang,Already good enough。”
NS2689chapter Don’t tell the ancient martial arts
Fall into the voice,Summary shaking,Leave a resilience。
In the moment, I came to Xu Long near.,Raise arms,Zhang opened five fingers,Lightning。
Xu Long wants to do http://www.qdtqo.cn not give yourself in summer.,Don’t give any room for ease。
This is not enough。
But Xu Long has not fully converted and adapts to their identity and situation.。
Not just him。
The ancient people of these ancient martial arts are almost the same.。
They are used to being used before,Stand yourself in the morality high。
I am used to the kind of ignition of gas finger high.。
In the summer,This kind of person is a special code!
Hit,Where is it so much nonsense?。
Never think about what is this?。
Where did they come to confidence?,Where is the qualification ratio ratio!
Shot,Little in summer,Be with a sound,Go first until,The head of the palm of the knife is obliquely。
Xu Long is shocked and angry,I have to retreat again。

This Rolls Royce has soundproof glass,The driver in front can see them,But can’t hear them。

So Shen Huan also asked directly:“My ability to bet is good,Did you tell Mr. Mu??”
“No no。”Mu Ruru waved her little hand,“Our children,Pay attention to a letter。How can I betray my good friend?”
Shen Huan thinks about it too。
If Mu Guishu knew Shen Huan’s ability,Yesterday’s phone call won’t be so tentative,But will be very sure, please Shen Huan must help。
It seems that this little girl is pretty good,Have enough responsibility。
Smile,Looking at Mu Ruru’s crystal clear face who is still lying beside him,Shen Huan was confused,I almost wanted to cover my mouth。
Fortunately, he woke up in time,Abruptly stopped。
Mu Ruru didn’t notice,She continued the fragile way:“This time is really troublesome,The pony after my dad agreed,Yesterday at noon, the news spread throughout the jade circle,I can’t make Dad want to spin。
The way he proposed the game,It’s our own10Piece of rough,Then shuffle the order and assign it to two people,Two wins in three games。It seems very fair。”
“Isn’t it fair?”Shen Huan questioned,“In case they want you to lose,I’ll get you the worst rough,So even if we picked the best three,It’s not as good as others,How to do?”
“Hee hee,I’m not a fool。”Mu Ruru smiled,“The rough we picked,It’s in the famous Yushi Xuan in Huajing,The most expensive20Block buy,Then divide it into two parts to compare。”
This is not bad。
Shen Huan smiled unconsciously,“Ruru,Ma Liangyuan came up with this method, right?”
“Then you are miserable。”Shen Huandao,“Can get your dad hooked so easily,Can propose such a fair and interesting game,He is obviously a great expert!”

Of course not everyone is surprised。

Master Ruan doesn’t look good。
But he still holds hope,Hope to see only this,And then cut it directly。
But Master Ruan was disappointed。
Because then,The boss who rubbed the stone in the middle,Also exclaimed。
Wait till he takes off the machine,When washing the cross section with a water gun,I saw a touch of pure emerald green。
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First756chapter That touch of brilliance
“Oh oh!Emerald?!?”
“Not necessarily,Just looks a bit like。”
“Even if it’s not emeralds,At least it’s brilliant green!It’s so green!”
“Teacher Lu is indeed a blessed person,Is this bet going up??”
“Don’t know yet,Depends on how wide the continuation is、How deep。But now there is a high probability that it will definitely rise!”
A group of people nagging,Let Young Master Ruan want to yell, shut up the labor and management。

Zhan Li smiled:“I went to Pengcheng a few years ago,I don’t know what it looks like now。Read your book,I think that city seems to be getting more and more beautiful。”

“Yes,”Fang Haozheng said with full energy,“The construction of the motherland is changing with each passing day,Every day I can feel the vigor of this society’s vigorous development,Living in this era,Really happy。”
Zhan Li glanced at him,Said:“I’m free in a while I want to go there for a few days,Handsome boy,Would you like to be my tour guide?”
Fang Hao’s heart burst:“What does she mean?Is she greedying my body too??”
I don’t think when I don’t have this idea,With this idea,I think Zhan Li’s every move is confirming this idea。
Said with a smile:“of course can,Sister Li, you are the goddess in my heart,For you,That’s my honor。”
But my heart is very tangled。
It’s not that Zhan Li is old,His physical reaction told him,Not disgusted at all。
Mainly because this woman doesn’t dare to mess with it!
I’m not afraid to tear him,I just don’t want to get too close to this woman,Because this woman was rejected by the whole circle,Has been blocked by this circle for several years。
He wants to be a star,If I get too close to this woman,Hate House and Wu,Was implicated by this circle,Block him too,Isn’t that going to cry?
No problem,But in my heart,If this woman really travels through most of China and goes to Pengcheng to sleep with herself,I still have to find an excuse for not seeing me。
Writer,You can find excuses——Cut off contact with the outside world,Write yourself in a small black room。
Zhan Li doesn’t know what he thinks,I just think I have successfully dated a peerless gun,In a good mood。
They talked and laughed and walked to that small yard,Sheng Tiange saw that scene in the courtyard,I feel so bored:
“Why did this mad woman come over?,Those two guys ran so far like pugs to meet?I’ll come over,They sit there still。Am I more mad than a mad star?”
Chapter 201 The world is so complicated
Although I am very dissatisfied,See Zhan Li coming,Sheng Tiange still hurried to greet,Said with a smile:“Sister Li hasn’t seen you in a long time,I find you become more beautiful。”

“Chojuro,take a good rest,Leave this person to me to deal with。”

“Terumi Mei.must be careful.”
“Although I am older,But don’t underestimate me,Chojuro。”Terumi Mei said,Side knot,“Meltdown·Monster Melting!”
A special liquid composed of water-like chakras and earth-like chakras was sprayed out from the mouth towards Dyruda in the sky,Not only has super stickiness,It is also highly corrosive。
“Is this the strength of the Five Dynasties Shuiying??”
Diluda, with his hands on his chest, easily turned sideways to avoid Terumi Ming’s spitting,Looked down quite disdainfully。
“Water escape·The Art of Mist!”
While Diruda dodges sideways,Terumi Mei uses the signature ninjutsu of Degiri Hidden Village,The entire surface of the sea is filled with white mist that can’t be seen,Even Dyruda flying in the air is shrouded。
“The attack just now was just a pavement,Is the real idea to use the technique of mist hiding as a cover to escape?.It’s a pity that you met me!”Diluda’s eyes started to glow red,Turn on the infrared function,“Got you!Don’t want to run!”
I saw Terumi leaving the cruise ship,Diluda hurried to catch up。
“Boiling escape·Skillful Fog!”
Combine chakras of fire and water,Spit out white mist from Terumi Mei’s mouth,It’s different from ordinary fog and concealment,This is a white mist composed of boiling steam,It can even be melted。
“Laser beam!”Diruda’s finger points to Terumi Mei,A laser shot through Terumi Ming’s chest and said,“In front of these infrared eyes,It doesn’t make sense to me to increase the density of the fog.,The two of you will never escape。”
“Concentration of fog?That’s it,It seems that you don’t know much about my intelligence.”
Terumi Mei covered the wound on her chest and said。
With the sound of Terumi’s words falling,Diluda’s body also began to melt。
“How is this going?!”
With a frightened expression on his face, Diruda watched that he was gradually melting,Body that exposes the wires inside。
“This is a ninjutsu that even Susao can melt.”Terumi Ming’s hands began to seal the road,“Diruda,Sleep in this sea forever!Water escape·Water Dragon Bomb!”
A water dragon made of sea water formed on the sea and rushed towards Dyruda, who was too late to dodge because his body melted.。