The Emperor I still have after the empire,I want to effectively imitate the emperor to build“Emission”,But the same cost is huge,But create a batch of weapons,Whether it is the ability or an effect?,Can’t follow“Emission”Comparable。

At that time, the emperor was also ironic.,Be called“Emission”before,Can only be a minister。So there is a group of names“Unconscious”Weapon。
And just Najan Tan saw the special ability to treat soldiers treatment,The next consciousness is considered,Night is also“Emperor”。
“It’s really hard to imagine that you have been strong.,If you have an emperor,What level can you??
Perhaps it can be comparable to another horrible guy in the empire.,That person is also the strongest existence I have seen.。”
Look at the current night,Na Jie Tan is expected,The other party must be a genius that does not lose to Esdes.。
Night naturally knows who Na Jiesi Tan is said to,But but smiles don’t speak。
He can only say that Alice is very strong.,But I am really talking to the night.,I am sure to be crushed by him.。
What is Esdes’s Ability??Be a drink“Super risk”Blood given“Ice-breaking ability”。
Esdes“Emission”Probably the most special,A bowl from unknown“Super risk”Blood。
Previous people drink this blood,Not dead is abolished,Even if someone can withstand the power from the blood,become“Emperor”,His blood he drink,Also trace。
Esdes fell,A large bowl of blood,But it was bored by her.,And her body is still upset.!
This also leads directly.,Esdes’s strength,It’s far away from others.!
But no matter Esdeso,As long as she is using“Cold ice”ability,Then she can’t be the opponent of the night.。
do not forget,Night“Ice gift”This kind of skill,He is a nightmare of all ice and snow capabilities.。
All immunization“Ice and snow injury”,It’s just that all ice and snow capists,Even if the night is standing,The other party also didn’t do it at all.!
But I remember the night.,Esdes seems to have a trick,Can even be done“Freeze time”,Do you need to pay attention to it。
After all, the master passed,It is enough to be fatal between the moment,The other party has a move that can affect time tracery,It is quite ahead of the sky.。
“We went to the emperor.,How about it,Is it quite shock??”
Na Jie Tan rode the night after watching the horse,Trying from night“Township”I saw shocking expressions on my face。
But let him down.,Although the night is a bit surprised,When it is not enough to make him shock,Because he has seen the Babel Tower, who has seen in Eulai, with Dungeon,It’s much much more than here.。
But in this era,Can build such a big town,It is also enough to see the Empire’s past,How strong。
Chapter 357 I am alone.,It’s like a million lion!
Because many old iron old complains that no group,Because of the difficult reason,This fluffy street also has a group,Everyone’s face,Can come in playing,1156584963′`
巍 的 wall,Medieval architecture style,Around the city wall around the city wall,Can be in such an era,Complete such a building,The empire is really strong.。
In this regard, this area and the region,It is also worthy of a country.。
When Na Jie Tint took the army to enter the city gate,Night is also able to see the town behind the wall.。
Don’t you lose money??Compared with the villages and towns that they take along them,It is simply a hetero。
People on the street are constantly,People who are in the aristocratic clothing are also everywhere.,On the avenue is also a car horson,The gorgeous carriages of the past are not counting。
The technology of this world seems a bit strange,The fire is all kinds of firearms with cannons.,But the people here are costumes or productivity.,But stay in the medieval era。
But no matter what to say,As a country,It is indeed quite bustling here.。
If the night is not to read this,Maybe it will think,Monarchs who rule this country,Is a quite excellent person。
But knowing the night of the plot, but knowing,Don’t look at this emperor,In fact, behind it is full of various dirty dark darkness.。
Things that are beautiful at this time,In the evening, it may be a devil ghost.。

Ma Fengkuang looked at Cao Anna,This famous Hunshi Demon in Jingnan City is busy for Lu Yi,Instantly increased my curiosity about Lu Yi。

15Hours ago。
Cao Anna is in a huge crowd,I still recognized Lu Yi who only dared to hide in the corner。
“This is probably fate,Our Cao family has always done things for results,Regardless of the cost;If it’s love,Go through fire and water。”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Fourteen Internet cafe overnight
Cao Anna ran out of the ward,Tears couldn’t stop streaming down,She also holds a rose in her hand,That is the one she left from ten thousand flowers。
She cried:“Lu Yi, you stupid big head,Can give Bailing nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine flowers,Can’t you give me one??”She has never been so wronged since she was a child,The key is that she asked for it。
“Wait for me,This lady will never let go!Someday you will understand how high I can’t afford……”
suddenly,The absent-minded Cao Anna bumped into the same person,Both turned to the ground。
“Which melon baby does not have eyeballs when walking!?”Shouted the person who was hit。
Anna Cao took a closer look,Isn’t this little whirlwind Zhangsong??What a coincidence,I can meet you in the hospital at night?
“you,you,You followed Laozi to the hospital?It’s really lingering,I just re-bandaged my head,Crashed into your gun again!”Zhang Song said tragically。
“Yes,How about i chasing you?”Anna Cao wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes and said。
“beauty,you……Don’t cry guiltily because of the toilet,I have pants,The skull is also hard,Refreshed,Terrible……”Zhang Song explained。
“Hey!You really changed your pants!”Anna Cao looks at Zhang Song’s expression in bandages and pants,Couldn’t hold back his tears and laughed。
“Big sister,Crying in the hospital?Pregnant?”Zhang Song asked。
Cao Anna stood up,Angrily:“Believe it or not, I’ll knock you crooked?”
“That’s broken love!Which shit kid made the eldest sister angry??I go and make him bleed?”I saw Zhang Song rolled up his sleeves as if he was going to fight。
“You don’t need to care about my business!”Cao Anna felt a little moved,But stubbornly。

“Mu。”Fu Qinjiao called a dripping。

Blue Xin felt the chicken skin。
“never mind,I let the ink to adjust the monitoring。”Blue Xin feels,And these can’t afford her woman。
Xu Li listens to the monitoring,Some anxious,In the morning, she is the clearest.。
“Who are you,The surveillance of the Chinese entertainment is also what you want to adjust.?”
“Boiler,Don’t be angry,Go to Xu Li and the contracts of them to find me.。”Blue Xin interrupted his words。
“Oh!”Mu Zizi, I don’t know what Lan Xin wants to do.?
Can only do it!
Blue Xin called ink seven,Let Mo Qi directly to Mu Zi’http://www.wqserv.cns office。
Ink seven will soon,Blue Xin made him monitor the monitoring of the top floor。
“Mu,You can’t let them want in your office.。”Xu Li doesn’t want Mu Zizi to see the video,In the morning, she joined her music.。
Le Yu is very proud,I will be in my heart.,Will not find Mu Zizi’s trouble,Top more is also ignorant Mu Zi。
And she wants to see that their husband and wife have a reversibility。
Mu Zizheng looked at her cold.,I have found him in the morning.,Why don’t he know?
This woman,He came out from the conference room,I have been sticking him in his office.。
It’s hard to catch her out.,At noon, she came back again.。
“you shut up!A sentence,I lost you out.。”
Mu Zi’s honion is like a human。
Xu Li dares to worry。
Blue Xin,Sitting on a signing contract。
These people are a new media, a new media university, a few months ago.,Not any resources yet。
I have made a cosmetic endorsement of Xu Li,Endorsement is not high。
In fact, in her opinion,They are not coming to play,Just come to fishing gold turtle。
Several women look at Blue Xin’s action,Heart is very hanging。
Especially Xu Li,The face has long been pale。
“Miss,Video came out。”Ink seven turned back and looked at Blue Xin。
Blue Xindao:“Take this side,Please enjoy the lady and Mu Mu。”
Muzi:“……”He is well-deserved,Why is my heart still panic?!
Ink seven video placed on the table in front of Blue Xin,Several people watch video together。
NS1844chapter Why to expel us
Video time is almost ten o’clock,Le Yu is out of the elevator,Go directly to Le Yu’s office,When you want to go to the door ,Xu Li came out from the office of Mu Ziqi,Some mess is still a mess。

He deeply spit out a sigh,“This news is that Anthony came back.,I sent him to distort,In addition to secretly hosted the overall situation,Also give him a task。”

Paused,Also,“When he goes to reverse,I let him secretly handed the fairy.,Today’s half night,Xianti is sent to the secret to reverse,He just went to hand,result……”“So, Anthony is not dead.?
Very good。
That fairy?”
Johnston’s face also reveals a lucky color,“Now Anthony and Xianti are together,Not yet being killed。”
I heard this sentence,Everyone in the field is also heavy.。
to be honest,They are not the death of Anntany。
As long as the fairy is still controlled in the hands,They think there is still a chance。
Johnston raised the sound,“We have a hard to cultivate 50 super masters for decades.,All death,The God of God is also killed,Everyone talks about what to do now.。”
How to do?
The high-level color of the American carving is gloomy,in silence。
What can I do??
Of course it is negotiation。
This is their consistent way。
After all, Xiani is still in their hands.,There is only this one.。
Johnston’s eyes swept away,Everyone’s expression is falling in his eyes.,The corner of the mouth is immediately evil。
“How is the killing?,I want everyone to know,God is destroyed,Our masters have been killed,Next,We will welcome,His bloody revenge,Do you really think negotiations??”
Conference room is still silent。
Half half,One of the high-level uncertain said,“Xianti is in our hands,He does not dare to come,We have the capital of negotiations……”“madness!”
Johnston interrupted him,Cold channel,“He has long known that Xian Ti is in our hands.,But still kill Murphy,Kill our fifty three super masters。
Today’s meter,We can only tear your face with him.,Hard speech,This is our home court,Not necessarily killing him!”
Interior,Similar to the Guardian Alliance in China。
After all, it is two countries.,The national situation is very different。
Relatively speaking,More privileged and more privileged。
Important,American carving does not lack a master。
More than a dozen high-rise,Both are the strengths above the half-level,Johnston, as the president,It also reached a pseudo-level。
“Johnston president,We all agree with us。”
At this time,One of them opens,“but,Can we play kill??”
Do you have to kill??
These words,Let everyone hands and feet。
They are not brainy,Summer can be in just one night,Destroy fifty three super masters,Kill the Goddess and the master,This can be seen about how terror of his strength。
Now now,Everything is not used。
Fist is the last word。
This is a simple fact。
Very simple,But what is helpless。
Johnston Women,“We may not fight him,But we can mobilize the army……”“Can’t!”
“I oppose!”

Semi-space in the night,Like a bloom, a beautiful fireworks,Extraordinary。

But that is never fireworks。
That is the Mars that the knife and the sword collide.,Finally,Simulation of a group of flavors in the bears burning。
Failure to wait,The two are like two ink paintings that are unlimited.,Holding the sword rushed toward the opponent。
Sword riser,Sparkling a ruthless star。
Two people in the field move,Leave a debris in the thorn light。 Various exquisible movements,Each moment will collide with tens of times,Can’t capture with the naked eye,Since the speed is too fast,They are like two black phantom generally entangled into a group。
Sword collided again,Two people return。
“Wu Xiangdong,If you have a technical problem,So next,Laozi sent you to hell!”
Summer although there is no previous relaxed gesture,But it is also confident to the extreme。
Also opposite black people,A pair is full of dignified color。
He had to admit,Still smashing the opposite。
Whether it is strength,Or IQ……The other party is out of his expectation.。
It is injured in the daytime.,At night。
In case,He even prepared the incense of the specialty。
But I didn’t expect it.,The other party is waiting for him early。
Just “,He even faintly feels,The other party did not make full strength。
This makes him give birth to an unprecedented descent,Endless angry。
In the eyes,Drink,“Sword without me!”
Jian sword,I like a big potential,Black people on the black people are dramatic,Priest,A heavy sword is like a stormy waves, usually go to the summer.。
This is his strongest trick。
It is also the end card for him.。
A sword,Don’t divide you。
Only live!
Facing this horrible sword,Summer pupil,冷 冷 一 一,“Nice,Unfortunately, you don’t have the impervincible momentum.,Nor did it died and later!”
Said that summer actually made a strange move。
Distinguish only half a snake knife,But he was horing in his chest。
Holding the handle,One-hand pinch。
Slowly push out。
This form,It seems that the world is most important in the world.。
But it is actually not。
About Jiuyang Magic,After Victoria and the mysterious people,Summer has already broken through,Have your own understanding。
His face is dignified,Even with a hint,Slowly push。
On the way,Snake knife knife knife skyrocket,Like a horizontal giant mountain generally pressed forward。
This knife。
Seal ten parties。

“Hey-hey,Just use the kind of spring that gives you drink.,But this has used a few drops.。”

“A few drops of effect is so amazing?”
Xu Ruzhen is suspected to look at the tea branch that is still growing.,Young leaves。
“Yup,How is the first time you drink, is it significant??
The same is true of this tea tree.。”
“Oh,so it is,I didn’t expect that the medicine you gave not only could rule.,Fragrant trees。”
“Hey-hey,Is it feeling some anti-day??”
Looking at Li Hui’s face, there is some smug smile,Xu Ru is white, he glances:“Be against the sky,However, don’t show such things in front of others.,I should understand the truth of the wealth.?”
“Hey-hey,I understand。”
The next morning,Liu Xiangqian can’t wait to come to the orchard。
When he came to the orchard to see the case of tea branches,His first eye thought that he was an eye.。
I even walked into a study for a long time.,I am afraid that Li Hui is from other places to find a small tea tree that is almost thick.。
Li Hui’s work from the orchard,It also saw Liu Xiang forward in a circle of tea trees.。
“Liu Premium,How about it?
Is it a bit surprised??”
“Xiao Li,This is really that I gave you the trend.?”
Although Liu Xiang does not believe in my heart,But he made a mark on the tree yesterday.,Previously the logo is still,Especially the place where the engraved number is actually going to heal.。
He remember clearly,It is a withered bark,Otherwise, he is not a letter.。
“Hey-hey,Liu pre-elderly should not take some new buds to stir up a pot?”
Chapter 217 Extreme Green Tea
“Can this??”
Li Hui Feng, this,Let Liu dynasty。
After all, this year’s six-place slices he also told。
And now it is a summer tea.,Not spring tea,But look at the tender buds of the green,He feels that this tea is really,Taste,The taste must not be different。
“Of course,By the way, how much can you give the taste?,After all, I also expect this tea tree to earn some tuition.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Liu Xiang is also no longer hesitating,Laugh:“it is good,Let’s take less,Enough enough to cook a pot。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Pretends, you will pick it up.,I also want to taste this worth of good tea.。”
Xu Ruzhen and Qin Su Ya listened to this tea tree planting in Li Hui Feng, actually worth considering,It’s also curious.。
Xu Ruzhen is close to Li with the wind,The unique fragrance on the body makes Li Xiangxue can’t help but start.。
“breeze,You said this tea worth even,How much is worth the city here??”
“Forehead,More than 300 million kilograms,But this is the previous price,I don’t know now.,After all, it is just a small bud.,I can’t pick it up in the year.。”
Hear this price,Xu Ruzhen is also surprised。
Such expensive tea,She didn’t have a drink,After all, she is not very much love to drink tea.,If you can’t drink Li Hui’s kind of tea,Improve her body,Otherwise, she will not touch it all.。
But since I drank the kind of green tea,It is also a little loved on that flavor。
Looking at Liu Xiangpea, a young bud,A tender buds。

Let the audience feel like Charlotte,I can be born again,YYI can chase the goddess Qiuya。

This will make you feel good。
If there is no sense of substitution,So what’s the cool feeling?
So these songs must be won。
But the key is,Why are the prices of these songs so much higher than expected。
Xiao Zhang was afraid to speak out,Watching the landing team smoke one by one。
At this moment,
Liang Kesheng came over。
He watched the landing class unexpectedly,Said:“Why do you smoke so much?”
Usually Lu Ban is on the set,Except when you get stuck, you can smoke so hard,In Lu Ban’s words, it is to find inspiration in the ethereal smoke。
But now the shooting goes smoothly,Obviously Lu Ban shouldn’t have such a situation at this time。
Lu Ban shook his head,Wryly smiled:“Have some trouble。”
“What trouble?”
Liang Kesheng frowned and said:“What do you think,See if i can help。”

Wang Xiaochun took the phone and stood there and chatted for a while。

Want to tell her uncle——I benefited from you,But these few years,Don’t you have less benefits?Don’t talk about the substance,You and your son slept with how many female stars in my company,Don’t you know it?
Took so many benefits,Something happened,It’s so useless,Want me to calm down,Then what do i want you?
But she dare not say that。
Sat down weakly,I feel that something big has happened this time。
She can figure it out,Her uncle called her in such a hurry,It must be because I have no ability to solve this matter。
If she can’t solve it,Then it’s really over。
What have Ten Color Entertainment done over the years,She doesn’t know。
There used to be backers there,Don’t worry about anything。
If that backer falls,Ten color entertainment must be finished。
No other choice,She must apologize to Fang Hao,Get Fang Hao’s understanding,Solve this problem from the root cause。
Pick up the phone,I thought of what he said when I called Fang Hao earlier。

Specifically what kind of content,Door closed,She didn’t hear very clearly。

Just looked at the time,It’s almost midnight,Imagine two big men in a room,I suddenly felt very lost:
“He really likes men……”
“I’m out of play in my life……”
Chapter One Fifty Six Life is like a play,All by acting
Luo Xiaohu is also a rookie who has not recorded a reality show,The whole show is that he and Fang Hao are both rookies,And they don’t belong to the people that the show group wanted to invite at the beginning,It’s just stuffed in through other channels。
The two of them need some training,To experiment with the recording of this reality show。
When Fang Hao was alone,No one to accompany him to do this kind of thing,Now add a Luo Xiaohu,Training for them also started。
Actually this training is quite simple,Is to adapt them to life under the camera。
A few cameras followed,To face them from different angles。
What do they need to perform,Life as usual is fine。
Including eating、to chat with、Reading、Washing hands or something。
Just to get rid of their discomfort with the camera。
People in the entertainment industry have adapted to life under the lens,It’s hard for people outside the circle to adapt right away。
When two people first started,The eyes are always involuntarily looking towards the camera,I think that everything I say and do will be recorded,Unconsciously there are traces of performance。
But this won’t work。
The most taboo thing about reality shows is the traces of performance,Claimed to show the truest state of life,You always look at the camera,Always say some fake things in a serious manner,More fake than a theater performance。
Of course you have to change it。

Xu Sheng’s eyes fixed on Xiao Wu’s cheek,Just coldly said“Your spirit bone and spirit ring are not attractive to me,Now that you have decided to stay with Tang Sande,You have to pay attention to your true body!”

If the Title Douluo who came here today is not himself,Then I’m afraid Tang San and Xiao Wu will also become a tragedy。
Although he is not optimistic about people and soul beasts,But not against。
Xiao Wu heard what Xu Sheng said,Obviously caring about yourself。
So I opened my eyes in amazement,She thought Xu Sheng would do it next second,did not expect……
Seeing Xu Sheng’s eyes filled with puzzlement,But since I can stay with Xiaosan,She was already very satisfied。
Xiao Wu pursed her thin lips and replied“I will!”
“Dean,I brought them Oscar!”There were two more lazy figures behind Dai Mubai who came back。
One looks slightly vicissitudes,Cheeks are covered with broken beard,If not familiar,I’m afraid it’s just one sentence“Uncle”
It’s the Big Sausage Uncle among the Shrek Seven Monsters,Oscar!
And the other way is that it seems to accompany fat,Very funny to walk,But its martial soul is also a top beast martial soul,Evil Fire Grass Chicken。
Oscar rubbed the dark circles of his eyes,Asked Flanders“Dean,Why did you tell us so early??”
Ma Hongjun scolded with extreme dissatisfaction“Yes teacher,I just tried,But now you suddenly……Isn’t this a tossing disciple??”
Randomly looked at Dai Mubai with resentful eyes,Angrily“And boss Dai,Can you knock on the door next time,That kick almost scared me to death!
Dai Mubai scratched her golden hair,Awkwardly smiled“Accident,I don’t think your fire is a little heavy,Physically reduce fire”
Secretly in my heart“This kid is so evil,Don’t call him like that,I’m afraid it won’t be over until tomorrow”
Flander stroked his beard,Smiled“Oscar,Hongjun,Call you guys this time,I want to tell you that Shrek Academy has added four new members today!”
The other four mentors behind Flander also nodded.……
Oscar showed a shocked expression,Exclaimed“what?Someone even joined our Shrek Academy?”