“Yes!I just want to go to that place!”

The car stopped in front of a very big sign——Cabelas。
“Turned out to be a gun,I like。”Kobe touched his chin。
“GOGOGO,RUSHstand up。”
In the U.S,You can’t do without guns,Guns are a culture in the United States。
The nation’s largest gun storeCabelas,The guns here are dazzling,various kinds。Not all guns after entering the store,It’s a bit like a forest zoo,A rockery in the middle,Full of animal specimens,Outdoor products are sold around。
Outdoors and hunting are also behaviors that American people love very much。
“Jack!”Just entered the shop,The gun shop manager greeted him immediately。
“Tony,Today I brought my little brother to play!Make something interesting!”
“The actor said so,That has to be arranged。I recently got a few modified guns,Full of energy,Come try?”
“Go,What are you waiting for。”
A group of people took the elevator straight to the second floor,There are a dazzling array of firearms on the shelves on the second floor,Pistols, rifles and sniper rifles are very complete,After all, it’s the largest gun shop in the U.S.,Keep going inside,Came to the shooting range。
There are rows of waiting seats in the open lobby,Two-thirds of the area is placed with counters and various shelves,Except for some promotional posters on the walls on both sides,There is also a hook type locker。
“Play with pistols first!”After a group of people fill in their personal information,Wear noise-reducing earplugs and goggles,Started gun selection。

To say that both sides have fully recovered,Impossible in such a short time。

When physical energy is on the verge of exhaustion,for the rest of the time,Is stronger than whose willpower!
“Michael,carry on?”Pippen is deciding whether to continue passing the ball to Jordan。
Jordan’s jersey is soaked,His sweat evaporates on the jersey and forms puffs of smoke。
But his eyes are still shining!
“of course。”
51Minute,It’s not my limit。
“run!start running!”Kirtrambis shouted from the sidelines。
Lakers players continue to run!
This lineup system has very high requirements for the running of the three Lakers marksmen.,They need to keep interspersing,Pick and roll,Run back,Free cut to giveOKManufacturing space。
Eddie Jones is fine to say,Young and vigorous after all。
Horry just turned out27year old,Very good physical fitness。
The only uncomfortable thing is Old Curry,He has already hit this game18separated。
5Three points!
For a role player,It’s a fantastic performance,Based on his performance in this game,He doesn’t worry about not getting the money for the next contract。
But his stamina is really exhausted,Staggered。
“Damn,Hold on for a few more minutes,Run these old legs for a few more minutes!”Old Curry gritted his teeth。
But he still ran a step slower,Kobe’s pass flew in front of him。

“Jin Qi,Let him go,He is not our family,Why are you letting him here,And yelled like a second brother。If your dead brother knows,I guess I’ll come back to you every night!”Cao Chen sneered,Ridicule。

“Just,Mo Xiaosheng is a little self-aware,Doesn’t he feel embarrassed to stay here?”
Sun Peijie also yelled from the back of Mo Xiaosheng leisurely。
At this moment, Mo Zizhen has hurriedly entered the house to visit his mother.,But to his surprise,The eldest brother took him directly to his parents’ bedroom。
I saw my mother was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed,Slightly pale complexion,Weight loss,Looks sick。
Mo Zizhen’s heart suddenly tightened,Needless to say,He also knows that his mother is sick。
“Zhener?Is it my perfect??”
The old lady suddenly opened her eyes when she heard her son’s voice,I grabbed Mo Zizhen’s hand,Said with a trembling voice。
“mom,it’s me!The unfilial son kneeled for you!”
Mo Zizhen was heartbroken to see his mother so,Kneeled to the ground with a puff,A pair of eyes that never shed a tear even with three bullets,A mist suddenly rose up。
“Your mother has been like this for a while,People are getting old!”When Mo Qingwu saw this, he smiled and comforted his son.,“Actually there is no big problem,It’s just that the body is broken,Somewhat weak。”
“Big brother,fast,Go and invite Mr. Mo,Show mom!”Mo Zizhen hurriedly raised his head and said to Mo Ziqin。
“Dr. Mo came with you?Great!”Mo Qingwu immediately opened his eyes and smiled,In fact, he always wanted to invite Mo Xiaosheng to show his wife,But he knew that Mo Xiaosheng would not wait to see them Mo Family,Afraid that Mo Xiaosheng would reject him,Mo Xiaosheng can help him heal this second son,He was very grateful。
Mo Ziqin immediately agreed,Walked out quickly,But after he walks into the yard,Where did you find Dr. Mo?。
“Big brother,what happened?What’s the order?”
Cao Qian and Sun Peijie saw Mo Ziqin seem to be looking for help,Immediately greeted us。
“Have you seen Mo Xiaosheng??”Mo Ziqin asked。
“Saw it,I was just driven away by my brother-in-law and me!”Sun Peijie said smugly,he knows,My elder brother doesn’t deal with this Mo Xiaosheng,I definitely don’t want to see Mo Xiaosheng,So his attitude in these words is obviously a little inviting credit。
First0462Zhang is too good to blow

Because of this person,Brother Lianyu’s eldest brother,Are so afraid。

If I was caught in,There is only one consequence,Dead end。
“Humph!None of your business,If it wasn’t for you to seduce me,Will i commit a crime with you?
You bastard thing。”
Brother Yu heard,Suddenly angry。
Be scolded like this,Lin Guanhai didn’t dare to speak for a moment。
Seeing this Lin Guanhai did not dare to speak,Lin Yu, the policeman looking to the side,Open road:“These criminals,Catch them all,I want to sue these people。”
“and also,If anyone dares to stop,Tell me。”
Lin Yu said this。
One side,Brother Yu’s Big Brother,His face was pale in an instant。
Because Lin Yu’s words are obvious,That’s not letting go of my brother。
“forest,Lin Shao,I’m wrong,I really knew it was wrong,Forgive me!”
Brother Yu heard this,Keep begging for mercy,Because of begging for mercy,Maybe there is a chance for Lin Yu to spare herself,Not begging for mercy,Then there is no chance。
“Humph!Got it wrong。”
“If you knew your mistakes earlier,Won’t break the law。”
Police heard,Said coldly。
“Yes,If you knew it earlier,Then you won’t break the law。”

“Does it take so long to leave something?”Li Ziqiang complained,Then he shook his head to the trunk of the van:“Move quickly,It looks like it’s going to rain this day。”

The girl leaned forward into the van,Drag out a woven pocket,Said to Li Ziqiang:“I just watched the sunset from above,it’s beautiful。”
“Sunset?”Li Ziqiang leaned back,Barely raised his head,Looking at the clouded sky,Questioned。
“Just now,I said it was just now。Just now the sunlight came through the clouds,It’s like a holy light,But pretty!”
There was sunshine just now,Li Ziqiang smiled:“Do you like this place?”
“I like it,father。”
“nice! You love it,Next we two,May have to stay in this house for three years。”
When the girl moved her own things upstairs again,He went to the window and glanced,I just saw the juvenile cat crawling into the grass,Only showing a butt shaking。
Ok,It’s finally not like a dog holding a frisbee,Became a dog crawling around in the grass……
The girl just stood by the window with her mouth cocked。
The teenager quit after working in the grass for a while,After exiting, he carefully restored the grass to its original state,Then I pushed on the bicycle next to me and left。
Watching the sneaky figure disappear in sight,Girl withdraw her eyes,Staring at the clump of weeds where the young man was busy just now, lost in thought。
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Jiang Fan thought,I have left the mainland for several years,Excluding Peng Changyi and now a provincial cadre,He really has no cronies to take,Even if there are cronies,Are also in the county level of Jin’an,It will be very troublesome in organizational procedures,The key is,There really is no one to bring out,Because Langzhu is a prefecture-level city,Remove Kangzhou,He doesn’t stay long anywhere,That is, no cronies have been formed。Even if some people can be cultivated as cronies,From the heart,He doesn’t want to do this,no need,It can even backfire sometimes。Lang Zhu’s political arena is complicated,Where is the political arena not complicated?The world’s officialdom ecology is the same,As long as he depends on his superior,Rely on organization,Rely on the majority,He believes that he can stand on his heels in Langzhu,Everything,It’s all artificial。

Jiang Fan is a person with family and country feelings,Like what Wang Jiadong said,He has an ideal color that ordinary officials do not have。He disdains to be a politician,He wants to be a politician。What to do after gaining power,This is a criterion for distinguishing politicians from politicians。Politicians have clear political ideals,And will persevere to realize the ideal。And ambitious politicians,Is always entangled in the struggle to consolidate power,Always securing my own power,Even do everything。of course,In order to realize his political ideals,Politicians sometimes have to use the means of politicians,That’s an extraordinary move。
Then right now,Are you in this extraordinary situation??The answer seems to be yes。Although he can’t see the gunpowder,But it cannot be ruled out that there is no struggle。
and so,He went to She Wenxiu’s office today in the name of communicating ideas on investment promotion。He found this excuse to be superb、Antelope Hanging Horn,Not obtrusive at all。because,Is the first-level regime running well?,Especially the top leaders are not good,To some extent is closely related to financial resources。And the fiscal revenue of a place is like a cake,The plate is only that big,How to divide it so that everyone can be happy requires art。She Wenxiu as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,He certainly hopes that Lang Zhu can make a breakthrough in the issue of investment promotion.,In order to reverse the series of bad views of Nie Wendong’s affairs on him。
Everyone knows,Cases like Nie Wendong,Only one from a place,Just look it up carefully,Almost a case,How big is Lang Zhu’s problem?,What can be found,I’m afraid no one can tell,But one thing,She Wenxiu doesn’t want any more accidents,Especially when you don’t want an election,Then he, the secretary of the municipal party committee, really ends up。
After Nie Wendong’s affairs came out,,She Wenxiu has indeed reached the point of being burnt,Secretary Liao of the Provincial Party Committee personally admonished,The task force investigates and collects evidence twice in three days,He himself has to do some work,Run to the province twice in three days,sometimes,And find some Beijing relations。It’s not that he has a big problem,As secretary of the municipal party committee,Some situations he must master,But there are cases,May not come to the end,He may not know where things are going。
She Wenxiu’s office is in12East end,Jiang Fan’s office is also near Dongtou,But not the most east,The east end of Nie Wendong’s original office,Secretary-General Xiao Aiguo worried about the taboo of the new mayor,I quietly exchanged the original mayor’s office with the mayor’s reception room,I can’t help but say that this fits Jiang Fan’s heart。Although Jiang Fan is a materialist,But if I sit in the place where Nie Wendong’s buttocks have been sitting every day,,I feel a little awkward when I think of it。So at this point,Jiang Fan feels that Xiao Aiguo is quite good at doing things,Worthy of being a secretary。
Later, the driver Xiaoshanzi told Jiang Fan during a small chat:“Secretary-General Xiao will best arrange the office,Because he knows the secrets of office layout,Mayor Nie’s office is not furnished by Secretary-General Xiao,It was arranged by the Feng Shui master he himself found。Secretary-General Xiao once advised him not to work in Dongtou,It’s best to work in the second house, the mayor’s reception room.,But he doesn’t listen,Think Dongtou is the main position,He can’t leave the position of theme,That is to be inferior to others,Because the secretary of the municipal party committee is in Dongtou,I am the head of the government,Of course I have to work in Dongtou。Who knows,It didn’t take long to move into the building before something happened。”
Jiang Fan smiled at this。
The leadership’s office arrangements are indeed particular,Generally speaking,The higher the position,The higher the floor of the office,Bigger house。The office of the big leader depends on the east end,Can’t rely on Xitou,Because Dongtou means the rising sun,Symbolizes the advancement of official career。Xitou means the setting sun。In officialdom,There are so many unwritten ones。For example, the office of the leader should not be located on the eighth floor,You can choose seven layers,Or a floor without any meaning,There are many sayings among the people,Which official hopes he will not go up and down?and so,Sitting on the seventh floor,Foretells that you will be promoted in the future,Office on the eighth floor is not rising but falling。
Besides,The leadership’s desk is also very particular about the orientation,Best to sit north and face south。Because the folks say“Face north,Smear;Face south,Xiangyun Disk。”Work by the leader,Especially for those who are the Secretary-General,Not only to see all directions,Must also be well versed in various unspoken rules,Otherwise it won’t win the favor and satisfaction of the leader。and so,When Xiao Aiguo reported on the first day Jiang Fan,It shows the professional quality of the secretary general。Jiang Fan did not accept his suggestion to stay in the hotel,The rest are adopted,Including secretary、driver,Even the last residence is Xiao Aiguo’s long list of candidates。
Jiang Fan did this,Is based on his trust in comrades。He also hopes Xiao Aiguo can feel his trust,Can feel the difference between him and his predecessor。
Jiang Fan once asked Xiao Aiguo,Why don’t the Standing Committee members work together,Xiao Aiguo introduced,After Lang Zhu built the new office building,The members of the Standing Committee moved into a new building with better conditions,There is no place for centralized office。But for safety,All the house members of the Standing Committee have been removed,Guards have been strengthened at the door。

Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t speak anymore,Anyway, it’s useless,What are you talking about。

Qin Liang stopped talking,But looking up and down Liu Xiaoyun,From top to bottom,From face to toe,Look very carefully……
“What are you looking at?”
Liu Xiaoyun was terrified by Qin Liang,The feeling that my whole body is standing up,So tangled question。
“Oh,I’m looking at your figure,I find your figure is getting better,If you don’t wear any clothes,It’s probably the kind that makes all men uncontrollable go crazy,Hehe……”
Qin Liang is addicted to teasing Liu Xiaoyun,Endless rhythm!
“I’m going to find Sister Shiyun and Meizi,Stay by yourself!”
Liu Xiaoyun can’t listen anymore,Stood up and threw a word and ran away……Qin Liang caught off guard,I couldn’t stop her,I can only watch Liu Xiaoyun’s figure passing in front of me,It’s gone after a flash。
“I have a hasty!Careless!She ran away the duck that she got!”
Qin Liang’s annoyed talking to himself……
Liu Xiaoyun ran into Liangzi’s ward in one breath,Sure enough, I saw Yang Shiyun sitting on Liangzi’s bed and talking to Liangzi。
“Xiaoyun?What’s your situation?Why are you running so fast?And my face is so red?”
Yang Shiyun turned his face and looked at Liu Xiaoyun,Surprised question。
“Oh,I’m working out,Ran back from downstairs!”
Liu Xiaoyun answered casually with a guilty conscience。
“Oh,Then sit down and rest for a while。”
Yang Shiyun smiled and said。

The puppy has long been hovering anxiously at the door,It must have heard Jiang Fan’s footsteps or voices。See her here,Tail happily,Screaming at the door。

Jiang Fan is talking with Ding Yi at noon,Especially when she said that“Dear,congratulations”Time,He heard the strangeness in her voice,I feel a little worried,But he couldn’t get away at the time。
He has been eating and living at the meeting these days,In the days before the election,He was in contact with the representatives at midnight,Sleep every day12point,I really can’t come to Ding Yi,Even the changed clothes were fetched by the Secretary General from his dormitory,He hardly needs Secretary Xin Lei anymore。
After the election,He relaxed a lot,and so,Only after everything is over,Run here。
Ding Yi opened the door for him,The puppy jumped at him。
Jiang Fan touched the puppy’s head,Take off coat,Hang on a hanger,Put on slippers,He took Ding Yi’s hand and came to the light in the living room。He looked at Ding Yi carefully,Touching her pale and thin cheeks,Frowning,Said worriedly:“Do you have a cold?so serious?Why is it like a different person??”
Ding Yi looked at him,I can’t control myself anymore,Tears,Filled my eyes,Her lips trembled and could not speak。
Jiang Fan’s heart lifted,Said:“What kind of sickness is this?”
Ding Yi doesn’t want to suppress himself,She hugged him,Sobbing,Choked and said:“Sorry……”
What did Jiang Fan realize,Said:“why apologize?”
Ding touched his abdomen consciously,Said:“I didn’t protect him,he……Gone……”
“Nothing?”Suddenly realized something,Said:“You mean……child?”
Ding Yi with tears,Nod。
Jiang Fan was startled,Suddenly straighten her body,Asked:“We do have children?”

Although there is no avatar,But Hu Lai found that he seemed to have become this avatar,Everything in front of you is seen from a first-person perspective,He just bowed his head,You can see your body,Wearing a red and white jersey,Standing in the middle of the locker room。

The task list no longer displays the text directly in the right space,And integrated into an essential notebook,Notebook just aside,As long as the consciousness swept over,Can open,Then all ongoing tasks will automatically surface。
Hu Lai took a look,Still blank now,Not a single task。
Close the notebook,Just exit the task log,Hu Lai discovered that the storage compartment that used to appear in the lower right corner of the system was missing.。
What about the items he put in the storage compartment?
He just thought so,The door of the locker behind his avatar opened,Then his perspective becomes the scene in the locker。
The jersey hanging,Yes【Bear jersey worn】。
There is a pair of leg guards on the table under the jersey,Exactly【Torn Bear Leggings】。
Obviously,All the equipment that can be worn and used is placed in this cabinet。
There is a drawer below,Hu Lai pulls away,【Stamina】A bottle is neatly placed in a drawer。
This makes Hu Lai feel more immersed。
If it made him feel like he was playing early domestic web games before,Now I feel that he is internationally renowned3AMasterpiece。
Every part of the whole scene is very detailed and very textured。

Yu Wen finished listening to the story,Has started to wipe away tears secretly,It’s a perceptual master。

“Pooh,Lu Zhanyuan is a scumbag!Obviously falling in love but empathizing!If it wasn’t for Lu Zhanyuan’s impropriety,,Li Mochou will definitely not become like this!”
Xu Xuxu felt the same way:“Yes,I also think Lu Zhanyuan is a peerless man,Don’t say that this tragedy is all to blame,He has to bear at least 70% of the responsibility!”
Gate of Lujiazhuang, Jiangnan,Lujiazhuang gate is closed,Du Jueming stepped forwardduoduoduoKnocked on the door。
With the hum of the wooden door-Chant,The door of Lujiazhuang slowly opened,It was Lujiazhuang servant Agen who opened the door。
“Dare to ask Young Xia what is it??My Lujiazhuang is about to change now,If nothing important,And ask the young man to go home,So as not to hurt the young man。”
Seeing Agen so kind,Du Jueming couldn’t help but smile a little,“I am waiting to protect you Lujiazhuang,From the poison of Chilian Fairy。”
Hearing that, A Gen gave a cry,Happy face,Hurriedly brought Du Jueming in。
“master,Saved, saved!”
A Gen shouted as soon as he entered the yard,The voice is full of irrepressible joy。
A calm voice sounded,“Calm down,The imminent disaster is not terrible,The scary thing is that you don’t have the courage to face it!”
A figure appeared at the door of the main house,Is the master of Lujiazhuang now——Lu Liding!
Du Jueming stepped forward quickly,I walked to the door but suddenly found,There are nine bloody handprints printed on the wall of the main room!
But Du Jueming soon recovered,Look at Lu Liding,Shen Sheng。