The next goal of Baixing Credit Information at the age of two is to overlap the product system to cover the credit cycle

The next goal of Baixing Credit Information at the age of two is to overlap the product system to cover the credit cycle
On May 23, Baixing Credit Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “100 Credit Information”) antique two-year anniversary celebration and performance conference.As of May 22, Baixing’s basic credit reference product-personal credit report, had an average of 500,000 queries per day, and the cumulative usage exceeded 1.200 million; special attention to value-added products such as checklists, information verification, anti-fraud series, etc., with an average of 250,000 queries per day, and a cumulative usage of over 53 million.The amount of credit information products gradually exceeded 1.700 million pens, all products use 8 per second.7 times, and rising steadily.Baixing Credit Reporting is a national-level network financial personal credit basic database established by the pre-traction head. The main purpose is to replace the transfer credit information center with the financial credit data of individual customers covered, to achieve industry information sharing to effectively reduce risk costs.On May 23, 2018, Baixing Credit Reporting Co., Ltd. was officially inaugurated in Shenzhen. It was gradually the first and currently the only market-oriented company to obtain a personal credit business license.From the perspective of the cooperative agencies and the data collected, at present, Baixing’s credit reporting service has covered the B-end (institutional end), C-end (individual end) and G-end (government end).As of May 22, Baixing Credit Reporting has developed 1,710 financial institutions, and contracted nearly 1,000 credit data sharing institutions. The personal credit information system contains more than 85 million personal information subjects and 2.2 billion credit records.A total of more than 40 million P2P people have been included, basically achieving full coverage of the online lending population, and effectively cooperating with the special rectification work of Internet finance.In order to meet the needs of consumers’ right to know, the APP service launched by Baixing Credit Information System at the beginning of this year formally provides personal credit reports to the public.In addition to financial information, Baixing Credit Information has also connected with 9 types of financial alternative information such as public security identity information, operator’s mobile phone information, bank card information, air and rail travel information, broken trustee information and mutual gold debt evasion and debt cancellation information, andAchieve cooperation intention with 5 types of information sources such as map address information, local government affairs information, life service information.Baixing Credit Information has currently launched 6 products, and 10 products are under development. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the total number of products will reach more than 17 products, resulting in multiple overlaps in the credit life cycle, direct service to information subjects and marketMulti-domain, multi-faceted and multi-level product system such as customized services of the organization.In addition, for the arbitration data, consumer credit data, and subsequent credit evaluation, credit asset value evaluation, etc., Baixing Credit has initially planned more than 33 products in 4 product reserve pools, and strive to gradually realize credit within three years., All-round service and marketing, full coverage of credit information products in the whole process before, during and after the loan.In April of this year, Baixing Credit Information was announced for the filing of the enterprise credit information license, and it is advancing the construction of the enterprise credit database to help the development of small and micro-enterprise financing and small and micro-finance.”Baixing’s credit reference combines small and micro enterprises and business executives with strong personal characteristics, and takes small and micro enterprises’ credit reference business as an entry point to gradually cultivate and develop corporate credit information services.The company actively promotes the construction of enterprise databases, expansion of data sources, product development, and marketing, and has made progress in stages.”Baixing’s credit information said to the sauna, Yewang.Regarding the information collection boundary and personal information protection issues with high market attention, Baixing Credit Information told the sauna and Yewang that it always adheres to the bottom line of information security and proprietary protection, and practical and relevant laws such as the “Credit Management Regulations” and other relevant lawsThe law requires that we pay attention to and strengthen the protection of the rights and interests of personal information in every switch of information collection, collation, preservation, processing and use, and guarantee the rights of information ownership, right of objection and right of correction, etc.Zhu Huanqi, chairman of Baixing Credit Report, recently wrote about the exploration of the application of the alliance blockchain in the field of market-oriented personal credit reporting. The reporter learned from Baixing Credit Investigation that the alliance chain technology can give full play to its multi-party participation and encryption features.Promote the point-to-point secure sharing of data.This technology is a feasible and innovative alternative to post-loan non-performing asset management, sharing of scientific and technological achievements, and other related fields.Reporter Cheng Weimiao editor Sun Yong proofreading Liu Yue

[Is pregnant woman eating eggplant good for the fetus?


[Is pregnant woman eating eggplant good for the fetus?

Eggplant is a relatively common vegetable. The nutritional value of eggplant is relatively high. It is rich in supplementary fiber and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is good for the body to eat some, especially the rich in eggplant.Containing vitamin p, this nutrient element can enhance the elasticity of capillaries, and it is also very good in preventing microvascular rupture. For pregnant women, eating some eggplant properly can also help the body to nourish, especially in preventingThe effect of abortion is also very good, of course, it is best not to eat too much eggplant.

After all, eggplant is a kind of cold vegetable.

When eating eggplant, be sure to choose fresh eggplant.

Benefits of eating eggplant for pregnant women: 1. Protect cardiovascular and anti-scurvy: Eggplant is rich in vitamin P. This substance can enhance the adhesion between human cells, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, and reduce the brittleness and permeability of capillaries.To prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding, so that cardiovascular function remains normal.

In addition, eggplant also has the effect of cancer scurvy and promote wound healing; 2, implanted gastric cancer: eggplant contains solanine, can inhibit the proliferation of digestive system tumors, and has a certain effect on implanted gastric cancer.

In addition, eggplant also has the effect of clearing the cancer fever; 3, anti-aging: eggplant contains vitamin E, has the function of preventing bleeding and anti-aging, eat eggplant often, can not increase the cholesterol level in the blood, and has a positive significance in delaying human aging.

Can pregnant women eat eggplant?

From the above analysis, it seems that it is edible, but it must be determined according to physical fitness, and you should not eat too much.

Like all foods, a balanced and moderate amount of food is the most healthy diet.

Precautions for pregnant women to eat eggplant 1, choose fresh eggplant: friends of pregnant women should also choose fresh eggplant when choosing eggplant.

It is best not to choose old eggplants, especially old eggplants after autumn, which contain a lot of solanine, which is harmful to the human body and should not be eaten more.

2. Don’t eat more: Li Shizhen said in the Compendium of Materia Medica: the coldness of eggplant is cold, and more food will bring abdominal pain.

So don’t eat too much eggplant at once.

[How to make clam noodles]_How to make_How to make

[How to make clam noodles]_How to make_How to make

The way people eat noodles is different in each region, and the way they eat noodles is different, mainly by adding the seasoning to the noodles.

In coastal areas, because these areas are rich in seafood, they like to add some seafood when eating noodles. For example, clam noodles is a good seafood noodle.

Because clam noodles have a delicious seafood flavor, what is the specific method of clam noodles?


Wash the clams and put them in the pot. Add the water to the clams. Put the shallots and ginger slices in the pot. Pour a spoonful of cooking wine, cover with a high heat and cook. After boiling the water, cook for about 2 minutes.It can be opened, if there is an individual that does not speak, it is dead;

2. Remove the clams and cook the water for the clams.

Put the oil in the wok, first stir-fry the minced ginger, minced garlic and tempeh, then stir-fry the sliced pork belly, add a spoonful of raw soy sauce, and pour the broth of clams into the potAfter a short time of flowering clams, there will be a small amount of mud and sediment). After boiling the fire, add chives, clams and season with salt;

4. Disperse the eggs and pour into the pot and turn them into the frangipani, then turn off the heat; 5.

Cook and remove the noodles, rinse with clear water, and pour them with brine.

Tips: After buying the clams, soak them in water for a while to let them spit out the mud. Clams and other seafood products are very delicious. Do not put MSG or chicken essence when cooking, and use less salt.The seafood is best cooked so as not to be unhygienic. When choosing clams, if you spit the meat, it will retract if you move it. Of course, it can also be closed by tapping the “giggle” sound.Yes, the “bang” sound is dead, half open mouth is not fresh, and those that do not open the shell after cooking are dead, so do not eat.

[How to grow soy sprouts in the family]_Soy sprouts_How to grow_How to grow

[How to grow soy sprouts in the family]_Soy sprouts_How to grow_How to grow

There are many types of soy sprouts. Cold soy bean sprouts and fried bean sprouts are all delicious. If you don’t want to buy soy sprouts outside, then you can learn about the methods of making soy sprouts in some homes.


Choosing beans: Spread a cup of soy beans evenly on the seedling tray. Carefully selecting the first step of the beans is related to the final quality of the bean sprouts.

Pick out those that have worm eyes, black ones, and particles that are not full.


Soy beans: Rinse the soybeans, put them into a clean, oil-free container, and add water to the soybeans about 8-10 cm.

Soak for 10 hours (adding more than three times of water is for soy beans to absorb more water in 10 hours of soaking, re-absorption of sprouts, winter time can be extended to 24 hours).


Temperature: Soy beans and mung beans are soaked together. The temperature above 30 degrees in the kitchen will affect the sprouts, so they are moved into the living room microwave oven, and the temperature changes about 28 degrees. The beans will not spoil at the appropriate temperature.


Rinse: I only soaked for about 10 hours in summer, and the beans have grown a lot. At this time, I washed the beans with running water and discarded them.


Nursery: Clean the nursery tray and put in a piece of wet nursery paper.


Spread beans: Spread the clean soy beans evenly.


Watering: The most important copy.

Beans must be moist at all times, but not too much water, and no water can be left at the bottom of the plate, otherwise the roots may rot.


Light: Soy beans, mung beans, black beans, etc. must be protected from light seedlings. After spraying water, the seedling tray should be covered with a thick layer of moist gauze.

(Generally, filter the soybean dregs or white cotton cloth, you can try to cut a larger one to completely block the light.


Sprout: Place the entire seedling tray in a dark room or in a clean, ventilated container.

Watering must be done every 3 hours in summer. Generally, when the cotton cloth touches it, it is ready to be watered.

The bean sprouts should be completely poured, and the cotton cloth should also be sprayed and covered, and usually the fine buds will be emitted by the next night.


Day 4: The bean sprouts are almost 5-6 cm in length. The bean sprouts of this length are also the time when the nutritional value is the highest, and they can be eaten immediately.

Annual report series of thematic analysis of catering and tourism companies (4): Zhonghui Travel (834260): R & D overweight drives the transformation of intelligent local integrated service providers

Annual report series of thematic analysis of catering and tourism companies (4): Zhonghui Travel (834260): R & D overweight drives the transformation of intelligent local integrated service providers
Event: The company released its 2018 annual report, which reported that it had integrated its headquarters 2.370,000 yuan, an increase of 42 in ten years.18%, net profit attributable to mother was 4,208.960,000 yuan, an increase of 98 in ten years.9%. Destination attractions integrated service providers, intelligent attractions system business accounted for a 天津夜网 significant increase: the company is a tourist destination attractions integrated service provider, the main business is tourist attractions operation and management.The report’s major main business includes tourism services (accounting for 66.95%, an annual increase of 24.15%), covering self-operated scenic spots in Changsha Shiyan Lake Tourist Area, glass bridge scenic spots in Shiniuzhai Village, entertainment projects, catering and accommodation and other service projects; planning and planning revenue accounted for 13%.72%, an annual increase of 58.92%, mainly contributed by Hunan Zhonghui Travel Planning Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary, which contributed over 90% of its revenue; operating management services accounted for 6%.86%, an annual increase of 45.28%, which is due to the increase in the number of chain business prospects 杭州夜网 and increased operating management revenue. The main hosting attractions include Fujian Xiatianxia Tourist Area, Luzhou Jiulongjiang National Forest Park, etc .; the proportion of smart scenic area system business.93%, with revenue growing 329 annually.94%. In 2018, 3 companies were invested and integrated tourism services were added. In July 2018, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Guangdong Zhonghui Travel Intelligent Planning and Design Co., Ltd .; in November 2018, the company and Xingjiang CountyDianjiao Tourism Development Co., Ltd. co-funded the establishment of Chongqing Xingdian Zhonghui Tourism Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., which accounted for 10%; in December 2018, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhangjiajie Zhonghui Tourism Great Falls Tourism Management Co., Ltd.The report summarizes that the company supplemented the comprehensive tourism services of Wugong County in Shaanxi, Fujian Xiatianxia, Yiyang Carnival, Tonggu County in Jiangxi, Hubei Sky City and other integrated tourism services for hosting operations. 37.Higher investment in research and development of intelligent tourism systems, incubating digital entertainment experience: Reports and the company’s increased investment in research and development of intelligent tourism systems, increased research and development costs.41% reached 7.84 million yuan, and gradually applied for 66 proprietary intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and focused on creating a mixed reality intelligent travel system “AI Travel”, a smart overall solution “Hui Lun Intelligent” series of software and hardware products and “”Smart cloud” equipment and big data operation and management platform accelerate product conversion and provide full technical support before, during and after the tour for the continuous upgrade of smart tourism.In March 2018, the company participated in the “Hunan-Britain Future Innovation Summit” and signed a cooperation agreement with Holovis of the United Kingdom, including the exploration and development of cutting-edge technologies for digital entertainment experience, research and development of cultural experience products, digital entertainment experience projects, product incubation,Tourism IP creation and other aspects.(Source: Annual Report, Xinhuanet) Cooperative Schools Established China’s First College “Experience Industry College”: The company cooperated with Anhui Engineering University in July 2018 to establish the first Experience Industry College, and was approved by the Ministry of Education to begin recruiting graduate students.Focusing on the needs of industry development, promote the training project of the “hundred companies, thousands of people plan” of the experience industry, and set up experience industry management, experience education, event planning, camp education, experience tourism, study trips, comprehensive practice, experience design and other applications for the industryTraining courses and study tours.(Source: annual report, Xinhuanet) Investment advice: The company’s current total market value is 9.64 ppm, corresponding to the 23X budget surplus, it is recommended to pay attention. Risk reminder: force majeure risk, receivables increase.

Rainbow Group (002419): A large number of same-store and newly-opened data show stores under the guidance of three strategies to speed up the reserve project

Rainbow Group (002419): A large number of same-store and newly-opened data show stores under the guidance of three strategies to speed up the reserve project

Event: On March 15, 2019, Tianhong Co., Ltd. released its 18-year annual report, and the company achieved operating income of 191 in 2018.

38 ppm, an increase of 3 per year.

25%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company9.

40,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.


Basic income is 0.

75 yuan, basic income after excluding non-recurring gains and losses.

66 yuan, in line with our expectations.

Opinion: Three major strategies help to increase the same store profit and realize the obvious turnaround in improving the store.

The company firmly promotes the three major development strategies of “digitalization, experience-based, and supply chain.”

Digital strategy strengthens customer access and insights, while improving mid- and back-office technological transformation; experiential strategy thickens thick store service values and differentiated characteristics, and ultimately improves passenger flow and revenue; supply chain strategies help category management and promote national supply chain integration.

Under the guidance of the three strategies, the company’s comparable store performance and expected store to significantly reduce losses have achieved significant results.

Comparable store revenue previously increased by 1.

58%, profit maximization increased by 17 in the short term.

07%, the first and foremost is the comparable store revenue growth of the shopping mall format5.

55%, profit growth increased by 64.


In terms of reducing losses, the five expanded stores realized losses, reduced the number of stores, and the ratio of replacement to the profit of profitable stores decreased for three consecutive years.

Profitability continued to improve.

In 2018, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 27.

25%, an increase of 1 over 17 years.

50 samples; in terms of categories, the gross profit margin of all categories except food has fallen slightly compared to 17 years, and the gross profit margin of all other categories has improved compared to 17 years, and the company’s profitability has continued to increase.

In terms of expenses, the reporting fee is 21

10%, a year to raise 0.

66 levels, mainly due to the scale of opening stores and employee salary increase.

The sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio increased by 0, respectively.


22 / unit, the financial expense rate decreased by 1 unit.

The company’s net profit margin was 4 in 2018.

73%, an increase of 0 from the previous 17 years.

85 units.

The store expedited, and the report strategy opened 16 new stores.

In 2018, the company opened 16 new stores in Hunan, Fujian, Jiangxi, and Guangdong provinces, including 8 department stores and shopping malls and 8 supermarkets, which is faster than 2017 (5 new stores opened in 17)/ 1 supermarket).

In terms of perspectives, there are 4 direct-operated shopping malls and 1 management output; 1 direct-operated department store, and department stores and shopping malls take over the two franchised store projects of Dingnan and Jiujiang, respectively;2 homes.

As of the end of 2018, the company has settled in 25 cities in 8 provinces / cities, operating a total of 13 shopping mall stores, 68 department store stores, 81 supermarket stores, and 159 convenience stores, with a total area of more than 3 million square meters.
There are sufficient reserves.

In the total number of reports, the company signed 17 shopping mall and department store projects and 13 independent supermarket projects.

It is mainly distributed in Shenzhen (6), Guangdong (12), Jiangxi (4), Hunan (4), Jiangsu (2), and Fujian (2).The company has sufficient reserves to fully prepare for orderly and stable store opening in the future.

Earnings forecast and rating: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 杭州夜网论坛 2019-2021 will be 10 respectively.

7.1 billion, 12.

2.7 billion, 13.

5.3 billion; diluted earnings are 0.

89 yuan, 1.

02 yuan, 1.

13 yuan.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk factors: Consumption recovery is not up to expectations, store expansion is not up to expectations, same-store growth.

Spring Airlines (601021): The quality of income keeps improving and the net profit is better than expected

Spring Airlines (601021): The quality of income keeps improving and the net profit is better than expected

Investment Highlights: Spring Airlines announces 2019 interim results.

In 2019H1, Spring Airlines achieved operating income of 71.

500 million / + 12.

9% (/ means short-term, the same below), realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.

500 million / + 17.

5%, realized non-net profit deduction of 7.

2 ppm / + 15.

3%, basically 0 benefits.

93 yuan.

Of which Q2, the company achieved operating income of 35.

1 ppm / + 13.

1%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 3.

800 million / + 11.


The net profit attributable to mothers is slightly higher than the forecast issued in the July 15 report “Intensified differentiation of airport performance and substantial stability of airlines.

  The level of refined management continued to improve, and the quality of revenue continued to improve.

In 2019H1, the company’s ASK and RPK growth rates were 9 respectively.

3%, 12.

2%, passenger load factor 91.

7%, an increase of 2 per year.

4 points, among which the domestic, international and regional occupancy rates doubled and increased by 1.

1, 4

9pct, 5.


In terms of revenue quality, in 2019H1, the company’s overall passenger kilometers revenue increased by 0.

73%, among which domestic, international and regional are 0.

91%, -0.

09%, 0.


By quarter, Q1 and Q2 passenger load factors increased by 3 respectively.

0pct, 1.

8pct, we estimate that the passenger-km revenue Q1 and Q2 increase by 0% and 1, respectively.


In the first half of the year, the company added 5 A320neo nets, and the daily utilization of the aircraft was 11 hours.

19 hours, a year increase of 0.


This year, the company set up a new Lanzhou base on the basis of seven first-tier bases. In the first half of the year, the passenger kilometer revenue of bases other than Lanzhou increased.

  Affected by the introduction of new aircraft and rising take-off and landing fees, unit costs rose slightly.
2019H1, the company’s operating cost is 61.
800 million / + 11.


The unit ASK operating cost increases by 1 every year.

9%, of which the unit fuel cost exceeds ten years.

3%, unit non-oil cost increased 2 ahead of schedule.


The increase in unit non-oil cost is mainly due to the company’s annual replacement of A320neo aircraft, which has a higher lease price than the previous generation of CEO, and the depreciation of the RMB against the US dollar, which has resulted in the unit flying lease fee exceeding 14.

Overall, due to the increase in airport-related landing standards, unit take-off and landing fees increased by 13.


In addition to breaking the cost of jet fuel and take-off and landing fees, unit operating costs in the first half of the year decreased by zero compared with the same period last year.


At the same time, we noticed that the company’s Q2 supplemented revenue2.

3 ppm / -21%, our judgment is mainly due to airline supplements and financial subsidies or substitutions.

  The favorable policies in the second half of the year have been implemented and are optimistic about performance.

Looking forward to the second half of the year, we believe that there will be measures that are favorable to the airline company. (1) The supply-demand gap caused by the 737max ground-breaking of the entire industry will be realized in the peak season; (2) The market-based pricing of major domestic airlines will continue to be liberalized.Conducive to revenue management; (3) The introduction of a combination of tax reduction and fee reduction policies, including a 50% reduction in the levy standards of civil aviation funds, suspension of the rise and fall of the relevant charging standards for aircraft takeoffs and landings, a reduction in the aviation kerosene purchase and sales spread, a reduction in the level of maritime cargo insurance premiums, etc.The cost burden of the airline company is conducive to the rise of the company’s profitability.

In addition, if oil prices remain at current levels, oil prices will increase by about 13% in the second half of the year.

  Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 2 in 2019-2021.

14, 2.

47, 2.

85 yuan, considering that the company is the only beacon listed in China, and the future conversion of Pudong Airport Satellite Hall, Beijing Daxin Airport, Chengdu New Airport and other large infrastructures into production will bring new opportunities for the company’s development.

  22-24 times of PE in 2西安耍耍网019, corresponding to a reasonable value range of 47.


36 yuan, maintain the “preliminary market” rating.

  Risk warning: oil prices increase sharply, supplements increase, and the growth rate is less than expected at any time.

Teaches you how to treat children after illness

Teaches you how to treat children after illness

When you have a cold, you should give your children more water, eat more light food, mainly semi-fluid and liquid foods, eat less meals, avoid fatty foods, and avoid tonics to prevent repeated illnesses.For colds and colds, wind and colds are mainly caused by cold, and the symptoms are mainly fever, and they are afraid of cold runny nose.

When children have a cold or cold, they should pay attention to diet and nutrition, avoid eating cold and cold foods and cold fruits, and avoid sour and astringent foods. They should eat warm foods such as ginger, light white, and light tempeh.

  Therapeutic side: ginger candy drink.

Fresh ginger (with skin) 3?
5 tablets, 10 grams of brown sugar, a bowl of hot soup with decoction, preferably with a little sweat.

  Wind fever and cold are mainly manifested in children with fever, heavy nose, but runny nose, and thick yellow sputum.

When your child is suffering from wind-heat and cold, you should pay attention to eating cold and light foods, and avoid eating: sour, astringent foods, hot foods and fatty foods.

  Therapeutic side: Chinese cabbage and radish drink.

50 grams of Chinese cabbage, 50 grams of white radish or carrot, cut into thin soup and drink.

  Fever, cold, fever, do not rush to fever, body temperature is below 38.

The best way to reduce fever at 5 months is to cool down physically, such as cold compresses, alcohol wipes, warm water wipes, and so on.

However, when the fever is high (39 or more), fever should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor.

Pay attention to light diet, mainly liquid and semi-liquid, and pay attention to drink plenty of water.

  Once diarrhea occurs in children, proper diet conditioning, in a sense, takes a therapeutic effect.

In the past, diarrhea in children was more conducive to restricting diet because the veins were allowed to rest.

However, clinicians not only do not ban diets, but encourage children to eat. The reason is that children are in the golden age of development and need supplementary nutrition, and diarrhea causes a lot of nutrient loss. If you restrict your diet, it will only worsen the situation.Aggravating malnutrition, hindering growth and development, leading to reduced immune function and making diarrhea more difficult to stop.

  Diet side: 1.

Apple puree.

One apple, mash it and stew it.

If the diarrhea is not serious, you can directly eat and use apples. Apples contain fruit acid, can absorb toxins, and contain metabolic acids, and have astringent effects, which is suitable for pediatric diarrhea.


carrot juice.

Take 100 grams of fresh carrots, wash and chop them, add them to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil before taking.

Carrots contain pectin, which helps form stool.


Huaishan congee.

Previously 50 grams of rice, 20 grams of Huaishan.

The above ingredients are cooked into porridge.

With the effect of strengthening the spleen and spleen.

Effective for persistent, chronic diarrhea.

  In winter, the temperature rises, the children’s activity is small, and their resistance decreases.

So winter is a season when children are sick.

So how should we eat in the winter to enhance children’s physique and prevent disease?

  First of all, calories are consumed in winter, so the amount of diet should be increased.

Increasing your diet does not mean eating more fatty foods or supplements.

Children are pure yang bodies, and yang is inherently abundant. Improper supplementation compensates children for physical damage.

We should provide children with balanced supplements at all times.

Fat and thick foods are more difficult to digest. Eating more foods can easily cause trauma, which is the source of diarrhea and fever.
Should increase the staple diet muscle muscle’s need for heat energy.
  First, pay attention to vitamin and mineral supplements.

Winter temperatures are low.

Children’s outdoor activities will be reduced and they will receive less solar radiation. Therefore, vitamin D and vitamin C supplementation should be taken into consideration. Vitamin A protects the integrity of respiratory epithelial cells and reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases.

Vitamin D and D in the liver should be supplemented. Children should eat the liver once a week, the amount is about 50 grams.

Vitamin C-free foods are fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Zinc can improve the body’s immunity, iron deficiency resets the immune system, so attention should be paid to zinc and iron supplementation.

Foods that do not contain zinc include oysters, animal offal, etc.

Iron-rich foods include animal blood and red meat.

The temperature difference in winter is large, and a little carelessness can cause colds, fever, diarrhea and other diseases.

  Finally, parents are reminded that, in addition to paying attention to diet, they must often take their children to participate in various outdoor sports to enhance their resistance.

Pay attention to ventilation indoors, do not often go to public places with a lot of people, and change clothes in time according to temperature.

As long as you pay attention to the above points, the babies will definitely spend a healthy and peaceful winter.

Remember 6 running tips to avoid sports injuries_1

Remember 6 running tips to avoid sports injuries

Running is a great way to keep fit. However, if you do n’t know how to run, you can easily get injured.

Studies have shown that the probability of running injuries is 30%?

Let ‘s take a look at some running essentials.

  1. Change the running shoes. Running shoes are worn for too long. The elasticity of the insole will be weakened, the cushioning effect will be lost, and the joints will be easily damaged.

Recommended to run every 480?
800 kilometers should be replaced with new sneakers.

However, depending on factors such as weight.

  Weight, the shorter the life of sports shoes.

You can divide 75,000 by your weight in pounds (1≈2.

2 pounds), resulting in the maximum number of miles per pair of shoes (1 mile ≈ 1609 meters).

  2. Short steps Once the steps are too large, you will feel that your feet are stretched forward when running, which will cause destructive pressure and easily cause sports injuries.

In the daily running process, the step does not have to be too large, it is advisable to set the footing point at about 33 cm in front of the body each time.

Suddenly increasing the pace can easily cause Achilles tendon injury.

  After landing, the toes should have a “grasping feeling” and the body should lean forward at the same time to reduce the impact of the feet and the ground.

The smaller the impact force, the lower the risk of injury to the ankle and its joints.

  3. When running back and forth with the swing arm, it is very important to swing the arm naturally. The amplitude of the left-to-right swing of the hand exceeds the midline of the body.

During the swinging of the arms, the fingers, wrists and arms should be kept relaxed, and the elbow joint should be bent about 90 degrees near the sides of the body.

  4. When running lightly with fists, both hands should be gripped naturally.

Over-tightening will cause the forearm muscles to tighten and the slender shoulders to move normally.

When running, do not hold your mobile phone, MP3 or drink bottle, otherwise it will cause your body to sway, unable to maintain the correct upright posture, and increase the chance of injury.

  5. Stable head and shoulders During running, the head and shoulders should be kept stable. Avoid shaking your head.

Your eyes should be looking forward and your shoulders should be relaxed.

  6, the body straight from the neck to the abdomen, the trunk of the body should be kept upright naturally, do not bend over or deliberately straighten, should not shake too much.

This position helps to keep breathing smooth, balance and stride coordination.

  Master these 6 running tips to keep you fit and avoid injuries.

How to save a divorce

How to save a divorce

To save the marriage, someone tried a new method: “try a divorce.”

That is, when both people agree to a divorce, they are not in a hurry to supplement the divorce procedures legally, but just “divorce” in their lives first, so that both parties can experience a life without “the other half” in the context of divorce; At the same time, it enables both parties to calmly reflect on the marriage, recognise him or her, give the marriage a buffer period, and then decide whether to leave or not.

  The stories of women trying to divorce here may give some inspiration to those who are also on the verge of divorce.

  Fortunately, he was on a business trip for three months. Wu Mei, female, 28 years old. The first two years after marriage of the company employee, he treated me like a princess, and proudly introduced me as my wife. I bear the love of him.The whole person moved.

Seriously, love is the nutrient that I rely on to survive, and this is exactly fatal, because once I lose this nutrient, the fresh marriage life will slowly wither away.

  In the third year after the marriage, the problem came. He and a female college student who had just been assigned to their unit went on a business trip outside the city.

It came to my ears, and all my good faith in men collapsed instantly.

Unfortunately, that day I encountered a 2-year-old son who was ill. I carried him to the hospital by myself, thinking that he was laughing and laughing outside with my lover, but I went back and forth between the hospital and home.Running around, I feel sad.

Sitting on a hospital bench, my tears could not stop.

  Later, even though he confessed to me on his knees and vowed to never do that again, I couldn’t forgive him.

He treats me as always, but I don’t think it’s true love anymore.

What made me feel terrible was that I became unacceptable to him, trivial, hysterical, worldly.

For example, as soon as I saw that he was dressed beautifully, I mocked whether he was going to date with his lover; when he wanted to be with me, I wondered if he had treated other women diligently.; I often check his mobile phone, check his e-mail box, reveal his scars . Until one day, he finally growled at me: “If you don’t want to live with me, just forget it.

“I show no sign of weakness:” What’s so great, just leave!

With a sigh of anger, he signed the divorce agreement.

  Since he is going on a business trip for 3 months, we have agreed to go through the formalities together after he returns from a business trip.

In these three months without him, I slowly cooled down, and his goodness to me once again appeared in front of me.

What would my life be like without him?

I asked myself over and over again.

For the first time I felt that he was still so important in my life, and I almost paid a heavy price for my morale.

On the day he returned from a business trip, I called on a few of his friends and went to the station to pick him up, so we spent the full moon again.

Postponing the divorce gave me a calm mind about marriage.

Now, our husband and wife have become a new selves, striving to be more considerate and warm to each other, so that every day is like a love before marriage.

I secretly rejoice: Fortunately, he has been on a business trip for 3 months!

  Divorce Reunion He Li, female, 36 years old, freelance writer We are a couple with a marriage age of 12 years.

Twelve years ago, we were two poor students who had just graduated and had almost nothing except our love.

Twelve years later, we have all achieved certain results in our respective fields. Almost all of them have now, but we are tired of each other and each has his own confidant of the opposite sex.

Finally, we decided to break up.

  When everything was over, he left. At last he asked me, “What more do you want?

“what do you need?

I looked at him and couldn’t remember anything else.

I had a whimsical thought and said, “Let’s go to Beijing, where the acquaintances will end there.

“He listened for a moment, then nodded.

We bought our tickets, packed our bags, and set off on our divorce journey to say goodbye to our 12-year marriage.

  On the train, we found the sleeper carriage.

Two sleeping berths, one for the upper berth and one for the lower berth. If it was before, he would take the initiative to sleep on the upper berth and leave the lower berth to me.

But now, we are about to cease to be husband and wife. I offered to toss a coin to decide, and he agreed.

As a result, I lost, dragged my bulky body, and climbed very hard, lying on the slender, sultry upper bunk. I only knew how comfortable it was to sleep on the lower bunk, but I didn’t feel it before.  It was almost noon when the train arrived in Beijing. We found a hotel for dinner. The waiter handed me the menu. I ordered a “spicy chicken” and he remembered it. This is my favorite dish, but I have 3I haven’t eaten in years.

Because his stomach had been operated on 3 years ago and he could not eat irritating food, our family never made this dish again. When he and I went to the restaurant for dinner, I never ordered this dish again.
It can be seen that at that moment, his heart was full of regret.

  In a divorce trip of more than a week, although we ate, lived, and played together, we were two separate people.

Spend your own money, choose what you like to eat, play with what you like, and sleep in your bed at night. You don’t have to take care of the other party and change yourself for the other party.

At first, both people felt a sense of liberation, but within a few days we began to feel the emptiness and loneliness of liberation.

  The day of the return journey has arrived, and there is an inexplicable fear in the hearts of the two people. We do not know where the fear originated.

The return journey means eternal separation for us and eternal freedom.

This used to be the relief we both hoped for, but now, on the eve of separation, we are all a little scared.

Freedom and security cannot coexist. You can choose one, but not both.

We got on the train silently. There were still two sleeper tickets, still one on the other, but by the time I took out the coins with a trembling hand, he had already climbed to the upper bed alone.

I looked up to see his two feet and the grey socks with a hole in my feet. My heart was sore. How could I not see it in the past?

That night, I didn’t sleep, so did he.

Both were awake, one on the upper berth and one on the lower berth, separated by a distance, but our hearts have never been so close.

  After the divorce came back, we lived together again. No one mentioned the divorce.

  Give me another chance to get married. Seagull, female, 32 years old. My teacher Zhang Lin and my husband Zhang Lin are university alumni and belong to the kind of love at first sight.

I haven’t seen any other boy in my heart since I knew him.

I am confident that extramarital affairs will never happen to me and Zhang Lin.

  However, I was wrong.

One day last May, I accidentally found a photo of a young girl in a Zhang Lin bag.

My gut tells me that Zhang Lin’s relationship with this girl is very unusual.

After my repeated inquiry, he acknowledged the hidden relationship with the girl, and my heart broke.

Zhang Lin pleaded with tears and begged me to forgive him. He said that he couldn’t do without me, he just felt a little boring about the plain marriage.

He also said that he never thought he would really leave me.

After calm thinking, he begged me to give him a chance.

But I still signed a divorce agreement with Zhang Lin, but there was no legal procedure, just separation in life.

  The husband knows that the child is the only one who can keep me and the code of marriage, because the child is my life and I cannot give up.

After the trial divorce, he broke off the relationship with the young girl and became a good father. He loved his daughter very much.

Every Sunday, he rode his daughter to the Children’s Palace to learn painting, and then waited outside the door for 3 hours.

Last fall, after his daughter went to school, he checked his daughter’s homework every night, and he rushed to go to every parent meeting.

As a child care worker, I know that father’s love is as important as mother’s love in the growth of children, and even more precious in a sense.

  To love children, we must give them a complete home.

In my heart, the child is the most important. For the child, I can endure all the pain and grievances.

After calm thinking, I decided to give Zhang Lin a chance.

Because if you love someone, you have to endure everything. Those in love are not without grudges, but true love can resolve grudges.

So, after 6 months, considering his outstanding performance, we are back, and both sides cherish the marriage that they almost lost.

  In fact, many times, it is the taboos between the husband and wife that blind our eyes.

Is it impossible to reply again if the feelings are “sully” again, and a derailed person will definitely make mistakes again?

When we get married, we only think about love and not love, so what about divorce?

If love is still there, if you are still willing to join hands with the future, why should you close the door to happiness?Now that you still have feelings for each other, you might as well give the marriage another chance and work hard to take care of it and run it.

  Repair the marriage and try to tolerate the other side during the trial divorce, close one eye and tolerate the other side’s fault.

Some couples try their best to change each other after marriage, so that their characters, hobbies and themselves tend to be consistent. As a result, they often go against their wishes. Not only cannot they change each other, but they also increase the psychological distance between the two.

Facing the differences, the sensible choice is tolerance.

This tolerance in getting along with a couple can ease life conflicts and deepen love.

At the same time, pay attention to changing some shortcomings in your personality and habits.

Because changing oneself is easier to overcome than changing others. To properly accommodate each other in the hobbies and habits of life can not only eliminate a lot of friction, but also promote the harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

  Avoid conflicts During a trial divorce, it is best not to criticize each other.

Even if you have to say a few words, you must use a gentle tone, because a gentle tone is conducive to psychological communication and can eliminate rebellious psychology.

Don’t make any decision rashly when you are in a bad mood or when the two sides are in dispute. You have to wait for things to change before handling them calmly.

  Humor and self-mockery are the best ways to actively seek divorce.

If you do something wrong, ask the other party to forgive.

So, it is a woman’s instinct to hold, and the man should take the initiative, put down the stinky shelf of the manly husband, and give the woman a smile, and say a good word.

In this way, even the stubborn “fortress” will break free.

  Before you talk openly, you need a pen and a piece of paper to list the problems that cause your marriage crisis in your life, even if it is the smallest problem.

When you are ready for a calm mood and analyzed all the reasons, you should take the initiative to propose personality.

Personality should be open and honest in the absence of a third party, and put all possible problems on the table.

  Ask someone to help some couples in order to maintain their self-esteem, do not easily compromise with each other, insist on letting each other take the initiative to talk to themselves.

In this case, it is best to ask someone for help. In some cases, find a friend who has certain prestige for both parties to host a conversation. As for you, take the opportunity to take the ladder down the stairs, take the initiative to admit your mistakes, and prove yourself.Is a person who knows how to change and is reasonable.

In this way, what other reason does the other party not reconcile with you?