“If it’s like you said,I want to go to such a place,Really want to open my eyes。”

The original party with a different flavor changed the style of Huang Lei’s words。
Of course,There are also some reasons,Everyone is a little tired of the conflict between Zheng Li and the little girl just now,Most people show indifference。
But it’s also because of face,Didn’t interrupt this kind of contest between them,It’s as if you can’t see or hear。
Now Huang Lei talked about such a topic,Of course everyone hopes to dive into this topic,The purpose is not to hear them arguing here again in the future。
Anyway, things like that are not a good thing。
Huang Lei didn’t think so much,The only thing he thinks now is where to find such a place。
Are asking Huang Lei,Huang Lei can only tell them that this place is a place in our country。
“I don’t know how to tell you more specifically,I will take you there when you are free。”
Huang Lei said with a chuckle。
Chapter Fifty Nine Help blind date
On the way back,Huang Lei was puzzled inside,The chick is watching him all the time,This also makes Huang Lei feel more guilty。
He knows why the chick looks at him,It’s just asking if he really has such a place?
Actually there is a place like a ghost。
“so what should I do now?”Chick asked。

Pickled pepper is gone,In exchange for two very talented young people,Especially Oladipo,If not for injury,This is properly another star-level player。

seemingly.Xu Xuan is now the only one to play his worth in the Pacers,The player who retired safely again.Just don’t know,This world,Pickled pepper will not go to Thunder,If the pickled peppers don’t go,Then Oladipo has no chance to go to the Pacers。
But not necessarily,Nothing to say。
With the referee’s whistle,The ball was thrown high in the air,Adams and Yi Jianlian jumped up at the same time——
The game started!
Aquaman’s height213,The weight is slightly heavier than Yi Jianlian,Yi Jianlian was a little slower when she jumped up,The ball was returned to the backcourt by Adams。
Thunder’s first attack。
A Lian is a little embarrassed,Three games played in the regular season,Missed a ball。
But these are all subsections,Frank off the court is also on the notebook,For Yi Jianlian’s training, we need to shift part of the focus to the jump ball.This is a very basic thing,Not important,But sometimes it can also play a vital role,For example, during a scramble.
Westbrook dribbles over,Observe the frontcourt,Adams mentioned high pick and roll from the inside,Westbrook borrows a pick and roll,Zombie jump shot——
Westbrook’s unique skills。
Bang,There is no arc of basketball,Hit the basket straight,Yi Jian jumped up to protect the rebound,To Xu Xuan,Xu Xuan held the ball for halftime。
The Thunder’s offense is simple,After the pick-and-roll, Westbrook will either fight,Or hit it yourself,Either.Fight yourself.
Unless special circumstances,Normally nothing happens unexpectedly。
Than offense,Their defense is obviously much better,Westbrook will not defend Xu Xuan,Westbrook wants to shoot a game44Times,Let him defend the opponent’s vanguard,You are going to exhaust him?
Roberson is defending Xu Xuan,The strongest individual defense on the Thunder side。

She recognized it at a glance。

The woman in white clothes,Gu Qiao。
Suddenly a sad mood filled my heart,Want to say something,I don’t know what to say。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao strolling in the hotel garden。
Street lights dim。
Evening chrysanthemum blooms in the garden,Showing yellow stamens。
“How are you thinking about the variety show at Mango Terrace?”Gu Qiao asked casually。
“That one,talk later。”
“Anyway, the opportunity passed by。”
“Ok?You want me to participate?”
“I just think it’s a good choice for you。”
“Then I turn around……Ask Kong Xi,See if the other party’s candidate is still uncertain,If it’s undecided,Let her talk about the price first。”
Gu Qiao nodded,Took off the mask,I’m so bored wearing a mask。

Then he smiled and said first“Great worship!It’s an honor to meet you!”

Posesi nodded slightly,Gentle“Can I just call you Xu Sheng?”
Xu Sheng responded“Naturally,Great worship!”
Bo Saixi looked at the surrounding Title Douluo,Chao Xu Sheng introduced“Xu Sheng,These are the Seven Gods of Sea God Island,of course,Seahorse Douluo!”
Xu Sheng nodded,I carefully observed each of the seven gods,Strength has reached Title Douluo,and,That rugged man,It should be the strongest Sea Dragon Douluo among the Seven Gods!
Xu Sheng is watching them,They are also observing Xu Sheng……
quite a while,See you almost,Just out“Call you all this time,Just to discuss whether to let Xu Sheng carry on the Sea God inheritance!And whether Xu Sheng is willing to inherit the god of the sea!”
Xu Sheng finished listening,Raised eyebrows……
This is to let myself have the three gods?And the future three divine marshals as one?
This,I feel a bit exaggerated……
Hailong Douluo’s eyes looked at Xu Sheng’s forehead,“Great worship,This should violate Lord Seagod’s will?After all, this Xu Sheng has obtained the inheritance of other gods”
A woman also agreed“Yes,I think so!It’s impossible for him to inherit the dual gods,That is obviously unacceptable!”
Seahorse Douluo slowly said“but,Inheritance of the Sea God does not explicitly prohibit the existence of the inheritance of dual gods.!”
One of the Xiaozhengtai thinks“Great worship,I think Xu Sheng can try to call the Seagod Trident,If Poseidon is willing to pass on his divine status to him,Should respond!”
A handsome man agrees“Starfish makes sense!I also think I can try,If even the Seagod Trident doesn’t respond,I’m afraid there is no hope for inheritance!”
After listening to the discussion of the Seven Gods,A gleam of light flashed in Posey’s eyes……
Then he looked at Xu Sheng next to him with a few inquiries……

“Is not,Yes……Yajuan hasn’t come back yet,I guess we can’t go to the mall,I just want to try if you come out?”

Jiang Fan said:“Ha ha,I’ll leave,I’ll be at your school in just over an hour。”
“The mayor won’t do anything else?”
Jiang Fan wanted to make a joke with her,But I think she is too simple,Just say:“My business party,I will find you first,Otherwise, the one named Yajuan will take you away when he comes back。”
“Ha ha。”
Jiang Fan said:“If you change during this period,Just hit me for paging?”
“it is good,You drive slowly。”
“Ok,See you soon。”
Jiang Fan hung up,I feel a sense of vitality fills my body,He quickly picked up the travel bag,Went out,He can’t answer the phone anymore,Otherwise let her wait for a long time。
Jiang Fan is about to drive onto the national highway,I suddenly remembered that the old leader Fan Wenliang was still in the hotel,He quickly stopped the car on the side of the road,I called Fan Wenliang,Nowhere。I thought it might be gone。He called Wang Jiadong again,I knew they left at six in the morning。
Jiang Fan just started again,Drove the car to Beijing。
Ding puts all the skirts he wears in summer on the bed,I don’t know which one to wear for a while,She gestured,When hesitating,A student from the dormitory next door came to borrow her iron。
Because summer clothes are prone to wrinkles,When Ding Yi went to Shenzhen, he saw the mall promoting a compact and portable electric iron.,Just bought it。Bring it with me during this study,It turned out to be something students often borrow。The elder sister student saw her put on a bed,I knew she was worried about what clothes to wear,This is a common problem with girls going out,Just say:“Are you going out to meet a lover?”
Ding Yi smiled,Shook his head。
Female student said:“Although it is said that people wear clothes and horses and saddles,In fact, Ding Yi, you don’t need to dress up,Simple and simple can best bring out your natural beauty and freshness。”
Ding Yixiaoxiao,Put away your clothes,Feel free to take out a white loose knit crew neck shirt,Wear on,She wore a tight denim skirt with knees,Round neck shirt,To the shoulder,The sleeves are also that loose style,The style of this dress is very cartoon,Whether it’s sleeves or body,Are all straight,Generally wide up and down,No body,Wide loose loose,With a blue denim skirt,Really looks fresh and natural,Permeated with a unique youthful charm。
The elder sister student said:“Ding Yi,Just wear this,Great。”
Ding Yixiaoxiao,She can’t see the effect,Because all the dorms don’t have full-length mirrors,Female students invented using the glass on the door as a full-length mirror。Ding Yi opened the door,Standing in front of the door for a long time,She is quite satisfied with this effect,I bought this dress from the mall with Yajuan that day,Haven’t worn it yet,The loose needle eye vaguely reveals the white inner cover inside,she says:“Big sister,The clothes inside show up。”
The older sister said:“Nothing,Not obvious,Look at the girls in Beijing,Which one is not more exposed than this。”

“Yes indeed,Your husband’s phone,You hurry up,Stop inking!”

Murong Shan turned around,I found that Xiao Huahan had left consciously。
The bathroom door opened a gap immediately,Shen Ruoxi stretched out a little white hand……
Qin Liang listened to the conversation between Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi on the phone,I couldn’t help but smile on my face,They are really two lovely girls。
“Hey!it’s me……”
On the phone,Shen Ruoxi’s excited voice appeared。
“Wife,good evening。”
A mouth,Qin Liang suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to say……
“……good evening。”
Although Shen Ruoxi feels a little strange,But I still replied casually。
“Wife,have you eaten?”
Since I don’t know what to say,Just have nothing to say,I can’t help but speak!
“not yet,I’m taking a bath,So the call was answered。”
Shen Ruoxi very obediently reported what she was doing。
“Wow!Open video,Open video!I want to see!”

“.”This is the first time that Old Wei has a direct conversation with the big boss,Suddenly stood up straight nervously,“I am Wei Zhiyuan,Deputy General Manager of Shifang Consulting。Chairman,Hello。”

Baby Ou has no impression,Say hello to,“Hello there。You just leave your phone on,Ask the intention over there,My side,Jade will bring you,Give you instructions anytime。You find another phone,Put on headphones。Don’t let others know that you are following instructions。”
Strange and not strange commands。Wei Zhiyuan understands the marriage。He already has three mobile phones,Directly reported the number,Then I received a call from President Yu。
“.”Wei Zhiyuan thinks this is the pinnacle of his life——At the same time connect with the big boss Yu。It’s still such a private thing with a strong gossip color.This,Wei Zhiyuan feels that he has become a general manager,It looks like a show。
Put on headphones,When ready,Take a deep breath,Wei Zhiyuan came out。
Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty One Xixi
Su Mei and Su Xi have briefly exchanged a few words,At the same time looking at Wei Zhiyuan,Su Xi’s eyes are hotter。
Before Wei Zhiyuan could speak,Su Xi first,“I just knew,My house,My grandma bought it with money from my sister’s house。I don’t register now,Can you register my sister?She deserves it。”Su Xi said sincerely。
Wei Zhiyuan looked at Su Mei,Shaking head,“I’m afraid this won’t work either。We need to follow the rules,Because your house involves three people,So the three of you need to sign an agreement at the same time,Reach a consensus,We can use it as a basis,Do registration and confirmation。We don’t register for whomever we want,This requires the three of you to negotiate,then,Give us an accurate reply,The real ownership of the house,There will be no disputes in the future。”
Su Xi wondered,Su Mei has taken out her business card,Why is it still like this??wrong,Looks different from before,This person didn’t say so specific just now。protocol?Thought for a while,Su Xi asked,“How to write this agreement?We don’t understand,Do you have a template here?”
Wei Zhiyuan smiled,“We have templates here,Right of ownership,Or the agreement of the division。”
“Can be divided?”Su Xi asked again,“Isn’t this whole?”
Wei Zhiyuan answered,“If the head of the household is divorced,Or want to take the opportunity to divide the family property to the children’s offspring,Will do a split,In this case,Demolition funds will also be divided according to the specific situation,Make an assignment。specific situation,Still needs specific analysis,Your house is now mainly a question of ownership,But ownership is more complicated,So our side,I also suggest that when you negotiate,You can try to divide the house property,Make a reasonable distribution of compensation。”
Su Xi nodded,I knew there would be such。She didn’t speak anymore,But want to see Su Mei’s attitude。
Su Mei asked Wei Zhiyuan for a template first,Ask while watching,“This house involves illegal occupation,If I need to file a lawsuit to determine the ownership of the house,Can you wait?”
Wei Zhiyuan came up with another agreement,“You can sign the agreement first,We will arrange an account,Make special deposit for compensation,Will apply to the relevant department for safekeeping,So the money is safe,Won’t run away。”
Su Mei understands,“I’ll go to the lawsuit first.”Said to leave。
Su Xi quickly grabbed her,“I have given up the house,Give you all,Why are you still in a lawsuit?Grandma is in poor health now,Recuperate in the field,Can’t come back,Do you have to let her drag her bad body,Are you coming back to accompany you in the lawsuit??”Not finished,Su Xi cried,“You lost your mother,But grandma also lost her beloved daughter.Grandma must want to leave the house to you too.”

Came to the underground supermarket,Old Gu saw Wang Jiadong a little tired,Just said:“You give me your note,I will buy the seasoning as you wrote,You just go around,Take a rest。”

Wang Jiadong took out that piece of paper,took a look,Said:“also,Then thank you,Let’s go around the tableware。”
Came to the place selling tableware,Gu Zhuo saw a set of very delicate tableware at a glance,This set of tableware is very expensive in the supermarket,Each item is fully equipped,I even have a chopstick rest,She excitedly picked up two sets。
Wang Jiadong says:“Two sets are not enough。”
Gu Zhuo looked at him,Extend two fingers,Finger yourself,Pointed to Wang Jiadong again。
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Chang Yi Na?”
Gu Zhuo stretched out three fingers。
Wang Jiadong shook his head,Said:“Neither light nor long,And Secretary Jiang,Jiang Fan,The tall man you saw first came to our house yesterday。”
Gu Zhuo thought for a while,Add another finger。
Wang Jiadong said deliberately:“not enough。”
Gu Zhuo looked at four fingers,Looking at him inexplicably with two big eyes。
Wang Jiadong says:“Changyi has a wife,Secretary Jiang also has a wife,If they bring their daughter-in-law,Do you want to add two more sets?”
Gu Zhuo breaks his fingers,Finally stretched out six fingers。
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“you’re so smart,It is indeed six sets,But not enough,We still have old customers,The person who came with us just now?”

Look scared him。He feels soft,Say:“to make,I respect your opinion。”He stretched out his long arms,Holding her little hand。

“That’s it,You can’t be authoritarian on this issue。”
“Ok。”Guan Hao nodded。
strange,She was not sleepy after getting in the car today,He just said:“Why don’t you sleep?”
Xia Jihan saw him ask,Tell the truth:“I dare not sleep。”
Guan Hao was taken aback:“Why dare not sleep?”
“I’m afraid you will be taken to your parents’ house when I fall asleep。”
“Hahaha。”Guan Hao laughed,It looks like she’s really not mentally prepared,Just distressed:“regarding this problem,I absolutely respect you,You don’t want to disappear,It’s not too late to get married,just……”
“Just what?”She asked eagerly。
“Let mom see you and she can rest assured,Or always give me control of the object,She is at home now,Not even nosy,I’ll have Xianxin。As heroic as me、Handsome、There are very few bullish people in the world,You are not afraid of me being snatched?”
Part of what he said is fact,I want to pass this news to Luo Rong。Another main purpose is to settle her down,He is relieved。
“Didn’t you say Xiao Yao would tell them??”
“Ok。”Guan Hao patted her hand,Some things can’t tell her,Just say:“Sleep if you want,It will take some time,Talk to me if you are not sleepy。”
“Ok,As long as you don’t take me home……”Talking,The voice becomes weaker。
Guan Hao really admires it,It turns out she was on guard just not sleeping,Now that the guard is gone, I immediately closed my eyes。This woman,Don’t expect her to chat with you during the journey。
Until I passed the Ducheng Expressway toll gate,Guan Hao woke her up。She opened her eyes to see,I found out that it was dark,The Ducheng city at night has already been lit up。Rubbing his eyes and smiling at him embarrassedly:“Let you drive alone again,I’m sleepy。”

The same automatic rifle shoots at a distance of three meters……

All those rebels fell,And the special fighter also fell,Qin Liang rushed forward and tried to pull up the special fighter,But found that he could no longer stand up……
Can’t leave him!
This was a flash of thought in Qin Liang’s mind,He reached out and grabbed the collar of the special fighter,Pulling his body to the woods with all my strength……
The two special forces with machine guns that followed,One framed up the seriously injured comrade and continued running,The other side goes back,On one side, he used the machine gun in his hand to shoot at the path behind him……
at last,Qin Liang and the others rushed into the woods……
Qin Liang ran a few steps into the woods,Then stopped,He squatted down,Trying to carry the partner he was pulling up,The special fighter with the severely wounded who followed hurriedly helped him。
And ran inside again,Qin Liang and the others turned off the path,Plunged straight into the dense woods……
The rebels on the road did not pursue the special forces team,They dare not……Because they don’t even know who attacked them suddenly,How many troops,They only knew that the other party had at least two machine guns and fired at them……
So they just randomly shot Qin Liang in the direction where they disappeared,But no one dared to rush into the forest path。
Run and run desperately,Until I can’t run anymore,Qin Liangcai fell to the ground with the special forces team behind his back……
I can only vaguely hear the gunshots coming from a distance,It means that the rebels did not pursue it,In other words:At least for now everyone is safe。