Zhang Xiaoying’s mouth,Laugh:“With just a ratio,Now the image is very ugly。”

“So I have to dress up.,Come,you try。”Wang traffic handed over her mouse,I introduce it next to it.:“I am using a male image,You have to like,Can be switched into a woman。
Here these is a decoration that can be used.,These are free,These are all charges,What do you like?,I tried to dress up.。”
Zhang Xiaoying holds the mouse,First switch the characters into women,Then stared at the decoration and saw a moment.,Subsequently picked a fairy dress,Then click to dress up。
moment,OriginallytShirt and short skirt,Looking at the same cartoon image of a little soil, it suddenly changed,It became a white long dress,Blu light is also scattered around,Like a small fairy,Missing a lot of hardships。
Zhang Xiaoying looked at the eyes:“Don’t say,I feel that it is a bit mean.。”
After talking about it, I will pick up the necklace.、A ring、A pair of crystal shoes,At the end, I also picked a pink sun visor.,Turnout and dress up,Playing is not easy。
Finally, I can’t help but remind it.:“Don’t play it?,Still something,What is the shortcoming。”
Zhang Xiaoying thinks this,Laugh,Sink:“Overall is not bad,Quite fun,But the function seems to be a bit single.。
Only two options to try and purchase,If the user doesn’t want to buy it in a time, do you want to buy?,Or how to do not buy?
Is it possible to add a collection option?,First collection,Waiting for it, I want to buy it again.?”
Wang is dark,At the same time, hurry out the phone,Into the pony:“qqShow function single,Can consider adding a favorite option。”
After finishing, look at Zhang Xiaoying:“Is there still??”
“Um……Since you can buy it,Why can’t you give a gift??Mutual dressing between friends,Contact the feelings are also very good.?”
NS211chapter Mobile dream network(Pay back11)
Wang traffic is thoughtfully,Continue to pony:“Add a gift function,Convenient users to communicate friendship。”
Did you once again see Zhang Xiaoying:“Go on。”
“Besides……I will once again.,Is it a little waste??Can you consider adding a deadline more?”
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,This must be,A hammer sale,How to have a long-flowing cost-effective,Not mentioned,Continue to pony。
Another one。
Look at the continuous feedback,Pony is very popular,He knows,Looking for a king to experience and find it wrong with it.,Now, I really guess it.,This is only a big conference,Just send so many constructive opinions……
The boss is really http://www.rengangkeji.cn good.。
However, he doesn’t know.,This time he really looked high.,Not the boss,But the boss is in the past。
The new version that has been booked to release,Because Zhang Xiaoying suddenly ranked again and again。
After all, we must start exploring the charging mode.,First trial charge,Lean seeking a little bit,It is also easier to succeed。
and,Throughout the network social field,DependentqqA large,There is no one in the rest.,No competitive pressure,The new version doesn’t have to release it.,Extension is completely indispensable。
I don’t know that I have entered December.。
Just arrived in the company,Liao Zhongwei suddenly called the phone,The king is a little surprised,Impression,This is also Liao Zhongwei to call him the first time.。
Handle,Laugh:“Zhongwei,How do you think of http://www.knayt.cn calling me??What’s up?”
“Be a bit,And it is a good thing。”Then,Liao Zhongwei:“Just get the news,China Mobile is coming soon‘Mobile dream network’service,Interested in summarizing social telecom value-added business partners,Let this business together。

“What do you want to open these boxes?”

“Feiye!”Dayan shook his head into a rattle,“The old man is the guardian,Never open these boxes without authorization,I said before,I just want to prove my guess。”
http://www.qwoxki.cn“Then,What do I have to do with this nameplate?”
“Uh……”Dayan tilted his head and looked at Li Tianzhi,Talk and stop,Want to stop and talk,Last grief“Dao friends really don’t know?”
“I’m Li Xiucheng?Tell you the truth,I am not him,He is not me either,In short, we two count as one,But it’s not the same thing。”
“Dao friends ascend to the immortal world from mortals,I understand this,Accidentally entered the gods from the immortal world,I also know,But these are not the points,The point is that the body of fellow Taoist is a body of chaos。”
“what?!”Li Tianzhen’s eyes widened,As if to swallow the old man in one bite,Only he and Li Xiucheng know this secret,Is the old thing the roundworm in other people’s stomach??How concealed things are not a secret in his eyes?
“Do not panic,Being old is not deliberately prying into the privacy of http://www.52kashangwang.cn others,But I came from the metaworld,Yuanjie is the oldest world apart from Chaos Land,In fact, there are no secrets in the eyes of the other worlds,In addition, I am quite concerned about the two missing square boxes,So just pay attention。”
“Old stuff,You better remember these words today,I can’t touch the box,But worry about falling into the pit you dug,Knowing it is a pit,I have to jump,Are you a jerk??!”Li Tianzhen suddenly grabbed Dayan’s collar fiercely.,Since falling into the hands of this old guy,Restricted and passive everywhere,An inexplicable fire that has been under pressure for a long time erupts instantly。
“Even if you are the Lord God of the God Realm,You have to respect the elders。”Dayan is not only not angry,But smile like a chrysanthemum,Reached out and patted Li Tianzhi’s wrist gently,Tighten the placket,“Taoists rest assured,The old words of today should be remembered,Must do!”
In just a few days,Xinglongshan Mental Hospital in the southeast of Fukuyama became a confidential unit,Together with the hustle and bustle around the mental hospital, it suddenly became tense,One side is an extremely busy construction site,One side is the intensive martial law and blockade,The scope of martial law even exceeds the area of ten mental hospitals,Even the county road at the door is re-planning and detouring。
Old man Dong’s main force originally stationed in Daheishan all moved to Xinglongshan,Because of unexpected events,Hundreds of monsters have run out of the rift,Construction progress has not kept up,In addition, the formation drawn by Li Tianzhen is not completely embedded in the wall,So the role of the big array is equivalent to the decoration,It’s hard to stop these monsters,All the practitioners around Old Man Dong participated in the war,Even Gu Changfeng、Mijia and others also directed the puppets to fight with monsters for several times。
The monster’s strength is getting stronger and stronger,More and more types,By contrast,The three-headed monster that was caught by Li Tianzhen for the first time running in can only be regarded as cannon fodder,The two big monsters that rushed out yesterday afternoon,Big body,Very small head,With long tentacles,With countless legs,Extremely cruel,Three strong men in the Yuan Ying realm joined forces to suppress,Finally, one person was injured,Just barely killed the two monsters。
The situation took a turn for the worse, making old Dong frown,He predicted that more powerful alien creatures would invade the world through space rift,However, the resources he has on hand are already stretched,Including Xiao Yanda、Shen Wenyu、Gu Jian、Wu Fang and other five special teams have already taken turns in battle,Nearly a third of casualties,The 13 practitioners and Li Hao’s team around him are already exhausted.。

“Snake god,You won’t want to swallow the body of the king’s body.?”Lin Feng suddenly。

“Ha ha,I want to swallow up.,But I still don’t want to fall.,Not,The heavens and people are in the sky in the sky.。”Zombie haha smiles。
“it is good,Thank you,Thank you,Since it is his body in it,I don’t want to blasphemy.,Dragon and I am a dead enemy,I am swallowing my body today.。”Lin Feng carrying the double hand to the gangster of the temper。
“A good boy,I will find you again.,Waiting for me,Restore the peak,Come to cooperate again,I hope that I will not be swallowed by me.。”Snake God is laughing,His figure is going to disappear。
“Be careful。”Haihuang reminded:“This person is sinister,Even the bodies of the god can be swallowed。”
Have to say that he is also afraid of the snake god。
In fact, in the era of Zombie,Many quasi-gods in the days of the world,Jogetic Snake God’s swallowing。
“I know this,Waiting for me to make further,Overtard more than a strong,That’s fine.。”Lin Feng is quietly looking quietly:“All right,Sea emperor,Start now,Remove some memories,Give you everything。”
“Really hurry?”Haihuang looks。
“Of course you have to catch back,It’s can’t hide sooner or later.,If I don’t go back,May bring some events to the Monte Indo,The position of the owner of the Monte Monte Temple is also unfavorable。”Lin Feng is carrying hands looking up to the void road。
“Ok,Reject memory,Refine the blood of Xuanhuang。”Haihuang heard the words:“Give me everything,I will help you save,I don’t go to the Arrange Temple.。”
“That’s good。”Lin Feng carrys the double hand:“My work is,I am afraid that they have detected a lot of strength.,so,I am poisoned,Directly in the cold,First let them be afraid,second,It is also the reason why my magical retreat is。”
“Boy,Smart enough。”Hai Huang haha smiled:“And if there is a blood of Xuanhuang,It should be able to resist the heavens,But you also,More specifically, your body doesn’t have any heavenly gap.。”
“Know that my sea is also。”Lin Feng haha smiles,When you sit in the fan, you are sitting in the empty,Start refining the blood http://www.ahdx10000.cn on your own body。
The sea emperor’s Yuan Shen is the soul of the light into Lin Feng.,Start doing some processing work。
A green lotus is still burning,Time and space distortion,Skyfoot in the head of Lin Feng’s head,Time is like this。
A thousand years of past。
The outside world has only been a month,The depth of the blood sea has come out of a figure.,Faces like paper,Attentionity,It is Lin Feng,Lin Feng is full of gas flow,With the unbealed breath,His mouth overflows a hint of blood。
Then knocking jade,A black hole appeared in the empty,Then his figure directly into the black hole, disappeared.。
Military Temple is over 100,000 miles,The gods and the gods are still drinking chatting.,Their least lack is time,These people are very patient,The emperor one and the autumn god have been passionate about。
http://www.wanrongspace.cn “Someone has sent a message。”
Suddenly, the Xian family is long and screaming, looking forward to the direction of Tianfeng.:“Emperor one,Your Lin Dynasty is back.。”
Tell this,Shen people long,The temple of the Temple of West Tianzi,The Hall of the Temple of the Temple, the opposite of the Temple, is looking forward to the direction of Tianfeng.,A black hole appeared in a black hole in the sky,A shadow came out from the inside and is Lin Feng。
“Lin Feng,Speed!”The emperor looked at the sound of Tianfeng’s majesty。
This book comes from
Chapter 1774 Be reviewed
NS1774Chapter is reviewed
Lin Feng heard this figure,His voice respectfully,His figure is looking into the sky in the Arrange Temple,And then stepped out of the sky。
I came to the wine table in the sky between the moment.,However,http://www.hbhzyy.cn Lin Feng’s arrival makes many people frown.,Emperor one and autumn gods are very ugly。
“Heavenly five decisions!”
Xianban is long looking at Lin Feng frowned。
“Zhen Tian’s first lack,Heavenly five decisions!”Dragon family looks at the breath frowning from Lin Feng.。
“How can he poison??The blood of Xuanhuang is specially restrained.,But he?”Shen people’s long winds,Glamorous,It’s like a true goddess.,She stares at Lin Feng。
Her voice reminded many people.。
Many people face each other,good,Ancient god record,It is difficult to understand this poisonous,The rumor wants to use the Shenling tree to absorb one of the two nets,However, people who are born into Xuanhuang can resist this highly toxic。
“Means are good。”Xian family is long and smiling。
“Fairy brother,What do you mean,My disciple of my temple is like this.!”Emperor, heard the face。

to be honest,I used to do it in the president,Li Help rarely saw http://www.rosefamily.cn that Xia Xue will have this expression。

Even those giants are wide in front of her,She will not give a face。
One time,Lee assistant remorses。
She finally understands now,Why is the chairman who will let her follow together?。
But even more horrific,Can make the chairman to make such a move。
“I still want to see Soviet assistants like this.,Don’t go to the toilet photo mirror……”
This is what she once said.。
The other party did not see Soviet assistant,Instead, Ling Yun Group controls people to meet。
One time,Lee assistant thoughts confusion,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
The only thing that makes it fortunately,Xia Xue did not study,But go to the past,“Old lady……I am in personity now.,My little young master should always be satisfied.,Let it go。”
Summer laughing,Also suitable。
In fact,He didn’http://www.szkjuzjnlpddyn.cnt expect it at all,Xia Xue will take Li Assistant。
But after a few steps,What did he think of,Say,“The two security guards at the door were tired.,There are two beautiful women……”
Say,He glanced at Li Assistant,I saw the opponent’s face.,Palm,Sochery Soft to the ground。
Miss two beautiful images,Suddenly standing straight,Beautiful grate on the beautiful face,And unable to cover curiosity。
“Row,You decide,I will not punish them.,Also give reward,Is this satisfied??”
Xia Xue has interrupted the summer.,Helpless,“Anyway, the entire Lingyun Group is yours.,How are you thinking about how?。”
This sentence,Two image of Miss stayed。
The assistant of Li is also。
What did I have heard?,Is it an illusion??
The chairman actually said that Lingyun Group is……In front of this youth?
This……What’s the meaning?
Just when they stay,Summer sentence,Directly make a few people stiff,Be strike。
“I do not want,I am not interested in business.,Who do you love?。Walk away,let’s go……”
After the end,Take the summer snow to go to the elevator。
Looking at the figure of two people,The two beautiful women in the front desk still tongue,Do not react。
As for Li Assistant, still on the ground,Face is pale,No sillet。
She suddenly thought of a rumor。
Many people know,Ling Yun Group’s real founders,It is a strange man in Beijing.,His name is Ming people。
It is said that,He has a lot of people who have never seen.。
His reasoning will give Lingyun Group to Xia Xue,Everything is for his son。

Do not wait for the other party to answer,He also,“If we oppose,Are you going to kill us??”

House shakes his head,The corner of the mouth is outlined.,“Whether it is in favor and opposition,You will go out from me this night.,Certainty,Totel tonight。”
He put his hand,Stop the people who want to speak,“Now,I finally asked again.,Who is agree,Who opposed。”
No one speaks。
But there is another sound,From outside the hall。
“I oppose。”
First2104Chapter You are……Big devil
People have not arrived。
Sound first。
Although the hall is closed。
But this sound is unusually passed into the ear of every person.。
Who is!
Everyone has a bit aim。
The hall is opened。
http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn There is a black youth。
Youth faceless expression,Non-dark eyes do not fluctuate,Calm people feel suppressed。
Distinguish without any breath,Bring a sense of invisible suffocation to everyone。
It is summer。
See him,Everyone is a。
There are also many eyes to look at Haus.。
After all, here is his residential。
How much,Everyone has revealed the puzzle。
“Who are you?!”
House stood up,Face,Eyelid,“Who let you come in?,Say!”
Though,House’s eyes are straight to see the summer。
Here is his residential,Herd of alert。
Those guards and bodyguards,I didn’t send any warnings.……It’s a group of waste!
He is angry in his heart。
“You are House?”
Summer is very casual, I read him.,After http://www.baiyunpj.cn the eyes, it turned in the hall.。
When the eyes fall in Di Fu,Can’t help but pick your eyebrows,Some surprises,Laugh and laugh。

Some dark road lights,A lonely back is on the car,Lingering smoke。

Lu Hao Cheng,Gu Yi Lin。
Lu Haozheng converges all the emotions,And the same look,Go to Gu Yi Lin,The more close to him,The more you feel the strong sadness that is emitted by him.。
“Memorize,Is there something??”He is indifferent。
Gu Yi Lin looked up at him,Take the smoke in your hand,Only looked at Lu Haozheng:“Hao Jun,I saw Jiaqi tonight to eat with you.,Do you know Qi Qi??”
Lu Haocheng looked at an eye,Also slowly collect the eye,Tone:“She is a friend of Blue Xin,I met together.,I have eaten a meal together.。”
Gu Yilin nodded,His eyes have a little hole,More is difficult to suppress pain。
“Is she ok??”
“Fortunately!”Lu Haoge’s indifferent。
Looking at his painful expression,Lu Hao Cheng is also very taste。
Gu Yi Lin is also infatuated,But the arm is screwed on the thigh。
He is infatuated,There is no courage to compete with Gu Boyu。
His scorpion picked slightly:“Memorize,We also grow up together,Do you really miss your happiness like this??”
Gu Yi Lin, a sudden face suddenly, I’m going to,“Don’t want,But my mother’s attitude is very determined.?And recently she bought a piece of land near the Jiangpu District.,We are busy every day.,I want to wait for this thing.,In the case of hunger”
“Family?”Lu Haocheng suddenly smiled and interrupted his words,The corner of the mouth ridiculously。
“Um!”Gu Yi Lin nodded,Full of attention is firm,This http://www.swanrose.cn is the way you think so.,Only in this way can he be with Jiaqi。
Lu Haozheng Junmei’s face suddenly dyed a layer of cold cream:“Memorize,You want to be homework is impossible,But also,Now Shen Jiaqi may not be with you.?”
“Why?”Gu Yi Lin looked at her puzzle.。
Lu Haocheng’s ridiculous:“Memorize,Since protection is not good,Don’t provoke her,Do you know who your mother and your sister are??”
Lu Haocheng watched him deeply,Don’t say anything more,Turn away。
Gu Anan’s insult,The words of the Mrs. people hurt people in the bones.,As long as it is a blood with blood,I can’t forget my life.!
Gu Yi Lin looked at his arrogant back,Eyebrows,“Mom and sister?”
He quickly chased past,Lu Haozheng stopped,Hurriedly asked:“Hao Jun,What do you mean by what I just said??Did you see what or heard??”
“Let go!”Lu Haocheng http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn looked in indifferently。
For his things,He has no qualifications,He is still a mess here.!
“Hao Jun,You also said that we are a big brother together.,If the small memory is still,We may also become a family.,Don’t you want to see me happiness??”Gu Yi Lin looked excitedly of Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haozheng was slightly smashed.,“Memorize,Blue is still alive,Why do you think she is dead??If she heard these words,Do you know how painful??”
“Me”Gu Yi Lin,,“But Hao Cheng,I have passed so many years.”
“No matter how many years in the past,Shouldn’t you give up??”Lu Haocheng once again anger to interrupt his words。
“Also,Memorize,Happiness is to fight for yourself.,Keep in mind those people who make you breathless,Because they teach you, what do you say or cruel。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Have a,Overline。
Gu Yi Lin http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn is not as him,Taken home,He wants to come back from his head,The process will be very difficult!
Mrs. Gu, in order to make him married him and better,Is it absolutely not compromising!
Lin Demon’s stubborn,He also used it。
Gu Yi Lin has always looked at Lu Haozheng’s back.,The face is still maintained with a painful look.。

He didn’t finish,The tall boy frowned just now:“All right,say no more!Put away your little meaning,Less embarrassing here!”

“it is good,it is good。”
Shi Zixiong bowed his head and stepped back,I can still hear the laughter of several students。
He clenched his fist secretly。
You bastards!
Wait, then!
I will surpass you one day,I make you regret the humiliation to me today!
He Qiang’s heart is very relaxed at this time,They let these children pester Shen Huan for ten minutes,To coax them to make way,Come here with Shen Huan。
Shen Huan saw this group of students far away,It’s like they are looking at themselves。
Then he also saw Shi Zixiong,Just hiding behind the crowd,Blinking eyes,Don’t know what’s thinking。
Of course Shen Huan didn’t take him to heart,But smiled at everyone,Just passed them,Entered the teaching building。
“Wow,What a handsome boy!”A senior high school sister said with a smile,“Such a little boy,Both handsome and talented,Still earn money,I really don’t know which little girls will be cheaper in the future!”
“I hope he lives up to his reputation。”The boy with glasses just now said,“If his mathematical ability,Comparable to his ability in writing and composing,We are sad today!”
“Ok,Have to try to find out。”The tall man smiled,“Today, Professor Yu asked him to come,Just try our fineness!”
Everyone nodded as they listened。

but,Rush out。

To release this single before attending the awards ceremony,Then you can catch the heat of the award ceremony。
There are not many opportunities like this。
At least so far,Qu Wan’er only received such an invitation,Or because of Fang Hao,Packaged。
Of course we must make good use of this opportunity。
How to say it is a relatively big promotion。
All five songs are finished,That is impossible,Can only prepare one song。
In the next few days,Qu Wan’er got into that song。
Haoran Culture Company rented the best recording studio in Pengcheng,Found a professional music producer,To help her make this single,To finish the recording before attending the awards show,And publish to the music platform for sale。
Still recording,Fans have already released news in several fan groups,Will release a single in a few days,Call on everyone to save a little money to flush sales。
For that single,The caliber of the fans is of course very nice——This is no accident,No matter how bad the singing is,As a fan,Can only speak nicely。
Some of the fans are not so convinced that Qu Wan’er can sing many amazing songs,But they think this girl works hard,Very caring,Now changed a boss,The first single released,Really need to rush sales。
And most of the fans are easy to be fooled,Listen to what fans say,I think Qu Waner’s new single must be quite amazing。

“Yes!I just want to go to that place!”

The car stopped in front of a very big sign——Cabelas。
“Turned out to be a gun,I like。”Kobe touched his chin。
“GOGOGO,RUSHstand up。”
In the U.S,You can’t do without guns,Guns are a culture in the United States。
The nation’s largest gun storeCabelas,The guns here are dazzling,various kinds。Not all guns after entering the store,It’s a bit like a forest zoo,A rockery in the middle,Full of animal specimens,Outdoor products are sold around。
Outdoors and hunting are also behaviors that American people love very much。
“Jack!”Just entered the shop,The gun shop manager greeted him immediately。
“Tony,Today I brought my little brother to play!Make something interesting!”
“The actor said so,That has to be arranged。I recently got a few modified guns,Full of energy,Come try?”
“Go,What are you waiting for。”
A group of people took the elevator straight to the second floor,There are a dazzling array of firearms on the shelves on the second floor,Pistols, rifles and sniper rifles are very complete,After all, it’s the largest gun shop in the U.S.,Keep going inside,Came to the shooting range。
There are rows of waiting seats in the open lobby,Two-thirds of the area is placed with counters and various shelves,Except for some promotional posters on the walls on both sides,There is also a hook type locker。
“Play with pistols first!”After a group of people fill in their personal information,Wear noise-reducing earplugs and goggles,Started gun selection。

To say that both sides have fully recovered,Impossible in such a short time。

When physical energy is on the verge of exhaustion,for the rest of the time,Is stronger than whose willpower!
“Michael,carry on?”Pippen is deciding whether to continue passing the ball to Jordan。
Jordan’s jersey is soaked,His sweat evaporates on the jersey and forms puffs of smoke。
But his eyes are still shining!
“of course。”
51Minute,It’s not my limit。
“run!start running!”Kirtrambis shouted from the sidelines。
Lakers players continue to run!
This lineup system has very high requirements for the running of the three Lakers marksmen.,They need to keep interspersing,Pick and roll,Run back,Free cut to giveOKManufacturing space。
Eddie Jones is fine to say,Young and vigorous after all。
Horry just turned out27year old,Very good physical fitness。
The only uncomfortable thing is Old Curry,He has already hit this game18separated。
5Three points!
For a role player,It’s a fantastic performance,Based on his performance in this game,He doesn’t worry about not getting the money for the next contract。
But his stamina is really exhausted,Staggered。
“Damn,Hold on for a few more minutes,Run these old legs for a few more minutes!”Old Curry gritted his teeth。
But he still ran a step slower,Kobe’s pass flew in front of him。