The Four Steps to Feed Your Baby Formula

The Four Steps to Feed Your Baby Formula

When the milk can’t satisfy the baby’s food, the mothers will start to add formula to the baby.

Do you know the correct steps for feeding your baby formula?

  The first step: make formula milk powder * Mum wash hands first, and prepare various utensils for making milk powder in advance; * Remove the sterilized pacifier, bottle, milk powder and water required for brewing milk powder;For the amount of milk, take 2/3 of the prepared hot water at 50 ℃ -60 ℃ and pour it into the bottle; * Use the spoon with formula milk powder and add the appropriate amount of milk powder to the bottle according to the instructions; * Shake the bottle to let the formulaThe milk powder is fully melted, and no agglomeration; * Add the remaining 1/3 of hot water to the milk bottle, and then lay the bottle flat, and check whether it is sufficient by measuring the scale;Dissolve thoroughly.
  Tinker: Don’t use too much force when shaking the bottle to avoid foaming inside and spill the milk out of the bottle.

  Part 2: Feeding formula milk * Mommy picks up the washed bottle and puts a few drops on the forearm. You can also put it on the cheek to test the temperature. It is suitable to feel a little warm;I feel comfortable, such as sitting by the bed, and adjusting the height with a cushion on the leg to prevent the arm from getting sour quickly; * After the posture is comfortable, Mummy holds the baby bottle in one hand and pillows the baby’s head in his arm in the otherSupport your baby’s body on the elbows; * As the milk in the bottle gradually decreases, the mother should pay attention to increasing the tilt of the bottle to prevent the baby from taking in too much air; * When feeding, the pacifier will often shrink and someExcept for pores that affect milk.

Mummy loosen the bottle cap a little, and let the air enter the bottle.

  Xiao Dingyu: After the baby drinks milk, Mummy hugs her head and puts her little head on her shoulders, and pats her little back gently, so that the air that is swallowed in the stomach during breastfeeding can be expelled.

  Part III: Washing Milk Sets * Soak the milk powder and the feeding utensils in hot water, and the water must cover all the utensils.

  * Gently rotate the bottle, and thoroughly clean each part with a bottle brush. Glass bottles should be brushed with nylon, PC bottles should be brushed with sponge milk, and the bottles should be rinsed with water.

  * When cleaning the pacifier, first open the pacifier on the reverse side and clean with a pacifier brush; then brush the outside of the pacifier, pay attention to whether the pacifier hole is smooth, and rinse with water after brushing.

  Tinker Bell: It is thin near the pacifier, so be careful to crack it when cleaning.

  Step 4: Sterilize milk utensils * You can use boiling to sterilize. Put the cleaned milk bottle into the disinfection pot with water. After the water is boiled, put it in the bottle cap and cook for 15-20 minutes.

Use a gentle heat to prevent the water in the pot from drying and melting the plastic.

  * Steam sterilization can also be adopted. Or use ordinary steam pot or use electric steam sterilizer.

Use the former for 10 minutes for disinfection and 5 minutes for supplemental disinfection.

  Xiao Dingyu: Take the appropriate disinfection method. At the end, remove the sterilized feeding utensils one by one with disinfection tweezers and place them in a clean place to air dry.

Then store it in a clean, covered container, ready for next use.

Late return, how many excuses do you have

Late return, how many excuses do you have

I’m not the kind of careful woman. I don’t have a hobby to control her husband’s every move.

However, no matter how big my belly is, I can’t tolerate the late return of a man-the late return here refers to the late return without saying hello.

  I know you’re busy, busy at work, busy making money, and busy socializing.

You can go to bed and sleep for the rest of the day and night, but you have to let me know where you are, and you wo n’t go home for dinner tonight.

You can’t ignore my existence and busy you without saying hello. Let me make a good table and wait for you to come back. Wait until the dishes are cold and wait until people are sleepy.

  And the most terrible thing is that I ca n’t contact you. Your phone is either turned off (no power) or no one is answering . So I started to think about it and find various reasons for your late return-I do n’t worry about youI was run away by another woman because I believed in you; I was worried that you met a gangster who was out in the day and night and your phone and wallet were robbed by him; I was worried that you who had just obtained your driver ‘s license would drive illegally and be traffickedButtoned down; I’m worried about you . don’t say it anymore, I’m worried that I’m going crazy!

  So, men, don’t think your wife hates your late return is a trivial matter, she only takes you seriously.

If you return home all night or even all night, she doesn’t care if she is indifferent, then I guess I don’t think there is any place for you in her heart.


Schwarzenegger fell from the sky on a parachute, and the woman asked, “How come this late?”

Anuo answered blankly: There was a traffic jam.

  Basically, no matter what, it is relatively humorous for a man to use a traffic jam.

  The script provided to us by the vulgar domestic TV series is like this, the woman asks: What have you done?

The man lit a cigarette, and somehow thought: Nothing.

  According to the trend provided by “2046” and “The Mood for Love”, the plot should be like this-Su Lizhen leaned against the door, her cheongsam collar was firm on her chin, and her eyes asked lightly: Are you busy?

Zhou Muyun raised his corner of the eye and looked down, and answered lowly: I just went to the street corner and ate a bowl of rice dumplings.

  In fact, the most social Q & A originates from anxiety, expectation, irritability and watchfulness, dodge and disdain.

Anyway, the most likely dispute will only revolve around the question of “what did you do to the end?” Smart women will probably not ask the bottom line, they will find the answer from the man’s demeanor.

  In any case, no matter how late, don’t blame the men who return late, because they are returning after all.

  Before marriage, men most often say-“I love you”; after marriage, the most common words have become “Don’t wait for me”.

As if to see such a scene: the night is already late, the hostess is still waiting for her husband to go out, anxious and lonely, in the bedroom wedding photo, the man still smiles religiously, as if he and she will create an eternallove story.

  It should be thought of such a picture. It is always extremely sympathetic to such a woman. In the words of Mr. Lu Xun, it is “mourn for its misfortune and anger it.”

And for such a late returning man, I have only four words: sniff!

There are only a few reasons for late returning men: talk about business, meeting friends, and company meetings. The real reason is to analyze specific issues, but it is nothing more than N years of itching.

  After many years of marriage, the former Cardamom girl is now old and fading. Take a step back and say that even if it is not old, I am afraid that everyone will get tired of it.

As a result, various elegant reasons appeared on the table with grandeur, what were “aesthetic fatigue”, “no common language”, “a mistake that a man would make”.

Men, I do n’t have the courage to make mistakes myself. Co-authoring is still the fault of women: who tells you not to treat yourself well, and who tells you not to enrich and enrich yourself!

You see, it is unreasonable to stir up three points.

  Woman, if you unfortunately meet this man, pull out quickly and hold on, he will only hurt you more deeply.

The woman who sang “Falling in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Go Home” also said: Why bother trying hard, asking hard .

13% of adolescents are psychologically sub-healthy

13% of adolescents are psychologically sub-healthy

According to Professor Wu Shihuang, the director of the Popularization Committee of the Chinese Psychological Association, in terms of current psychological counseling, some elementary and middle school students have thoughts of resignation or revenge. Although they cannot be identified as a certain disease, they have already reflected their psychological and behavioralThere are obstacles, or psychological and behavioral deviations that are latent. Medically, the phenomenon is called adolescent mental subhealth.

  The survey results of 22 provinces and cities nationwide, the highest in Chinese psychology, show that about 13% of adolescents have obvious psychological and behavioral problems. Some of them have emotional problems and interpersonal tension. At the same time, 16% of adolescents have varying degrees ofShow symptoms of worry, obsession, depression.

  According to statistics from relevant departments, there are currently 30 million adolescents in the state of psychological sub-health, and primary and middle school students are cured of mental and behavioral disorders.

6% -32%; college students’ psychological and behavioral disorders account for 16% -25.

4%, and there may be an upward trend.

  Professor Wu Shihuang said that the inherent contradictions of young people are very strong. Their rationality is relatively poor. Emotions and behaviors change impulsively. Misunderstandings of certain things often lead to behavioral deviations, and sometimes cause reckless harm to others and damage society.Extreme moves.

Many teachers and parents think that if something happens, if they deal with the students, they will be fine.

Of course, the psychological sub-health of students is just ignored.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out extensive psychological quality education in schools.

I want to stay young and avoid the food.

I want to stay young and avoid the food.

The fritters with soy milk are the Chinese breakfast habits since ancient times, but now the science proves that this kind of breakfast is unhealthy and can lead to premature aging of women.

Nutrients are destroyed during the high-temperature frying process and produce carcinogens, which are detrimental to human health.

In addition, the fritters are also containing aluminum impurities, because the surface of the fried fritters is mixed with potassium aluminum sulfate (clear staff), with a 50 g heavy fritters, it contains about 10 mg of aluminum, if you eat 2 fritters per day, 1600 mg of aluminum can be added in a month.

Generally, the normal human body weighing 70 kg contains only 61 mg, which is what the human body needs.

In order to prevent premature aging, it is advisable to eat less or not to add alum.

The preserved egg, also known as the pine egg, is another traditional flavored egg product.

The most famous snack is the preserved egg porridge, which many people like to eat.

The main raw materials for making preserved eggs are quicklime, soda ash, salt, and black tea, so the lead content of preserved eggs is often exceeded.

The content of potassium-adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin in the brain of lead egg poisoning is significantly reduced, resulting in neurological exchange block, causing memory loss, dementia, intellectual development disorders and other symptoms.

Excessive lead exposure in the human body will directly destroy the function of DNA, the genetic material inside the nerve cells, which is easy to cause dementia, and it will make the face gray and premature aging.

It should be noted that some product propaganda is now “lead-free pine egg”, in which the lead content is not equal to zero, but it is lower than the corresponding national standard, and it is also not suitable for large-scale consumption.

Kimchi kimchi, also known as sauerkraut, pickled vegetables, is a substitute for Da Yuan cabbage or cabbage and other spices. After the bubble, it is fermented under the action of lactobacilli.

The sauerkraut tastes salty and sour, the taste is crisp and tender, the color is bright, the aroma is tangy, the appetizer is refreshing, the wine is refreshed, not only can increase appetite, help digestion, but should not eat more.

When pickled kimchi, it is easy to convert the added salt into sub-X salt. Under the catalysis of enzymes in the body, it easily reacts with various substances in the body to form carcinogens of imines. People eat more and are prone to cancer, andPromote premature aging of the human body.


habits that seem to be healthy

12 habits that seem to be healthy

There are some habits in life that seem hygienic, but actually not hygienic. They can not guarantee physical health, but are harmful to the body.

I think in these habits, everyone can definitely take the right seat. I hope everyone knows that they can correct it.


Wrap food with white paper. White paper is used to package food. In order to “white” white paper, many manufacturers often use bleach in the production process. After contact with food, bleach will cause some kind of chemical reaction and produce some harmful substances., Very easy to cause contamination of food.


Toilet paper wipes tableware. The results of spot checks by the national quality inspection department of fruits show that many types of toilet paper are sterilized or incompletely sterilized, which are rich in bacteria and can be easily wiped on objects.

Only high-grade napkins that have undergone strict disinfection meet sanitary standards.


Plastic sheets are laid on the dining table. Plastic sheets are laid on the table. Although they are good-looking, they are easy to accumulate dust, bacteria, etc. Some plastic sheets are made of toxic vinyl chloride resin. Tableware and food will be contaminated by long-term contact with plastic sheetsHarmful substances, which cause many potential diseases and affect health.


Cover the food with a gauze cover. Use a gauze cover to cover the food. Although the flies will not fall directly on the food, they will stay on the gauze cover, and will still leave the eggs with germs. These eggs can easily pass from the gauze holes.Fall and contaminate food.


Use a towel to dry pots, bowls, basins, cups and other tableware and fruits. Tap water used in some cities is strictly disinfected. Tableware and fruits washed with tap water are basically clean and do not need to be wiped.

There are many germs on the towel, and drying it with the towel will cause secondary pollution.


Disinfecting tableware with wine Some people often use white wine to wipe tableware, thinking that this can achieve disinfection.

As everyone knows, the alcohol used for disinfection in medicine is 75%, while the alcohol content of general liquor is below 56%.

Therefore, the use of white wine to wipe the tableware does not achieve the purpose of disinfection.


Heat and pressurize the spoiled food before eating some housewives Cook some spoiled food at high temperature and pressure before eating, thinking that this can completely eliminate bacteria.

It has been medically proven that the toxins secreted by bacteria before entering the human body are very resistant to high temperatures and are not easily broken down and broken down.


Wipe the table with a rag and use a brand new rag after a week. The amount of bacterial growth will surprise you.

Therefore, wipe the table with a rag, and wash the rag properly before use. The rag should be boiled and disinfected with water every three or four days.


Chop off the rotten part of the fruit and eat it. When some people eat fruit, when they encounter a part of the rotten fruit, they chop off the rotten part and eat it, thinking that it is hygienic.

Usually, even the rotten part of the fruit is cut off, and the remaining part has precipitated bacterial metabolites through the juice, and even microorganisms have begun to multiply. The mold can cause mutations in human cells and cause cancer.

Therefore, even if the fruit is only rotten, it is better to throw it away.


When I get up, I fold a quilt. Every day, a lot of sweat is discharged, and it is no exception when sleeping.

After getting up, the quilt is folded, and the sweat is left in the quilt for a long time. It smells of sweat and affects the comfort of sleep. It also creates a living environment for pathogens and is not good for the body.

The correct method is to turn over the quilt after getting up, and let it hang for 10 minutes, then fold it up. It is best to dry it once a week.


Long-term use of the same drug toothpaste Drug toothpaste has a certain inhibitory effect on certain bacteria.

However, if the same drug toothpaste is used for a long time, the bacteria in the enlarged oral cavity slowly adapt and produce reproducibility.

Therefore, toothpaste should also be changed regularly.

Use a waste fluorescent tube to dry the toxic substances such as mercury, fluorescent powder and a small amount of ammonia in the fluorescent tube.
Some households use towelless fluorescent tubes to dry towels and handkerchiefs, thinking they are clean and hygienic.

It is not known that in the case of moisture, if the tubes are eroded or there are small cracks in the tubes themselves, various harmful substances in the tubes will gradually leak out.
Especially when the temperature is high, the exudation of mercury is more, which can contaminate towels and handkerchiefs and endanger human health.

If these harmful substances directly enter a person’s eyes, they can cause vision loss or even blindness.

Mental health nutrients

Mental health “nutrients”

Most people know that the body needs adequate nutrition for its growth and development, such as protein, fat, sugar, inorganic salts, vitamins, and water. In fact, psychological “nutrition” is also very important. If it is seriously lacking, it will affect mental health.
So what are the important “nutrients” in a person’s mental health?
  First, the most important spiritual “nutrient” is love.
  Love can last a person’s life.
Childhood is mainly the love of parents. Childhood is a key period for cultivating mental health. If you do not get sufficient and correct parental love at this stage, it will affect the development of mental health throughout life. Many adults have psychological disorders.Related to the lack of parental love in childhood.
The love of partners and teachers was increased in adolescence, especially the love of couples and couples in youth.
Middle-aged people have great social responsibilities, and the love of colleagues, relatives, and children is very important. They will make young people more confident and motivated in their careers, and make life full of joy and warmth.
As for the key to happiness in old age.
Love has a very rich connotation, which not only refers to love, but also includes care, comfort, encouragement, reward, praise, trust, help and support.
If a person does not get the love of others, especially his loved ones for a long time, his or her psychological imbalance will appear, which will cause obstacles or diseases.
  The second important spiritual “nutrient” is venting and channeling.
  Regardless of whether to avoid or try to masturbate, you can only temporarily ease the psychological contradiction and find the apparent psychological balance. The only cure is the target, and the moderate venting has a permanent effect.It is the principle of harming others and not harming the society, otherwise it will cause a vicious circle and bring more unhappiness.
For example, when you are depressed, you can go to play football, ignite the fire on them, and tell your loved ones and friends when something goes wrong, and pour out the unhappiness in your heart. This is venting.
At the same time, I also hope that someone will help themselves to resolve the unhappiness in the happy, or help to come up with a good idea.
Relief and grooming are effective ways to maintain psychological balance.
If the psychological burden is not revealed or channeled for a long time, it will aggravate psychological conflicts and become psychological obstacles.
  Third, goodwill and strategic criticism are also important spiritual “nutrients.”
  It helps people distinguish right from wrong, correct mistakes, and then constantly improve themselves.
If a person does not get the right criticism for a long time, the fever will breed the problems of pride and complacency, stubbornness, arrogance, righteousness, etc. These are all manifestations of mental unhealthy development.It causes people to have rebellious psychology, which can seriously lead to self-violence, abandonment, and separation from the collective, until it is difficult to extricate themselves.
Therefore, when encountering such a “psychological virus”, we should be more vigilant and strengthen our psychological immunity. We should usually be closer to people who have knowledge, virtue, and trustworthiness, so that it is easier to obtain such healthy “nutrients.”.
  Fourth, strong beliefs and ideals are also important spiritual “nutrients.”
  The power of beliefs and ideals is amazing. It plays an important role in psychology. In the journey of life, we often encounter various setbacks and failures and fall into certain unexpected difficulties. At this time, beliefs and idealsJust like a psychological balancer, it can help people maintain a stable mentality, survive ups and downs, and prevent them from deviating from the track of life and entering the dark areas of their hearts.
  Fifth, tolerance is also an indispensable “nutrient” for mental health.
  Life is full of things, and everything is unavoidable. Anonymous fire and languish decadence often accompany it. Tolerance is a magic weapon to get rid of all kinds of disturbances and reduce psychological pressure.
But tolerance is not escape, he is open-minded and wise.
  The key to maintaining mental health is to learn to self-adjust, be good at controlling one’s emotions, achieve self-reliance and consciousness in psychological protection, take the initiative to supplement healthy mental nutrients for yourself, and provide others with “nutrients that can improve mental health” when necessary.”.

Chinese medicine relieves drunkenness

Chinese medicine relieves drunkenness

After drunk, how to relieve headache, dizziness, nausea, fever and other drunken symptoms, the following Chinese medicine has a good effect: ume: acid sour, flat, enter the liver, spleen, lung, large intestine, and has the effect of astringent lung health, Can be used to treat lung deficiency, long cough, long diarrhea and long stasis, deficiency of heat and thirst.

Because of its acidity, it can quench the thirst, so it can relieve drunkenness and thirst.

Take 30g decoction of ume, which can relieve the thirst after drunk.

  White thatch: Also known as thatch, its sweetness, coldness, enters the lungs, stomach, bladder meridian, has the effect of cooling blood to stop bleeding, clearing heat and diuresis.

Take white grass root 15?
30g decoction to detoxify wine.

  Mulberry: Also known as mulberry, its sweetness, coldness, heart, liver, kidney meridian have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and nourishing the intestines.

When hangover, you can take 150g of fresh mulberry mash to add.

  Pueraria puerariae: sexually sweet and smooth, good at relieving alcoholism, relieving the spleen and stomach and quenching thirst, attending to excessive drinking, headache, dizziness, thirst and vomiting, chest fullness, etc.

“Spleen and Stomach” has Gehua Jieyu (酲: intoxicated after drunk) soup, “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica” has Gehua Qingre pills, etc., all treat drunk.

In addition, kudzu root, kudzu (seeds of kudzu) also have a sobering effect.

Kudzu flower 10g decoction, can hangover.

  Grass fruit: Xin Wen, entering the spleen and stomach meridian, has the functions of drying dampness and dispersing cold, removing phlegm and cutting scales, due to the aroma of qi, and the ability to remove turbidity.

In addition, it can also eliminate food and hangover poison.

Grass fruit 10g decoction drink, can hangover.

  Galangal: spicy, hot, enter the spleen and stomach meridian, disperse cold and relieve pain, stop vomiting after warming, digestion and hangover.

Galangal 10?
15g decoction, can cure drinking too much, body cold and vomiting.

  Chrysanthemum: It is a type of antipyretic medicine with divergent wind-heat type.

Chrysanthemum 10?
15g decoction can cure headaches and dizziness caused by excessive drinking.

  Bamboo Ru: sweet, slightly cold, clearing heat and reducing phlegm, removing irritability and stopping vomiting, and good vomiting caused by stomach heat or phlegm heat.

Bamboo Ru 10?
15g decoction drink can cure headache and vomiting after drinking.

  White lentils: It is a tonic spleen medicine. It has a sweet and warm nature, can strengthen the spleen, dampen heat, relieve heat, and kill alcohol and tetrodotoxin.

White lentils 10?
12g decoction drink, hangover.

  Sophora flavescens: bitter cold, with heat and dampness, insecticidal and diuretic effects, and thirst quenching and sobering effects.

Sophora flavescens 10?
15g decoction drink, beneficial to sober up.

  Nutmeg: spicy and warm, it is a mild astringent medicine, it has the effect of warming the qi, solidifying the intestines, stopping diarrhea, and digesting.

It can also be used for food, hangover, and cholera.

Take Nutmeg 10?
12g Jianshui Beverage can cure abdominal fullness and vomiting after being drunk.

Playing and brisk walking is good for brain development

Playing and brisk walking is good for brain development

Everyone knows that regular exercise can enhance body coordination and make movements more sensitive.

A study by American scientists points out that exercise can also improve people’s memory and concentration, make the brain better, and make us smarter.

  ”Combining normal aerobic exercise with complex skills with certain skills can best exercise the brain.

“Researchers say that regular aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc. These exercises make us feel calm and happy, and avoid the leakage of insomnia.

If you can maintain low-intensity aerobic exercise for 30-40 minutes each time 4 times a week, after 16 weeks, people who have never exercised before will fall into half the sleep time, and the total sleep time will be extended by 1 hour, which can improve the brainThe level of chemicals related to cognitive functions such as memory and attention, thus improving cognitive function.

Adhering to regular aerobic exercise will allow you to “glow light” at work, and endless good ideas.

  There are certain technically complex sports, including ball games, jazz dances, Latin dances, etc. They require coordination and coordination of multiple parts of the body to help exercise the brain’s control.

When performing these sports, it is often necessary to think with the brain. For example, when a baseball player pitches, he needs to think about how to use the slight movements of his arm to throw various unpredictable balls; the dancer not only needs to dance, but also injects emotions.Eyes, an expression must be designed; dart movement, the left and right hemispheres of the brain closely cooperate, the eyes, heart, and hands are coordinated.

  Researchers point out that exercise can also increase blood flow and continuously supply oxygen and glucose to the brain, ensuring that brain cells work well.

Brain workers often overuse their brains, which is like a rubber band in a tight state for a long time.

The average person needs more oxygen and glucose to improve their brain efficiency. For them, exercise is just more important.

Carrots effectively improve human immunity

Carrots effectively improve human immunity

1. Carrot, also known as yellow radish, is a kind of good vegetable with rich nutrition, suitable for young and old, known as “little ginseng”.

The most prestigious of carrots is carotene-a yellow pigment that was first discovered in carrots more than a hundred years ago.

It is now known that carrots contain 1 per 100 grams.


25 mg of carotene, far more than other vegetables, is 360 times that of potatoes and 36 times that of celery.

After carotene enters the body and is absorbed, it can be converted into vitamin A, so carotene is also called provitamin A.

It is valuable that although the carrots are boiled and exposed to sunlight, the loss of carotene in them is very small.


hzh {display: none; }  经常食用胡萝卜,对身体有很多好处:一是增强免疫力,抗癌防玻如人体内缺乏维生素A,不仅对眼睛、皮肤的影响大,而且抵抗力差,易发生Respiratory and urinary diseases, if you often eat carrots, meet the body’s needs for vitamin A, not only seductive eyes, nourish mucous membranes, not easily get night blindness and colds, and can enhance the body’s disease resistance, plus carrots are rich in a lot ofLignin also has the effect of improving the body’s ability to resist disease, which can reduce and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

According to the British and American cancer research institutes, after more than two decades of observations, people who eat carrots and other vitamin A regularly have a 40% less chance of developing diabetes than people who do n’t eat such foods.

The second is beauty and fitness.

Vitamin A’s other function is to maintain the normal function of the human epithelial tissue, to transform and secrete glycoproteins, to keep the skin moist and delicate, so regular consumption of carrots can maintain a glorious youthful image.

In addition, carrots contain mustard oil and amylase, which can promote a slight metabolism, prevent excessive slight accumulation under the skin and gain weight, and maintain a healthy body.

Therefore, Americans believe that carrots are beauty dishes that can raise hair, skin, and mucous membranes.

Europeans now eat carrot cakes, and even Russia eats carrot dumplings.

There are both carrot drinks and carrot apple beauty juices, but they are generally fried, roasted, stewed, and cooked for cooking.

  2. Pumpkins In the era of food shortages, pumpkins used to be a big fan of rice, but even today’s well-off society, why are pumpkins so good?

There are three reasons: one is that pumpkin is sweet and delicious; the other is that pumpkin is rich in extremely rich vitamin A, which can strengthen the mucous membranes, prevent colds, and prevent rough skin at the same time. It has cosmetic and fitness effects, and can prevent corneal desiccation and night blindness.Modern medicine has found that pumpkin contains trace elements such as cobalt, zinc, copper, and pectin, which can promote the normal secretion of human insulin, so that pumpkin can effectively prevent diabetes, hypertension, and some complications of the liver and kidneys, and can increase resistanceAnemia, ability to fight cancer, can eliminate bacterial toxicity in the body, reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent and treat atherosclerosis.

  3, bitter gourd The bitter gourd has won people’s special love for its bitter taste.

  The nutritional health features of bitter gourd are: first, it contains a variety of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and alkaloids; second, it contains galacturonic acid and pectin.

The bitter taste in bitter gourd is embedded in quinine in alkaloids.

These nutrients have the effect of promoting appetite, diuretic, activating blood, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and refreshing.

Modern scientific research has found that the “doped-P” substance in bitter gourd is an insulin-like substance that has the effect of lowering blood sugar.

Xi’an Medical University has extracted oral insulin from bitter gourd.

American scientists have also discovered that bitter gourd contains a protein and lipid substance that has the ability to stimulate and enhance the ability of immune cells to swallow cancer cells in animals, and it can play an anti-cancer role in the body together with quinine in alkaloids.

  Although bitter gourd is bitter, it tastes bitter and cold when eating, refreshing and not greasy. It is refreshing and comfortable in summer, and has the effect of refreshing and appetizing.

And it will not pass on the bitterness to “others”, such as using bitter gourd to burn fish, catfish, and the fish pieces will never be bitter.

  4, tomato It is said that hundreds of years ago, tomato was still unknown.

Later, there was a girl in Peru who suffered from anemia and the pain of being broken in love. She wanted to eat a poisonous plant from her heart. Who knew that she swallowed the tomato fruit, her face turned red, and then she ate more ruddy.Instead of dying, she recovered and became more beautiful.

What is the reason?

It turns out that tomato fruits are very rich in protein, traces, residues, agaric acid, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and C. Among them, the content of vitamin C that can be beauty is equivalent to 10 times that of watermelon, which is simply a warehouse of vitamins.

The body contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals that promote growth hormone growth, as well as lycopene that inhibits bacterial growth.

With all this, Peruvian girls are not healthy, and they are so beautiful!

  In recent years, scientists have found that tomato also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance-glutathione.

Clinical measurement shows that when the concentration of glutathione in the human body rises, the incidence of cancer decreases significantly, so eating more tomatoes can prevent uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, prostate cancer, etc.The aging of these cells can lower blood pressure, prevent night blindness, and gum bleeding.

  Because there are so many benefits to eating tomatoes, Europe and the United States are gradually eating tomatoes in every family. The purpose is to prevent cancer, disease, and beauty.

  When eating tomatoes, pay attention to how to eat.

Raw food is not anti-cancer or disease-resistant, because tomato contains lycopene, which is combined with protein, and is surrounded by cellulose. It is difficult to come out. It must be warmed to a certain degree before it is released.So tomato scrambled eggs, tomato egg soup, tomato tofu, tomato fried meat, fried tomatoes are delicious and nutritious dishes.

  5. Garlic Garlic is also known as garlic, garlic, etc. It is a favorite food of people in all countries.

According to legend, a king of ancient Babylon was addicted to garlic, and even required the people to pay a large amount of garlic to the palace every year.

Because garlic is rich in nutrients and a variety of active substances, its nutrition and health care, disease prevention and treatment functions are very strong.

  Garlic can prevent high blood pressure in the lungs-A recent study showed that an ingredient in garlic may prevent “hidden killer” hypertension in the lungs, at least in mice.

  6, black fungus black fungus shaped like human ears, is a special product of developing countries, exported to all parts of the world, has long been well-known internationally.

It is not only crispy and refreshing, smooth and tender, rich in nutrition, but also edible, medicinal and nutritious.

Psychological test: Mid-autumn festival eat moon cakes to see your character weakness

Psychological test: Mid-autumn festival eat moon cakes to see your character weakness

The day of the full moon and the Mid-Autumn Festival is here again. Eating moon cakes is definitely an ancient and unchanging custom of the Chinese people. Chinese culture is vast and profound. Therefore, you can trim the moon cakes to what kind of personality weakness you have. If you do n’t believe youCome and test it!

  Question: The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching again. Now if you buy a box of moon cakes with notes inside, what would you write?

  a, congratulations on getting a hundred delicious shaped cakes, which can be given to 99 good friends and loved ones by Ben West Point House.

  b, congratulations, you can immediately enjoy a paid holiday for one year.

  c. Congratulations on having a high IQ of 180 for a month, and you can do everything smoothly.

  d, congratulations on getting a crystal ball that can know the secrets of the world for three days.

  The answer analysis a, your weakness is the Jade Rabbit type: simple, easy to cheat.

The story of the jade rabbit’s medicine-According to legend, there are three immortals posing as three poor old people, begging for foxes, monkeys, rabbits, and foxes and monkeys have food to help them, but rabbits have no food.

So the kind-hearted rabbit said, “You eat my meat!

“Just jumped into the fire, burned myself, the god was touched, put the rabbit in the moon palace and turned into a jade rabbit.

This story is to tell you that, although you have good intentions and good rewards, you must think before doing good, and don’t do things that benefit others!

Therefore, if you can get rid of this simple, well-deceived bad problem, I believe that nothing can stump you!

  b. Your weakness is Wu Gang type: lazy and unfocused.

Wu Gang Fagui’s Little Story-According to legend, Wu Gang was originally a coward in the world, but was very eager to be a god, but he did not want to devote himself to studying, so the emperor was furious and detained him at Yuegong to cut down trees in exchange for immortalsHowever, every time Wu Gang finishes chopping, the cassia tree will heal automatically. Day by day, Wu Gang’s wish to cut the laurel is still not fulfilled, and he keeps chopping.

This story is to tell you, do n’t be lazy!

So, if you can get rid of this unfocused, lazy bad problem, I believe nothing can stump you!

  c. Your weakness is the type of heirloom: reckless and willful.

Little story of Houyi shooting sun-According to legend, in the ancient times, there were ten suns taking off together, scorching all the crops and plants, and people were not talking about life.

In order to help the people, Houyi shot down nine suns with bows and arrows, and also eliminated the serpent beasts on the ground, so that people could continue to live a happy life.

Unexpectedly, the nine suns that were shot were the children of Tiandi, and Tiandi was very angry to degenerate Houyi and his wife Chang’e into the realm.

Empress Xi was very sympathetic to Houyi’s encounter, so she gave him the elixir of elixir, but Chang’e became selfish and secretly swallowed by herself.

However, Chang’e was afraid that she would be teased by the immortals in the heavenly court, so she ran to the moon and became the goddess of the moon-the goddess Luna.

This story is to tell you that you must use wisdom before you do things, instead of trying to face you with violence or willfulness!

So, if you can get rid of this reckless and careless bad fault, I believe nothing can stump you!

  d, your weakness is Chang’e type: cheap, disrespectful of others.

Chang’e Story of Flying to the Moon-According to legend, in the ancient times, there were ten suns taking off together, scorching all the crops and plants, and the people didn’t talk about life.

In order to help the people, Houyi shot down nine suns with bows and arrows, and also eliminated the serpent beasts on the ground, so that people could continue to live a happy life.
Unexpectedly, the nine suns that were shot were the children of Tiandi, and Tiandi was very angry to degenerate Houyi and his wife Chang’e into the realm.
Empress Xi was very sympathetic to Houyi’s encounter, so she gave him the elixir of elixir, but Chang’e became selfish and secretly swallowed by herself.
However, Chang’e was afraid that she would be teased by the immortals in the heavenly court, so she ran to the moon and became the goddess of the moon-the goddess Luna.

This story is to tell you, do n’t be greedy and cheap, and do n’t take other people ‘s things casually!

Therefore, if you can get rid of this greedy cheap, regardless of others’ bad faults, I believe that nothing can stump you!