The dialogue between Song and Tielan was in front of Huang Lei,Nothing to hide,This makes Huang Lei puzzled,He was a little awkward listening,An unspeakable feeling。

But anyhow he didn’t think much,Song Zheng, whose surname is Song, let him go to the room,He just followed,I’m very curious,If you want to know more, you don’t even think about it.,In his opinion, it is nothing more than some minor problems,Although this guy said something important。
“Brother Huang Lei,This time I suffered,The person who dealt with the chick is no ordinary person at all,He is professional,I heard that once,Then ran away,Is a deserter,But despite this, this guy is a ruthless character,I have been trained,I haven’t done bad things less in these years。”
“Because the opponent is good,Also said he was a professional killer,The level is also the kind of past,So this person is not ordinary,During this period, I didn’t say to do anything too surprising。But this guy is definitely not easy to deal with,This matter is not our turn to intervene,I’m afraid you have to ask a professional person to solve it at this time。”
With the surname Song, Song briefly said some general information about this matter,Huang Lei also knows what happened,As expected,The person I saw through the camera before knows that the other person is not an ordinary person,But he didn’t expect this person to be trained,It seems to be really good,This makes Huang Lei have to think carefully about this matter.,What to do about this?
Huang Lei can’t deal with such a person at all。。
But he can’t take it as it didn’t happen。
This person has already started shooting at the chick,This period also created a particularly tense atmosphere,This makes Huang Lei impossible to justify,He has to do something on this matter,Stop the other party from doing this,But I didn’t think about it.,Do you really have to face that guy directly??
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Ignore him
What Huang Lei meant to say,Really match each other,Huang Lei has no chance of winning。
Not only that,The situation will become relatively bad at this time。

“Are you using the technique of Thunder God?。”

As the most familiar in the ninja world,The ninja who is also the most proficient in flying thunder god,Of course Water Gate knows exactly what ninjutsu is used by Instant Fire。
“The Art of Thunder God?Known as Uchiha Dasha, you can actually fly Thunder God!How did you learn?”
Jiuxina stared at the instant fire,The eyes are dull,Out of the corner of the mouth。
It is clear,This is the effect of Pai Daxing’s transformation card。
After all, Pai Daxing would be like this when thinking。
“Hey,Kusina,Are you OK。”
I saw Jiu Xin Na look like this,Watergate showed a worried expression,Move forward and shake Kushina’s shoulder。
“what,I’m fine,I was just thinking。”
Kushina didn’t notice what he did just now。
For Kushina’s words,Watergate is ashamed,He decided that it would be better not to tell her the behavior of Jiu Xin Na just now。
“This is where you live temporarily,Quickly restore strength,I’ll let you visit Naruto if I have a chance。”
After hearing that I can see Naruto,Water Gate and Jiu Xinnai looked at the flashing dog head at the same time。
After the resurrection,The biggest wish of Watergate and Jiu Xinnai is to visit their son,And my grandchildren and granddaughters。
Although two people are currently a sponge,One is starfish,But their feelings for the Naruto family cannot be wrong。
“There is a child tied inside,His father would take money to redeem people,What you have to do is before his father comes to redeem people,Keep him safe。”
Shunhuo said as he walked into the cave with Watergate and Jiuxina。
“Kidnapping children is not something Konoha ninja would do。”
Kushina was unhappy about the kidnapping of children by the flash fire。

Especially 37 hits one,Will you be able to gather monsters in the ice ring and slow down?

Meili who hasn’t gone far.Dongfeng stealth listens to Carlos’s conversation with the death knight,The artificial heart and lungs in the body are beating rapidly。
Hunk,Always sad。
But for thousands of years,There are so many sorrows and joys,The old master is not a hypocritical person。
Seeing that Carlos is not a fake brave but a real fierce,Meri.Dongfeng is relieved to leave。
There are more important things for him to do。
Such as poison cloud。
The Royal Guard was corrupted in half,These elite human warriors have turned into muddled corpses,Plus the skeleton soldiers and ghouls secretly mobilized by the cursed sect,And a few death knights。
The total number of Scourges is less than 10,000,How long will it take to destroy the city of Lordaeron?
The answer may never be。
The riots in the city stem from fear of the unknown。
Although the guards in the city“Sensitivity”,Most chose to stay in place,Indulge in panic enlargement,But I said before,Lordaeron City million population,There are actually 600,000 outside the city,The Menethil royal family still has a lot of troops to mobilize。
Ten Thousand Scourge Corps,It’s impossible to fight against the restored Kingdom of Lordaeron.。
But those plague poisons are different。
This season,Already less windy,The Lich King Ner’zhul looked at Lordaeron again,The power of the Ice Throne affects the weather,The plague poison cloud is gradually spreading throughout the city。

“Do not,no no,I don’t need to take medicine,Slept all day,it’s better now。Just a little boring。”Ding Yi said with a feeling,She’s really afraid of him coming。

Jiang Fan took a breath,Didn’t insist,Said:“Do you have a fever?”
“Do not burn。”
“Oh,Just don’t burn。”Jiang Fan breathed a sigh of relief,Said:“I feel boring in the early stages of pregnancy,Can’t beat the spirit,Lethargy,baby,You must have a baby,Haha。”Jiang Fan laughed happily。。
Not hard to imagine,How happy Jiang Fan is at this time,But Ding Yi’s heart is like a knife,Eyes full of tears,She quickly covered her mouth,So as not to make a noise。
“Are you listening?”Jiang Fan asked when Ding didn’t speak。
“Yes。Listening……”She was very sad。
“Do you try this morning?”Jiang Fan is still continuing this topic。
Ding Yi wiped his tears quietly,Said:“No,Don’t try so often,Try again in two days。”
“Ok,Try or not,Wait until the meeting is over,Let’s go directly to the hospital for an examination,It may also be the problem with that batch of test papers。”Jiang Fan said:“Ask your unit for leave,Make unit substitution。Rest a few more days。”
“Ok,I have asked for leave from my work……”Ding Yi quietly wiped the tears that flowed to his cheeks。
Although Jiang Fan hopes Ding Yi can take time off,But when Ding Yi said that he had asked for leave,He still feels something is wrong,Somewhat unexpected。Ding Yi is a person who takes work seriously,Even with a cold,With her character, she can stick to it,At the moment of his election,If she didn’t get the disease that couldn’t get up,,She will never ask for leave,And she is also the reporter for the conference。
Thought of here,He asked caringly:“baby,Do you feel particularly uncomfortable?”
Ding Yiqiang said in spirit:“Nothing special,Just boring。”
Jiang Fan is relieved,He said:“It’s normal to be bored,Is a normal pregnancy reaction,Wait for these days,Let’s develop a detailed diet、Sleep regime,You should also master this knowledge。”
at this time,Jiang Fan is still in the dark,He didn’t even know what happened。
Ding Yi reluctantly smiled twice,She leaned on the sofa,Said weakly:“You have a good meeting,Don’t worry about me,I will pay attention。”

“I am more proud that I have a master like Shiyun!”

Meizi immediately replied in a respectful tone。
“You made me look at me today!No wonder Director Liu Yong will let you succeed Shiyun as the captain of the Interpol Team of the City Bureau,It seems that Liu Ju also knows people with insight。”
Qin Liang said with emotion……
“Nowhere……That’s Director Liu and my master in order to train me,Deliberately give me a chance,I’m far behind the other seniors in the game。”
Meizi said embarrassedly。
“It’s rare for you to be so young,Can do it,Humble and restrained,Not bad,Pretty good!”
Qin Liang said with great appreciation。
“Brother-in-law, don’t praise me anymore,Keep on boasting,I’m going to be ashamed!”
Meizi’s face is so red that it looks like something,Obviously she is telling the truth。
“really?You are ashamed to show me。”
Qin Liang, this is another“Ghost”Up,Even talking to Meizi has a teasing taste……
“I don’t!Let’s turn around and let my master shy to show you,Haha。”
Meizi said mischievously。
Qin Liang was speechless for a while!The words of plum,The first time and Yang Shiyun suddenly appeared in his mind“Bridal anthurium”At night,Yang Shiyun’s shy look……
“All right,Brother-in-law,Don’t worry about it!If you get lost again, your food is going to be muddy!”
Meizi found Qin Liang absent-minded,Looks like a dead soul,Hurriedly reminded him,Qin Liang woke up suddenly,Sure enough, the dishes in the pot have come out of the pot,Hold off for a while,I really want“Make a fool of”Up……
“Meizi is so lively and cute,The conditions are so good,Are there really no boys pursuing her??”

This is the general situation,But with the arrival of too many foreign capitalists,This makes the situation in Ben Thanh much more complicated than before。

Xia Chenglong smiled coldly,Really messy guy,Outsiders can’t see clearly,He can understand the meaning at a glance。
Shit attracting investment,It is nothing more than connecting and dividing Zhao’s control over Bincheng,Want to crush them from multiple aspects at the same time,President Wang really played a good deck。
The most direct reason for this is that the other party may already know his identity,Knowing that hardship won’t work,Just use this method。
“Fourth brother,What shall we do,Do you want to attend that party??”
Xia Chenglong glanced at the invitation on the table,Smile:“go with,Of course going,Since it’s an exchange party,How can you not go as the leader of Bencheng??”
“but,I’m afraid that is a Hongmen Banquet!”Zhao Shaojiu said worriedly。
What about the Hongmen Banquet,If you want to have a banquet, you have to have the ability,He’s going to see what medicine he sells in the gourd。
Xia Chenglong thought of something,Turned around and asked:“Is there any news about Zong Xueqin??”
This is a thorn hidden in his heart,Everyone in the clan can run,Only that woman must be found,She is the chief culprit who forced the Zhao family to close to destruction,If you can’t find the other party,Let him confess in front of Zhao’s ancestral hall,Xia Chenglong will never forgive herself。
Zhao Shaojiu shook his head,She never gave up looking for that woman,But very strange,The other party disappeared after the treasure hunt was over,No clue。
No clue is clue,At least better than receiving a corpse。
As long as there is no news,Just follow the conclusion that the other party is still alive,Someday he will find each other,Let him kneel and confess。
There are faint tears in Zhao Shaojiu’s eyes,Since her brother left,After the family decline,No one treats them so well。
“Jingle Bell……”
Everyone is discussing,Zhao Shaojiu’s phone rang,Sister-in-law called,You can tell from the voice on the phone,Things are in a hurry。
“Shaojiu,flourishing,Qianqian has an accident!”

“Deserve it!This kind of scum,Scum!Die one less one!Die as soon as possible!”

Yang Shiyun suddenly said angrily。
“Poetry cloud,Pay attention to how you speak,You are the police,And also the chief of public security,There are some things others can complain about,You can’t say!Pay attention to the impact!”
Wang Yan immediately reminded Yang Shiyun a few words。
“Isn’t there no outsiders here?……”
Yang Shiyun answered embarrassedly。
“Let it go?Hehe。”
Qin Liang gloated at Yang Shiyun。
“To shut up!Did i let you talk?”
Yang Shiyun turned black immediately,“Look forward to”Yelled Qin Liang!
“Oh,I shut up……”
Qin Liang got beaten on this face,Isn’t this not a long memory?!Just finished being taught by Yang Shiyun,It’s been a while,He took the initiative to hit Yang Shiyun’s muzzle again,Isn’t this just being idle and looking for abuse?。
Not only Qin Liang didn’t dare to suffer,Even Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun dared not talk anymore!Everyone can see,Yang Shiyun is very irritable now,She should be eager to interrogate the murderer named Huang Shengli,For her master Liu Yong“Revenge”,But that guy has been rescued!wavv
“Stay calm,That guy can’t run away。”
Wang Yan said something in a hurry。
“I know he can’t run away,I just……just……”
Yang Shiyun is embarrassed to continue,After all, she herself knew:My current identity is different from when I was a detective captain,Many things can’t be said casually now。
But everyone can understand her mood,As Liu Yong’s lover,Of course she is anxious to avenge her master!As the chief of public security,She is more anxious to wash away this shame for the police!Dignified chief of public security,He was attacked by a gunman on the road,The murderer simply doesn’t put the police in his eyes!
“OK OK,Adjust your mindset,Show a little,There are a lot of things waiting for you to finish later,And your master can’t continue working now,If my estimation is correct,I’m afraid his work will be entrusted to you,You have to be mentally prepared。”

“why?you……Don’t you want to come back?”

Xiao Yu’er’s uncle was surprised,Asked disappointedly。
“This is my home,You are my family,How could i not want to come back!but,I am now a dragon soul warrior,It is my responsibility to defend my home,Duties and missions,So I must be with my troops now,With my comrades in arms,But I assure you;I will often find time to come home to visit you,Although I am very reluctant to be separated from you,But i have to do what i should do,Besides,The Dragon Soul Force rescued me from hell,Gave me new life,Gave me hope and courage to live a new life,Now help me find home,Found you……and so,Please forgive me,Understand me。”
Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy three Do you look at me like this
? Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy three Do you look at me like this
Xiao Yu’er said all the words Liu Xiaoyun secretly taught her in her room just now in one breath.!
“well said!Good kind of Yuer!Sure enough, it’s a woman who doesn’t let her beard!I really didn’t look away!Dragon Soul Warrior,Should be like you!Yuer,I represent all dragon soul fighters,To toast you!”
Qin Liang praised Xiao Yuer a few words loudly,Then I really stood up,Pick up the wine glass in front of you,Respect Xiao Yuer,I looked up and drank the liquor in the glass!
“Thanks godfather!Thank you for loving me for so long,Love me,Care about me,Protect my Shen family!”
Xiao Yuer stood up too,Using my heart for the first time,Sincerely thank Qin Liang and others in front of you。
“uncle and auntie,In fact, there is another reason why Yu’er doesn’t move home temporarily;Now all the soldiers in our army,Are following our Taoist master to learn martial arts,And learning kung fu,Can’t let go for a day,Otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost,All the previous efforts will be wasted。”
crucial moment,Liu Xiaoyun will naturally stand up to help Xiao Yuer,This is also in Xiao Yu’er’s room just now,She promised Xiao Yuer’s promise。
“Ok,No matter what you decide,We will support you!you’re right,Since you are an honorable soldier now,Then it will look like a soldier,And you are not only a fighter,Now she is still one of the famous Shen family sisters,Work hard,I want to fight for your Shen family sister!remember:Home,Waiting for you back forever!we,Waiting for you forever!”
Xiao Yu’er’s uncle is obviously a very understanding person,He figured out the truth almost immediately,Especially after Qin Liang said that,He even felt that Xiao Yuer’s choice was correct!So he did not hesitate to express his attitude。
“Do you have to go to the battlefield again??”
Xiao Yu’er’s aunt asked Xiao Yu’er carefully。
“nonsense,Warriors don’t go to battle,Why do you want a soldier??What you asked……A bit redundant。”
Xiao Yuer’s uncle immediately sarcastically said to his wife。
“I want to tell her,You must protect yourself!”

“correct,What shall we eat tonight?Do you want me to cook two side dishes for you myself?”

Qin Liang is in a good mood,Then I remembered that the two of them haven’t eaten yet。
Turned back,He only saw Xiaodie now!
“I have a hasty!what happened to you?I was not surprised by what I said.?”
Qin Liang was really taken aback!Because Fluttershy is now,It’s really a look that has been completely scared!
“Qin Liang……Is what you said just now true?”
Xiaodie’s painful question。
“it is true,But don’t be afraid,I told you,I am here,You don’t have to be afraid of anything。”
Qin Liang still kept talking about painting and painting……
Fluttershy stood up,Facing Qin Liang。
“just kill me!”
Xiaodie finished these five words,Already tears down。
“What are you talking nonsense!I will kill you?Why am i killing you?”
Qin Liang also stood up,Incredible face,He asked in surprise……
Fluttershy’s appearance is absolutely impossible to pretend,So she is not joking and talking to herself!
“because……I am also a Dechang dealer!Since you have to fight against the dealer,Then you kill me first!”
Fluttershy said in tears!

33444_007之Goldfinger 金手指等390个文件_

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