Leo has changed even more today,I’m already over two meters tall,The whole person does not look burly,But the whole body is full of power。

Advanced Swordsmanship:100000/100000
Compared http://www.tai-cang.cn to the first advanced swordsmanship one and a half years ago,Now his advanced swordsmanship has reached the full level。
He found a swordsman on the island,Study in the sword hall of the swordsman,With an experienced swordsman guide,His swordsmanship goes a long http://www.soaptown.cn way,Now I’m stuck at the apex of advanced swordsmanship,Just make a breakthrough,He can become a swordsman。
And Green Bull is also under Leo’s strict requirements,Strength increase。
Green Bull
Head iron(Do not accept):The hardness of the head is greatly increased,The stiffness of the limbs increased slightly。
Although this property panel is not a system,And can’t provide him with strength help,But the level of strength is also clearly divided。
In a year and a half of exploration,He figured it out,The rank of an ordinary adult man is generally9level。
and10After http://www.hrbfdmy.cn level, it is already the strength of the ordinary navy。

Watermouth opened his hand,Blow out a burst of black smoke:

“It has become a shadow of black smoke disappears.。”
Forest head is depressed。
He is still planning to play some useful magical or fascinating from so many soil,Now it has become a dream bubble.。
“Be full of drinking?”
“almost,But the effect is not big。”
“Then your appetite is not small.。”
The water lady pushes the forest.,It seems that there is nothing to see in it.,Talented to be so anxious。
but,Lin rang is also too lazy to snoke the http://www.cfjrzc.cn secret,One person left the government again,Back to Zhaojia Dyeing。
Lin looked at the child in Xu Erni hand,Some headache。
How can he arrange??
The water nice seeing Lin Ren because the child is somewhat hard.,Propose:
“Jia Kangfu has become like this,It is better to bring back to Pingyang Government?That kind, find someone to adopt this child.。”
“Can only be so。”
Other better ways。
Xu Erni hugged the child in front of the forest:
“Do you want someone to adopt this child??”
“We can’t bring him。”
“Since you can’t bring him,Just adopt this child。”
Xu Er Dogs heard his daughter,Erupted reminder。
Obviously Xu Erni has made up his mind。
She is the same as the child’s life。
“He but a tacit bottle,Maybe you will be even tired of you can’t marry http://www.guichunrizashop.cn people.。”
Lin Ren has to remind Xu Ernini。
Xu Ernini teasing children,Let’s talk on the side and its firm tone:
“I’m not afraid。”
Xu Erju can’t bear your own daughter being dragged down in the baby,Dangdao, long-term persuasion:
“Can you take care of your family??Or, we give him to others to adopt。”
“father。I have decided。”
Xu Erju helpless,It knows your own daughter’s character,The decision will not change,Can only be a master。
Lin Ying, Xu Erni, adopted this child is a handsome endorsement,She is a good girl,This child follows her or not.,The slight point is the default.。
When this child has some adoption,The shackles on the lingering are then faded.。
It’s a lot to get up and down.,Feeling that every pore can breathe。
The lady is staring at the forest,巴 巴 巴 眼,Looking back, http://www.qmysl.cn Xu Er:
“Your father and daughter are also going back to Pingyangfu.!Jia Kangfu is ghost everywhere,Not a few years, it is not possible to live.。”
“it is good,it is good。Erni,We are hurry,You a normal person,Waiting in this place,not good。”
Lin linger can’t help but laugh:

In short,No matter what。

Looking at Sun Ting,anyway,Be sure to go to Sun Jia,Let this matter to solve it again。
In fact,Only this,Can completely handle all this。
Chapter 17 does not matter,Let them come
at this time,Sun family。
Zhao Heshan picked up the phone,Listening to the people report again。
“Hey,Boss,I have found them.,However, they seem to have come to Sun Jia.。”
“Next,What should we do??”
Originally, winning coupons,Now I know this news。
Zhao Heshan did not be so embarrassed,Instead, I still look at my face.。
this matter,For Zhaohe Mountain,Is it really important??
obviously,Zhao Heshan itself,I don’t think it all at all.。
After reading an eye,Zhao Heshan is very proud:“http://www.xinlanmumen.cnNot reason,Let them come。”
“but,Also look at them,Is there this courage?。”
Zhao Heshan has already arranged the Tianluo,That is to。
If you really let Sun Ting come,In fact, there is nothing.。
but,She is not coming,Zhao Heshan is in turn is able to control the whole Sun Jia.。
By the time,This billion assets,It must be all of him Zhaohe Mountain.。
Such a good thing,Where to find?
“Hey,Zhao boss,Already know,Despite rest assured,Our speed, Xing Lei, will not let them go back.。”
“You will be good.,I will do it right away.。”http://www.wet88.cn
Xing Lei hanging up the phone,His eyes,Dead staring at the galloping Bugadi Wanlong in the distance164Extreme version luxury car。
“Discover,Don’t tell me,You should also know,What should I do??”
Xing Lei’s words exported,Be around,It’s even more。
This little thing,How do they don’t know??
So now, I will work hard.,These people are even more connected。
“Boss,Despite rest assured,This is handed over to us,Attached to a little problem。”
“Be right,Deal with them,Still not easy??”
“A Bugattiweiron164Extreme version luxury car,no big deal。”
this moment,Surroundings,You have said that I am talking here.。
Xing Lei is rest assured,Put on,Signature of these people directly。
And Shen Xuan, driving,From the rearview mirror, the end of the things。
Several motorcycles gallop,And these motorcycle http://www.networkmarket.cnrider,Don’t take a white wire in your waist.。
Insert oneapp: Perfect complex, the old version of the artifact

“My mother is a disaster?”

There is still no emotional fluctuations on the summer cheeks.,The sound is faint,More calm。
Xia Shaohuang wants to recover his fist,Astonishing,I can’t get it back.。
Whether he makes more power,I can’t shake this youth seemingly ordinary people.。
His reaction is also very fast,Now wave another fist,Be asked。
http://www.wchats.cn He is fast。
Summer faster!
“I am a small type.?”
http://www.yizhehuo.cn Under the voice,Summer is the same。
This punch seems simple,Just, such as lightning,Go first until。
Dangerous instinct,Let the summer moisture harvested into a needle,Hurry and protect your arm on the face。
His arm did not play a slight gear。
Just listen to the snack,His arm is like a dead wood——Direct anti-joint break,Broken bones pierced muscle depreciation。
not only that。
This box is like a hammer,I was bored on his face together with the discounted arm.。
This punch,Summer bite to teeth exhausted。
Far-up power is concentrated in fists,Really terrible。
Xia Shao Wu’s face,Like a high-speed camera lens, a watermelon is smashed by a hammer。
Blood four splashes。
He didn’t even hurry.,The whole face is a seven bleeding,Fush。
When summer releases the palm of the fist,He is like a buckle of sack, soft on the ground。
Point pointed,Just look at him twisted into a twist neck knows,His neck has been broken。
He was killed by a punch!
This is in the eyes of people.,All are scared by this cold punch。
Everyone only feels that the heart is dramatic,A cold climbs to the scalp。
All stunned in place,A sculpture。
The most stupid,It is the second summer home custom sea.。
His mouth is big,Glance,Face alarming expression,Just as I saw the death of the gods slowly。
He……Really dare to kill people!
Just at this time,Summer is looking for a look,I still have a murderous gas in my eyes.,“What did you say??Delay time?”
Xia An’s heart is twitching。


Spring and black people turned over,I will hit it right away.。
Sword,The song is also ringing at this time.。
“Spread between wings,Can reach the end of dreams,Remember,Is that piece,Is that piece,Snow white cloudy day。。。。”
“Is that piece,Is that piece,Snow white cloudy day。。。。”
Singularity,The sound of the spring and the black man double the sword is like the rhythm of the song.。
White also face,Face with exciting look。
Singing,Sound of the throne。
And the black man seems to have discovered the white standing there.,Directly block the spring,That’s a white。
But it seems that I didn’t pay attention to this scene.。
Tarrel the knife。
http://www.fssylf.cn On-site exclamation。
But white looks have no variations,Flute。
Black ninja talents are boused,It is a spring that appears in the white body, I opened the other side of the knife.。
“Know the end of the day,I will fall into a disabled,Even if so。。”The song seems to have some sadness.,White cheer up。
Spring and black ninja two people crazy about it,White four weeks are blooming Mars。
“my heart Will http://www.szdwovmbnfegzu.cn Go On,Pursue my light belonging to me。。。。”In the eyes of the white eyes, it seems to be ray.,I don’t know if I am not a fire in her eyes.,It looks very magnificent。
The song has become high,For a knife that is constantly appearing,White view is not seen,Even open hands。
It is seen that the audience has grown up.。
But the knife is always just right to avoid white。
Yu Ying intermittent,White slowly put down the hand。
Spring, this opportunity,Sachamid of black ninja,Grab his arm and go out directly.。
Chapter 31 Soft
The flute sounds again,Laken the white song。
Crisp flute sound,Let this song have a different taste
Spring and black people show a wonderful fight,Sword,The movement of the two makes people look。
With a flute,Spring and black ninja are inactive,Give a different kind of exciting。
http://www.stdz158.cnWhite is quietly staring quietly。
“almost”Springs make a eye on the black people,Black people nodded without traces。

“I just saw my dad didn’t be in the mountain.。”Lin Feng asked:“Where did he go??”Lin Feng said is the Tang Dynasty。

“He,Some of the deep peaks of the far away http://www.shuandi.cn from the distance.,I shouted him back.。”Tang no laughter:“He is definitely happy。”
“Hey,I let him go to Bozi,He doesn’t go,I am very busy with these days.,I haven’t seen you and his old man.。”Lin Feng sighed,The more I want to be a little awkward。
“He may get used to it here.,But I listened to him.,He is ready to live in Bozi District for a while,Still rest assured that Xiaoyao。”Tang no laughter:“The drug king is also very happy,I can hold out the grandchildren soon.,What time is it expected??”
“I also can’t say it.,Calculate the time is almost,But there is no sign。”Lin Feng laughs:“The fetus is also very good。”
“Not urgent,These things are in a hurry。”Tang no laughter:“You are now, the more you do it.,Hey,I am like dreaming.。”
His eyes fall into Lin Feng’s body,Time is actually not far away,Not a year,The original http://www.kdsman.cn Lin Feng is still a furhead kid,Repair is very weak。
Nowadays, it is standing in this world.,Become one of the strongest in this world,麾 高 高手 如,Controlling powerful forces,Become the most likely people in the future。
Once successful,That will mean。
“uncle,You are not dreaming,But I am very lucky.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Your old cultivation is also very fast!”
“I can’t mention your young people.。”Tang no laughter。
“If it is not uncle,you help me,I will never today。”Lin Feng said with sincerity。
“Still,This is not a long time.。”Tang:“Moreover,I didn’t help you.,And I will help you too yourself.,You can come to today,It is a step-by-step business.,External force is only promoted,You really rely on yourself,Can go to this step,honestly,I can’t believe it now.,But this is really true。”
“No uncle,Don’t http://www.okustore.cn boast me.。”Lin Feng Road:“correct,Xichuan?”
“He is outside,Take advantage of young。”Tang:“Come,Since today is coming,Let’s drink a few cups.。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“But there is no shortage,You have to kit you today.。”
“Ha ha,I don’t kitak kitchen!”Tang no shortage:“My craft is now very good now.,Every meal is burning。”
“correct,Is the owner??”Lin Feng heard the words。
Tang is no shortage of words,After the sigh:“He Nirvan!”
“what?Biggoiri?”Lin Feng heard the color:“When did this happen?”
“Shortcoming thing。”Tang has no shortage of lack of Lin Feng Road。
“Nirvana,Do he have this grasp??”Lin Feng heard the shackles,And later looking to the direction of Tangjiabao。
“His quiet zone on Wushan。”Tang none sighs mouth:“Uncle and your uncle。”
“No uncle,I want to see them in the past.。”Lin Feng heard the quiet road,Whether it is Dang no trace or Tang Baohu is a person who is unsolved in Lin Feng’s heart.。
“Ok,Come with me。”Tang has no shortage to go out of the door。
Lin Feng heard that after the Tang Dynasty,Two people went to the mountain road ahead,After half an hour, the two came to the deep mountain of Wushan.,There is a clear spring among the mountains.,There is a pavilion next to Qingquan。
Qingquan stone。
The knee in the pavilion is sitting on the knee.,It is Tang no trace and Tang Bihu,There is no breath on both.。
Lin Feng looked at Tang Bihu’s figure is even more embarrassing.。
His figure came to the front of Tang Bo.,神 道 的:“sorry,Big brother,I am wrong.。”
Tang Bihu’s figure is like a dead,No response。
“Maple,He although Nirvana,But the perception of the outside is still existed.,I miss you, he heard it.,Central China is very embarrassed to you.。”Tang no lack of lack of quiet。
“I shouldn’t doubt big brother.。”Lin Feng looked at Tang Xi Road。

Although Bai Wushuang visited her before,,But that was with many people,The two are not even friends in private。

“I will give you an ointment。”
Bai Wushuang holding a small laboratory bottle,Handed it to her:“You apply a little bit to your burned area every morning and evening,Start applying from the edges……If it works,Then go to the middle。”
“Oh,You find someone to match it?”Bao Chenjing smiled and took it:“Ok,thank you,Interested!”
Recently,Many friends who advise her,The laboratory even found a lot of medicine for her,Ointment like this,She has several bottles in her hand。
Bai Wushuang didn’t look surprised when she saw her,Just say one more thing:“Mine is precious,You know after a few days……remember,Don’t tell people,Otherwise there will be no more。”
“Know it!”
Bao Chenjing smiled,“Exclusive secret recipe!You all say that,Makes me a little nervous!Rest assured,I will use it tonight,See effect!”
She still knows how to measure。
Because Bai Wushuang is a cold goddess on weekdays,I rarely say anything。
Now the goddess brings her medicine in person,This intention is really rare。
No matter how you want to use it,Even if she has no expectations at all。
After all, when I looked in the mirror some time ago,The tragic look on that face,It really made her terrified herself!

“Hey!Hey!……Smelly rascal dared to hang up my phone,I’ll make you look good next time I meet。”She was furious,But when I thought of just now I said she was more beautiful than Zhong Manxia,Although I knew it was to coax her,But I still feel happy。

I thought I would take Zhong Manxia out to play,Very jealous,Now Zhong Manxia has become her demon,Face other girls,Even as beautiful as Liu Yanli,She knows she can handle me,But facing a beauty who is not inferior to her,She had doubts about her beauty for the first time。
It is in this kind of heart,She took out the black gold card in front of me,Shows her strong background,Just tell me,She is not only very beautiful,And distinguished,I am with her to help me in the future much more than Zhong Manxia。
Although using these methods, once I choose her, I will disappoint her,But what troubles her is,Even with this disgraceful method,I behaved very plainly,She wants to find someone to investigate my family,How rich is the family so that she can’t take her billions of worth in the eyes。
hang up the phone, I breathed a sigh of relief,These girls don’t have a fuel-efficient lamp,Cope with their increasingly strenuous,I think of Xie Yi from Tianfeng Studio,In the future generations, the red flag will not fall,Colorful flags fluttering outside,He himself is ugly,But the colorful flags are very beautiful,The point is that red flags and colorful flags are also recognized,I can still get along,This makes me admire,The trick he said at that time was to coax,Coax every girl happily,Then everything is fine,Actually now I am also following the guidelines of his previous life,But there is always a feeling of powerlessness,It seems that you have to go back to him for advice during the holiday,See if he had this opinion when he was young。
the next day,I took my bike down a little earlier and waited for Zhong Manxia,She came on time,I really appreciate this,She never makes me wait when we date。
Today she is wearing the black Nike sportswear we met for the first time on the sports field a year ago,Pink nike sneakers,Wearing a white baseball cap,Standard trouble-free sunglasses,Smiling and waving at me from a distance,It makes me feel like it’s wrong。
When she waved to me a year ago,Maybe neither of us expected to be together today,I hold her in my arms,Kissed her cheek,Affectionate Tao:“Manxia,I love you!”
She smiled:“Did you see me wearing this dress?,Think of your stupid look a year ago!”
I was surprised:“You didn’t even look at me straight at the time,Actually remember,The first time we met was wearing this suit?Could it be that you secretly fell in love with me then??”
She shaved my nose,Smiled:“Stinky you,Just your bean sprouts,I want toads to eat swan meat。”
“OK,Dare to scold me,Then my toad will try to eat your swan meat。”I stretched out to tickle her。
“Dear,Spare,I won’t dare again next time。”She was itchy by me,Beg for mercy。
“No way,The swan does not kiss the toad,This matter is endless。”I’m shameless。

“If it’s like you said,I want to go to such a place,Really want to open my eyes。”

The original party with a different flavor changed the style of Huang Lei’s words。
Of course,There are also some reasons,Everyone is a little tired of the conflict between Zheng Li and the little girl just now,Most people show indifference。
But it’s also because of face,Didn’t interrupt this kind of contest between them,It’s as if you can’t see or hear。
Now Huang Lei talked about such a topic,Of course everyone hopes to dive into this topic,The purpose is not to hear them arguing here again in the future。
Anyway, things like that are not a good thing。
Huang Lei didn’t think so much,The only thing he thinks now is where to find such a place。
Are asking Huang Lei,Huang Lei can only tell them that this place is a place in our country。
“I don’t know how to tell you more specifically,I will take you there when you are free。”
Huang Lei said with a chuckle。
Chapter Fifty Nine Help blind date
On the way back,Huang Lei was puzzled inside,The chick is watching him all the time,This also makes Huang Lei feel more guilty。
He knows why the chick looks at him,It’s just asking if he really has such a place?
Actually there is a place like a ghost。
“so what should I do now?”Chick asked。

Pickled pepper is gone,In exchange for two very talented young people,Especially Oladipo,If not for injury,This is properly another star-level player。

seemingly.Xu Xuan is now the only one to play his worth in the Pacers,The player who retired safely again.Just don’t know,This world,Pickled pepper will not go to Thunder,If the pickled peppers don’t go,Then Oladipo has no chance to go to the Pacers。
But not necessarily,Nothing to say。
With the referee’s whistle,The ball was thrown high in the air,Adams and Yi Jianlian jumped up at the same time——
The game started!
Aquaman’s height213,The weight is slightly heavier than Yi Jianlian,Yi Jianlian was a little slower when she jumped up,The ball was returned to the backcourt by Adams。
Thunder’s first attack。
A Lian is a little embarrassed,Three games played in the regular season,Missed a ball。
But these are all subsections,Frank off the court is also on the notebook,For Yi Jianlian’s training, we need to shift part of the focus to the jump ball.This is a very basic thing,Not important,But sometimes it can also play a vital role,For example, during a scramble.
Westbrook dribbles over,Observe the frontcourt,Adams mentioned high pick and roll from the inside,Westbrook borrows a pick and roll,Zombie jump shot——
Westbrook’s unique skills。
Bang,There is no arc of basketball,Hit the basket straight,Yi Jian jumped up to protect the rebound,To Xu Xuan,Xu Xuan held the ball for halftime。
The Thunder’s offense is simple,After the pick-and-roll, Westbrook will either fight,Or hit it yourself,Either.Fight yourself.
Unless special circumstances,Normally nothing happens unexpectedly。
Than offense,Their defense is obviously much better,Westbrook will not defend Xu Xuan,Westbrook wants to shoot a game44Times,Let him defend the opponent’s vanguard,You are going to exhaust him?
Roberson is defending Xu Xuan,The strongest individual defense on the Thunder side。