“Yes,Don’t there be a bullet hole on this coffee table?,Why is a girl of a female killer playing on the roof?”Bi Zhongliang carefully viewed the scene,

“Only one possibility,That is the long reaction of the tank class.,Speed is also fast enough,When the female killer knocked on the door, I didn’t feel right.,As for the elastic hole on the roof,Long Tuli Junuxun is playing with the other party。”Ding Mun Village,
“Not that it is very powerful?。”
“His hands have no weapons,If there is a female killer, you will die.。”Ding Mun Village,
“Is there a gun on a special plant??”Bi Zhongliang is still skeptical,
“He said that the gun was in the car.。”Li Shun said,
“Loyalty,You suspect a long history?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Not dare,I am a very strange thing.。”
“Killer to assassinate the pool, hunger, is true,And a total of six people,According to the description of Tangmann,Three men lifted the gun directly to the door,Seeing the long pokeing auxiliary window and escaped。”
“Loyalty,You http://www.zbqqgjk.cn think too much,According to Jiuchi,Tang Manqing,Zhuang Xiaoman’s description and on-site analysis are no problem.,The long tank class long did not bring a weapon,He can only choose to evacuate。”
“The goal of the killer is that the long-term pool of the pool is correct.,But the scene is not too strong.,But I can’t say it again.。”Bi Zhongliang said,
“All right,This case doesn’t need you,Wang Manchun is self-evident,Then let her be responsible.。”
before dinner,Blue Carrier with a basket of fruit came to the long spring Junjiajia,Fu Yingxue really gave her Japanese cuisine.,Give her clothes to her before eating.。
Girls seem to like beautiful clothes,Happy blue carp said to Fu Yingxue:“Snow sister,Such a long pool is given to me.!”
Originally Fu Ying Xue wants to say that the more such comrades, the better,But I http://www.hhhtlxs.cn want to be tossible every night.,This is swallowed again.。
“rouge,Is there any situation in recent special industries??”Qi Rui,
“I really have something to tell you.,The former day, Telecommunications section received an encrypted text,It is from Japan,Content is agreed to the plan,Specifically, I haven’t found it yet.。”
“be careful,Now Ding Mun Village is investigating a leaking。”
“I know who is。”
“Von Mana?”Tangshanhai will definitely not let the blue carp are seen.,Ruined this is determined to be Feng Manna.,
“You know you.!”
“Guess can also guess,But how do you know??”
“I still know about Feng Mana’s,Just let me not think about Zhou Yuhao actually hifted her.。”
“I have long said to you.,Sometimes people want to see,Don’t look at the surface,But no matter how you don’t have to mix them anyway.,Even what happened?,Do you remember??”
“I won’t be mixed,But I will tell you。”
“Um,This is right.。”
Finish,Rui Rui sent blue carp,I have a few words in the car.,Eight-point,Rui Rui, I came to the gods,Seeing Wang Tianfeng wearing a gray long shirt,Wearing a pair of patch shoes sitting in front of the table slowly in eating 馄饨。
“boss,Give me a bowl of 馄饨。”Rui Rui said next to Wang Tianfeng。
Wang Tianfeng bowed his head and drank his mouth soup,Say:“Do you have anything to find me??”
“How do you act?,I just inform you.,The special high-class long poolicate can not kill now,Because he is related to a huge plan,We can only start from him.。”
“what’s the plan?”
“Arctic Star Lacy Plan,This thing doesn’t have to use your Shanghai Station.,Just I hope that you will plan to kill anyone in advance, you can’t tell the rose in advance.,Because we also have a lurking in the enemy camp,Don’t misunderstand our own people.。”
“If you can give me some intelligence,Or give me the assassination target, I don’t know who can kill.,No one can’t kill?。”
“it is good,I will give you two people now.,A name called Luo Junqiang,A called Cai Guangyuan,You go to kill them.。”

First1587Chapter Dead is you

Ancient morning!
When the summer is saying these two words。
Liu Qingqing does not help but stay。
She slows down,It is completely awareness to see two black people。
Her eyes,Be a horror,Be ignorant,Is extremely strong and unbelievable。
“Ancient……Ancient morning?”
Two black people are silent。
For a long time。
One of them http://www.cvtt123.cn slowly uncovered the black yarn in the face,Out of a handsome cheek。
It is ancient morning。
Another person also exposed a positive face。
This is a middle age of 40 years old,An ordinary,But the eyes are cold, scary。
“Liu Miss,Sorry,You can’t die.。”
The ancient body shape is not high,But this is a cold scary。
Handsome face hanging on bloodthirsty cold,Explosion cold light in the eyes。
“Blame,I monsted that I recognized me in summer.,Liu Miss,Don’t blame me after the next hell.。”
Liu Qingqing is not afraid of death,The resentment in my eyes is more。
“Dead is you。”
Summer hand-held spear,The shoulder’s clothes have been reddish by blood.。
But he seems to feel hurts.,Slow and force to the middle age。
His body transplants a unable to describe perseverance,Dark hair,Put the face http://www.shulekai.cn is more resolute as a knife。
An invisible‘Potential field’Prove with him,It’s like an impact wave, it’s generally in the square.。
He didn’t pay attention to ancient morning。
A darkly dark scorpion ice is cold,Dead, lock, middle-aged。


Summer is first,It’s reluctant。
Because his seat is next to the female star,The other party is obviously used as a fan。
“I am not a fan。”Summer is very simply shaking head,Immediately,“That is my seat。”
Middle-aged person,Just talk,But see the turn of the Han Jingjing handle.,Through shadowing of large half face,Cold staring in summer。
immediately,She ordered her tall tone ordered,“I am not used to sitting with strangers.,You are now changing with my broker now。”
Toned,Her mouth can not check,Immediately change,“Do not,You still change your position with your bodyguard.,Go to the business class,I don’t like strangers to be too close to me.。Do not worry,I will compensate for you.。”Finish,Look at middle-aged,“Guo Ge,Give him two thousand dollars,Let him change with the bodyguard。”
NS501chapter It is very serious in the day and day.
Summer has experienced a lot of things,I have encountered many people。
Among these people,No extensive IQ is lacking self-feeling good existence。
They are high,气 气 指,Look for ordinary people,Arrogant,Quite unreasonable。
Bai Yunfei,Longfei,Palace Paul,Seasonal red……So。
In summary,There are too many people under this world.。
Just like this female star。
Not only owed,And IQ is touching。
You http://www.ciscoqt.cn don’t want to sit with Laozi,Can be changed with your broker.,Eight bodyguards five assistants。
He wants to ask the other party,Where is the superiority?。
Just because it is a star,Privilege?
Mom,After the national day, I was still the first love of Laozi.。
There is still something that makes summer uncomfortable。
During this time, he before online game.,Will look at the news,And this actress called Han Jingjing,I have published more than one remarkable speech。
so,Summer day is very uncomfortable。
so,Very serious consequences。
Now,Heisei Shen Dan Tian,Big surgery,Finally gathered……Mouth。
Just open,But I don’t want Han Jingjing to see the summer street.,When you rise up,The proud face is with a contempt。
“Lose?it is good,Give you three thousand,Immediately change your seat with my bodyguard。”http://www.nanshahd.cn
Summer mouth smashed,Directly。
Now,大 术,“The lady is now getting more and more powerful.,I used to be stationed,Now become a carrier,Miss,I give you five thousand dollars.,Can you sleep with me??Shock……I haven’t experienced it yet.。”
Voice is just,The whole audience is silent。
Everyone was shocked by this sentence.。
Really stayed。
Including several fans who have just returned there,And watching the lively passenger。
Everyone looks at the summer with a complex look。

Fortunately, the speed is not very fast.,Otherwise I am really serious.。”

Mu Zihao is impressed by making your own mom and dad,Tell it to say it。
And this thing is really unreasonable.,Indeed to the problem of the car。
Lu Si, listened to Mu Zizi,,I thought of my mother.,Mom has always watched the big brother is not pleasing to the eye,In fact, my mother sends a big brother many times.,She has seen it,But it’s your mother.,She is naturally helping her mother.。
She and my brother,Not too much feelings。
Le Yu’s eyebrow,actually,I also understand http://www.zhpjc.cn the practice of Mu Zihao.,I want to make her don’t have to be guilty.。
In fact, this man is very good.,In-depth contact with him,I found that he is actually a responsible man who dares.。
Xu Feng and Mu Weiyan have fewer knowledge of some Lu Haozheng’s things.,certainly,Outstanding,Some practices of Qin Ning,Eye people can see clearly。
Couples are not a fool,Naturally understand the interest relationship between this,In front of Lu Si,I won’t say anything about it.。
Xu Feng looked at Le Yu Xiao Xiao:“Gather,Then I will continue to work hard tonight.,I will send you breakfast tomorrow morning.。”
Le Yu heard this,Quite helplessness,tonight,Don’t she take care of Muzi??
But,Looking at this master friendly smile,How can she not bear to refuse?,“Aunt,I will take care of the son。”
Mu Ziyu gives my mother http://www.asevia.cn a vision of eyes,Mom, this is good。
Also know to give them opportunities,It seems that my mother is good to be impressed.。
“Aunt,Would you like me?。”
Lu Siyuan looked at Xu Feng。
Mu Zihao does not wait for his mother to say:“Mother,I just want to be awkward。”
Xu Fengyi,How can I not understand my son that??
She looked back,Laugh:“Grace,Thank you for your heart.,but,If you don’t go home,Your mother will worry about you.,Let it go,Let’s send you back first.。”
“But”Lu Si, bite the lip,I originally wanted to come to find this woman’s trouble.,But,Let her unexpected,Uncle Mu seems to like this music。
This music is,What is the head?,See her clothes,Although not a brand,It is also very beautiful in terms of cropping and style.,Even if they are Lu Yong Group,There is no such a beautiful dress。
Xu http://www.339aabp.cn Fengdao:“Think,I really thank you for your coming with us.,Let’s send you home.。”
Xu Feng is really aware of the mind of Lu Si,,only,They don’t like their son,They have no way。
There is another more important reason,She is not very like Qin Ning, who only has money.。
at last,Lu Si Gun is boring to leave with Mujia couple。
There is only a lot of Mu Zi and Le Yu in an instant in the ward.。
Mu Ziyou looked at the beauty of peace of mind,Laugh:“Gather,Lu Si,Don’t go to your heart,I have no relationship with you in a car accident.。”
Le 妍 妍 低,Looking at his careful expression,Want to say。
“I know。”
Le Yu has sitting back to the chair,But I am interested in what he just said.。
“Son,You just said,Car was manually handed?”
“Um!Gather,Since you want to know,Then I will tell you。”
Mu Ziyi looked at her,Warm laugh,Telling things from the head to the end, I said Le Yu.。
Here,Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin Lan Xin took Chu Feiyang,I bought a lot of things.,Chu Feyang is very happy all the way,Not in playing games,This makes Lu Hao Cheng have a lot of peace of mind.。

“Can you tell me your name?I will come back to find you.,We have not lost this game.。”

When the shadow is about to be taken away by the sturdy,Suddenly face the night。
“I am called a night.,What you said,I don’t plan to participate.,Not interested。”
However, the shadow is not in the words of the night.,Just back to a sentence:“I will come back to find you.”。Then I took the sturdy to take away.。
For the 子 胤,Strong people,Also want to come back?
ridiculous,Waiting for the other party,And someone,They can’t live at all.。
Regardless of the sturdy people, remember“Night”name,Dare to let him fall in front of the Shengtiao,Looking for a chance to revenue each other。
The words of the sturdy to the 影 影,But the night, but I feel that there is nothing strange.。
Out of http://www.fuzuweb.cn the night“superpower”suppress,The shrine Xiaolei has actually recovered action capabilities。
Just didn’t instantly violent,Just because of the night here.。
And as long as they leave the night sight,So how is the situation?,I’m not saying it.。
But if the sacred guard team,They are all goods such as stress.。
no doubt,The success rate they flee them from the shadow,Almost 100%。
However, these have nothing to do with him.,His task has just been displayed。
Next, even if the parents who will run away.,There is a dollar relationship with him.?
Because the shadow is shadowed to take away,The conference room also recovered order。
Sheng Tianzi continues to first go to topics,Although the shadow is caught,But named“Seven-star legacy”Box,Still getting back。
Now you don’t need to explain the Sheng Tianzi.,Everyone http://www.zgwjjdgw.cn also knows that the losing box is not to us.。
Even“Grade five”,Destroy“Tokyo District”。
But now“Grade five”No appearance yet,Just find such a box outside in the wild,Can get such rich remuneration。
Presentation“Police company“Still quite quite heart,Even Tian Tongmu is more intended to participate.。
Whether it is for the remuneration of the task,Still taking into account“Tokyo District”Security,Tian Tong Muo and Lotus,I feel that I need to participate.。
But just publish in Sheng Tianzi,That only takes away“Seven-star legacy”Nativeinal organism type,And when there is a direction of escape,Night, but I plan to turn around.。
It is also very clear before people say it.,Only if you plan to participate in the delegation,Can you hear this information?。
Night is not intended to participate,Naturally planned。
“Tokyo Shelter Area”Those residents’ death,What is the relationship with night??
Have that time,Not as good as going home,Take more accompanying small loli。
“Mr. Night,Can this matter you can trouble??”
But the movement of the night,There is no traveleway。
rather say,From just beginning,Holy Heat’s Line,I have been put on the night of the night.。
At this point he wants to leave,Naturally, it also caused the attention of the Shengtiao.。
Toryry,Others around people will also sight,Put it on the night of the upcoming away。
Just diagnosed by the Shengtian“Big cake”Give it to attract it.,Otherwise, who can ignore the existence of night。
This fierce,Just just with your own,Easily press,Let them all the people are helpless。
Now the Sheng Tianzi is open,Everyone pays attention to the night。
Yup,Have such a slap,Although the task is rich,But can they grab it??
See the night without opening,The Shengtiao continues to say:“Just that on the combination,We have found information。
They are also the peoplejg,andipRanking up to up to134name,Mr. Night, alone, can easily uniform them.。
Be sure to put your strength,Residents borrowed to Tokyo,Let them avoid the invasion of colorectal creatures。”

In addition to one person,All fucking people,All stiffly falling on the ground。

Everyone’s throat,Have a http://www.zx-power.cn narrow blood line,Until all inverted,A bloodstream is splashing。
Blood reddish ground。
They were wiped out in a moment!
Is this a pair of lake?,Unable to describe,
It is completely quiet around,Only the bloody blood of the pungent is moving。
And the only big man standing,It is like a lightning strike,I don’t dare to move。
He touched his neck with consciousness.。
The heart suddenly gave birth to this idea,Just next second,Once again, it is stunned。
This big man is not hesitant to the ground,Hold up hands。
“Me,I am surrendering”
Summer blinking him,“Who sent you?。”
“Griffin,Is Griffin Master us come,Me,We are all,Member of the Red White Alliance”
Summer eyes squatted into a slit。
“Then what do you have of Griffin?,Still Gerard?”
“Griffin http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn Young。”
For life,This big man said anything.。
“We are Mr. Gerad’s Guard,Follow Griffin Young Master,The purpose is to protect Griffin Young Master”
This sentence is once again reflected,Gerard’s favorite degree of Griffin。
“Why do he kill me??”
“I don’t know,I really don’t know,Maybe a black bear knows,He,He”
This big man is shameless without a silky,“Please let me,I promise nothing.”
http://www.lqtpc.cn “Not,You have to say。”
Summer eyes calm,No fluctuation。
“Go back to tell Griffin,This time I saw it on the face of his Laozijrad.,I put him once.,If there is still a next time,Don’t say his father Gerard,It is the whole red and white alliance can’t keep his head.。Roll!”
First2140Chapter Reality
Some people in the world,Chinese people。
I don’t know who this sentence is said.。
But it is a fact that。
Indonesia is no exception,Even the world’s most Chinese people。
Every city,Naturally, there is still a street with Chinese characteristics.……Usually called Chinatown。
Even if it is late,The Tang people in Bachelor is still full of lights.,Many buildings are on light。
Summer light car ripe into a bar。

Besides, Shen Huan is just full17year old,Out of ten.Nine are young.child,Can accomplish this great achievement that made Shen Huan an adult,Even those female singers who are a little conservative,I also think it is a very memorable and fulfilling event。

Of course Shen Huan was not fooled。
Someone came to visit the class,He will greet very politely,Thank you,But she would refuse to eat,Let alone go to the bar。
He didn’t like places like bars。
Secondly, people who are not familiar,Shen Huan doesn’t feel so much to socialize。
Youth understand,The reason why so many singers suddenly come to please me,The reason is Han Donger。
Just these few days,Yanhuang Music announced,After signing Xiaotian, Han Donger。
Some main contract conditions are shown as soon as,The whole music circle was a sensation。
Yanhuang Music Signs Han Donger5year,Sign up for 2000Ten thousand。
5Within the year,Yanhuang music needs to be produced for Han Donger3Albums,The production cost of each album is not less than3000Ten thousand,Announcement cost is not less than2000Ten thousand。
Just from this amount,It’s a sky-high price。
Nothing else,Is the production and promotion costs of this album,If Han Donger can’t keep improving,That’s at a loss。
For example《red beans》This album,2Months time,Sales are online750Ten thousand,Offline25Ten thousand,Total sales4375Ten thousand。
Even if《red beans》No matter how strong the staying power is,Total sales are impossible to reach1Billion。
Not reach1Billion words,Plus production costs、Singer dividend、Sales dividends, etc.,The minimum expenditure for Yanhuang Music is7000Around ten thousand。
In other words,If Han Donger’s next album is《red beans》Level of,Yanhuang Music must lose money,Just a loss1000Wan still2000The difference。

Teacher He got up and said:“Susu,You help me control two,I divide the egg flowers among them。”</p>

“no problem,I’m professional in dog control。”Su Luo got up,Go around the table,One hand one,Controlled Brother Piao and Mei Wan。</p>
Just two left,Just Huang Lei’s big white leg clamped one,Sister holding one in her arms。</p>
Wait until Teacher He gave the four dogs the plate,Put some egg flowers,It just so happened that the tomato scrambled egg dish was spread out。</p>
Then Huang Lei and sister,I just let go of the pot girl,Wok,Then Su Luo’s left hand loosened,Wan Mei hurried over。</p>
Very spiritually ran to my plate,Have formed a habit,Wait until they are almost eaten,Su Luocai released his right hand。</p>
Suddenly Brother Piao rushed out like a tornado,At the speed of Brother Diao,When passing by Huang Lei,Makes him feel a gust of wind,Cold legs。</p>
After eating and drinking,Because there is no big sun,So I’m not sleepy,Everyone just sat in the pavilion talking。</p>
Huang Lei suddenly aroused the topic,Open road:“You may not see,Actually Wang Yinuo used to be a200Big fat man。”</p>
“what?”Hear this,Everyone else looks incredulous。</p>
Teacher He said:“impossible,She is so slim and young now。”</p>
Huang Lei didn’t explain too much,But Tao:“Ask Wang Yinuo yourself,The Lord is here,Wang Yinuo。”</p>
Huang LeicueWang Yinuo,This makes Wang Yinuo look helpless,In fact, she is quite reluctant to expose her past,But I also understand that Huang Lei is creating a topic for her。</p>
Had to smile:“Actually not so exaggerated,I was fat before,Later in order to test Nortel,I made up my mind to lose weight,Then it is reduced。”</p>

Get up early,He didn’t look at the phone either,I didn’t expect someone to take a video of singing last night,Unexpectedly exploded。

Lin Dong seems to have seen,White flower silver,Coming soon。
Especially Chen Lan’s call,Tell him Qianyu Music Network is ready to invest,Please a professional team,Help him shoot and comprehendMVAlbum,And arrange a first-class recording studio in Yanjing,Record song。
And these costs,Don’t need him at all,Will not be deducted from the share。
have to say,Qianyu Music Network will do business!
Realize that if the album goes viral,This production cost is a shit。
Originally, Chen Lan wanted to treat him at noon,Negotiate and sign the contract,But Lin Dong wanted to party at night,I made an appointment with Chen Lan tonight。
At the same time, let Chen Lan invite Mo Xiaoxiao,He won’t shout alone。
Bought a bunch of things,Called a car before pulling home。
Come home,Put some ingredients in the refrigerator,Lin Dongcai began to contact and invite。
Qin Xiaomi,Sister Mei,Xu Kun and Wang Qian’s young couple,Liu Ou from the small studio,Now there are Fang Runde and his lover Chen Keke。
of course,Lin Dong didn’t expect the two to come。
I planned to take time out today,To record me and my motherland sample song,But considering Chen Lan’s decision,Need to record and comprehend。
Then just record it by the way,Also save money and trouble。
Didn’t sleep well last night,After Lin Dong got in touch,,Can’t stand it anymore,Entered the room and turned off the phone,Sleepy。
When Lin Dong was sleeping very heavily,As if coming。
I called the car to the door of the courtyard,And it’s a small truck。
Pots of flowers and green plants,Was moved into the courtyard by two porters,It’s like a big bag,Clothes and shoes for Lin Dong,From the inside out,Three or four sets。
And some small daily necessities,Tea coasters have。
have to say,Women are really delicate。

Nick Fury, whose voice fell, turned into light,Kick the evil gold with one kick。

“Evil gold!”
The evil land looked at the kicked evil gold and shouted。
“Do not worry,Next is you。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty The protagonist of this game finally got up
Peace star turned into starlight and rushed to the universe,Follow the Peace Star,Can find unlimited energy。
“Sorry,Lord Hei Di,We failed。”
In front of the shadow emperor in the black mist,Evil wood half kneeling on the ground,Said respectfully to the black shadow sitting on the throne in front of you,Evil gold,Bad soil,Eihuo also half-kneeled behind Emu。
“It’s ok,What’s more, you are not originally the opponent of SHIELD Director,Our most important opponent is the armor of light and shadow。”
“but,What to do with unlimited energy.”
Emu says。
“Even with unlimited energy,SHIELD still won’t have a way to deal with us,But the light and shadow armor is different,and also,In the recent period,You better hibernate。”
Emu looked at the Shadow Emperor with a confused expression on his face。
“When Peace Star fulfills his wish,Will return to the place of unlimited energy to replenish energy,but,In this process,Will cause time and space wormholes to appear,Let some people from other universes come here。”