He is not a saint,You are not a person who is worthy of sympathy。”

Lin Ye shook his head,really,What people in this world are easy to do,It is a good man hard to do。
Lu Hao returned to the company,Tell the results to Blue Xin,After listening to Blue Xin,Didn’t say anything。
“Blue,what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her not talking,Walking to her, holding his waist。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head:“fine,Just feeling heart hurting his doctor’s son.。”
“You,Don’t want to think about,This world is too bad for the money and doing bad things.。
I have to get off work.,What do you want to do today??
I go with you。”
Blue Xin http://www.ozmilk.cn thought about it:“Nothing to do,This time now,I have gone to my dinner.,Not as good as ,Let’s go to see the little auspicious。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He just wants to have two people with her.。
Lu Haozheng bowed,Looking at the girl long and curling eyelashes,Fair face,Fantastic pink,Can’t help but have some hearts of the gods。
I can’t help but kiss her forehead.,“Blue,Recently there is a newly opened hotel,I take you in the past,Is your favorite sour。”
His low voice is lazy,Confused。
Blue Xin,Looking at him, I blinked,“Can I eat now??
wrong,The wound in my hand has already been built.。
That line,Go to get off work directly after work。”
finally,Still can’t help but the temptation,Below,She gives up the little auspicious,Waiting for time,Go to the little auspicious chooses a gift to send。
after get http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn off work,Blue Xin went to the design department,In her heart,The person of the design department is most likely to know what she is in,When she went to work,In the company, only only go to the 11th floor and design department.。
She is in the design department,Yao Yao chatted with her,Talked,Blue Xin suddenly surprised the opening,She went to the newly opened hotel tonight to eat。
People around,Including Lin Xiwei can listen clearly,After chatting with everyone,Everyone packs up to get off work。
Lu Haocheng went straight to the hotel with Blue Xin。
Road,Blue Xin received a daughter video phone。
“dad,Mother,Where are you going??”
Blue Qi looked at Mom and Dad,In fact, I really want to go home.。
The life of other countries is not easy。
Their family has money,As long as you live, you will not feel http://www.qhdjhpm.cn difficult.,All conditions are different,I really can’t go here.。
Blue Xin is close to Lu Haocheng,“Kiki,I am going to eat with your father.,Have you eaten??”
“We are still early,I am still in the studio.?
I mainly want to tell my father.,After a month, I amMState has a picture exhibition,I am very interested in Danny teacher.,But a little problem。”
Lu Hao Cheng was very surprised,Daughter’s painting is also as popular in foreign countries。
Lu Haozheng parked the car on the side of the road ,Asked:“baby,Tell Dad, what is going on,Dad helps you solve。”
Blue Qiqi, I feel that the toothache is,“Not the sister of my mother’s classmate,You said that she is an old age.,Also grab the location of the show,I also found me to study me. I threaten me.,If I participate in the exhibition,She will not make me can’t mix here.。”

If you can’t find the source,Can only purify one or two streams in the village for the time being……

Although Zhu Minglang planned to kill the stone village,Killed the dragon there,But there is no guarantee that there are other groups of lost dragons in this http://www.emkir.cn Lihuagou,Lihuagou must settle down,The problem must be solved from the root cause。
Zhu Minglang and others can’t stay in Lihuagou,Lihuagou still needs to rely on its own strength to fight these dragons,But once the water source is polluted,The guards of all villages in Lihuagou are also paralyzed。
Purify water。
Slaying the largest group of dragons。
Or the supreme leader who killed the Dragon。
This is what Zhu Minglang can do for Lihuagou。
The rest depends on their Lihuagou itself,Guard、Patrol、Hunting team……
“I……I might know,Where is the source of the river in the cave。”The girl from the stone village whispered。
She always closed her eyes before,Like sleeping,But in fact she can’t sleep at all,She listened to what everyone was saying,Hesitated for a while,Still speak。
“Girl,The kind of river deep in the crypt,How could you know。”Song Luo http://www.chuandangou.cn said。
The best http://www.nashistudio.cn mountain patroller in their village,It is impossible to find the source of the river in the cave,A thin-skinned young girl who probably hasn’t even done farm work,Isn’t it unpleasant to say this??
“Listen to her。”Li Xing painting stops Song Luo’s satire。
“There is a man who fell into the rift,He told me,In the mountains of Lihuagou,There is a crypt black lake,The bottom of the Black Lake is covered with gems,He was trapped in the black lake for a long time,Part of the cave rock was destroyed by a heavy rain,He finally left the Black Lake of the Cavern。”The girl said very carefully。

Then he saw the spring that still did not change.。

“Do not,How to see Springs,If he also failed,We also launched a plan directly”Cool said cool。
He knows that there is a lot of six models.,The general attack is not possible to hurt the three generations.。
Even now, he can’t do it.。
“that’s all,I remember that you have used this thing before.,But he doesn’t use me for me.”Spring said http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn faintly。
“hehe,This time is different.”Three generations of sneer。
A black ball flying instantly,Specious speed,I went to the front of the body.。
And the spring directly took the hand and took the road.。
“what!”Spotted eyes wide。
Seeking jade is so flying.?
Belt soil and dare not confidence。
“This thing has a decomposition capability,But it can’t decompose natural energy,I am just a relatively convenient weapon for grasping the fairy.”Spring said。
“so it is!”Three generations smiled and said。
He only knows that the Spring is not decomposed by jade,It turned out to be the reason for Xianke。
Spots,Such,The threat of seeking jade to Springs is reduced.。
“But seeking jade is not so simple.”
I was originally flying by Spring.,And quickly red,Strong fluctuations,As if there is one of the energy in expansion。
Quan Wei looked over。
The white light will be overwood.,Everything around is wrapped in white。
Huge explosion destroy everything there。
http://www.hzdh-mobilehome.cn Also delicious, because of the changes just change,Rest result,Otherwise it will also be affected.。
They also look at this scene,They didn’t expect just a small ball to trigger the explosion of such intensity。
The violent strong wind blows the armor of Yuxibo,The expression on his face has no change.。
Smoke diffuse,White light gradually disappeared。
And a purple dress is still in lossless standing there.。
Trunking barrier,Restore to seek jade,The three generations of figure are again displayed。
He saw the no-injured spring face,But what I thought soon.。
“Ah,Actually use space capabilities”Three generations of mouths have been scratched。
Spring is really difficult to deal with,His attack is stronger,There is no way to break through space。
“You plan to hide like this”Three generations look at the direction of far-flung and others。
Spring, understand the meaning of the three generations。
Once he continues to hide in the space, the three generations will be in the hands of them.,Even the city of the sky。
“Do not,I will kill you on your front.”The body of the spring disappears instantly。

I don’t know in summer.,Own prevention,Instead, it has become a dark two.‘evidence’。

He is in the hospital,Be almost,As long as you have time, you will feel。
But doesn’t mean,Others can’t pay attention to his light。
Especially the broadcast of the core disciple assessment。
People who make the whole waters in the hospital,Remember his name。
Not everyone thinks that he is approved by luck.。
on the contrary,There are some people who feel that he is not simple.。
if not,Wantong、Dong Wanqian, etc.,Will not pay close。
Later, it came out of his three swords and gently kill a Wu Wang.。
Then,More than 30 core disciples headed by Wantong,Qi Ji Chuncheng,Summer station team。
This is getting awkward。
So,About what he has done before,Very excused。
For example, inland disciple assessment,He is like a juvenile magic king general sword twenty-four players。
That time the emperor,Reserved http://www.hrblqsxz.cn the picture with the development。
Toporated and meditation,Is a special gadget。
I miss the photo can make people live in the miles.。
And the development is like recording,Keep the picture。
Summer is famous,All the foundation is dug。
Including him three swords to kill the development of Lu Jin,Also spread out。
Not exaggerated,Summer itself is strong and domineering,Sometimes I am very recruiting some girls like。
Unfortunately,He is too low.。
But sometimes it is so,Instead, he is more mysterious.。
Just like these two women,Whether Li Xiaoyue is still Liu Yiyi,They happen to be one of them。
Summer only two battle development in public occasions,I don’t know how much I have seen in the two girls.。
At this time, I saw the summer hand-held sword.,Picture in crowd,I will have an inexplicable http://www.scpsc88.cn familiarity。
And the intention of summer,No snake knife,Is to avoid nothing trouble。
After all, the shape of the snake knife is too special.,He is also impossible to take everyone to。
I don’t want to have a spider silk to join the master.。
So in the sword。
But he didn’t expect,Consumbuly,But it is recognized.。
“Can’t it be a king?”
Though,Li Xiayue’s eyes are flashing,“He is so mysterious,I heard that I have been closed.,How can I come to the world??”
Liu Yi,“What is impossible,Are we not coming to the world?,And it has been so deeply。”
“But……”“Anyway, I think he is him.,I will quietly follow him for a while.。”
At this time,The situation in the battlefield has already changed。
I don’t know who is collapsed first.,Dozens of hunters are frivolous。
Then everyone started to flee,Emergency toward http://www.xunfeng123.cn the west。


Content such as a book name,Xian Xia seedlings,Tender,Moisturizing http://www.niqi3688.cn irrigation。
Chapter 481 汝心 黑
“what is that,Good sacred……Do not,Good evil……”
Outside the door of hell,Exorciers witness,Heart is full of breath,Just see the hell king big kill,I thought that Liao Wenjie defeated defeated.,The world is no longer blocking hell invasion。
But very quickly,This group of people is confused by white ways,And the hell king seems to be sacred but flooded in the dark law,This white law can be said with a complete opposite,Hope to demon,But revealed that a division of holy meaning。
One time,They are even more unclear.,Which is evil。
See the people with confused,Hold a box,Interpretation of the body:“Don’t be confused by the surface,Jin Yu’s extraction,vice versa,Some things seem to be,It will be even more unbearable after cutting。”
You have to say this,Then I will http://www.webbai.cn understand。xn
“just kidding,Even if you are really,Don’t show it。”
Framed with chin,Sink:“I remember there is a concave shape.,My heart is like a mirror,All of them is just just,Probably just one thing。”
After blowing,He doesn’t matter if everyone does,Looking at the white way in the light curtain,Hehe, huh, huh,Review a sentence。
汝心 黑,Live to now pure life!
“gentlemen,This white god,that is……”
Shallow words to half,I have a little excessive problem,Hard scalp:“Yes……Is it a real gesture??”
“no,A law phase,Generally used for loading and bullying,That is, the body of the demon magic devil standing in the moral system。”Have no good deeds。
“Is my illusion?,It looks a bit more familiar。”Peacock muttered。
“good,You are very Huigen,Born is eating this bowl of rice。”Pingering。
Each of the peacock,A from neon,A taught from Tibet,They believe that the top of the highest level is the big day.。
Supremacy,Absolute truth,No life,Unconventional。
“The body is a law,It’s photo of the big days of the big days.,At that time he practiced the law,Hemoni,The opportunity to detect the darkness behind the light,Just borrow the appearance of big black days.。”
Dismain:“There may be some deviations on the image,After all, you can’t copy,But the god rhyme does imitate a few points.,So you will feel familiar。”
After returning,I didn’t say it.,Sit down and start reading。
As for others……
Again,Can I don’t move? Is it a high-end bureau?,This makes them chatting with ordinary people happily?
“gentlemen,This war has won,Right?”
“decide as things go,The body of the body copies the big black sky,Catch the opportunity,Born from the demonbuffaddition,Demon devils have natural suppression。”
Be divided into:“But you have also seen it.,The merits behind the hell king are really real,This goods are the main one,It is itself a technique of hell,It is difficult to be defined as an absolute evil,even if,That is also a good opponent,Is the necessary components of the yin and yang……”
Type half,Diverted,Shakehead:“And you say these more complicated,in short,Hell is also part of the universe order,The law of the body does not have an overwhelming advantage。”
“Is there a good advantage??”Shallow worry,This battle has an amazing risk,It can be described as a three fold,She will be tossing with her old bones.。
“Advantage is still,Hell intrusion,From the perspective of human and body,Hell king is wrong,He is a demon ghost。”Fragrance。

“Four bars!Just the three of us,Add another Feng Yan,Just call ahead and let her be there on time”Hu Huiru glanced at her watch as she spoke。

Xia Jianyi heard that Hu Huiru http://www.natrual.cn would invite him to dinner at noon,Quickly said with a smile:“Thank you Mr. Hu!I also had a dinner appointment at noon,Shall I invite you another day?!”
“okay!Xia Jian seems to have never invited me。If you want to do these four bridge projects in Pingdu,Then don’t say anything”Hu Huiru ignored Lu Xiuli’s presence,Xia Jian said with a glance。
Actually Xia Jian didn’t have much dinner at noon,He just doesn’t want to stay with this woman,I didn’t expect Hu Huiru to say that suddenly,So Xia Jian said with a smile:“Then it’s better to be respectful”
Talk things together,This time always passes quickly。In fact, when Lu Xiuli came to ask Hu Huiru about this,,It’s already over eleven o’clock。
Because the conversation just now was a bit unpleasant,There is no need to continue talking。Who is Hu Huiru,She’s thinking faster than anyone else。
“Hurry up and arrange,We’re over。Let’s talk while eating,Work and eat。Do you think it will work, Mr. Xia?”Hu Huiru makes arrangements for Lu Xiuli,Suddenly turned around and asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian quickly laughed and said:“President Hu’s arrangement is reasonable,I totally agree”
Lu Xiuli faintly felt that the atmosphere between Hu Huiru and Xia Jian was a bit wrong,But she didn’t dare to ask more。But Xia Jian suddenly asked Lu Xiuli:“Hey!Mr. Lu!Why haven’t you seen Mr. Wang??”
“You say Wang Wei!He is in Qingshan County。Which side of the few projects are particularly tight,He has been supervising the office”Lu Xiuli took a peek at Hu Huiru,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Hu Huiru snorted coldly:“Mr. Lu!You can listen,Mr. Xia is our biggest potential commercial competitor http://www.yuyaoshop.cn in Pingdu,Something that shouldn’t be said,Better not tell him”
“Ha ha!President Hu wants to draw a clear line with me!”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。No matter if Hu Huiru is joking with him,Still come true,Anyway, he feels very uncomfortable。
Lu Xiuli laughed,Rush to say:“how could be?Who doesn’t know that you Xia and Hu are always best friends”
“is it?”Xia Jian said,Deliberately glanced at Hu Huiru。
First2380chapter Hole cards
Hu Huiru asked with a cold snort:“What does Xia mean??Aren’t we good friends?”
“It must be counted!”Xia Jian said that,But in my heart, I have more precautions against this woman。In case she is unhappy,Then he will be miserable。

Compared to,Xu Xuan is a bit too bloated。

It’s time for the sunspots to revel。
Many Xuanhei almost didn’t vomit themselves to death because the Pacers won the championship,Now I can finally go out to see the sun。
“Los Angeles?Zijin Dynasty?Ha ha!Don’t make me smile!I can bet,Los Angeles will become Xu Xuan’s burial ground!”
“Go as soon as you win?Xu Xuan is still a person?Doesn’t take the walkers who raised him up at all?”
“I seem to have seen Xu Xuan wailing in Los Angeles,Please remember my words,James is the next Xu Xuan!”
This old man is amazing,While spraying Xu Xuan, he also took James away.Spray two。
Prick、There are a lot of people who discredit,But disappointed many people。
The Pacers fans did not suffer from love and hatred because of Xu Xuan’s departure.。
They still love Xu Xuan as always。
Including the official。
Half an hour after a public agreement was reached with the Lakers,The Pacers’ official website has updated their official website background,I used Xu Xuan’s picture of winning the championship and holding two trophies。
And attach it below:
Our hero!
right now!

The effect is not as good as the actual guidance,But it’s better than no one to guide。

The teacher has some troubles,It also specifically proposed that the fee can be halved。
But Qu Wan’er didn’t do that,It still said that according to the original charging standard。
——Now she understands,This teacher is not only highly accomplished in music,More importantly, there are still strong connections。
That day, I randomly took out five songs from my disciple,She only used two,Won her a good reputation,From a traffic singer to a professional singer。
And it also brings great business opportunities,TV stations have been to several,That’s a resource she couldn’t get before。
Compared with the benefits,That little tuition is really nothing。
Blocked unblocked,Didn’t have much influence on her。
And this villa area has not been blocked。
Now the unblocking work in society is slowly starting,Ye Wenwen is already talking to her about how to modify a recording studio in the villa,So she doesn’t have to rent a recording studio,Recording at home。
Mainly for a convenience。
The company will develop better in the future,Will sign more singers,Own a recording studio,Obviously more convenient。
Money above,They are not short of money now。
The company is ready to actively expand its business this year,The profit of the previous year is not going to be split,Is to make various investments。
This is certainly one of the hardware investments。
Some time ago because of the epidemic,The whole society is under a lockdown,If you want to modify, no one will modify them,You can think about it now。
Of course Qu Wan’er would not object to this kind of obvious benefit to her。
What she can do in return,That is to improve your singing ability as much as possible,Improve your business value,Bring greater profits to the company。

After a few days of food distribution,Gu Mu gained a great reputation。

Not just at home,The same abroad。
Invite reporters from major international media,Angel Charity Foundation did not pay less。
you get what you pay for,The propaganda has done the propaganda。
and,Jinshan Investment Company previously deliberately let go of the places where the food shortage is the most.,Made the people in those places hungry to a certain extent,The displayed hunger does have a strong impact。
This picture appeared on the news,Can bring greater communication effect。
And the picture of Gu Mu and the others carrying food to their homes one by one,In this context, it seems even more touching。
Great philanthropist is already Gu Mu’s current title。
Fang Hao and the others followed a lot of shots。
Especially Fang Hao, the so-called most popular poet in China,Received a lot of attention。
A man who is so handsome and caring,Still a noble poet,This kind of person setting is simply perfect to the extreme。
The appearance is high to a certain extent,That can cross skin color and race。
Foreign countries are not without fans,Even some foreign fans have more brain-disabled behaviors than domestic fans。

The dialogue between Song and Tielan was in front of Huang Lei,Nothing to hide,This makes Huang Lei puzzled,He was a little awkward listening,An unspeakable feeling。

But anyhow he didn’t think much,Song Zheng, whose surname is Song, let him go to the room,He just followed,I’m very curious,If you want to know more, you don’t even think about it.,In his opinion, it is nothing more than some minor problems,Although this guy said something important。
“Brother Huang Lei,This time I suffered,The person who dealt with the chick is no ordinary person at all,He is professional,I heard that once,Then ran away,Is a deserter,But despite this, this guy is a ruthless character,I have been trained,I haven’t done bad things less in these years。”
“Because the opponent is good,Also said he was a professional killer,The level is also the kind of past,So this person is not ordinary,During this period, I didn’t say to do anything too surprising。But this guy is definitely not easy to deal with,This matter is not our turn to intervene,I’m afraid you have to ask a professional person to solve it at this time。”
With the surname Song, Song briefly said some general information about this matter,Huang Lei also knows what happened,As expected,The person I saw through the camera before knows that the other person is not an ordinary person,But he didn’t expect this person to be trained,It seems to be really good,This makes Huang Lei have to think carefully about this matter.,What to do about this?
Huang Lei can’t deal with such a person at all。。
But he can’t take it as it didn’t happen。
This person has already started shooting at the chick,This period also created a particularly tense atmosphere,This makes Huang Lei impossible to justify,He has to do something on this matter,Stop the other party from doing this,But I didn’t think about it.,Do you really have to face that guy directly??
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Ignore him
What Huang Lei meant to say,Really match each other,Huang Lei has no chance of winning。
Not only that,The situation will become relatively bad at this time。