A comprehensive guide to 24-hour oil control for combination skin

A comprehensive guide to 24-hour oil control for combination skin

In spring, MMs with mixed skin are either too dry on their cheeks or too oily in the T zone. I want to take care of both of them, which is really troublesome.

Do n’t worry, follow the steps explained by the editor to ensure that you can successfully control oil and not dry all day.


hzh {display: none; }  混合性肌肤 24小时控油全攻略 6:00  起床后,先去洗一个温水浴,让你的脸和全身都有一个清爽的开始。While cleaning the face, consider using a product suitable for combination skin to balance oil secretion.

These products feel refreshed after washing and they don’t dry out for two seconds.

If you have a facial scrub or exfoliating cleanser, you can use it about once a week. Do not overuse it to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

  24 hours oil control strategy 6:30 Use professional oil control products for oil control.

There are many T-zone oil control products on the market, which can permanently control the secretion of oil in T-zone and form a matt effect in T-zone.

T-zone oil control products, after applying the emulsion, wait until the previously applied emulsion is quick to dry before evenly applying the oil control powder gel cream.

Some products may leave white spots due to the relatively heavy floating powder, so be careful not to apply too thick.

  The 24-hour oil control strategy 6:40 is the focus of oil control this season.

In order to prevent oiliness and clogging of pores, you can replace fresh, oil-free sunscreens. They have a sun protection effect and can also give the skin a fresh feeling.

Of course, when choosing a refreshing sunscreen, you should recognize the Oilfree logo on the outer packaging.

  Applying a refreshing makeup is also an important step for oil control throughout the day. Do not use makeup products with excessive oil content. Instead, choose those anti-sweat mascara and liquid foundation that are more conducive to maintaining makeup for a long time.

  In addition, some oil control products can be used after makeup, or you can directly rub the oiled powder to reduce the possibility of oil panning; if the face is fully oiled, you can use VC, VB2, VB6 and other ingredients before applying makeupToner, it can effectively reduce oil secretion and prevent sebum from overflowing.

  24 hours oil control strategy 7:00 light breakfast is the secret to keep skin fresh for a long time.

Use vegetables and fruits instead of espresso and instant rice noodles, a pot of sweet fruit salad and a bowl of oatmeal to ensure you are full and not too greasy.

Of course, don’t forget to drink a large glass of cold water before going out.

  The bus is full of people. You may wish to bring a small bag of oil-absorbing tissue with you, so you can absorb the sweat and oil from your face at any time. Otherwise, it only takes an hour and the makeup of the whole body is complete.

  10:30 24-hour oil control strategy. Sitting in an air-conditioned office, I still feel stuffy and hot.

Unconsciously, two hours have passed, so use oil-absorbing paper to absorb the shine from the T zone.

Then take a refreshing spray from the veins that will moisturize the skin.

Especially in the air-conditioned environment for a long time, the moisture of the skin is easily taken away.

  The 24-hour oil control strategy is 12:00 during lunch time, which is still light.

However, in order to maintain working conditions in the afternoon, proper nutritional supplements are also necessary.

May wish to add some parsley that was rarely eaten before lunch, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and at the same time clear blood, regular consumption has a good effect on alleviating the symptoms of oily skin such as facial blister.

  When starting work at 14:00, a 24-hour oil control strategy, first rush yourself to a cup of green tea, just to refresh yourself.

The book says that green tea can regulate the metabolism of the skin and the body, so that the skin is refreshed and not easy to produce oil.

  You can consider making a cold bitter gourd for dinner at 19:00 for a 24-hour oil control strategy. Although it is a bit bitter, it can reduce the heat and reduce the fire. It has a significant effect on improving the excessive secretion of oil.

Dinner should also be light, mainly full.

  24 hours oil control strategy 20:30 tired a day, it is time to take a good rest.

But don’t sleep on this, important work has not been done yet.

  After a day of running, the skin must also be tired, so let it relax first.

Take a bath. Of course, remove makeup with makeup remover, then wash off the oil on your face with a mildly acidic cleanser, then use astringent lotion for a second cleansing.

Be careful not to use astringent water with alcohol content, as it may irritate the skin.

Next, you can apply an oil-removing mask.

This oily transparent mask made specifically for oily skin contains astringent granules, which is especially effective for skin oiliness, and can thoroughly dissolve and remove dirt and oil deep in pores.For example, the mineral particles of the original mud sea mud mask have a better adsorption effect, which can adsorb the dirt in the deep pores, so that the skin is deeply cleaned and the pores are delicate; while those tear-type masks also have a better cleaning effect, only one weekJust use it once.

  Experts say that when the human body is under excessive pressure, emotional tension, tiredness, and hormonal imbalance, the skin will become unbalanced and there will be excessive oil secretion.

Therefore, pay attention to the daily habits of rest and rest, not to stay up late.

After reading a novel you like for a while, you are ready to sleep.

Nutritionist recommends healthy eating schedule

Nutritionist recommends healthy eating schedule

A scientific diet plan should consider both what to eat and when.

“If you want to be awake in the morning, excited in the day, and sleepy at night, you need to learn how to choose food,” said Marcy Anderson, a registered dietitian in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  7 am Goal: Full.

  Having breakfast within 1 hour after waking up can help improve your metabolism and health.

Research results from the University of Missouri in the United States show that breakfast should pay attention to a small amount and balance of protein, such as adding some peanuts and substitutes to oatmeal, you can also eat whole wheat bread, dairy products and fruits.

  9 am Goal: Improve work focus.

  Drinking a cup of coffee on this chip can increase excitement and increase concentration.

If you want to drink a beverage with a lower caffeine content, green tea is a good choice. The antioxidants it contains can also promote brain cell production, improve memory, and improve learning ability.

In addition, chewing gum can also achieve a certain refreshing effect.

  11 o’clock?
12-point goal: Relieve obesity.

  Anderson recommends that you drink a cup of low-fat yogurt, which contains 15?
20 grams of protein that will make you feel full, then choose a suitable lunch.

In addition to the combination of staple food and vegetables, it is recommended to eat spinach, zucchini, etc. The vitamin B6 contained in it helps the brain to produce stable neurotransmitters and relieve stress; magnesium leafy vegetables can relax blood vessels and muscles.

  3 pm goal: prevent physical decline.

  At this time, it is recommended to eat a bit of nuts (such as almonds, walnuts or walnuts) or energy bars made from whole grains.

Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that moderate consumption of nuts can also cause a slight weight loss.

  5 pm?
7-point goal: Provide exercise energy.

  If you want to exercise after work, it is best to eat digestible fats around 5 o’clock to quickly replenish your body with energy and prevent obesity, such as a cup of yogurt and alternatives.

If you eat dinner normally, you should control the energy absorption of the dinner. You can add a little dried pepper or peppercorn to the dinner to increase the conversion and combustion.

Purdue University’s research results show that the heat generated by capsaicin accelerates metabolism and controls appetite.

  10 pm goal: help fall asleep.

  If you always find it difficult to fall asleep, first ask yourself if you have a sense of drought before going to bed. If so, it is recommended to drink a glass of soy milk before going to bed.

It contains vitamins that promote the production of tryptophan, which helps sleep.

In addition, the calcium contained in soy milk has a relaxing effect on blood vessels, thus reducing additional sedative effects.

There are many benefits to eating pomegranate in autumn

There are many benefits to eating pomegranate in autumn

The autumn climate is dry, and the human body often exhibits a lot of autumn dryness with “liquid deficiency”, “when autumn, the taste of its diet, it is better to reduce the acidity of xin,” pomegranate is sweet and sweet, and the freshness is moist and dry.

  The golden autumn season is the season when pomegranates are on the market. The huge pomegranates on the fruit stand are particularly eye-catching. The pomegranates are pierced, the gem-like grains are sour, sweet and juicy.

Pomegranate symbolizes wealth, auspiciousness, and happiness, which means that people are prosperous and grandchildren.

The autumn climate is dry, and the human body often exhibits a lot of autumn dryness with “liquid deficiency”, “when autumn, the taste of its diet, it is better to reduce the acidity of xin,” pomegranate is sweet and sweet, and the freshness is moist and dry.

  Pomegranate is rich in nutrients, rich in a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, especially vitamin C, which can help digestion, promote absorption, and increase appetite. It is very suitable for the elderly and children.

  Beauty and beauty Eating pomegranate can beauty and beauty, freckle, promote blood circulation, often eat pomegranate, it is good for the skin, and make your face more and more rosy and translucent.

  Astringent Gushu Pomegranate has a good astringent function, so it can astringent intestines and stop bleeding, so it is a good product for treating diarrhea and bleeding.

  Shengjin Zhike sweet pomegranate can prevent dry mouth, sour pomegranate even seeds broken, soaked in boiling water, filtered and let cool, and rinsed several times a day, can cure sore tongue and mouth ulcers.

  Pomegranate has the function of activating blood and nourishing blood, which can remove fat on the wall of blood vessels, promote blood circulation, and make the blood vessels soft and elastic.

Therefore, eating more pomegranate can soften blood vessels and prevent blood vessel embolism.

  Relieving drunk pomegranates is a great way to treat hangovers. If you drink too much, eating pomegranates in time will help alleviate the pain of drunkenness.

  Soothe the nerves and relieve the anxiety. The excess glucose can supplement the glucose consumed by the brain.

  The whole body of pomegranate is a medicine, pomegranate skin can astringent intestines, stop bleeding, deworming. It is suitable for Jiujia, Jiujin, blood in the stool, prolapse of the anus, bleeding under the belt, worm accumulation, abdominal pain, and mange.

Pomegranate flower has hemostatic effect. Oral administration can be used for rhinitis, otitis media, wound bleeding; topical also soaks eyes with water, and treats eyesight.

Pomegranate is an ornamental and medicinal food.

Pomegranates are delicious, but you ca n’t be gluttonous. Li Shizhen in the Compendium of Materia Medica believes that: “The pomegranate is influenced by Shaoyang, and is honored in April, in May, in midsummer, and mature in late autumn.

Danhua is red, its taste is sweet and sour, its high temperature is astringent, and it looks like wood fire.

Therefore, more food damage the lungs, teeth and sputum saliva. ”

In addition, cold and acute inflammation, patients with constipation should be careful to eat pomegranate; patients with diabetes, patients with wet respiratory cough, chronic bronchitis and emphysema should not eat pomegranate.

How to plan for fitness at home

How to plan for fitness at home

More and more citizens choose to buy home fitness equipment and exercise at home.

However, you should also pay attention to the scientific method of fitness at home. Here, professionals will interpret the major misunderstandings that you must avoid in fitness.

  People who stay at home for home fitness and home sports equipment are selling hot daily. People who go to fitness every day come and go. Is there only a professional gym with a single wooden bridge?

  ”While going to a professional gym for fitness, although the overall exercise may be better, and you can also get some on-site guidance from professional fitness instructors, if the fitness method is proper, you can get the same effect without leaving home.

“In the random survey and visits, many citizens expressed their opinions. After the holiday, people who choose to exercise in the gym are more concentrated, and a lot of fitness places need to line up. Therefore, more and more citizens choose to exercise at home.

  ”In the past two weeks, the number of citizens who have come to buy and consult household fitness equipment has increased significantly, especially multi-functional treadmills, leisure exercise chairs or bicycles and other sports equipment.The seller said that in addition to the young white-collar workers, there are also some senior citizens.

  In addition, due to the increasing number of people working out at home, the fitness equipment that had been idle aside moved again.

“I bought a treadmill a few years ago, and I used to exercise in the gym before. This machine was set aside. Now that I have exercised more at home, this machine has been reused,” Mr. Pan said.Recently, the family will spend some time on the treadmill every day.

  Home fitness also needs to be carried out step by step. As long as you have time, you can stand on the fitness equipment to exercise muscles at any time.

At some professional gyms, fitness at home can be described as extremely convenient, and it is not affected by weather changes, so it is favored by citizens who deal with daily affairs.

It should be pointed out that there are also some rules to exercise at home.

  Nowadays, whether exercising at home or in the gym, many citizens generally take a longer time to lose weight during fitness, and sweating is the standard. However, this approach is incorrect.

  Tips: Blind fitness is not only bad for your health, it will hurt your body in the future, especially similar short-term overtraining methods are even more unscientific.

“Some professional hygienists from the People’s Hospital of the city have introduced this. Before any citizen can lose weight in scientific fitness, it is best to formulate a fitness plan according to the actual situation of his physical fitness, and follow this plan step by step.

Test whether rumors are killing you

Test whether rumors are killing you

The test started: Now that the tourism atmosphere is flourishing, everyone will take a plane to go out if there is space.

Tourism literature has also become hot through this trend. It is a good plan to write articles after earning enough to earn manuscript fees.

Do you most yearn to live in a certain place for a month and make a local record?

  A culture ancient country B rural town C modern city D primitive jungle test results: Choose A: Although you will be affected by rumors, in a short period of emotional instability, you need to be treated alone.

But it won’t take long for you to recover naturally, and this little thing won’t knock you down.

Because there are other more important things in life that will distract you, and those unfounded rumors will also pass by.

To you, those things seem to have never happened.

  Choice B: You hate being misunderstood by others. If you hear false rumors about yourself one day, you will be very angry and take it to heart.

But you have a gentle personality, don’t like to conflict with others, and you don’t want your own explanation. Instead, you make things more and more dark, so many times, you will swallow a grudge.

If you have been feeling bored for a long time, it may give birth to a highly lethal enzyme, which will erode your trust in others.

  Choice C: You can adapt well in a variety of environments, because no matter how difficult the problem is, you can be calm and find the appropriate method to deal with it.

It’s no exaggeration to say that you have rumor immunity.

I have seen all kinds of strange phenomena, and it is not easy to scare you, because you have already trained Jin Gang to be good.

Those interesting gossip rumors are just a reversal of your laughter after dinner.

  Choice D: You are a self-centered person. As long as you confirm that you have done everything right and have a clear conscience, you will not care what others think.

Even for some people who are interested in replacing audiovisual, you are quite uncomfortable. In addition to ignoring them, sometimes they occasionally sway in front of the other party, without being affected by words.

You believe that those who are clear will clear themselves, those who are cloudy will clarify one day. You don’t have to worry about so much.

Experts remind the great cold to guard against cold and disease

Experts remind the great cold to guard against cold and disease

The cold prevention and disease prevention welcome the New Year1. The great cold must also prevent heart and brain diseases. The great cold season has always been an important period of health care. There is an ancient folk saying that “the great cold and the great cold, protect against the wind and the cold; drink ginseng astragalus wine early, and take Qiju Ju Huanghuang Wan in the evening.

At this time, most office workers ushered in the heaviest job of the year, how to take care of the body in this cold season.

The drastic changes in temperature must protect the heart and the brain. Winter is a cold and freezing season, and the life is hidden and hidden.

During this period, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases are easily exacerbated or attacked.

According to statistics, the incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke has reached the highest level in the great cold season.

In addition, some hypertensive patients with poor vascular elasticity often have their blood pressure changes within one day during the cold season, and many patients with old and slow branches can easily relapse at this time if they are not careful.

People with a high level of physical weakness are better off living in a warm room to minimize going out or being exposed to wind and cold.

From indoors to high floors, whenever the temperature difference penetrates, you may want to adjust to the cold air in the porch first, and then go out later.

2. Keeping warm, nourishing yin and moisturizing is essential. Another key point of health during the cold is to nourish yin.

The Great Cold Season is the driest period of the year. The average air humidity during the day is generally less than 50%, and sometimes even only about 30% in the room. Many people with “old problems” in the respiratory system often cough and sputumThe fluid is sticky and the phlegm does not feel clean.

For patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, blood viscosity is likely to increase.

What is more serious is that if blood vessel elasticity is reduced due to high blood pressure, old age, etc., it can easily cause dangerous conditions such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and cerebral hemorrhage.

3, the period from the severe cold to the cold, and the severe cold flu, pneumonia, hypertension and other respiratory diseases during the period; people with cardio-cerebral vascular disease, hypertension, emphysema should pay special attention.

Due to the continuous low temperature, the skin blood vessels contract, blood pressure rises, and the workload of the heart increases, which can easily induce hypertension and hypertension.

Dry and cold climates are also prone to colds, emphysema and bronchitis in the elderly.

If the room is often heated or air-conditioned, in addition to the windows often open for ventilation, it is best to use some air humidifiers to increase the humidity in the air.

When sleeping at night, try not to prescribe or overheat if you use an electric blanket.

In addition, in the winter, people should consciously increase the amount of water they drink.

Experts recommend drinking a glass of warm water before falling asleep and after getting up.

It is best to drink a little water before and after bathing to replenish the body’s lost water.

Cardiovascular patients avoid mood swings.

Folk customs have stated that “warm your body first, warm your heart, warm your heart, then your body temperature”.

That is, only when the spirit is strong, the air flow is unblocked, and the blood is smooth, the limbs of the whole body can be warmed, and the human body can withstand the invasion of the severe winter.

Old Chinese medicine practitioners said that Dahan’s health is focused on “hiding”.

During this period, people should control their own mental activities, keep their minds quiet, and feel at ease. Patients with chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially avoid emotional changes.

It is worth mentioning that the Great Cold Season is just after the New Year’s Day. Before the Spring Festival, for the office workers, it is the time of the heaviest work of the year, the human body is easily fatigued and exhausted.

Therefore, during this period of time, pay special attention to rest and maintain a calm mood.

For the elderly, more attention should be paid to avoid overjoyment or sadness, maintain a comfortable mood, calm the mood, make the body qi and blood smooth, achieve “the righteousness exists in the body, and evil cannot be done”, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


Seasonal moisturizing choose your spa spray

Seasonal moisturizing choose your spa spray

After the scorching summer, the dry autumn has come quietly.

At this time, the skin is facing a major test during the season change-after-sun repair, moisturizing, and anti-sensitivity . What can solve these problems in an instant is a high-performance hot spring water spray.

At present, various brands of hot spring sprays on the market are dazzling. Although they all use the concept of “hydrating”, how many can actually improve the moisturizing function?

Now, let’s unveil the beauty secret behind the hot spring water spray, find a hot spring spray with a water lock function, so that the skin can be hydrated and beautiful during the season change.

  Secret 1: The water of the hot spring contains many minerals and trace elements.

Moderate supplementation of minerals and trace elements to the skin can enhance the skin’s resistance and maintain a healthy state.

  What kind of mineral elements are actually energizing the skin?

  According to nutrition experts, the human body is a wonderful combination of mineral elements and water. Among the various mineral elements in the human body, in addition to carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen mainly in the form of organic compounds, the remaining elements are calcium, magnesium and potassium., Sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine and other 7 kinds.

They are necessary for life activities, growth and development, and to maintain normal physiological functions in the body. They are also beautiful and healthy substances that cannot be ingested.

At present, the main ingredients we see in hot spring spray are the following-calcium-protects skin tissues and participates in cell metabolism of all tissues and organs throughout the body.

  Manganese-Antioxidant, enhances the body’s absorption and utilization of protein, and prevents itching and itching.

  Zinc-helps cell division and is extremely important for fibroblast proliferation and collagen fiber synthesis.

  Selenium-can thicken the skin’s water film and repair damaged skin sulfur-constitutes the main component of the cytoplasm, has detoxification and bactericidal sodium-regulates skin osmotic pressure, promotes skin metabolism and increases resistance.

  Secret 2: The taste is revealed. Perhaps a bold MM tried the taste of the hot spring water spray and wondered-why is there no taste, and some are a little salty?

  Salty hot spring water spray is because it contains sodium ions.

Sodium is an essential mineral nutrient for the human body.

The reason why the skin is hygroscopic is because the body contains natural moisturizing factors (NMF).

The formation of natural moisturizing factors must be participated by sodium ions, so that molecules with moisturizing ability can form a stable sodium salt to exert moisture absorption and moisturizing ability.

  Experts say that in addition to the mineral components and the taste of hot spring water, only the bitter sea water that has significantly higher mineral content than the skin is the true high salinity hot spring water, which cannot be used on the skin.

When choosing a spray, you can judge the quality of the hot spring water based on your taste. The hot spring water that is close to your tears (usually slightly salty) is the safest and most convenient hot spring water, and it causes the least irritation to the skin.

  Secret 3: The function reveals the salty sodium ions. What good is it for the skin?

In fact, without the presence of sodium ions, the natural moisturizing factors cannot be synthesized, resulting in the skin being unable to retain moisture. At this time, even a large amount of moisturizing products cannot maintain the skin’s hydration.

  The sodium in the spray is in the form of ions, and its volume is very small, so small that it can completely penetrate the cell membrane of each cell into the inside of the cell, and will not remain on the skin surface to form salt crystals.

  At present, all kinds of hot spring sprays on the market claim to have moisturizing effect.

However, a careful analysis of their composition reveals that most hot spring sprays do not contain sodium ions.

Therefore, they can only replenish the water instantly, so they cannot lock the skin’s moisture.

  Secret4: The method reveals a lot of MM’s general understanding of the use of hot spring water spray is: after spraying, pat dry with a hand, or wipe dry with a paper towel, otherwise the water will be taken away, and the hydration becomes dehydration.

  But in fact, not every spa spray needs to be wiped dry after use.

The reason is a technical term from medicine: osmotic pressure.

  According to the comparison of the osmotic pressure of the skin, hot spring water can be divided into hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic hot spring water.

At present, the more common hot spring water sprays are hypotonic water.

It flows blindly. When it comes in contact with skin cells, it will shrink the skin cells to absorb excess water, causing the skin cells to expand and expand, and destroying the cell’s inherent physiological functions, so it must be dried with a paper towel.

  And isotonic hot spring water is just equal to the osmotic pressure of human cells.

It can replenish skin cells with an appropriate amount of water, while neither changing the osmotic pressure and size of the cells nor destroying the physiological functions of the cells.

So there is no need to wipe dry after use, and there is no need to worry about the moisture on the face being taken away.

  Now that we have a full understanding of hot spring water sprays, let’s evaluate the current four major spray brands.

  Vichy: Its mineral spring water contains 17 minerals such as calcium and magnesium and 13 trace elements.

Its spring water is sulfur-containing spring water, doped with sulfur ions.   Taste: slightly salty Function: more suitable for healthy skin Properties: hypotonic, need to be dried after using La Roche-Posay: content of bicarbonate, calcium and silicate is reduced, which can reduce irritation to damaged skin; and the content of selenium isHighest taste in any hot spring water: tasteless.

  Function: It has obvious curative effect on the skin of psoriasis, burns, scars and eczema. It also has curative effect on eczema, hereditary allergy, etc. Properties: Hypotonic, need to be dried after useAnd selenium taste: tasteless.

  Function: Help repair and rebuild fragile damaged skin, thicken the sebum layer. Properties: hypotonic, need to be dried after use. Yiquan: Contains minerals and trace elements up to 11000mg / L, including calcium, manganese, zincThe content is especially rich, 5-10 times the taste of general hot spring water: the slightly salty taste like human tears and sweat Function: anti-inflammatory, soothing, nourishing, repairing, anti-allergic properties: the only natural isotonicity in the worldHot spring water can be naturally absorbed by spraying on the skin, without the need to use paper towels to dry. In addition to hydrating, because it contains sodium ions that lock water, it can moisturize. After 3 hours, the moisturizing effect can be non-isotropic2 times summary of hot spring water: a bottle of hot spring spray, beautiful and simple.

Now moisturizing spray has become the most commonly used skin care product for many MMs throughout the year.

Autumn is near. After understanding the ingredients and properties of hot spring water spray, have you chosen the right skin care helper?

Bamboo Leaf Pepper

Bamboo Leaf Pepper

Bamboo leaf pepper a wild pepper.

Genus Rutaceae.

It is distributed in various provinces in central and southern China, and there are many wild animals throughout Jiangsu, commonly known as anesthetic roots.

Its petiole has broad wings and its veins have needles.

The knot is spherical, russet when it is ripe, cracked, and has aromas such as peppercorns.

  The taste is bitter, bitter, warm and non-toxic.

  Fractions contain volatile oil.

Roots contain alkaloids (as alkaloids, antamines, etc.).

  Function This product is aromatic stomachic, wind-repellent insecticide, and slightly narcotic.

Indications of wind cold and dampness, lung Qi upside down, extremity pain.

  [蛀牙病(龋齿)]  竹叶椒枝皮,水煎含漱;并以棉球蘸浓汁,塞蛀孔中。  [感冒风寒,头痛]  竹叶椒根9-l12克,水煎后温服,盖被卧床,取微汗。  [持气肢胀帘,冷肚痛]  竹叶椒叶、吴茱萸等分,同捣烂敷于脐上,包缚固定,气通则愈。  [口萧,肢中气胀,风湿性关节痛,蛔虫腹痛,跌打伤病]  竹叶椒根6-9克,或种子7-14粒,水煎服,一日2次,外用适量。  [白喉]  取竹叶椒叶片背面虫瘦中的虫,焙干研末吹喉。

Sick body will produce smell Chinese medicine teaches you to smell body

Sick body will produce smell Chinese medicine teaches you to smell body

The odor produced by the disease is mainly due to the special odor generated by the fumigation of sweat and damp heat, and at the same time, even if there is a foul odor, sores, ulcers, pus, and pus from somewhere in the body, the odor is emitted.

After the human body is sick, sweat is a way for evil spirits to go out. Because of the different feelings of evil spirits, the smell produced by the diseased body is also not obvious. Clinically, we can judge the nature of evil spirits based on the smell of the diseased body.

  1. Body Fragrance[Smell the diagnosis]The body with a long illness emits a slight fragrance.

  [Clinical significance]If there is a body odor in a chronic disease, it indicates that the disease will be transformed into a good one.

As the “Plague Distinction · Volume One” states: “. with the body’s internal organs, blood, and fluid, if you are angry, you will be fragrant, and if you are defeated, you will be stinky .” The treatment method should be based on specific clinical symptoms and appropriate treatment.French medicine.

  2. Body odor[Smell diagnosis]The patient has a foul odor or a rotten odor.

  [Clinical significance]Most of the bad smell of body corruption is caused by malignant sores somewhere in the human body, the sores are broken and the pus is broken;Yellow with a special odor, mostly due to hot and humid condensation, transpiration of sweat; special odor is often emitted when the plague or liver and kidney disease is critical.

  [Treatment]For ulcers and sores, it is advisable to remove rotten muscles and tonics, and to use detoxification powder or tori and detoxification soup;Patients should be based on clinical specific disease syndromes, plus corresponding prescriptions.

  3, body health[smelling]body smell urine smell.

  [Clinical significance]This is a crisis of water and gas internal attack, the decay of viscera essence.

Common in renal failure, uremia.

Patients often have systemic edema, large abdomen, short or unfavorable urination, which is caused by the discharge of poison and evil from sweat.

  [Therapy]should replace the corresponding prescriptions according to the specific clinical symptoms.

  4. Body smell[Smell diagnosis]The body smells like fish.

  [Clinical significance]This is more common in patients with cold or dampness.

Often due to exogenous cold and dampness, or yang deficiency of the body.

Caused by the cold and cold.

Such as cold and wet bets, then bring the smell of smelly; cold and damp sleepy spleen is stool stool and fishy; Deficiency of the spleen and stomach, discard vomiting thin and smelly.

Body odor can be caused by the secretion of odor from the body.

  [Governing method]For those who are cold and damp, warm the spleen and dampen it, and use the Leixiangzhengqi powder to add or subtract it;

  Traditional Chinese medicine smelling diagnosis includes certain content smelling, that is, detecting the disease condition by listening to the sound and smelling the disease gas. The smell content can be specifically divided into sound, language, breathing, vomiting, bowel sounds and sickness.

  1. The sound is natural, the tone is harmonious, and the language is clear.

  Severe sound: hoarseness: including hoarseness and aphasia. Hoarseness is the lowest difficulty for a dry throat, and aphasia is not optimal at all.

Mostly caused by exogenous wind chills or wind heat, cold and heat intersect and cause lung injury.

  Sound: If you do n’t wake up, your snoring sounds will be unconscious and your airway will be unfavorable.

Dangerous evidence of heat into the pericardium or stroke into the viscera is more common.

  Moaning: When you have a sore or full body, humming in your mouth.

Most are headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, and toothache.

  Sneezing: Sneezing is caused by lung qi upstroke, which is more common in exogenous wind and cold.

The external evil enters the surface for a long time, and there is a sudden sneeze, which is a sign of healing.

  2. Linguistic minds are the main deities, while heart disorders are language disorders.

  Astringent language: not fluent in speech, vague, slow, unsatisfactory words, more common in the sequelae of stroke or late fever.

  Slang: Unconsciousness and incoherent speech are mostly empirical.

  Zheng Sheng: Unconscious, repetitive language, discontinuous language, low voice is mostly false evidence.

  Monologue: Talk to yourself, murmur is more common in acute fever, or the elderly suffer from chronic illness and deficiencies.

  Wrong language: The patient’s language is upside down, confused, and he knows that he can’t autonomously make mistakes.

  Crazy words: exhausted hoarseness, fast language, high voice, cursing or ranting, more common in spitfire and madness.

  3. Respiration is related to organs such as lungs, kidneys, etc. It can be inferred that the viscera is empty or solid through changes in breathing.  Wheezing: shortness of breath, shortness of urgency, or even lying flat.

Gasp is subdued.

The asthma is swift and swift, generally strong in shape, strong in pulse, and mostly in the lungs with real heat, and the sputum stops.

Deficiency wheezing is slow, less breathing and more breathing. Generally, the weak ones have weak pulses and belong to lung and kidney deficiency.

  Wheezing: Shortness of breath accompanied by wheezing, sputum in the throat like whistle, recurrent attacks.

Mostly due to phlegm drinking and exogenous wind and cold.

Living in cold and wet areas for a long time, or eating too much acid and salt can produce tremor.

Clinically, roosters and asthma often appear simultaneously.

  Shortness of breath: Shortness of breath and shortness of breath, shortness of breath and thirst, joint pain in the extremities is empirical; shortness of breath, weakness in urination, is deficiency.

  Cough: The occurrence of cough is closely related to the lungs.

  Cough and heavy turbidity: phlegm is clear, nasal congestion is blocked, mostly due to exogenous wind and cold.

  Cough sound: phlegm is easy to cough, mostly cold cough, due to dampness of phlegm, lung loss declared.

  Cough sounds like a dog bark: sounds like a dog bark with dumb sound, mostly diphtheria.

  Paroxysmal cough: constant coughing, or even hemoptysis.

Known as cough, whooping cough.

  5. A manifestation of vomiting of food, sputum, and water in the stomach.

  The vomiting sound is weak, and the vomiting is slow.

  Vomiting sounds loud, spit sticky yellow, or bitter: mostly empirical.

  Vomiting sour rot: mostly due to overeating, overeating fat and thick taste, caused by stagnation in the stomach.

  6, bowel bowel sounds: abdominal sounds.

It can go beyond sound to distinguish the position and condition.

The bowel and stomach are like water in the sac, with vibration and sound. Press it with your hand when walking to block the phlegm.

  Bowel sounds in the abdomen: If you get too warm, you will lose food, and if you get cold or drought, you will not get cured because of prolonged illness, or if you have too much food, or if your abdomen is cold, it will be caused by asthma.

Dressing in the gym is also fashionable

Dressing in the gym is also fashionable

There is no shortage of sports in the trick life, but sports are divided into many types, and different sports wear different clothes.

Not to say, it ‘s best to see that expensive sportswear can be dressed as beautiful as flowers. Also, not the exposed styles will make you the most sexy, but those “comfortable, elegant” clothes that are most suitable for eleganceExercise you.

  Any HIGH ★ Sleeveless camisole on a spinning bike.

Choose a sweat-wicking sleeveless cardigan suitable for sports without letting your brisk rhythm be disturbed by sweat stains. It will inadvertently show your beautiful lines due to sports.

  ★ 7 minutes of pants on a spinning bike.

When riding a bicycle, be sure to wear length and knee length, narrow pants, elastic track pants.

Because if the trouser legs are too wide, it is easy to scratch the parts near the pedal of the bicycle, which is not beautiful and easy to hurt.

  ★ Fingerless gloves.

Cool gloves are a worthwhile item for cycling, because because of the coolness, the more important thing is that the gloves can step on slippery when your palms are sweating, protecting you from slipping under the fast pace of a dynamic bicycleAnd injured.

At the same time, the gloves avoid direct contact between the palm and the handle, and will not make your slim hand rough due to friction.

  ★ A thick towel.

Putting a towel on the bicycle seat absorbs sweat and makes the cushion more comfortable.

Release the restraint on the treadmill ★ Sports bra.

It is best to wear a tube top when running to absorb sweat and reduce friction.

However, at the beginning of running, your body is not fully moved. You may wish to wear a loose T-shirt outside the tube top to prevent cold.

It’s good to take off when you run hot, to prevent illness, but also to show that you are a girl who takes good care of yourself.

  ★ Lycra track pants.

The length of the trousers is not particularly important, and pants are still a good choice.

The fabric of the pants must be selected with Lycra fabric, so that your limbs can be free without pressure.

  ★ Professional running shoes.

Air-cushioned running shoes are key. The air-cushion can be used to cushion the shock absorption in series when landing, and can also increase the jumping force when taking off.

By the way, don’t drink too much water and eat for two hours before running, don’t forget to stretch your thighs after running, and relax your muscles to avoid leg pain after exercise.

Do conservative yoga wear ★ conservative vest.

Yoga has many stretching movements. The most important thing of clothing is that it is flexible and easy to absorb sweat.

On this basis, it is recommended that the choice of clothing is implicit, and the neckline should not be too large, and the clothing should not be too close to the body, in order to prevent unsightly accidents when doing large-scale actions.

  ★ A large towel.

It is also good to put a towel beside you when practicing yoga.

If you think the yoga mat is too thin, you can add a towel mat to the yoga mat to increase the softness.

Or, when you sweat a lot, it’s easier to pick it up and wipe it.

  ★ Trousers.

Exercising the strength of the lower limbs on the equipment is easy to sweat, and the trousers can prevent the sweaty legs from directly contacting the surface of the equipment.

  ★ Sleeve T-shirt.

The exercise of the equipment, the completion of redundant upper limbs, abdominal muscle training, requires people to flip on the equipment, long-sleeved T-shirt can prevent the body from friction with some equipment, and “not embarrassing.”