Specifically what kind of content,Door closed,She didn’t hear very clearly。

Just looked at the time,It’s almost midnight,Imagine two big men in a room,I suddenly felt very lost:
“He really likes men……”
“I’m out of play in my life……”
Chapter One Fifty Six Life is like a play,All by acting
Luo Xiaohu is also a rookie who has not recorded a reality show,The whole show is that he and Fang Hao are both rookies,And they don’t belong to the people that the show group wanted to invite at the beginning,It’s just stuffed in through other channels。
The two of them need some training,To experiment with the recording of this reality show。
When Fang Hao was alone,No one to accompany him to do this kind of thing,Now add a Luo Xiaohu,Training for them also started。
Actually this training is quite simple,Is to adapt them to life under the camera。
A few cameras followed,To face them from different angles。
What do they need to perform,Life as usual is fine。
Including eating、to chat with、Reading、Washing hands or something。
Just to get rid of their discomfort with the camera。
People in the entertainment industry have adapted to life under the lens,It’s hard for people outside the circle to adapt right away。
When two people first started,The eyes are always involuntarily looking towards the camera,I think that everything I say and do will be recorded,Unconsciously there are traces of performance。
But this won’t work。
The most taboo thing about reality shows is the traces of performance,Claimed to show the truest state of life,You always look at the camera,Always say some fake things in a serious manner,More fake than a theater performance。
Of course you have to change it。

Xu Sheng’s eyes fixed on Xiao Wu’s cheek,Just coldly said“Your spirit bone and spirit ring are not attractive to me,Now that you have decided to stay with Tang Sande,You have to pay attention to your true body!”

If the Title Douluo who came here today is not himself,Then I’m afraid Tang San and Xiao Wu will also become a tragedy。
Although he is not optimistic about people and soul beasts,But not against。
Xiao Wu heard what Xu Sheng said,Obviously caring about yourself。
So I opened my eyes in amazement,She thought Xu Sheng would do it next second,did not expect……
Seeing Xu Sheng’s eyes filled with puzzlement,But since I can stay with Xiaosan,She was already very satisfied。
Xiao Wu pursed her thin lips and replied“I will!”
“Dean,I brought them Oscar!”There were two more lazy figures behind Dai Mubai who came back。
One looks slightly vicissitudes,Cheeks are covered with broken beard,If not familiar,I’m afraid it’s just one sentence“Uncle”
It’s the Big Sausage Uncle among the Shrek Seven Monsters,Oscar!
And the other way is that it seems to accompany fat,Very funny to walk,But its martial soul is also a top beast martial soul,Evil Fire Grass Chicken。
Oscar rubbed the dark circles of his eyes,Asked Flanders“Dean,Why did you tell us so early??”
Ma Hongjun scolded with extreme dissatisfaction“Yes teacher,I just tried,But now you suddenly……Isn’t this a tossing disciple??”
Randomly looked at Dai Mubai with resentful eyes,Angrily“And boss Dai,Can you knock on the door next time,That kick almost scared me to death!
Dai Mubai scratched her golden hair,Awkwardly smiled“Accident,I don’t think your fire is a little heavy,Physically reduce fire”
Secretly in my heart“This kid is so evil,Don’t call him like that,I’m afraid it won’t be over until tomorrow”
Flander stroked his beard,Smiled“Oscar,Hongjun,Call you guys this time,I want to tell you that Shrek Academy has added four new members today!”
The other four mentors behind Flander also nodded.……
Oscar showed a shocked expression,Exclaimed“what?Someone even joined our Shrek Academy?”

Do you want to be so unfeeling??

——You are afraid i always live here,Make you poor,I just found such an excuse?
Chapter Fifteen Isn’t soft rice fragrant?
Stayed at Guo Miaomiao for a month,In this month,Fang Hao lives very comfortably。
During this time,This thought flashed through his mind:
“Am I eating soft rice like this??”
I think there is something wrong with this day。
But soon asked myself:
“What’s wrong with eating soft rice?Isn’t this soft rice fragrant??”
The conclusion of course is that soft rice is more fragrant,Taste better,Better for gastrointestinal digestion,More beneficial to human health。
But now,Guo Miaomiao cried and let him go,As a big man,No matter how reluctant, I need to be willing。
He leaned weakly against the wall,Took a long breath,Said:“Ok,I get what you meant now,I’m leaving now。”
Thinking of this handsome brother leaving,Guo Miaomiao felt extremely sad,“Wow”I burst into tears。
She buried her head on her knees when she was crying,Body is curved,The blanket slipped off,Showing a white back。
Cry more,The back twitches,Looks so pitiful。
Let Fang Hao have an urge to touch her back to comfort her in an instant。
Restrain that impulse,Shook his head and gave a wry smile,Thinking:
“She obviously did that shameful thing,Why does she still be so innocent and pitiful?Is this the natural instinct of a woman??”
Woman,Really don’t understand。
He left Guo Miaomiao’s bedroom。

The dormitories of the veteran team members were all attacked by our eight little rookies,Some also added flash shock bombs!Who told them to get a paratrooper assault vehicle a day?,Let me chase behind,And shouting with a big horn:Novices,Unhappy?Choosing special forces is the worst decision of your life!

We are saying in our hearts at this moment:Choose to train us eight,Is the worst decision of your life!
the next morning,We run back in the morning,Look at the old bird’s expression!Then I ran away quickly,In the face of these people’s pursuit and killing, you still want to have a dying struggle!Among us, apart from Chengcai and Li Shuai, we dare to really fiddle with the old bird.,Not an opponent!
Then the eight of us ran desperately!The captain happened to be passing by,He shouted:there,025All come!
we025All over,The eight of us intentionally or unintentionally stay away from them!
The captain said:Your rookie team,What to run?No rules!Are you guys running around like this??
Xiao Chen called out:report,Old bird wants to fix us,This is not training,Pure oppression!
We also agree to:Correct!
The captain turned his face to them,Feihu’s face is unnatural,There are few people in the PLA that he admires,Handful!This special brigade,He’s not afraid of anyone except the captain!Can be considered the second person,The number one is of course the captain!The captain asked:what happened?
Feihu vaguely answered:last night……they……Sneak attack……Our dorm!
Captain laughed,Laugh happily:Haha……what!You kid deserve!Who told you not to be nice to them?Who else told you to relax your guard at home?You used to go to the cooking class of the whole family to be peaceful because the cooking class didn’t care about you。how about it,Retribution now!Deserve it,Hahahaha!
The eight of us frowned,Captain……Really birdy!
Then the captain said:Disband,What to do!Then jumped on his paratrooper assault vehicle,His guard drove away!
Feihu’s eyes float towards us:What to see?Go back to training!

Never thought that this voice would sound at the right time,She was surprised,I didn’t expect him to say this again。But this time she was not ashamed,But withdraw your hand,Gave him a slap in the leg.,But sweet in my heart,Because he still remembers this little detail。

“Hahaha。”He laughed heartily,The haze of divorce these days has been wiped out。
Guan Hao’s car parked not far from the gate of her house,He dare not go inside,Worried about her neighbor seeing。He held Xia Jihan’s hand,Looking ahead,Say:“When shall we meet?”
Hear this,Her hands are a little stiff,The ruddy face is gone,She pulls out her hand,Bow your head,She dare not look at him,Sadly:
“we、Don’t meet。”
“why?”Just fine,Say such unfeeling words again。
“You know。”Her voice is trembling,head,Still twisted out the window,Still dare not look at him。
Let him say the following,She interrupted him:“Please,Don’t say anything, okay?”She suddenly turned around,A pair of wet eyes looked at him Ai Ai。Then he jumped out of the car and ran in。
He watched her leaving behind,Suddenly there is a feeling of loss,He sighed deeply,Turn around,Drive towards the city,Although he knows that Guan Yao is waiting for him at Tao Li’s house at this time。
Arrived at the office,He called the mayor Chang Yuan。
Since Yue Xiao left,Chang Yuan didn’t leave the office,He must know that Guan Hao will look for him when he comes back,Squinted in the office for a while。He said Mayor Yue took his family to Beijing,Ducheng just arrived at noon,After lunch,Did not rest,Just left,of course,He asked the driver to wash the car for the mayor,Fill up,Just left。of course,During the dinner, about his visit to Guan Hao’s work and personal situation,Chang Yuan couldn’t tell Guan Hao。Just gossiping,Secondly, it did not harm Guan Hao,and so,He won’t mention it。
in fact,On the road to politics,Chang Yuan is the easiest time now,Whether you continue to follow Yue Xiao,Still with Guan Hao Qinse,No problem in the future,One is the secretary of the first secretary of the provincial party committee,One is the governor’s celebrity,He just needs to put his heart right,Do nothing,The secretary of the next Ducheng should not leave others alone。
Guan Hao learned that Yue Xiao was just passing by,Relax,With his keen sense of officialdom,He vaguely felt that things were not as easy as Chang Yuan said。

So I was dragged down by Baby Ou,Xie Yunchu who became a bad boy,Drinking is better than Ou’s baby now。

Five children drink like cows,After spoiling half a box of good wine,Zhuge Yaoniang finally cried。
Zheng Rou rubs her belly,Finally crying。
Zhuge Yaoniang who cried with her nose and tears,I told you the reasons for changing your attitude towards Pei Huan。Including the conversation between them。
“.”Xie Yunchu didn’t understand。
Pei Huan told Zhuge Yaoniang,Which thing,Not more serious than this?How could it be because of something like this,I really don’t like it?
Xie Yun did not understand,Three girls,But I really understand。
“This Pei Huan is really disgusting!!!”Yin Nini’s hands were shaking,“Luckily you found out,otherwise,Didn’t you raise a pair of bitches!!”
Zheng Rou patted Zhuge Yaoniang,“You figured it out now,Really great。We are young, beautiful and rich,What kind of。but,You have to be careful,Keep your eyes open。I want Pei Huan to be so clear about shamelessness,Still a good thing。There is that,Specifically looking for the only daughter of a rich family like you,The idea of eating out of nowhere,Coax you to lie to you,That’s really disgusting and shameless。”
She met in a foreign country。Chinese and foreigners have。
“Why must I find it??Women live by themselves,Not better?Falling in love and getting married are all lowering women’s happiness index!!”Yin Nini is no longer the kind of dream girl who indulged in love in elementary school。She just wants to make money now。
Zheng Rouduo doesn’t think so,“In this society,woman,Really,A good marriage is the best。others,All stupid。I have the ability to make money,Don’t make money if you don’t make money and you can’t make money,It’s totally different。I have both the ability to make money and the ability,This is the true skill of a woman。”
Ou Baobao hold down Nini,“Don’t bother this first。”This question is endless,Totally different ideas,How noisy。
“You are so sad now,It’s because it’s really just a simple love break,Or because Pei Huan didn’t do what you thought,I beg you in a hurry and regret?”This difference,It’s huge。

Had lunch in the hospital,Xiao Hongmei took Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun out to buy daily necessities for Yang Shiyun,Only Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun are left in the ward。

“Ugh,Lying in bed like this every day and doing nothing,Suffocated fast。”
Yang Shiyun started looking for topics。
“Boring,So that you can turn white a bit。”
Qin Liang moved a chair and sat down in front of Yang Shiyun’s bed,Agree with her casually。
“cut,Am I not white now??What this said。”
Yang Shiyun doesn’t like listening……
“right now?Ok……Hehe。”
Qin Liang estimates that Yang Shiyun is still unable to sit up and hit himself with a pillow,So after saying this, I didn’t run away from the bed.。
Yang Shiyun didn’t know what to say immediately,My face started to flush。
“You’ve been under the covers for so long,I guess it’s a lot whiter,When you look back when you get better,I’ll take a closer look。”
Seeing Yang Shiyun really can’t help it“Retaliation”Oneself,Qin Liang was even more speechless。
“Are you going to die?……Nonsense, regardless of time and occasion。”
Yang Shiyun really can’t sit up,Otherwise the pillow would have passed。
“Isn’t it just you and me here??I finally got a chance to bully you for a while,Why?Do you want to exploit even this little welfare??”
Qin Liang is talking nonsense,But I don’t feel good,Because Yang Shiyun is actually very haggard now,Especially pale face,Obviously a sickly white。

Song Min very“clever”Made a final summary。

Shen Ruoxi nodded immediately。
Chen Hao sighed slightly,Didn’t say anything。
“Why did my mind get so hot,I joined the dragon soul after listening to Qin Liang’s words!My head must have been flooded!”
Shen Ruoxi said helplessly。
“The reason why I joined Dragon Soul after listening to Qin Liang’s words,Actually, it’s mainly for my key,And since Ruoxi has joined,I’m not ashamed not to accompany her into the pit。”
Murong Shan explained with a wry smile。
“I also agreed to join the Dragon Soul because of Ruoxi。”
Chen Hao smiled wryly and followed a word。
“I agreed because of you all,You are my only best friends now,You are all dragon soul fighters,Then what else can i do?Can only marry a chicken,Marry a dog,Become this dragon soul warrior with you,But I never expected,This special forces soldier is so hard!”
Song Min said helplessly。
“So this also proves to us a truth:Nothing in this world can be done easily!Even if it looks relaxed on the surface,Actually, it’s not as simple as we think.。”
Chapter three hundred and fifty one We still want to kill
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Chapter three hundred and fifty one We still want to kill
Murong Shan started to“Soul Chicken Soup”Transitioned……

“I’ll hold you and go?Carry it。”

Qin Liang doesn’t mind working hard,Whether it’s carrying or holding,He can take advantage of Xiaodie。
“The road here is too difficult,It will be hard for you to carry me,I’ll take a rest and go by myself,I’m fine,I was scared just now。”
Xiaodie shook her head and refused。
She is afraid that Qin Liang is too tired,She’s such a simple girl,Of course he wouldn’t think of what kind of doctrine Qin Liang was fighting in his heart……
“Ok……How about you sit underground for a while?Anyway, there are thick leaves underground here,Sitting soft and comfortable。”
Qin Liang can’t take advantage of it,Simply kindly remind Fluttershy。
“Do not!I dare not sit on the ground!In case there are more snakes……What a mess,Something strange and strange is crawling on me!I’m scared to death by then!”
Xiaodie said with a lingering fear,Still nervously looked around underground。
“You were bitten by a snake once,I’m afraid of Jingsheng for ten years!Ha ha……”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“Am i a girl,It’s normal to be timid, OK?,You won’t look down on me?”
Xiaodie’s nervous question,It seems that Qin Liang’s male chauvinism,Left her an indelible impression。
“how is this possible?Where did you want to go……You are timid,We have the opportunity to protect you, right?。”
Qin Liang is almost drunk……How did this Xiaodie become so sensitive now?!
“Are you willing to protect me forever?”
Fluttershy is starting to be naive……
I have a hasty……There are so many bodyguards behind your ass every day,Still use me to protect you……
Qin Liang secretly thought。

Although Murong Shan is confident about her appearance,But when it’s time to be humble, she is consciously humble。

“Ha ha,You are not just a little better, right?”
Qin Liang really likes Murong Shan’s self-humility,Since your beauty is obvious to everyone,Then you don’t need to talk about it every day。
“Ok……I’ll look a little better then。”
Murong Shan smiled secretly after finishing talking,She feels like talking with Qin Liang,Really a very happy thing,She enjoys the feeling of saying whatever she wants,Because it makes her comfortable,Don’t say every word,Have to go through it three times in my head。
“correct,Fortunately you have the foresight,Did not bring the key to your concert,Otherwise, the trouble will be big。”
Qin Liang thought that if Yao’er was here today,The consequences are terrible,The moment the accident happened,No matter if he saves Murong Shan first,Or protect Murong Xiaoyao first,I’m afraid the other person will fall into the other person’s hands。
“Ha ha,I guessed they would do it to me at my concert,So I entrusted the key to you。”
Murong Shan proudly said。
“I have a hasty!Since you thought they would do it to you,Do you dare to continue the concert?”
Qin is surprised,This Murong Shan is too courageous!
“I have you as my guest,What else do i worry about。”
Murong Shan said this with confidence,Very sure。
“Wow,It turns out that everything is in your expectation?You woman is too powerful,How do I feel I was used by you?depressed。”
Qin Liang said half jokingly and half seriously。
“cut,What are you so depressed?You are Jiao’er’s father,I’m Yao’er’s mother,Speaking of which, our relationship is just like a husband and wife,Shouldn’t you save me too?”