CUBA League on the 15th to decide the champion Peking University men’s and women’s basketball team looking forward to defending the success _1

The CUBA League decided on the 15th the champion Peking University men’s and women’s basketball team looking forward to the success of the defending
The 17th CUBA, the Chinese College Basketball League, has now reached the semifinals, and the dates for the semi-finals and finals have been determined as June 14 and 15.The defending champion Peking University men’s and women’s basketball teams will fight with the Huaqiao University men’s basketball team and the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics women’s basketball team, respectively.  The CUBA League semi-finals will be held on June 14, and the next day will be the championship and runner-up finals on June 15.The venue of the competition is located in Xiamen Jiageng Stadium.The men’s semi-final match: China Civil Aviation University VS Taiyuan University of Technology, Peking University VS Huaqiao University; women’s semi-final match: Tianjin University of Finance and Economics VS Peking University, Beijing Normal University VS Tsinghua University.  The men’s and women’s basketball teams of Peking University won the championship for the first time in the history of the 16th CUBA event last year.Aspiring to defend their title, they also reached the CUBA semi-finals this year. Among them, the Peking University men’s basketball team will first face the veteran strong team Huaqiao University. If they can make it through successfully, they may face last year’s opponent Taiyuan University of Technology in the final.  The CUBA National Sixteenth round of competition started on May 23, using a single defeat knockout system.On the 23rd and 24th, the women’s two rounds of knockout were first conducted. On the 27th and 28th, the men’s top four teams were decided by two rounds of knockouts.

Borrowing from the east wind of Qing Yu Nian, Jian Ye 2 is going to be a dog-tailed sable?

Borrowing from the east wind of “Qing Yu Nian”, “Jian Ye 2” is going to be a dog-tailed sable?
To say that the hottest domestic drama at the end of 2019 must be “Qing Yu Nian”. Nearly 200,000 people on Douban have seen it, with an average rating of 7.9 points, the play is based on the online writer Mao Yi’s work of the same name.The other cat’s greasy work “Jiangye” was adapted into a TV series as early as the end of 2018, with an average score of 7 in the first 60 episodes of Douban.4. Word of mouth is not bad in domestic dramas.A few days ago, “Jiangye 2” has been aired. After watching the first ten episodes, I must sigh that the collapse of word of mouth is as fast as the rhythm of the first episode, and it has become the first new year’s work of the dog.Stills of “Jiangye 2”.Actor and Sang Sang.The rhythm is chaotic, the actors are not as good as the old thanks to the relevant policies of the past two years, the water injection phenomenon of domestic TV dramas has been reduced, “Qing Yu Nian” has only 45 episodes, and “Jian Ye 2” is more than 60 of “Jian Ye 1″The episode is reduced to 43 episodes, and it is likely that the second season will tell the story of all six volumes of the novel (“Jian Ye” is adapted from the first and second volumes of the original book).The opening episode of the first episode was fast-paced, and at least five minutes to review the content of the first season of “Jiangye”, and it was straightforward to let the teacher treat the injured Sang Sang after the injury, and suggested that Ning lacked a belt.Seeing Master Qishan’s treatment with the silkworm rotten silk temple and looking for Master Qishan, the situation is extremely urgent. Next, I spent almost the same space on the farewell of Ning Que and Wang Tang, the brothers and sisters. This is a bit of a desire to ease and rhythm., But too much time is wasted on this plot outside the main line.Fortunately, the rhythm of the first six episodes is relatively fast. In addition to encountering the ambush of Prince Longqing, Sang Sang was healed by Dao Ye Yehongyu, Ning Que successfully brought Sang Sang to Lanke Temple, and quickly determined SangSang’s true identity is the daughter of Pluto. The two brothers of the master and the two brothers teamed up with the golden array of the big broken Ke Temple to help Ning Que take Sang Sang to escape.This is equivalent to basically finishing the third volume of the original novel with the first six episodes in the second season.Ning Que and injured Sang Sang.But the following episodes were slow in pace and some people gasped, and inserted too many original content, such as the bookworm Mo Shanshan, who was originally rescued by the master from the Lanke Temple, became a prisoner of the Xiling’s order in the TV series, and there was more than one episode.The trial was suspected of Mo Shanshan’s original content.These plays are probably intended to show the affection of the sisters of “three idiots in the world”, but in fact, the relationship between flower idiots and Dao idiots, book idiots is not very good, and Ning Que almost abolished Prince Longqing and brought flowersInsane damage; Bookworm likes Ning Que; Dao Chi regards Ning Que as his only opponent in life, but deep down in his heart, he also knows Ning Que to make friends.force.The replacement of actors also failed.In the first season, Chen Feiyu’s acting was one of the reasons for the criticism in the first half, but at least it showed the boyish spirit that Ning lacked this young man and dared to do everything.However, after changing the actor of “Ye Ye 2”, he had a little more affection for Sang Sang in his eyes, which caused a nonchalant attitude towards the world of Haotian.Tang Wang Li Zhongyi changed to Bao Jianfeng after Liming’s resignation, and also lacked the kind of anger in Liming’s anger; the queen was originally born of the Mozong saint, and in the second season after changing the actor almost became a special husbandThe godson’s good wife and mother have both the temperament of the queen and lack of British spirit. In the original book, after the death of the king of the Tang Dynasty, the queen assumed the important task of guarding the Tang Dynasty.Dao Ye Ye Hongyu, Hua Fen Lu Chenjia, Three Sisters Yu Yu, and Seven Sisters Muyou are also newer than old.The original works are rich in content and reduced after discounts. In the past ten years, Maozhi has created “Suzaku”, “Celebration Year”, “Visitor”, “General Night” and “Selected Days”.Internet literature is very popular among readers, among which “Selected Days”, “Ying Yu Nian” and “Jian Ye” have been successively adapted into TV series.If the TV version of “Jian Ye” is still working hard to restore the people and things in the novel, then, after a large number of cuts and modifications, “Jian Ye 2″ feels like it is necessary to hurry up and end this project.Chinese New Year.Datang Emperor Li Zhongyi.The main content of the third volume of the original book is Ning Que ‘s encounter with Sang Sang on the road to Lanke Temple, and the causes and consequences of Sang Sang ‘s true identity being revealed.”Jian Ye 2” finished the content in only six episodes. The most obvious deletion is the complete deletion of the line of Qinghe County (there is also the first season of “Jian Ye”).Qinghe County is a strategic fortress between the Tang Dynasty and Xiling, and lives in the cracks all year round.Later, when the Tang Dynasty was cut down, they chose to betray the Tang Dynasty and slaughter the Tang people.The Qing Gorge, which was once opened to the rest of the world, is the border between Qinghe County and the Tang Dynasty.Later, Brother Two took several brothers and sisters to stay in the Qingxia for seven days and seven nights. Later, when Ning Que negotiated with Zhishouguan Chenguanzhu, he also used the pressure chips given by Qinghe County to exchange for temporary peace.As this line was deleted and exhausted, some of the following stories became persuasive.Another major deletion is the Seven Thoughts of Buddhism.When Ning was out of battle in Xiahou, Master Brother had a long talk with Qi Nian and informed Sang Sang’s true identity. He also explained that he would go to Lanke Temple to cure the disease and find a way to make the daughter of Pluto disappear temporarily.But Qi Nian betrayed his righteousness and took Master Baoshu to reveal Sang Sang ‘s identity at Lanke Temple, which also triggered the anger of Brother Master. The second Brother ‘s “Since then no monks shall enter the Tang Dynasty”, only the Second Brother Brother of the original Volume 5Go to Xuankong Temple, the unknown place of Buddhism, and experience the rebellion of serfs who have been enslaved for a long time.If you have n’t read the original book, you will feel inexplicable in the face of the second gentleman ‘s “gentleman bullying”.The original book hints at the follow-up of the series, and the sequel may be the final season. At present, the story of “Jian Ye 2” has been developed to the content of the fourth volume of the original book, which is also the most exciting one of the original book.Ning Que with Sang Sang also got help from the Tang Dynasty and the deserted people after escaping from Chaoyang City.During the Wasteland War, the Confucius borrowed the sword, Liu Bai’s sword to slaughter the dragon, and the Confucius ascended the sky to fight against Haotian, which exacerbated the whole world. So there was the battle of the wasteland, the battle of the Qingxia, and the battle of Changan City.defense.Stills.In the battle of the Qingxia, Brother Two only took a few brothers and sisters to confront the 100,000 Allied Forces in Xiling, and successively with Ye Hongyu, Ye Qing (Ye Su in the original book, homophonic Jesus), Jian Sheng Liu Bai Yi JianDiscussing Tao is a part of the most popular book fans.Inside and outside Chang’an City, the three senior sisters abandoned Xiling to teach Xiong Chumo at the back of the academy, and then joined hands with the elder brothers. Ning lacked the battle against Chen Guanzhu.Judging from the currently exposed film and trailer, “Jian Ye 2” will enter the world in the third week of the broadcast, and the battle of Chang’an City will also appear in the film.Although some people say that the play will have a third season, in terms of the overall fast pace and progress, it is more likely that the second season will be the last season, which is to change the content of the fifth and sixth volumes of the original book.The scene of Ning Que in the town teaming up against Xiaoshu in the town has also appeared in the film.Haotian, Pluto is actually one side and two sides. Sang Sang is both Pluto’s daughter and Haotian’s children in this world.The fifth volume of the original book mainly talked about Haotian thinking that he could return to the gate of heaven through the removal of the dust edge with this world, so he called the Taoshan Conference and controlled the Ningqian who had the deepest dust edge with her, and the shears continued to be chaoticThe two again entered the Buddhist sacred treasure board.After several years of practice, Sang Sang’s fate has finally been removed. She wants to return to heaven with a cruel attitude.But it is not known that she is Haotian’s spokesperson in this world, and her destination is still this world.Ye Qing was seriously injured during the battle of the Qing Gorge and lost his life and lost all his life. However, he also realized some Protestantism that was biased towards secular life and was comfortable spreading Protestantism in the Southern Jin Dynasty.Chen realized that he could make himself the master of this world, so he launched another war between Daomen and Tang, a secular society. He tried to find Sang Sang, who was hiding in a corner of the world, to seize her hit.To become the new Haotian spokesperson, Ning Que is looking for Sang Sang to protect her while protecting Tang Guo . The actions of the last two volumes of the original book have been improved, and more humane and secular life have been added. This is an adapted cultural drama.The interplay of action scenes laid a good foundation.I also hope that the next “Jian Ye 2” will bring surprises, at least I hope to change the various embarrassment, discomfort, and want to vomit the content broadcast in the previous two weeks.□ Amu (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo

[How to make Tianma pigeon soup]_Recommended diet

[How to make Tianma pigeon soup]_Recommended diet

  Gastrodia pigeon soup contains Gastrodia medicinal materials, which is delicious enough and rich in nutritional value. It has certain effects on the treatment of migraine, hypertension, dizziness, and numbness in the limbs. Gastrodia is a common Chinese patent medicine that regulates all aspects of the bodyIt has very good achievements, so it is extremely popular in ordinary times, but the practice of this soup is really complicated and needs to be carefully understood.

  Method 1: common ingredients include young pigeons, gastrodia elata, and ham sausage.

The condiments that need to be matched include edible salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, shallots, ginger and so on.

  In fact, it is very simple. Before doing, you need to clean the pigeons, peel off the viscera and outer skin of the hair and cut them into small pieces. Put them in the water to slightly remove the bloody blood, and slice the ham sausage aside.

  Add the green onion ginger garlic section, ginger slices, gastrodiae, ham sausage, and clean the pigeons in the bowl at once. Steam the pan for two minutes, remove the onion ginger garlic, and add salt and MSG.

Stir well, as the soup melts.

  Method two; the raw materials are pigeons, gastrodia, ham, lean meat, and wolfberry.

Ingredients are salt, ginger slices, and pepper.

  After the young pigeons are cleaned and washed, cut into pieces and boiled in boiling water for about five minutes. After removing them, rinse them with cold water. This will make the meat more glutinous and more mellow.

  Add the baby pigeon, gastrodia, ham, seasoning and wolfberry seasoning, and simmer in water for about 3-4 hours.

  Gastrodia has an excellent effect on relieving dizziness, headache, and treatment of numbness in the limbs. The nutritional value of the pigeons is very high. The taste is tender and smooth. It is suitable for female friends in the office.Excessive to prevent memory loss.

[Huang Ding Ding’s taboo]_Precautions_What are the taboos

榛勮荆涓佹槸寰堝瀹跺涵閮戒細缁忓父鍚冪殑涓€绉嶉鐗┿€傞粍杈d竵鏈夊緢澶氱殑鐑归オ鏂规硶銆傚彲浠ョ倰鐫€鍚冿紝杩樺彲浠ュ仛鎴愬共閿咃紝涔熷彲浠ョ敤鏉ョ叢姹ゃ€傞粍杈d竵鏈韩鍚冭捣鏉ユ槸鍗佸垎椴滅編鐖藉彛鐨勩€傝€屼笖榛勮荆涓佷篃鏈夊畠瓒呴珮鐨勯鐢ㄤ环鍊笺€傞偅涔堥粍杈d竵鏈変粈涔堢蹇屽悧锛熸帴涓嬫潵鎴戜滑灏变竴璧锋潵璇︾粏鐨勪簡瑙d竴涓嬪惂銆傚共閿呴粍杈d竵鐨勮缁嗗仛娉?Juanhuan?榛勮荆涓侊紙榛勯腑鍙級1000鍏嬨€傞厤鏂欙細 绾㈠皷妞?0鍏嬨€傝皟鏂欙細妞嶇墿娌?000鍏嬶紙瀹炶€?00 嬏 嬶 级 尀 囀 搩?鍏 嬶 纴 鏴 鍴 華 經 2 鍏 嬶 溴 楦 $ 經 溫?What’s the matter?0 What’s wrong?I am tired of it, I am not sure about it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am doing it, I am making up 10, I am doing it.鍏 嬶 閴 骞 閞 30 鍏 嬶 钂 Metrobenzene 30 鍏 嬶 溮 濮?0 What’s wrong with you?鍏嬶紝椴滄堡500鍏嬨€備簩銆佸埗娉?1銆侀粍楦彨浠庨硟閮ㄦ挄鍘诲唴鑴忥紝娲楀噣琛€姘村緟鐢紱绾㈠皷妞掑垏鎴?铡 樼 雀 門 黛 掛 擑 擑 擛 掏 绫 擏 咏 倦 度 麴 骞 雞  鍒 囨  Adorable:  鍒 囖 囖 劖 銆?2 銆 一 漨 縨  餏 鐏  笂 順 姏 小 遏 姏  鐗 ╂Supply: Tweeting and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and squeezing and shoveling, shoveling and picking up the chainWhat are you going to do?3銆侀攨鍐呯暀搴曟补锛屼笅鍏ュ鐗囥€佸共妞掋€佽眴鐡i叡銆佽荆濡瑰瓙鐐掗锛屽啀鏀惧叆榛勯腑鍙€佸ぇ钂滅苯锛岀児鍏ョ櫧閱嬨€佹枡閰掞紝娉ㄥ叆椴滄堡锛屾椇鐏儳寮€鍚庢拠鍘绘诞娌紝鍔犲叆鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮剧矇锛屽緟榛勯腑鍙叆鍛虫椂锛屾椇鐏敹娴撴堡姹侊紝鏀惧叆绱嫃鍙跺拰绾㈡绛掞紝娣嬬孩娌癸紝鍑洪攨瑁呭叆骞查攨鍐咃紝娣嬮娌瑰嵆鍙€備笁銆佺壒鐐?What is the best way to get rid of it? Do you have a good look?Lu Jun?揂? 榛勮荆涓併€佹场妞掋€佸钁辫挏 路鎿?Huan? 濮滆懕钂滀笅閿呯倰棣欙紝鍔犳场妞掔炕鐐掔墖鍒诲悗鍔犻珮姹ょ儳婊氾紝鍔犲叆榛勮荆涓併€佸悇绉嶈皟鍛筹紝灏忕伀鐑?-5 鍒 嗛 捓 鍗 冲劲 銆?濂藉悆鐨勮彍鐪熸槸鐪嬩笉鍑烘潵鐨勶紝鐪嬭繖涓嶈捣鐪肩殑灏忛奔锛屾€庣煡閬撳眳鐒舵湁閭d箞瀚╋紝閭d箞婊戯紝閭d箞椴滅編鍛愩€傛场妞掔殑閰歌荆鏄厤鍚堥奔鑲夌殑鏈€濂介€夋嫨锛岃荆寰椾竴涓濅笣鎶芥皵鐨勬椂鍊欙紝椴滃懗涔熶竴涓濅笣鍦版笚鍏ヤ簲鑴忓叓鑵戙€傞矞鑻︾瑡榛勮厞涓佹堡 鍘熸枡锛氶噾娌欓粍鑵婁竵400鍏?椴 滆 嫤 quilting?00鍏嬮吀鑿溿€侀噹灞辨鏈€佸钂滅墖銆佺簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮俱€佽儭妞掔矇銆侀啰绯熸眮銆侀珮姹ゃ€佸寲楦℃补銆侀钁辫姳鍚勯€傞噺鍒舵硶锛?1锛庨粍鑵婁竵瀹版潃鍚庢不鍑€锛涢矞鑻︾瑡鍘荤瑡澹冲彇涓锛屾敼鍒€鎴愬帤钖勫潎鍖€鐨勯鐗岀墖锛涢吀鑿滃幓鍙讹紝鐗囨垚钖勭墖銆?2锛庡噣閿呬笂鐏紝娉ㄥ叆鍖栭浮娌圭儳鐑紝鎶曞叆閰歌彍鐗囥€侀噹灞辨鏈€佸钂滅墖鐐掗锛屾幒鍏ラ珮姹わ紝涓嬪叆榛勮厞涓侊紝鐑ф哺鍚庤皟鍏ョ簿鐩愩€佸懗绮俱€侀浮绮俱€佽儭妞掔矇銆侀啰绯熸眮锛屾敼涓皬鐏啲绾?鍒嗛挓锛屼笅鑻︾瑡鐓嚦鏂敓锛屾拻鍏ラ钁辫姳锛屾帹鍖€璧烽攨锛屽嵆鍙€

[Is there a big difference between mango and mango-]_ 马蒙 _ Different

[Is there a big difference between mango and mango?

]_ Ma Meng_ Different

Fruits are inedible foods in life. Because fruits are concentrated in nutrients and high in value, almost every fruit has vitamins. This is unmatched by vegetables. Eating more fruits can promote better health.

There are many kinds of fruits. Among them, loquat and mango are two kinds of fruits with regional characteristics. Let ‘s take a look at the difference between loquat and mango.

I hope you can understand it.

First, the difference between cricket and mango1, the size is obvious, cricket is round, the big is about the same size as table tennis, the smaller is smaller!

But mangoes are different. Most of them are more 瘪 than 枇杷!

2. The smell of mango has a kind of fragrance. It can be smelled when you put it in your hand, but there is no 3 in it. The shape of the mango will grow around the hair. It feels rough to the touch, and the mango is different. It feels smooth to the touch. 4,The taste is even more different. Mango tastes fragrant, but wo n’t go anymore. Sweet loquat is very sweet. Otherwise, it has a very sour and astringent flavor. Can I eat loquat and mango together?

I can eat with mango.

And their nutritional value is very high.

枇杷 is rich in vitamins C and B vitamins, and also contains carbohydrates, proteins, small amounts, cellulose, fruit acid, malic acid, citric acid, etc., which contains the highest carotene in fresh fruits, of which carotene can be converted in the bodyFor Vitamin A, is a safe source of Vitamin A.

Mango fruit contains sugar, protein, crude fiber, and the carotene precursor of vitamin A contained in mango is particularly high, which is rare in all fruits.

Vitamin C content in the body is not low.

Minerals, proteins, aunts, sugars, etc. are also their main nutrients.

Note: Sour fruits and sweet fruits cannot be eaten together. Sour fruits can be eaten with sour and sweet fruits, sour fruits cannot be eaten with sweet fruits, because sour fruits will interfere with the smooth digestion of sweet fruits.The emptying causes the fructose component of the sweet fruit to continuously contact with gastric acid and function, causing excessive fermentation and causing abdominal discomfort.

Juneyao Airlines (603885) 2019 Interim Report Review: Performance Breaks Again 6.

Q2 deduction was 4%.

5% 787 optimization significantly improves material performance

Juneyao Airlines (603885) 2019 Interim Report Review: Performance Breaks Again 6.

Q2 deduction was 4%.

5% 787 optimization significantly improves material performance

Company Announcement for 2019 Interim Report: Profits alternate ten years6.

4%, deducting non-reduction fell 13%, deducting non-reduction achieved growth in the second quarter4.


1) Financial data: The report initially achieved operating income.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

3%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

8 ‰, a ten-year average of 6.

4%, deducting non-attributable net profit of 500 million U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 13%, narrowing the decline from the previous quarter.

2) Quarterly: Q2 achieved revenue of 3.9 billion, an increase of 18% year-on-year, and attributable net profit1.

800 million, down 4% previously, but deducting non-net profit1.

700 million, an annual increase of 4.

5%, the first quarter deduction fell 20%.

3) Change in caliber: Another important factor in the company ‘s interim report ‘s decline in net profit is the change in the scope of consolidation. In the same period last year, the net profit of the transferred Huarui lease was included.

32 ppm, after deducting this effect, the profit for the first half of the year is 1% instead of Q2, and Q2 is for growth.

4) Operating data: The company’s ASK grows by 16 each year.

1%, RPK increased half a year.

5%, load factor 85.

4%, a decline of 0 per year.

4 averages, of which the domestic decline was 0.

4%, international decline of 0.


The company disclosed a passenger-kilometer gain of 0.

47 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

1 yuan (2.

2%), the estimated increase in seating income in ten years.


  The 787’s best obviously improved, and the cost side dragged down the attenuation.

1) The best 787 upgrade: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, dated October 18, is a modular 324-seat aircraft (common narrow-body aircraft is 160-190 seats). Due to policy restrictions, it can only fly domestic flights within half a year.The rate is only 8.

7 hours, while the semi-annual report maximum disclosure reached 11.

At 4 hours, it is similar to the three major shipping operations (just to the Shanghai-Helsinki intercontinental flight at the end of June, and it is expected to further increase in the second half of the year). At the same time, 320 and 737 are also improved to varying degrees, and the overall fleet aircraft utilization.

2 hours, an increase of 0 over the same period in 18 years.

4 hours.

2) The unit seat kilometer drags down the attenuation.

  In the first half of the year, the company’s unit cost was zero.345 yuan, an increase of 3 per year.

3%, the cost of deducting oil increased by 4 in advance.

4%, because the 787 is significantly higher than the narrow-body machine in depreciation and takeoff and landing, but compared to 18 years.

9%, 7 in 19Q1.

The unit increase of 2% has narrowed significantly, and the cost of deducting fuel for Q2 seat kilometers has increased by only 1.


3) It is expected that the unit cost will continue to improve in the second half of the year.

Starting from the second half of the year, the company ‘s unit cost is expected to continue to improve through the halving of civil aviation funds and suspension of landing-related expenses.

In the semi-annual report, it is observed that the 787 is being diluted. The operating cost of the 787 is being diluted. After the transfer to the Intercontinental, it is expected to further optimize the cost structure.

  The company intends to acquire 9 yuan11.

9% minority shareholders’ equity.

The company intends to 1.

800 million acquisition of nine yuan11.

9% equity. After the transaction is completed, the company will hold Jiuyuan Aviation 95.

24% equity.

This is equivalent to an evaluation of 15 yuan.

100 million, corresponding to 1.

35 times PB (Auspicious 2.

Three times, three times in spring and autumn, three major airlines 1.

About 3 times the PB estimate), which corresponds to 37 times the PE for nine yuan and 18 years.

  Investment advice: why invest in Juneyao Airlines?

The Air Force pointed out in our analysis and research “Out of the Comfort Zone and Embracing the Big Future”, 1) We are optimistic about the development potential of the industry, with 0 per capita.

The space for 44 trips is still huge.

  2) We are optimistic about the quality of the company’s operations.

Growth angle 15 to 18 years the company increased its fleet, passenger traffic, revenue compound growth rate of 21%, exceeding the Spring and Autumn and the three major airlines.

In the first half of 19, the number of corporate visitors increased by 19.

3%, far 苏州桑拿网 more than the industry’s 8.


From the perspective of profit, although the profit in 18 years has decreased, it has increased by 18% over 15 years and 13% in spring and autumn. Only Air China among the three major airlines has grown (the impact of changes in oil exchange).

3) The company is relatively weak due to external factors.

Exchange rate sensitivity is weak. Due to the higher fuel surcharge coverage ratio and decreasing unit fuel consumption, the sensitivity of oil prices is reduced. Compensation accounts for 25% of total profit, which is a low level in domestic aviation.

4) The turning point for optimistic company performance is approaching.

We believe the drag on 787 costs will narrow and the inflection point for performance is approaching.

5) Profit forecast: The company’s profit for 2019-21 will be adjusted slightly to achieve a profit of 15 respectively.

1, 17.

3 and 20.

700 million (previous forecast was 15).

4, 17.

8 and 22.

700 million), maintaining target price range.4-18.

2 yuan, corresponding to 19-21 times PE in 2019, which is expected to be 34-48% more than the current price.

Highlight the “strong push” level.

  Risk reminder: Oil prices have increased sharply, and economic growth has led to a shock to demand for leadership.

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Annual Report 2018 Review: Commercially Completed Areas Dredging Gypsum Board Demand

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Annual Report 2018 Review: Commercially Completed Areas Dredging Gypsum Board Demand

Weak commercial building completion data directly affects downstream demand for gypsum board. It is expected that the company’s short-term performance growth will continue to be under pressure.

In terms of long-term size, the company has a city share of nearly 60%, and new 南京桑拿网 capacity is continuously put into production.

After the inflection point in the downstream demand cycle occurs, the effect of increasing production capacity to further increase market share will be released.

Based on this, we are optimistic about the company’s long-term market share / pricing power increase logic performance growth logic.

Performance summary.

The company’s operating income in 2018 was 125.

6.4 billion, net profit attributable to mother 24.

6.6 billion, an increase of 12 each year.

54%, 5.

2%; basic EPS is 1.

46 yuan.

Operating income in Q4 2018 was 30.

5.2 billion, net profit attributable to mother4.

2.2 billion, previously 45 per second.


The overall market demand for commercial office equipment has weakened.

(1) In 2018, for commercial buildings, the growth rate of office 四川耍耍网 buildings completed was -11.

14%, -3.


At present, the 70% integrated commercial market of gypsum board demand, the weakness of the downstream drags down the overall gypsum board demand; the weak demand also leads to a reduction in capillary displacement.

91 points.

(2) Non-recurring gains and losses over the ten-year period54.

47%, mainly because US lawsuits cost more than billions of dollars.

(3) Operating costs increase by 15 each year.

98%, higher than the growth rate of revenue, due to rising raw material costs such as facial tissue.

The production capacity of gypsum board increased rapidly.

As of the end of the reporting period, the company’s gypsum board production capacity has reached 24.

700 million square meters, an increase of 13 in ten years.


The new production capacity has a positive effect on improving the company’s scale advantage and city share, but in the face of weak downstream demand, its positive utility has not yet been fully released.

Looking at the market share in the long run, we will continue to improve.

At present, the company’s market share is nearly 60%. The cost advantage of raw materials, economies of scale, and technology accumulation constitute the company’s cost advantage. The expansion of the merger and acquisition plan will continue to promote the company’s market expansion.The right to speak will continue to increase.

Risk factors.

Risks of gradual fluctuations in real estate investment, risks of fluctuations in raw material prices caused by the prohibition order, risks of litigation in the United States, and risks of macroeconomic fluctuations.

Profit forecast and investment advice.

Seventy percent of the demand for gypsum board is gradually the need for public installation of commercial buildings.

Commercial office buildings completed negative growth in 2018, and new construction started in 2015 and continued to experience negative growth. It is expected that the growth of completed buildings in 2019 will remain negative.In view of the weakening of the main downstream demand, we have lowered the company’s profit forecast. It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 21 respectively.

100 million, 22.

100 million, 23.

100 million, corresponding to EPS forecasts of 1.



37 yuan (the original EPS forecast for 2019/20 was 1.


82 yuan, plus EPS forecast for 2021).

DCF is estimated at 20.

67 yuan.

Downgrade to “Hold”.

Jingwang Electronics (603228) 2019 Interim Report Review: The company’s product production and sales boom in the second half of the year, high growth can be expected

Jingwang Electronics (603228) 2019 Interim Report Review: The company’s product production and sales boom in the second half of the year, high growth can be expected

The company announced its semi-annual report for 2019 and realized revenue of 28.

51 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

37%, net profit attributable to mother 4.

26 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.


The company’s revenue growth rate is in line with expectations, and the short-term gross profit margin pressured the company’s revenue in the first half of 2019 to reach 28.

52 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

37%, mainly due to the increase in the output of the Jingwang Phase II project in Jiangxi and the report and additional Jingwang flexible income, of which the company produced 211 rigid circuit board products in the first half of the year.

680,000 square meters, an annual increase of 16.

56%, production and sales of 101 per second.

52%, producing a total of 60 flexible board products.

110,000 square meters, an annual increase of 45.

29%, production and sales of 101 per second.


At the same time, due to intensified market competition and inadequate utilization rate of Jiangxi Jingwang Phase II project, the company’s gross profit margin for this quarter was 29 in 2019Q1.

90% formaldehyde to 27.


Focusing on the positive development of “5G + automotive electronics”, the company has continued to develop the future development of communications and automotive electronics into two major industries that drive the growth of the PCB industry. The future growth of the communications industry mainly benefits from the development of 5G technology.

The company has a total of 1 in the first half of 2019.

35 ppm, a 24 year increase.

49%, accounting for 4% of revenue.

72%, the research and development direction is mainly around 5G and automotive electronics. In the first half of the year, the company’s 深圳spa会所 research and development of “5G high-frequency antenna board processing technology, 5G high-speed board processing technology, 5G power amplifier high-frequency board processing technology, 5G related buried resistance processing technology” and other research and developmentSignificant progress has been achieved, mass production capacity has been formed, and related products have been supplied in batches to strategic customers; “77G millimeter-wave radar microwave board processing technology for automotive ADAS systems, and flexible and rigid board technology for automotive ADAS systems” have made good progress and have mass production capabilitiesAnd actively reserve capacity.

The construction of some fundraising projects has been completed, which will help the company better serve customers.

310,000 yuan expected 0.

5青岛夜网.6 billion US dollars, mainly due to Longchuan Jingwang environmental protection project, Longchuan Jingwang customer reception center and Jiangxi Jingwang Phase II project conversion.

As of now, the new electronic component surface mount production project of Jingwang Electronic Technology (Longchuan) Co., Ltd. has been completed and has reached the intended usable state, which helps the company to extend the downstream industrial chain (establish SMT placement line)) Improve the ability to actively serve customers.

Investment advice and profit forecast predict that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent from 2019 to 2020 will be 10 respectively.

17, 12.

57 and 15.

41 trillion, EPS is 1.

69, 2.

09 and 2.

56 yuan, corresponding to PE is 29, 24 and 19 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk warnings: 5G is gradually falling short of expectations, risks of fluctuations in raw material prices, and risks of exchange rate changes.

Four tips to save money and practical skin whitening


Four tips to save money and practical skin whitening

Whitening is always the goal pursued by women.

But every morning, I spend a lot of money on whitening products, and in the long run, you will definitely not be able to afford it.

Don’t worry, today I will teach you how to use the things around you to repair skin problems, which saves money and helps the skin show the most charming luster.


hzh {display: none; }  小编教你美白四绝招:  第一招:自制卸妆油  拿一个干净的容器,将50毫升橄榄油和约1茶匙乳化剂充分搅拌即可。When using, take an appropriate amount and massage gently at both ends, add water to re-emulsify, and then rinse with water.

  Olive oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin K and other rich fat-soluble vitamins, these nutrients can be easily absorbed by the skin.

It can deeply clean the skin, dissolve makeup, and is mild and non-irritating, causing minimal damage to the skin.

The emulsifier mainly produces rich foam in olive oil, and allows water to fully cover the oil content, and at the same time, the dirt and the makeup particles are washed away together.

  Homemade cleansing oils generally last about two weeks, so don’t make too much at once.

If you find it difficult to clean the olive oil, you can wipe off the olive oil on the face with a paper towel, and then rinse it with water.

  The second trick: Homemade peeling gel to grind the dried orange peel into powder, pour into the yogurt and stir well.

When using, apply an appropriate amount to the bladder and rub it gently, then rinse with water.

  Orange peel contains natural orange essential oil, which has a good oil removal and purification effect.

It can be used as an exfoliator on the face. It can also be used to wipe the thick horny parts of the body, or it can be soaked in bath water to purify the skin and eliminate fatigue.

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid, which is a mild natural fruit acid that can promote skin metabolism and make the skin delicate and smooth.

  Please note that the orange peel must be completely dry and fully ground. Generally, it needs to be dried in the natural environment for 1 Wednesday, or it can be baked in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Orange peel can also be replaced by lemon peel and grapefruit peel.

Remember not to apply the exfoliating product for too long, and knead it in a spiral circle for a longer time. The skin will become sensitive due to excessive exfoliation.

In addition, exfoliating can be done once or twice a week.

  Third trick: Homemade moisturizing lotion. Pour 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil (or glycerin) into 100cc of cold boiling water and stir well.

A small amount of emulsifier can also be added.

Usually use the same lotion as usual. After fully cleaning the skin, apply a suitable amount with a cotton pad and pat the face.

  Honey contains glucose, fructose, sucrose extract, a large amount of protein, and cellulose. It can act on the skin’s surface to moisturize delicate skin. It is a good water-based moisturizing ingredient.

With the use of olive oil, the skin loses moisture.

In addition, the homemade lotion does not contain alcohol and is mild in nature, which can reduce the burden of oily skin people who are difficult to absorb the lotion, and those who have sensitive skin should not use it in peace.

  Note that the ratio of olive oil to cold water must be at least 1:10, otherwise it will become difficult to absorb.

In addition, we can add some plant essential oils according to personal preferences, which can get the perfect experience.

  The fourth trick: homemade wrinkle mask, take an appropriate amount of milk powder or flour and half a lemon juice, add 1 egg egg white and an appropriate amount of honey, stir well into a paste, apply an appropriate amount evenly on the surface, wait about 15 minutesRinse with water afterwards.

  Egg white can tighten the skin, lemon supplements the skin’s vitamin C, and milk powder absorbs dirt from the pores during the wet-to-dry process to achieve deep cleansing.

Honey is added to prevent excessive dryness of the skin, which keeps the mask moisturizing while cleaning.

  When making the mask, remember not to have any expression or talk, otherwise the tightening effect of egg white will give birth to more fine lines on the skin, which will become an opposite effect.

  As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems.

The coming of summer indicates that sunscreen homework has been promoted to an urgent level, and moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses in basic care.

So, how can we keep the pink and delicate face undefeated?

The editor of Life House now provides you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the sun is no longer terrible and let you show off your white skin this summer!

Chu Xue, a Chinese medicine you have never thought of

Chu Xue, a Chinese medicine you have never thought of

Entering December, the land of Shenzhou is covered with silver.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, snow, especially wax snow, actually has its medicinal value.

  The first snowfall of this winter arrived earlier than previous years. Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Chen, who was in her 40s at Baofeng Road, Qiaokou District, specially brought a few bottles to the Jiefang Park to hold snow.

She told reporters that she had checked that snow water can cure burns, prevent frostbite, preserve food, and even hangover.

  At the Chongren Road tea market, Xiao Huosheng, a senior engineer who has dealt with tea for a lifetime, always regards snow as a holiday-every year except the first snow, he drives a small pot to Donghu Meiyuan, picks snow from the plum, and pastes itDate tags are archived for future inclusion.

  What is the medicinal value of ordinary snowflakes in the eyes of ordinary people?

  Xu Huifang, director of the Pharmacy Department of Wuhan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that folks said that Laxue can protect vegetable wheat and kill insects and flies. If soaked grains are used, they are resistant to drought and not worms. They can seal pickles.

According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, Laxue can indeed clear heat and detoxify, rub it on the affected area, soothe and rejuvenate blood, cure scalds, prevent frostbite, and make celebrity Yaxue boiled tea.

  Due to the serious industrial pollution in modern society, especially the length of atmospheric pollutants attached to the first snow, it is not suitable to eat and is usually not used as medicine.

After that, the continuous snow should be relatively clean, microorganisms and bacteria “suspend”, contain higher levels of nitrides than ordinary water, are easy to absorb, help metabolism, and have a sweet taste. It has a certain effect in preventing heatstroke in the summer after storage.