Xiao Yuer yelled again……

No one answered this time,Because no one knows how to answer!Except for Xiao Yu’er’s heavy breathing,The scene is quiet,Everyone looked at each other,Including Liu Xiaoyun,All at a loss,Helpless look。
“Why don’t you save my parents?!”
Xiao Yuer yelled anxiously for the third time!
“Yuer……The fire you said,Is something that happened many, many years ago,Your mom and dad……Has been dead for many years……”
At last,Qin Liang plucked up the courage to answer Xiao Yuer’s words。
“My dad,Mother is dead?”
Xiao Yuer asked incredulously。
Qin Liang sighed helplessly,I nodded my head as an answer。
Xiao Yuer stopped talking,She looked at Qin Liang blankly,Then I scanned the faces of everyone in front of me slowly in turn。
“Ruined!Yuer won’t think of the memories from the past,But forget everything now!She doesn’t seem to know who we are at all!”
Liu Xiaoyun called out straightforwardly!
Everyone exclaimed in unison!These few words of Liu Xiaoyun,Again scared everyone!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and sixty Can’t cry anymore
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“Deserve it!This kind of scum,Scum!Die one less one!Die as soon as possible!”

Yang Shiyun suddenly said angrily。
“Poetry cloud,Pay attention to how you speak,You are the police,And also the chief of public security,There are some things others can complain about,You can’t say!Pay attention to the impact!”
Wang Yan immediately reminded Yang Shiyun a few words。
“Isn’t there no outsiders here?……”
Yang Shiyun answered embarrassedly。
“Let it go?Hehe。”
Qin Liang gloated at Yang Shiyun。
“To shut up!Did i let you talk?”
Yang Shiyun turned black immediately,“Look forward to”Yelled Qin Liang!
“Oh,I shut up……”
Qin Liang got beaten on this face,Isn’t this not a long memory?!Just finished being taught by Yang Shiyun,It’s been a while,He took the initiative to hit Yang Shiyun’s muzzle again,Isn’t this just being idle and looking for abuse?。
Not only Qin Liang didn’t dare to suffer,Even Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun dared not talk anymore!Everyone can see,Yang Shiyun is very irritable now,She should be eager to interrogate the murderer named Huang Shengli,For her master Liu Yong“Revenge”,But that guy has been rescued!wavv
“Stay calm,That guy can’t run away。”
Wang Yan said something in a hurry。
“I know he can’t run away,I just……just……”
Yang Shiyun is embarrassed to continue,After all, she herself knew:My current identity is different from when I was a detective captain,Many things can’t be said casually now。
But everyone can understand her mood,As Liu Yong’s lover,Of course she is anxious to avenge her master!As the chief of public security,She is more anxious to wash away this shame for the police!Dignified chief of public security,He was attacked by a gunman on the road,The murderer simply doesn’t put the police in his eyes!
“OK OK,Adjust your mindset,Show a little,There are a lot of things waiting for you to finish later,And your master can’t continue working now,If my estimation is correct,I’m afraid his work will be entrusted to you,You have to be mentally prepared。”

After the chat。

Mei Xianyun is busy。
Mei Xingyun,I went back to rest long ago。
Qiao Yun came to Fang Yu,Look envious。
She also thought about being with Fang Yu。
Hopeless now!
Fang Yu doesn’t know how to answer。
Qiao Yun is strange。
Fang Yu only announced that he was with Mei Xingyun in the morning。
Get upset in the afternoon。
Is it possible that there was a contradiction in the beginning?
“Is not……I’m just thinking about other things。I’m just with Dr. May,Not married……You have to say congratulations,Still early!”
Fang Yu calm。

Came to the underground supermarket,Old Gu saw Wang Jiadong a little tired,Just said:“You give me your note,I will buy the seasoning as you wrote,You just go around,Take a rest。”

Wang Jiadong took out that piece of paper,took a look,Said:“also,Then thank you,Let’s go around the tableware。”
Came to the place selling tableware,Gu Zhuo saw a set of very delicate tableware at a glance,This set of tableware is very expensive in the supermarket,Each item is fully equipped,I even have a chopstick rest,She excitedly picked up two sets。
Wang Jiadong says:“Two sets are not enough。”
Gu Zhuo looked at him,Extend two fingers,Finger yourself,Pointed to Wang Jiadong again。
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Chang Yi Na?”
Gu Zhuo stretched out three fingers。
Wang Jiadong shook his head,Said:“Neither light nor long,And Secretary Jiang,Jiang Fan,The tall man you saw first came to our house yesterday。”
Gu Zhuo thought for a while,Add another finger。
Wang Jiadong said deliberately:“not enough。”
Gu Zhuo looked at four fingers,Looking at him inexplicably with two big eyes。
Wang Jiadong says:“Changyi has a wife,Secretary Jiang also has a wife,If they bring their daughter-in-law,Do you want to add two more sets?”
Gu Zhuo breaks his fingers,Finally stretched out six fingers。
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“you’re so smart,It is indeed six sets,But not enough,We still have old customers,The person who came with us just now?”

Although there is no avatar,But Hu Lai found that he seemed to have become this avatar,Everything in front of you is seen from a first-person perspective,He just bowed his head,You can see your body,Wearing a red and white jersey,Standing in the middle of the locker room。

The task list no longer displays the text directly in the right space,And integrated into an essential notebook,Notebook just aside,As long as the consciousness swept over,Can open,Then all ongoing tasks will automatically surface。
Hu Lai took a look,Still blank now,Not a single task。
Close the notebook,Just exit the task log,Hu Lai discovered that the storage compartment that used to appear in the lower right corner of the system was missing.。
What about the items he put in the storage compartment?
He just thought so,The door of the locker behind his avatar opened,Then his perspective becomes the scene in the locker。
The jersey hanging,Yes【Bear jersey worn】。
There is a pair of leg guards on the table under the jersey,Exactly【Torn Bear Leggings】。
Obviously,All the equipment that can be worn and used is placed in this cabinet。
There is a drawer below,Hu Lai pulls away,【Stamina】A bottle is neatly placed in a drawer。
This makes Hu Lai feel more immersed。
If it made him feel like he was playing early domestic web games before,Now I feel that he is internationally renowned3AMasterpiece。
Every part of the whole scene is very detailed and very textured。

The second impact came from behind,But it was blocked by the car arranged by Zhang Xiaojiang。Although the car was not hit,But also affected,Directly translated several meters,Baby Ou feels like her body and head are going to be separated。She is so uncomfortable,I want to think how uncomfortable Xie Yunchu is holding her without letting go。She has been quietly holding Xie Yunchu,Want to talk to comfort him,But she really can’t tell now。

The car is bulletproof,But there was a constant bang outside,It seems to be ringing around。
Zhang Yulin and the co-pilot have upgraded the firmness of the car,You can’t hit the car in general attacks。But the thickness of this armored vehicle class,It also marks that the noise is more pronounced。
It’s like being locked in a jar surrounded by firecrackers。
Baby Ou from under Xie Yun’s ear,look out。
Can’t see clearly,A lot of smoke and fire,many people,The battle is fierce。
It’s not what she thought,Similar to the clean and neat scenes in TV dramas。She even wanted to take a weapon by herself,It’s really too simple。No wonder Zhang Xiaojiang let her see her luck。It depends on luck,This is based on reality.
Xie Yunchu’s hand protects Ou Baobao’s head,Aware of her looking outside,Some collapse,You are too relaxed?
at this time,There was a shrill sirens in the car.。Zhang Yulin cursed directly,Then unlock the car,Take down the seat,“Get off,Get off!!”The co-pilot also uses the seat as a shield,Two people ignored the situation outside,Protect Ou Baobao and Xie Yun and get out of the car quickly。
Zhang Yulin freed a hand,He picked up Baby Ou and ran forward desperately,Even Baby Ou desperately pulled Xie Yunchu,He was also separated from the person who protected Xie Yunchu。
at this time,Time seems to stop here。
She looked at something like a fireball coming from far away,Getting closer,Getting closer,Until they flew over the car they stayed in just now.
At the moment when Zhang Yulin was thrown away,Baby Ou finally sees what the fireball is.
With the loud explosion,Baby Ou saw several people rushing towards her,familiar,unfamiliar,nice,malicious。At the moment when Zhang Yulin was under him,She saw the hand that Xie Yunchu tried to reach her.
Baby Ou can only feel that he is being pressed by several people,Only one foot feels relaxed and unloaded。others,She can’t hear,Can’t see anything,The nose is also malfunctioning due to the pungent smell of gunpowder,She feels pain in her eyes,My nose hurts too,throat,ear,It hurts.
Don’t know how long it took,Seems to be a long time,It seems not long,She felt the weight on her body disappear,then,Someone took her hand,Someone picked her up。She can’t open her eyes,Can’t hear,I can only hold my hands tightly。
It’s Xiaoyun。
Baby Ou’s brains become stunned,Nausea。She seems to really throw up,But it doesn’t seem to be。She wants to have a word with Xiaoyun,Ask him how,But she can’t open her mouth,I feel my tongue is getting bigger,The smell of gunpowder and rust in my mouth。

Look scared him。He feels soft,Say:“to make,I respect your opinion。”He stretched out his long arms,Holding her little hand。

“That’s it,You can’t be authoritarian on this issue。”
“Ok。”Guan Hao nodded。
strange,She was not sleepy after getting in the car today,He just said:“Why don’t you sleep?”
Xia Jihan saw him ask,Tell the truth:“I dare not sleep。”
Guan Hao was taken aback:“Why dare not sleep?”
“I’m afraid you will be taken to your parents’ house when I fall asleep。”
“Hahaha。”Guan Hao laughed,It looks like she’s really not mentally prepared,Just distressed:“regarding this problem,I absolutely respect you,You don’t want to disappear,It’s not too late to get married,just……”
“Just what?”She asked eagerly。
“Let mom see you and she can rest assured,Or always give me control of the object,She is at home now,Not even nosy,I’ll have Xianxin。As heroic as me、Handsome、There are very few bullish people in the world,You are not afraid of me being snatched?”
Part of what he said is fact,I want to pass this news to Luo Rong。Another main purpose is to settle her down,He is relieved。
“Didn’t you say Xiao Yao would tell them??”
“Ok。”Guan Hao patted her hand,Some things can’t tell her,Just say:“Sleep if you want,It will take some time,Talk to me if you are not sleepy。”
“Ok,As long as you don’t take me home……”Talking,The voice becomes weaker。
Guan Hao really admires it,It turns out she was on guard just not sleeping,Now that the guard is gone, I immediately closed my eyes。This woman,Don’t expect her to chat with you during the journey。
Until I passed the Ducheng Expressway toll gate,Guan Hao woke her up。She opened her eyes to see,I found out that it was dark,The Ducheng city at night has already been lit up。Rubbing his eyes and smiling at him embarrassedly:“Let you drive alone again,I’m sleepy。”

“call120,Report to City Council,Request support。”

The nature of this sudden case has changed,Yang Shiyun must report to the city bureau’s general duty desk in accordance with regulations。
But she is not worried that the suspect will run away,With her and Qin Liang here,The man in front of me is hard to fly!She is worried about the safety of the hostages。
The police scattered around,Into a fan surrounded the scene,But no one dared to approach,Because they see,The hostage has been injured!
“You guys get off,Let me go,Or I’ll kill this bitch!”
The man yelled in panic。
“You release the hostage first,Let’s discuss something,good or not?”
Yang Shiyun said to him gently。
“Nothing to discuss,Either you let me go,Either I die with her,that’s it!”
Man yelling frantically。
“You don’t take the hostage,How did we let you go?”
Yang Shiyun finished,Smiled easily,Seems to be chatting casually。
at this time,She must first relax this man,If he comes so nervous,It’s possible to lose control of emotions,Hurt the hostage again。
“What the fuck are you smiling?Do you think it’s fun??what?”
The man started scolding Yang Shiyun,This is normal,He is extremely nervous,Need to show strength,So I can increase my confidence and courage……
“Ok,Then i’m not smiling。”

“strange,Why is Qin Liang missing??”

In the lobby of Lanting Hotel,Chen Hao looked for Qin Liang’s shadow everywhere in the crowd。
“sister,Let’s go too,I want to drive your car home。”
Feifei Sun see if the people in the company are almost gone,Ran over to hug Chen Hao and act like a baby。
“it is good,Sister drives you。”
Chen Hao helpless,I had to give up and continue to look for Qin Liang,Pulling Feifei Sun out of the hotel……
“Mr,Open room。”
Qin Liang helped Zhao Lu, who was stumbling, and walked to the front desk of the small hotel。
“Oh,Ok,Please show me your ID。”
The receptionist at the front desk is a young guy,Speak quietly,Qin Liang answered politely。
“I didn’t bring my ID……I don’t know if she took it。”
Qin Liang brought his ID,But he is more mindful,He didn’t want to have any clues left。
“Oh,What is the relationship between you and this lady?”
The boy still asked politely。
“Me and her……”
Qin Liang was stunned,What is the relationship between myself and Zhao Lu??Husband and wife?Subordinate?Still friends?
“Ok,This is your room card,Please pay the money。”
The young man reached out and put a room card in front of Qin Liang。
“I haven’t told you what is my relationship with her yet……”

“why?you……Don’t you want to come back?”

Xiao Yu’er’s uncle was surprised,Asked disappointedly。
“This is my home,You are my family,How could i not want to come back!but,I am now a dragon soul warrior,It is my responsibility to defend my home,Duties and missions,So I must be with my troops now,With my comrades in arms,But I assure you;I will often find time to come home to visit you,Although I am very reluctant to be separated from you,But i have to do what i should do,Besides,The Dragon Soul Force rescued me from hell,Gave me new life,Gave me hope and courage to live a new life,Now help me find home,Found you……and so,Please forgive me,Understand me。”
Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy three Do you look at me like this
? Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy three Do you look at me like this
Xiao Yu’er said all the words Liu Xiaoyun secretly taught her in her room just now in one breath.!
“well said!Good kind of Yuer!Sure enough, it’s a woman who doesn’t let her beard!I really didn’t look away!Dragon Soul Warrior,Should be like you!Yuer,I represent all dragon soul fighters,To toast you!”
Qin Liang praised Xiao Yuer a few words loudly,Then I really stood up,Pick up the wine glass in front of you,Respect Xiao Yuer,I looked up and drank the liquor in the glass!
“Thanks godfather!Thank you for loving me for so long,Love me,Care about me,Protect my Shen family!”
Xiao Yuer stood up too,Using my heart for the first time,Sincerely thank Qin Liang and others in front of you。
“uncle and auntie,In fact, there is another reason why Yu’er doesn’t move home temporarily;Now all the soldiers in our army,Are following our Taoist master to learn martial arts,And learning kung fu,Can’t let go for a day,Otherwise, all previous efforts will be lost,All the previous efforts will be wasted。”
crucial moment,Liu Xiaoyun will naturally stand up to help Xiao Yuer,This is also in Xiao Yu’er’s room just now,She promised Xiao Yuer’s promise。
“Ok,No matter what you decide,We will support you!you’re right,Since you are an honorable soldier now,Then it will look like a soldier,And you are not only a fighter,Now she is still one of the famous Shen family sisters,Work hard,I want to fight for your Shen family sister!remember:Home,Waiting for you back forever!we,Waiting for you forever!”
Xiao Yu’er’s uncle is obviously a very understanding person,He figured out the truth almost immediately,Especially after Qin Liang said that,He even felt that Xiao Yuer’s choice was correct!So he did not hesitate to express his attitude。
“Do you have to go to the battlefield again??”
Xiao Yu’er’s aunt asked Xiao Yu’er carefully。
“nonsense,Warriors don’t go to battle,Why do you want a soldier??What you asked……A bit redundant。”
Xiao Yuer’s uncle immediately sarcastically said to his wife。
“I want to tell her,You must protect yourself!”