Spring tonic liver and kidney diet peach kernel mixed with celery

Spring tonic liver and kidney diet peach kernel mixed with celery

Everyone is feeling the spring when everything is recovering. If you want your own health, then you must pay attention to spring health.

Spring is a season full of flowers. Regardless of the ages of men and women, as long as they make good use of spring time, they can achieve the effects of physical conditioning.

So, how to replenish liver and kidney in spring?

Let’s talk about medicinal diet for spring liver and kidney together!

  In the spring, nourishing the liver and kidney medicinal diet, the method of mixing celery with peach kernels is to clean the stalks of celery, wash them into boiling water, simmer them in a boiling water pot, remove them, stir with cold water, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil;Put on celery and mix with food.

  This dish nourishes liver and kidney, black hair, lowers blood pressure, and is suitable for spring.

  Second, walnut kernel fried spring leek practice Walnut kernels are fried with sesame oil, washed with leeks and cut into sections, fried in a pan, salted, monosodium glutamate, seasoned with peach kernels.

  This dish is for kidney, suitable for spring.

  Third, angelica wolfberry porridge practices with angelica 15 grams, 10 grams of wolfberry, white rice amount.

Put angelica into a container with a lid, infuse it with hot water to expand it, and then take it out and cut into thin slices.

Add together in a slow cooker and cook until cooked.

  Angelica sweetness, Xin Wen, liver, heart, spleen meridian, have the effect of nourishing blood and activating blood.

Lycium barbarum’s sexual sweetness can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight, and enhance people’s immunity.

Both are cooked with white rice to make porridge, which is both fragrant and delicious, and rich in nutrition.

  Through the above-mentioned sharing of medicinal diet for spring liver, kidney and kidney, I hope that it can help friends in spring health.

Heart and blood vessel umbrella!

Eat once a week

Heart and blood vessel umbrella!
Eat once a week

With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more able to accept the rationalization of diet and prevent excessive intake of cholesterol and aunts in the diet.

Because of too much or can cause high blood lipids, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

It is a shrimp that can replenish the protein needed by the human body while helping to protect blood vessels and prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

Shrimp and shrimp are completely delicious and have high nutritional value. They are natural cardiovascular vascular umbrellas.

Astaxanthin, one of the strongest natural antioxidants in astaxanthin, is one of the world’s strongest natural antioxidants.

Since 2008, a large number of studies at home and abroad have confirmed that astaxanthin has a substituted antioxidant.

It has a significant effect in improving immunity and preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and tumors.

Cardioprotective umbrella to prevent cardiovascular disease Shrimp is rich in magnesium, which plays an important role in regulating the heart. It can protect the cardiovascular system and prevent hypertension, cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

At the same time, astaxanthin is the only carotenoid that can pass the blood-brain barrier.

The most abundant astaxanthin is the shrimp shell, but it is often thrown away.

If you think that the shrimp shell is difficult to chew, you can use it to fry, or you can cook the stripped shrimp shell, and the soup is very delicious.

Studies have also shown that astaxanthin scavenges free radicals by 6000 times that of vitamin C, 800 times that of coenzyme Q10, 3100 times that of natto, and 700 times that of anthocyanins!

Eating shrimp safely without antagonists Chinese medicine believes that food supplement is an irreplaceable safe nourishing method.

As the most common food, shrimp can be said to be old, pregnant and less suitable.

Shrimp can also enhance the body’s immunity, kidney and impotence, anti-premature aging, can be targeted at kidney deficiency, impotence, chills, body fatigue, waist and knee pain and other diseases.

Shrimp also has a through-milk effect, and can be phosphorus, calcium, especially for pregnant women, pregnant women.

Nutrition is enough to eat shrimp. The proportion of shrimp and fish and poultry is small. It can reduce cholesterol. It is also rich in minerals such as potassium, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus, vitamin A and aminophylline.

Shrimp meat is soft and easy to digest. It is an excellent food for people who are weak and need to be nursed after illness.

1, boiled shrimp – the best way to eat kidney and eat shrimp is boiled, because many of the nutrients in the shrimp are weak, can not withstand high temperatures.

Cook with a shrimp shell and the shell of the shrimp is colored.

2, shrimp shell soup – make full use of astaxanthin astaxanthin mainly in the shrimp shell, but it is difficult to swallow, not good digestion.

After the shrimp has been cooked, do not throw the peeled shell!

Drain the water, fry it with oil, then add water, add the tofu greens, you can stew the delicious shrimp shell soup!

Remember: Eat boiled shrimp and shrimp shell soup at least once a week, delicious nutrition, but also protect blood vessels and heart, prevent cancer!

If you eat in a very elegant environment, eating your own shell and eating shrimp will affect your eating, and your hands will be contaminated with shrimp.

At this time, as long as you can put the spoon and fork, you only need 3 steps, you can eat the whole shrimp without sticking your hands.

1. Insert the fork into the tail of the shrimp, use a spoon to hold the shrimp head and remove the shrimp head. 2. Remove the shrimp foot with a spoon and remove the shrimp tail. 3. Finally, use a spoon to remove the shell of the shrimp tail. Just fine.

Food is the best medicine that nature has given us, and it is the safest and most suitable.

To let more people know the benefits of eating shrimp, remember to tell your family and friends!

Teaches you how to treat children after illness

Teaches you how to treat children after illness

When you have a cold, you should give your children more water, eat more light food, mainly semi-fluid and liquid foods, eat less meals, avoid fatty foods, and avoid tonics to prevent repeated illnesses.For colds and colds, wind and colds are mainly caused by cold, and the symptoms are mainly fever, and they are afraid of cold runny nose.

When children have a cold or cold, they should pay attention to diet and nutrition, avoid eating cold and cold foods and cold fruits, and avoid sour and astringent foods. They should eat warm foods such as ginger, light white, and light tempeh.

  Therapeutic side: ginger candy drink.

Fresh ginger (with skin) 3?
5 tablets, 10 grams of brown sugar, a bowl of hot soup with decoction, preferably with a little sweat.

  Wind fever and cold are mainly manifested in children with fever, heavy nose, but runny nose, and thick yellow sputum.

When your child is suffering from wind-heat and cold, you should pay attention to eating cold and light foods, and avoid eating: sour, astringent foods, hot foods and fatty foods.

  Therapeutic side: Chinese cabbage and radish drink.

50 grams of Chinese cabbage, 50 grams of white radish or carrot, cut into thin soup and drink.

  Fever, cold, fever, do not rush to fever, body temperature is below 38.

The best way to reduce fever at 5 months is to cool down physically, such as cold compresses, alcohol wipes, warm water wipes, and so on.

However, when the fever is high (39 or more), fever should be reduced under the guidance of a doctor.

Pay attention to light diet, mainly liquid and semi-liquid, and pay attention to drink plenty of water.

  Once diarrhea occurs in children, proper diet conditioning, in a sense, takes a therapeutic effect.

In the past, diarrhea in children was more conducive to restricting diet because the veins were allowed to rest.

However, clinicians not only do not ban diets, but encourage children to eat. The reason is that children are in the golden age of development and need supplementary nutrition, and diarrhea causes a lot of nutrient loss. If you restrict your diet, it will only worsen the situation.Aggravating malnutrition, hindering growth and development, leading to reduced immune function and making diarrhea more difficult to stop.

  Diet side: 1.

Apple puree.

One apple, mash it and stew it.

If the diarrhea is not serious, you can directly eat and use apples. Apples contain fruit acid, can absorb toxins, and contain metabolic acids, and have astringent effects, which is suitable for pediatric diarrhea.


carrot juice.

Take 100 grams of fresh carrots, wash and chop them, add them to the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil before taking.

Carrots contain pectin, which helps form stool.


Huaishan congee.

Previously 50 grams of rice, 20 grams of Huaishan.

The above ingredients are cooked into porridge.

With the effect of strengthening the spleen and spleen.

Effective for persistent, chronic diarrhea.

  In winter, the temperature rises, the children’s activity is small, and their resistance decreases.

So winter is a season when children are sick.

So how should we eat in the winter to enhance children’s physique and prevent disease?

  First of all, calories are consumed in winter, so the amount of diet should be increased.

Increasing your diet does not mean eating more fatty foods or supplements.

Children are pure yang bodies, and yang is inherently abundant. Improper supplementation compensates children for physical damage.

We should provide children with balanced supplements at all times.

Fat and thick foods are more difficult to digest. Eating more foods can easily cause trauma, which is the source of diarrhea and fever.
Should increase the staple diet muscle muscle’s need for heat energy.
  First, pay attention to vitamin and mineral supplements.

Winter temperatures are low.

Children’s outdoor activities will be reduced and they will receive less solar radiation. Therefore, vitamin D and vitamin C supplementation should be taken into consideration. Vitamin A protects the integrity of respiratory epithelial cells and reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases.

Vitamin D and D in the liver should be supplemented. Children should eat the liver once a week, the amount is about 50 grams.

Vitamin C-free foods are fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Zinc can improve the body’s immunity, iron deficiency resets the immune system, so attention should be paid to zinc and iron supplementation.

Foods that do not contain zinc include oysters, animal offal, etc.

Iron-rich foods include animal blood and red meat.

The temperature difference in winter is large, and a little carelessness can cause colds, fever, diarrhea and other diseases.

  Finally, parents are reminded that, in addition to paying attention to diet, they must often take their children to participate in various outdoor sports to enhance their resistance.

Pay attention to ventilation indoors, do not often go to public places with a lot of people, and change clothes in time according to temperature.

As long as you pay attention to the above points, the babies will definitely spend a healthy and peaceful winter.

How to lift dumbbells through difficult times

How to lift dumbbells through difficult times

Many people like to prepare a pair of dumbbells at home and take them out at any time to practice.

The most common action is to push the dumbbell upwards. Beginners can easily lower the dumbbells too low. Some people even align the dumbbells to the same level as the shoulders.

In fact, the magnitude of this movement is too large, so that the big and small arms are tightly clamped, the elbows are close to the ribs, and the shoulder joint is in a twisted state. At that time, the shoulder muscles were relatively heavily loaded. If the dumbbells are heavy, the shoulder ligaments will be damaged.

  If you look closely at the weightlifters, you will find that their grip is wider, their elbows are stretched away from the body, relying on the legs to exert force, and reducing the center of gravity of the body to help the shoulders pass the “difficult stage”, and lifting dumbbellsStill different.

Safe and effective dumbbell push-ups have a small range of motion.

  The correct movement of lifting dumbbells should be the initial or sitting posture, vertical and straight, hold the dumbbells with both hands, separate the upper part to make the upper arm parallel to the ground, and the forearm perpendicular to the ground. This is the initial position, which is similar to the action of surrender;Push the dumbbells over the top of your head with force on your shoulders, and the movement trajectory is arced. Pay attention not to bump the two dumbbells together; stop lifting before the elbows are fully straightened, and switch to a slower controlled lowering movement.The descent stops at the initial position.

Generally do 3?
4 groups of 10?
15 times.

  The barbell press and the mechanical press in the dumbbell press can exercise the shoulder muscles more comprehensively; using dumbbells for side lifts, front lifts, and leaning side lifts can exercise the shoulder muscles independently,The last three parts.

Do not use dumbbells to exercise your shoulders too much. Give it extra rest time and get better results.

The practice of soup is Daquan, the baby eats nutritious, and the woman eats health!

The practice of soup is Daquan, the baby eats nutritious, and the woman eats health!

The practice of soup is Daquan, the baby eats nutritious, and the woman eats health!
Corn radish big bone soup ingredients, corn ribs carrots ginger red dates, the corn is washed with water, and then smashed into three sections with a knife, the carrots, and ribs are smashed into sections and then ginger slices, cut the red dates into two halves (suchThe meeting will compare the taste), wash the ribs with water, then put the water in the pot to soak the ribs in the pot, boil the fire, so that the blood on the ribs can be washed clean, the water in the soup pot is filled, the water is openAfter adding the raw dates, put the red dates and ribs into the stew for 50 minutes.

Bean seedling mushroom soup material: Bean seedling mushroom, ginger mushroom, add water to the pot and then put the sliced ginger into the pot and cook for a while, until the water is hot, put the washed bean sprouts and mushroom mushroom into it and continue to cook.When the water is boiled again, it is good to put in the chicken and MSG seasoning.

Winter melon meatball soup ingredients: melon meat onion powder, peeled back the melon, and cut into pieces, put it aside.

Add the minced meat to the large bowl and add the salt to the raw powder. You can also add some eggs, then use a spoon to dig a round small meatball or grab the simmer. After the water in the pot is boiling, turn the fire off.Put the meatballs in the pot, then add a little water to cover the pot and cook. After that, put the melon into it, put some seasoning and freshen it for a few minutes.

Jinzheng chicken soup ingredients: chicken jinjin mushroom material wine ginger sesame oil, the chicken is washed, cut into pieces with a knife and then put into the pot and put the pot into the water to boil (so you can thoroughly clean the blood above the chicken pieces).
Then remove it and put it aside. Put the mushroom into the stem and put it in the water and put it on the side. At the same time, wash the onion and cut it into pieces.

Put the chicken in the stockpot and boil it. Put the chicken pieces in the wine, put the ginger slices in it for about ten minutes, then put the mushroom into the scourge and put the salt and a little sesame oil.

Bamboo shoots and mushroom soup ingredients: mushrooms, bamboo shoots, gold needles, all the mushrooms ginger and bamboo shoots gold needles are cut into silk, put the water in the soup pot, put the bamboo shoots and ginger silk into it for a few minutes, then put the mushrooms and gold needles inside and cook fiveMinutes, then add some MSG and salt to taste.

This soup is all delicious, but it tastes delicious and you can try it out.

Chestnut lotus root soup ingredients: 藕 chestnut raisins, cut off the skin of the cockroach, cut it into thin slices, then peel off the chestnut shell and set aside.

Then put the chestnuts in the stockpot and cook for about 50 minutes, then season according to your taste.

Huaishan 枸杞 stewed black-bone chicken ingredients: black-bone dried yam-shan yam ginger wine, soak the yam and glutinous rice in the water instead of taking it out after a minute, then wash the black pheasant and put it in the pot and use hot water to go through the blood of the black-bone chicken.Then fish out and spare, then put all the prepared materials into the stockpot, add cooking wine and hot water, steam for 20 minutes on high heat, then turn the fire to medium heat and cook for two hours to turn off the fire, thenSeasoning with salt and chicken can be added.

This article is reproduced from[the wine in the mountains], please specify: Kui Ge said food, welcome to reprint!

Kun Ling pregnancy Jay Chou as father-to-be expectant mother early notice 9 things

Kun Ling pregnancy Jay Chou as father-to-be expectant mother early notice 9 things

Recently, Jay Chou posted on Facebook and attached a picture of his wife’s belly, confirming that Kun Ling was pregnant.

In the group photo of Jay Chou’s PO, Kun Ling had a big belly, and Zhou Dong was not reluctant to put a basketball in his T-shirt. He said humorously, “Let’s take a closer look than anyone else!


Known as the idol’s upgraded father, fans gave their blessings without forgetting their brains. Some netizens borrowed Zhou Dong’s lyrics to ridicule “children come too fast like a tornado.”

Jay Chou had threatened to marry before the age of 35, and devoted himself to having children, and he was full of action, and he quickly completed two major life issues of being a husband and a father.

  The two registered for marriage last November. At the end of last year, they started antique weddings in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Australia. After the wedding, they went to Japan and Thailand for their honeymoon. They returned to Taiwan yesterday.

Kun Ling fainted at New York Fashion Week a few years ago, and then pushed off the movie covenant. At that time, she was pregnant, hindering the undisclosed custom of less than 3 months, and only announced the good news today.

  Expectant mothers pay attention to 9 things in the early pregnancy. Jay Chou and Kun Ling just had a classical wedding just in January. Now the belly is so big. It seems that Xiao Zhou is likely to be a honeymoon baby, but I still want to remind the prospective parentsThe early days are critical, and there are a few things you must pay attention to.


Whether or not there are different degrees of deformity in the prevention of deformed cancer depends mainly on heredity and environment.

Genetic factors cannot be changed by humans, while environmental factors are mainly human factors, including infection, environmental pollution, and drug intake.

  The first trimester of pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the neural tube of the fetus. Therefore, in order to avoid abnormal obesity, expectant mothers should avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly renovated houses, and airlessness.Environment and so on, and improve their immunity, include viral infections, not to take drugs without permission.

To prevent malformations, pregnant women need to supplement folic acid from the first trimester (preferably from a planned pregnancy).

Top folic acid foods include red amaranth, spinach, lettuce, asparagus, beans, yeast, animal liver and apples, oranges, etc.


After the pregnancy is confirmed by the initial delivery check, expectant mothers need to go to the street hospital for the first prenatal check-up at 12 weeks of pregnancy, and establish a health care manual for pregnant women.

Subsequent prenatal examinations can be performed in a secondary hospital or the hospital where the delivery is decided.


Prenatal diagnosis Every pregnant woman wants to have a healthy and good baby, so it is important to know the prenatal diagnosis.

Prenatal diagnosis can rule out some major abnormalities and can be done initially at 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Currently, the most commonly used chromosome tests are villus examination and peripheral blood screening.

Of course, neither villus examination nor local blood screening is a confirmatory test. If the child is found to be abnormal during the test, then amniocentesis should be done at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy to make more confirmed diagnosis.


Don’t supplement the early stages of pregnancy without authorization. The symptoms of dislike may affect the appetite of expectant mothers to a certain extent.

In terms of diet, nourishing nutrition is generally not advocated. It is mainly based on your preferences. You can eat whatever you want.

Pregnant women who have severe vomiting should pay attention to eating some light, easily digestible food.

After entering the second trimester, the morning sickness reaction disappears, and then nourishment is no longer enough.

  Avoid ginseng: After pregnancy, menstruation is stopped, the blood of the viscera and meridians is injected into the second pulse to support the fetus.

Ginseng is a vital energy to increase the vitality and yin consumption of pregnant women. If there is more energy, it will “push” and reduce the loss, which will damage the loss and harm the pregnancy.

  Avoid abuse of tonics: No matter how good a tonic is, it has to go through the metabolic process of the human body, increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, and have certain impurities, so it will have varying degrees of impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

Some pregnant women take pressurized bees milk, which causes severe diarrhea and eventually abortion.

Regular servings of ginseng royal jelly, ginseng pills, Gong Bao, etc. can damage pregnant women and the unborn baby.

Calf cramps during pregnancy, often take vitamin A, D, resulting in excessive vitamin A, D, causing poisoning.

  Avoid hot food: do not eat hot food during pregnancy, such as dog meat, lamb, pepper and so on.

Tonic during pregnancy should follow the principle of “should be cool and avoid heat”. Even fruits, you should eat flat, cool things such as tomatoes, raw pears, peaches, etc.


Sexual life should be controlled by couples. Sexual life is a normal life for married couples, but when the wife is pregnant, in order to ensure the health of the fetus, sexual life should be avoided in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

  Why is it forbidden to have sex in the first 3 months of pregnancy?
This is because women’s endocrine function changes after pregnancy and the requirements for sex life are reduced.
At the same time, there are psychological factors, worrying that sexual life will affect the normal development and safety of weight, and physical factors, such as bulky, inflexible, slow and inconvenient.

More importantly, during the first three months of pregnancy, because the placenta is gradually developing, especially the connection between the placenta and the mother’s uterine wall is not tight. If you have sex, it is likely to be due to improper movements or inappropriate mental excitement.Careful, the impact of the uterus, it is easy to shift the placenta, causing miscarriage.

Even if you are very careful during sex, the uterine contraction due to pelvic congestion in pregnant women can cause miscarriage.


Beware of the effects of radiation in daily life. At present, it is difficult to say clearly. Therefore, experts still recommend that pregnant women wear imitation clothing, stay away from TV when watching TV, and walk away when using microwave ovens.Hang your phone on your chest.


Pay attention to rest In the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant moms easily feel tired, so they need to take appropriate rest.

Moreover, overwork is likely to cause miscarriages in pregnant women, especially those older women who have a history of miscarriage and those with certain chronic diseases need to pay special attention to rest.

During these three months, pregnant moms should avoid overwork, avoid strenuous exercise, avoid emotional excitement, and keep themselves in a good mental state as much as possible.


About half of pregnant women who cope with morning sickness will have varying degrees of nausea and early morning sickness. This is mainly related to the increase of chorionic gonadotropin in the blood of pregnant women.

What to do if you have a morning sickness?

  If nausea and vomiting are not severe and pregnant women can tolerate them, no special treatment is needed, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

As long as you maintain your normal mind, get enough sleep, eat less and eat more, choose light, digestible foods you like.

If the pregnant woman has a severe reaction, showing persistent vomiting, or even being unable to eat or drink water, she must go to the hospital for treatment to see if she has hyperemesis gravidarum.

Severe vomiting in pregnancy can easily cause disturbances in the ducts of pregnant women, which is life-threatening and requires water treatment, so it cannot be ignored.

  TIPS: If there is vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain during pregnancy, you should go to the doctor promptly. After the ectopic pregnancy has been ruled out, the hospital can give birth control treatment.


For pregnant women, these conditions should be treated. In the early stages of pregnancy, the most dangerous thing is ectopic pregnancy and abortion. In both cases, pregnant women will have abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Therefore, if pregnant women find abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding,Seek medical attention in a timely manner.

Mummy in the first trimester, even if it is just common abdominal pain and diarrhea, may cause miscarriage and also need medical treatment, not too careless.

The performance of astigmatism needs daily care

The performance of astigmatism needs daily care

Astigmatism refers to the replacement of the refractive power of the eyeballs on different meridians, or the diopter of the same meridian, so that parallel rays entering the eye cannot form a focal point on the retina, forming a focal line.

Clinically, there are two types of ruled astigmatism and irregular astigmatism.

So what is the performance of astigmatism?

What kind of care do you need daily?

Clinical manifestations of astigmatism (1) Vision loss astigmatism is also called non-focus eye, so vision loss is one of the main symptoms of astigmatic eyes, only the degree of light physiologic range of optometric astigmatism can be normal.

The type and extent of astigmatism has a direct impact on vision.

The degree of visual acuity decline is more obvious than that of astigmatic astigmatism. Reconstituted astigmatism is more obvious than simple astigmatism. The mixed astigmatism with higher degree of vision is more serious and the correction is difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

Relatively speaking, myopic astigmatism near vision is better than distance vision, farsighted astigmatism is far, and near vision is not good.

The regulation effect also has a certain influence on the visual acuity of adolescent astigmatism, especially the astigmatic eye with refractive properties and hyperopic components.

For example, the adjustment effect can make simple hyperopic astigmatism into simple myopic astigmatism, and mixed astigmatism becomes high myopic astigmatism, which makes the visual acuity drop more obvious.

(2) Visual fatigue Because the retina of the astigmatism cannot be concentrated as a focus, it is often unclear whether it is far or near, often by changing the adjustment or causing the eyelid to become a fissure. The effect is to make the eye bend.The focal length of the light cone of the light system is shortened to close to the minimum dispersion circle, so that the visual acuity is slightly clear, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue, such as eye pain, headache, tearing, visual ghosting, and close work cannot last.Wait.

High astigmatism, because of poor eyesight, and can not improve vision through self-regulation, often in a state of disuse, so the main manifestation is severe visual impairment, and the symptoms of visual fatigue are not obvious.

How to care for astigmatism daily, work and rest.

First of all, the computer operator should rest for about 10 minutes after one hour of continuous work.

In addition to the outside of the operating room, activities are performed with the hands and feet and the torso, taking a walk, doing a broadcast gymnastics, taking active rest, or doing eye exercises and activity heads indoors.

2, with eye hygiene.

Instruct young children to develop good hygiene habits. Do not touch your eyes with your hands or other items to avoid eye diseases. If you suffer from eye diseases, try to reduce your chances of going out.

3, accurate glasses.

If the doctor or optometrist has checked the light and given the appropriate prescription for the prescription, it is also crucial to have a prescription.

In the work of the glasses box prescription, the astigmatism axis deviation, the horizontal axis replacement, the pupil distance does not match, etc., which adversely affect the vision correction phenomenon.

Therefore, I would like to remind you that the glasses should also choose the distance from the hospital or optical shop.

4, pay attention to the environment.

The indoor light should be adapted to be too bright or too dark to prevent the light from directly hitting the screen and causing interference light.

Regularly remove dust and microorganisms from the room, use a damp cloth or a warm mop when cleaning, and disinfect the air filter to adjust the air volume and change the fresh air.

How to effectively prevent 2 cases of yellow fever in Beijing

How to effectively prevent 2 cases of yellow fever in Beijing

According to the Beijing Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission ‘s report on the 19th, two cases of yellow fever have been diagnosed in Beijing. According to relevant leaders, patients Yang and Chen were migrant workers in Angola. They did not receive yellow fever vaccine before working abroad. In March,On the afternoon of the 9th, fever symptoms had already appeared in Angola. On the evening of March 16th, he arrived at the Beijing Airport and automatically went to the hospital for treatment. At present, the patient is seriously ill and is being actively treated.

  Yellow fever does not cause much concern in the country. In fact, otherwise, such a situation has long been a sudden viral mutation, and even a devastating epidemic has occurred.Special-purpose vaccines, however, in Africa and South American countries, such substitutions are still a measure that many people have to prevent.

Furthermore, because of its extremely high mortality rate and strong infectivity, it has been listed as one of the quarantine infectious diseases by the World Health Organization.

Right now in spring, the temperature rises quickly. How to effectively prevent diseases at this time has become a topic of concern for many people. So what should be done in life?

  First, health must be well done. Through the incidence of yellow fever, we can understand that the mutation occurred in backward areas. Africa, South America, and other countries are relatively backward in terms of relative economy. The backward economy leads to living conditions that are inconsistent with the overall situation.In other words, medical care is far behind.

  At the same time, in such countries, the temperature is extremely high, and the high temperature is likely to cause the speed of bacterial transmission to accelerate.

It is true that in our lives we will also find that in winter, because of the low temperature, many diseases are not active at this time, and in the summer, the temperature is high and various viruses begin to multiply, which will greatly accelerate the multiplication of diseases.It is very harmful to health.

  If you pay more attention to personal hygiene in normal times, you can effectively avoid the harm caused by bacteria and viruses when you do good hygiene.

  For example, we have to wash our hands before and after meals, so we always say that, but very few people actually take action.

By washing your hands, you can prevent bacteria from spreading to your hands and boots entering your mouth, causing serious injury.

  In the spring, it is necessary to do a good job of hygiene. At this time, many people will have an allergic reaction. The allergic reaction is caused by a problem in the constitution of the individual. Instead, the hygiene is not done well.

  Doing good personal hygiene can effectively prevent disease from the outside and keep away from injury.

  Second, diet safety is very important. In addition to paying attention to health and safety, we must also pay attention to diet in our lives. Reasonable diet, safe diet is a substitute to ensure health.

  Now many foods are not safe, and many foods are more or less harmful to the body. As far as the material of food is concerned, “zombie meat” has long been commonplace.

  The increase in temperature is a huge challenge for diet. In winter, because of the low temperature, the storage time of food is relatively alternative, and the extremely low temperature is also extremely helpful for the preservation of food.

  However, the temperature began to rise in the spring, and bacteria in the air and bacteria in the food reacted. This reaction was more or less harmful to health.

  Food safety has become a critical link, and ignoring this link can be extremely harmful to health.

  Third, the annual physical examination is necessary. In life, you will find that many unknown causes are endangering your body, and even a cold can require you to hit. It can be said that many people are not healthy at present, and people who are in a sub-healthy bodymore and more.

  Physical examination is a thing that must be done in a person’s self-care process. However, few people actually do this. More often, people only want to go to the hospital for treatment when the disease comes. Such an approach is bound to make up for the dead.

  The extra money spent is so simple, only when the disease is severe, treatment will even cause you to lose your life.

  However, physical examination can usually recognize some problems in the body, and symptomatic treatment is really a very important thing.

Whether the body is healthy or not can be seen at a glance through the physical examination, so as to effectively prevent various diseases from harming the body.

  For example, the easiest way to check the blood is to understand what is wrong with the body. High blood sugar and high blood fat can be seen at a glance. This will be very helpful for subsequent treatment.

  Fourth, actively participate in sports. Of course, if you want to have a healthy body, exercise is absolutely indispensable. Through exercise, you can take good care of your body.

  Exercise can health the body. Many people in the current society do not like exercise. It should be timeless. Instead, they feel lack of energy. In this case, it is difficult to maintain health.

  Of course, there are people with funds in their lives. They are very enthusiastic about sports and try to effectively prevent various diseases through sports.

  Students can exercise good health and strengthen their immunity through exercise. Middle-aged people who are busy socializing will feel that their energy is not sufficient, and they can regain vitality when they exercise. Old people often feel that their immunity is reduced.Through exercise, you can increase immunity and delay aging.

  Through the brief description above, I believe that everyone has a better understanding of how to effectively protect the body in life. The body is the capital of revolution. Having a healthy body can make you make a difference, but when you do n’t have a healthy body, you want toDoing the bigger things is empty talk.

Of course, there is much more to health care than that. There are many more. I hope everyone can pay more attention and do it reasonably in life so as to have a healthy body.

Test-office struggle

Test: Office struggle

If you are a transparent person, you can freely move around. No one can know what you are doing. With such infinite power, what would you want to do?

  A, stealing valuables B, doing sabotage everywhere, doing some perverted bad things C, approaching admired people D, mischief, making some harmless joke Choice A: Your ambition is very big, you want to eat a lot of things, whether it is rightPosition or interest, you are unwilling to let go.

These attempts are also in the eyes of the supervisor, but as long as you are an individual, the boss will certainly not treat you badly.

You must first create your biggest advantage, perform your best, and get a high score before you have the opportunity to negotiate with others.

But you can’t be too complacent. If you meet a boss who doesn’t cherish talent, you might think of some ways to kill your spirit.

  Option B: You have a good sense of consciousness, so you never want to be wronged.

If any difference makes sense, you’ll yell right away.

However, you also look at people very well, you will first observe whether the supervisor belongs to a certain role before deciding whether to succumb.

Sometimes, you also know that you should close your mouth first, make some good results, and then, at the right time, expect the benefits you deserve.

  Option C: You’re a bit greedy, but you can only do it manually in certain permissible interiors.

Normally, you will restrain your desires, and even if you feel that you have suffered an unfair price, you will still bear it.

For the boss, still respect the authority of the other party.

You silently look forward to the emergence of axioms, and believe that as long as you keep working hard, you will always find your value and contribution.

  Choice D: You seem to be a hermit master, and the struggle in the office will never break down and get kicked, because you simply don’t want to be here.

When it comes to personnel changes, you always stay out of it and don’t care, because you don’t like too complicated personnel struggles, so you don’t express it intentionally.

You are afraid of being involved in the vortex of fighting for power, and would rather keep your own work and be a clerk in peace.

If you want to be promoted, you have to see if your boss has such a vision.

Four tips to save money and practical skin whitening


Four tips to save money and practical skin whitening

Whitening is always the goal pursued by women.

But every morning, I spend a lot of money on whitening products, and in the long run, you will definitely not be able to afford it.

Don’t worry, today I will teach you how to use the things around you to repair skin problems, which saves money and helps the skin show the most charming luster.


hzh {display: none; }  小编教你美白四绝招:  第一招:自制卸妆油  拿一个干净的容器,将50毫升橄榄油和约1茶匙乳化剂充分搅拌即可。When using, take an appropriate amount and massage gently at both ends, add water to re-emulsify, and then rinse with water.

  Olive oil is rich in fat-soluble vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin F, vitamin K and other rich fat-soluble vitamins, these nutrients can be easily absorbed by the skin.

It can deeply clean the skin, dissolve makeup, and is mild and non-irritating, causing minimal damage to the skin.

The emulsifier mainly produces rich foam in olive oil, and allows water to fully cover the oil content, and at the same time, the dirt and the makeup particles are washed away together.

  Homemade cleansing oils generally last about two weeks, so don’t make too much at once.

If you find it difficult to clean the olive oil, you can wipe off the olive oil on the face with a paper towel, and then rinse it with water.

  The second trick: Homemade peeling gel to grind the dried orange peel into powder, pour into the yogurt and stir well.

When using, apply an appropriate amount to the bladder and rub it gently, then rinse with water.

  Orange peel contains natural orange essential oil, which has a good oil removal and purification effect.

It can be used as an exfoliator on the face. It can also be used to wipe the thick horny parts of the body, or it can be soaked in bath water to purify the skin and eliminate fatigue.

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid, which is a mild natural fruit acid that can promote skin metabolism and make the skin delicate and smooth.

  Please note that the orange peel must be completely dry and fully ground. Generally, it needs to be dried in the natural environment for 1 Wednesday, or it can be baked in the oven for about 5 minutes.

Orange peel can also be replaced by lemon peel and grapefruit peel.

Remember not to apply the exfoliating product for too long, and knead it in a spiral circle for a longer time. The skin will become sensitive due to excessive exfoliation.

In addition, exfoliating can be done once or twice a week.

  Third trick: Homemade moisturizing lotion. Pour 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of olive oil (or glycerin) into 100cc of cold boiling water and stir well.

A small amount of emulsifier can also be added.

Usually use the same lotion as usual. After fully cleaning the skin, apply a suitable amount with a cotton pad and pat the face.

  Honey contains glucose, fructose, sucrose extract, a large amount of protein, and cellulose. It can act on the skin’s surface to moisturize delicate skin. It is a good water-based moisturizing ingredient.

With the use of olive oil, the skin loses moisture.

In addition, the homemade lotion does not contain alcohol and is mild in nature, which can reduce the burden of oily skin people who are difficult to absorb the lotion, and those who have sensitive skin should not use it in peace.

  Note that the ratio of olive oil to cold water must be at least 1:10, otherwise it will become difficult to absorb.

In addition, we can add some plant essential oils according to personal preferences, which can get the perfect experience.

  The fourth trick: homemade wrinkle mask, take an appropriate amount of milk powder or flour and half a lemon juice, add 1 egg egg white and an appropriate amount of honey, stir well into a paste, apply an appropriate amount evenly on the surface, wait about 15 minutesRinse with water afterwards.

  Egg white can tighten the skin, lemon supplements the skin’s vitamin C, and milk powder absorbs dirt from the pores during the wet-to-dry process to achieve deep cleansing.

Honey is added to prevent excessive dryness of the skin, which keeps the mask moisturizing while cleaning.

  When making the mask, remember not to have any expression or talk, otherwise the tightening effect of egg white will give birth to more fine lines on the skin, which will become an opposite effect.

  As a woman, you must recognize your own facial problems.

The coming of summer indicates that sunscreen homework has been promoted to an urgent level, and moisturizing, whitening, and anti-aging are required courses in basic care.

So, how can we keep the pink and delicate face undefeated?

The editor of Life House now provides you with all kinds of beauty and skin care information, so that the sun is no longer terrible and let you show off your white skin this summer!