Heard what Hu Lai said,Li Qingqing smiled and bent his eyes——He even went to buy a lottery ticket,This boy is a little cute……

Then Li Qingqing put a smile away,Try to speak in a serious tone:“It’s actually not your luck,Of course there are some reasons for luck。But mainly because you have the talent in this area。”
“So I do have the strength?”Hu Lai asked, uncertainly,He was a little confused by Li Qingqing’s turn。
Li Qingqing nodded vigorously:“Yes!”
“that……What is my talent?”
“You know where the goal is。”Li Qingqing said with a smile。
“I know……goal……Where?”Hu Lai is not very understanding,“How fresh?Who doesn’t know where the goal is?Isn’t it on both sides of the court??Behind the goal area,Bottom line……”
“Do not,Different。The goal we know is not the same as the goal you know。Those three balls……Those three balls seem to be where you are unmarked,Then I scored the football very easily。Of course many people think it’s just your luck。But why are you appearing in those empty spaces?Why other people can’t find the gap?For example, Li Zhiqun,Why didn’t he show up there?”Li Qingqing patiently explained to Hu Lai。“Can you be there,It means you know those places are empty……”
“Do not,I do not know,That is the body instinct……”Hu Lai conditioned his head to deny。
Li Qingqing corrected:“Physical instinct is talent。The space in the restricted area is so small,It’s not easy to have a lot of time?Isn’t the so-called sense of smell in front of the door the ability to find this kind of empty space in the restricted area??You can appear in the air,Can form a shot opportunity。These openings also point you in the direction of the goal,So you can score goals easier than others……Do you know what a talent this is,Hu Lai?”
Li Qingqing was a little excited as she spoke。
And Hu Lai stared at her blankly,I don’t understand why this female classmate suddenly got excited。I have talent,Not you,Classmate。
Li Qingqing saw Hu Lai staring at herself in a daze,I thought he hadn’t realized how precious his talent is。
So she waved her arms and continued to explain to Hu Lai:“Like you are on a dark sea,Don’t know which way the land is,How far is it from you,I can’t see if there is a reef,Suddenly the light of a lighthouse shined at this moment,Help you light up the way to the shore。Let you see where the coast is,No rocks on the road……Your talent is that lighthouse!It helps you illuminate the direction of the goal!”

“Is not,Yes……Yajuan hasn’t come back yet,I guess we can’t go to the mall,I just want to try if you come out?”

Jiang Fan said:“Ha ha,I’ll leave,I’ll be at your school in just over an hour。”
“The mayor won’t do anything else?”
Jiang Fan wanted to make a joke with her,But I think she is too simple,Just say:“My business party,I will find you first,Otherwise, the one named Yajuan will take you away when he comes back。”
“Ha ha。”
Jiang Fan said:“If you change during this period,Just hit me for paging?”
“it is good,You drive slowly。”
“Ok,See you soon。”
Jiang Fan hung up,I feel a sense of vitality fills my body,He quickly picked up the travel bag,Went out,He can’t answer the phone anymore,Otherwise let her wait for a long time。
Jiang Fan is about to drive onto the national highway,I suddenly remembered that the old leader Fan Wenliang was still in the hotel,He quickly stopped the car on the side of the road,I called Fan Wenliang,Nowhere。I thought it might be gone。He called Wang Jiadong again,I knew they left at six in the morning。
Jiang Fan just started again,Drove the car to Beijing。
Ding puts all the skirts he wears in summer on the bed,I don’t know which one to wear for a while,She gestured,When hesitating,A student from the dormitory next door came to borrow her iron。
Because summer clothes are prone to wrinkles,When Ding Yi went to Shenzhen, he saw the mall promoting a compact and portable electric iron.,Just bought it。Bring it with me during this study,It turned out to be something students often borrow。The elder sister student saw her put on a bed,I knew she was worried about what clothes to wear,This is a common problem with girls going out,Just say:“Are you going out to meet a lover?”
Ding Yi smiled,Shook his head。
Female student said:“Although it is said that people wear clothes and horses and saddles,In fact, Ding Yi, you don’t need to dress up,Simple and simple can best bring out your natural beauty and freshness。”
Ding Yixiaoxiao,Put away your clothes,Feel free to take out a white loose knit crew neck shirt,Wear on,She wore a tight denim skirt with knees,Round neck shirt,To the shoulder,The sleeves are also that loose style,The style of this dress is very cartoon,Whether it’s sleeves or body,Are all straight,Generally wide up and down,No body,Wide loose loose,With a blue denim skirt,Really looks fresh and natural,Permeated with a unique youthful charm。
The elder sister student said:“Ding Yi,Just wear this,Great。”
Ding Yixiaoxiao,She can’t see the effect,Because all the dorms don’t have full-length mirrors,Female students invented using the glass on the door as a full-length mirror。Ding Yi opened the door,Standing in front of the door for a long time,She is quite satisfied with this effect,I bought this dress from the mall with Yajuan that day,Haven’t worn it yet,The loose needle eye vaguely reveals the white inner cover inside,she says:“Big sister,The clothes inside show up。”
The older sister said:“Nothing,Not obvious,Look at the girls in Beijing,Which one is not more exposed than this。”

“Do not,no no,I don’t need to take medicine,Slept all day,it’s better now。Just a little boring。”Ding Yi said with a feeling,She’s really afraid of him coming。

Jiang Fan took a breath,Didn’t insist,Said:“Do you have a fever?”
“Do not burn。”
“Oh,Just don’t burn。”Jiang Fan breathed a sigh of relief,Said:“I feel boring in the early stages of pregnancy,Can’t beat the spirit,Lethargy,baby,You must have a baby,Haha。”Jiang Fan laughed happily。。
Not hard to imagine,How happy Jiang Fan is at this time,But Ding Yi’s heart is like a knife,Eyes full of tears,She quickly covered her mouth,So as not to make a noise。
“Are you listening?”Jiang Fan asked when Ding didn’t speak。
“Yes。Listening……”She was very sad。
“Do you try this morning?”Jiang Fan is still continuing this topic。
Ding Yi wiped his tears quietly,Said:“No,Don’t try so often,Try again in two days。”
“Ok,Try or not,Wait until the meeting is over,Let’s go directly to the hospital for an examination,It may also be the problem with that batch of test papers。”Jiang Fan said:“Ask your unit for leave,Make unit substitution。Rest a few more days。”
“Ok,I have asked for leave from my work……”Ding Yi quietly wiped the tears that flowed to his cheeks。
Although Jiang Fan hopes Ding Yi can take time off,But when Ding Yi said that he had asked for leave,He still feels something is wrong,Somewhat unexpected。Ding Yi is a person who takes work seriously,Even with a cold,With her character, she can stick to it,At the moment of his election,If she didn’t get the disease that couldn’t get up,,She will never ask for leave,And she is also the reporter for the conference。
Thought of here,He asked caringly:“baby,Do you feel particularly uncomfortable?”
Ding Yiqiang said in spirit:“Nothing special,Just boring。”
Jiang Fan is relieved,He said:“It’s normal to be bored,Is a normal pregnancy reaction,Wait for these days,Let’s develop a detailed diet、Sleep regime,You should also master this knowledge。”
at this time,Jiang Fan is still in the dark,He didn’t even know what happened。
Ding Yi reluctantly smiled twice,She leaned on the sofa,Said weakly:“You have a good meeting,Don’t worry about me,I will pay attention。”

Never thought that this voice would sound at the right time,She was surprised,I didn’t expect him to say this again。But this time she was not ashamed,But withdraw your hand,Gave him a slap in the leg.,But sweet in my heart,Because he still remembers this little detail。

“Hahaha。”He laughed heartily,The haze of divorce these days has been wiped out。
Guan Hao’s car parked not far from the gate of her house,He dare not go inside,Worried about her neighbor seeing。He held Xia Jihan’s hand,Looking ahead,Say:“When shall we meet?”
Hear this,Her hands are a little stiff,The ruddy face is gone,She pulls out her hand,Bow your head,She dare not look at him,Sadly:
“we、Don’t meet。”
“why?”Just fine,Say such unfeeling words again。
“You know。”Her voice is trembling,head,Still twisted out the window,Still dare not look at him。
Let him say the following,She interrupted him:“Please,Don’t say anything, okay?”She suddenly turned around,A pair of wet eyes looked at him Ai Ai。Then he jumped out of the car and ran in。
He watched her leaving behind,Suddenly there is a feeling of loss,He sighed deeply,Turn around,Drive towards the city,Although he knows that Guan Yao is waiting for him at Tao Li’s house at this time。
Arrived at the office,He called the mayor Chang Yuan。
Since Yue Xiao left,Chang Yuan didn’t leave the office,He must know that Guan Hao will look for him when he comes back,Squinted in the office for a while。He said Mayor Yue took his family to Beijing,Ducheng just arrived at noon,After lunch,Did not rest,Just left,of course,He asked the driver to wash the car for the mayor,Fill up,Just left。of course,During the dinner, about his visit to Guan Hao’s work and personal situation,Chang Yuan couldn’t tell Guan Hao。Just gossiping,Secondly, it did not harm Guan Hao,and so,He won’t mention it。
in fact,On the road to politics,Chang Yuan is the easiest time now,Whether you continue to follow Yue Xiao,Still with Guan Hao Qinse,No problem in the future,One is the secretary of the first secretary of the provincial party committee,One is the governor’s celebrity,He just needs to put his heart right,Do nothing,The secretary of the next Ducheng should not leave others alone。
Guan Hao learned that Yue Xiao was just passing by,Relax,With his keen sense of officialdom,He vaguely felt that things were not as easy as Chang Yuan said。

After Ma Wenbo left,Peng Changyi told Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang:“right now,This street has been registered in the province,The city bureau said that our place has become the largest stolen car sale in the country,If not rectified and regulated,Something will happen,Maybe it won’t be handled by us then,Maybe it’s banned from the file above,The entire market is scrapped。I remember that I told you all alone before,right now,We need to take some regulatory measures,We are accustomed to using one sentence to prevent some risks,That’s planning ahead,Now this work is obviously not a rainy day,We are already seriously behind,and so,Let’s close the door first,Come to a governance and rectification action。Both of you think about it,After the Public Security Bureau comes up with the plan,We will further study and discuss at the Standing Committee in the afternoon。”

then,They also discussed some problems in the scrap car dismantling market,And unify the understanding to the aspect of safe governance。
After saying this,Peng Changyi informed Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang about Shu Qing’s appointment to Kangzhou,He said:“Professor Shu is here to experience life,I just told Secretary-General Lu,Let her participate in family planning and petition work,Why is it involved in charge,Instead of letting her catch,Because these two tasks have always been hard tasks throughout the year,If you leave it to her,,such,Secretary Dongliang, bring her more,Let her get in touch with the actual situation。”
Lu Hui smiled,Said:“A girl in an ivory tower is not doing well with family planning, right?,Those people go home,But full of foul language,Is this suitable?It’s more appropriate to let her do group work or culture, education and health。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Your thoughts on this issue are the same as Lao Lu,He thinks so too。She is the deputy secretary,If it is the actual work of the deputy mayor, it will be more,Since I want to experience,Just plug it in。”
Dongliang Zhang, who has not spoken, said:“I read,She’s not very good at managing letters and visits,To know,There is no good thing in those complaints?Say again,It’s not good to let the superior know that there are so many bottom layers?”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“The superiors are all promoted from the bottom,Low-level things,They know exactly,We can’t hide it。What are you afraid of?Say again,Professor Shu isn’t a person who doesn’t measure up,People’s political consciousness is higher than ours。”
Just talking,Yao Bin knocked on the door and came in,When he saw them, there were notebooks in front of them,Just said:“Several secretaries have a meeting?”
Peng Changyi said:“No meeting,Say something,come on,come in。”
Lu Hui saw Yao Bin come in,Just stand up,Said:“I touched Dongliang again,We also need to have a rough framework。”
Peng Changyi said:“Correct,You are called Lao Bai,Since we take this as a job,Then arrange it more closely,For cadres whose relatives are engaged in business operations on this street,The Commission for Discipline Inspection must have a statement。”
Lu Hui and Zhang Dongliang went out。
Lu Hua looked at Peng Changyi and Yao Bin,Also went out。
Yao Bin sit down,said laughingly:“I’m fine,Did you bother you??”
Peng Changyi said:“No,We’re done。”
Yao Bin sees him look bad,Just talk and stop。
Peng Changyi saw that he had something to say,Just asked:“What’s up?”
“Little things,Ha ha。”Talking,Just watching Peng Changyi’s face。

Peng Changyi doesn’t say anything anymore,Do work,Especially at the grassroots level,How can i do this!Regardless of your face,Regardless of the past。How can it be said that you received half of the deposit for the cattle that others adopted first,Later, the adopted ones didn’t accept anything.,You can’t do that even if you collect it again during the New Year,I won’t be able to carry out future work。The most taboo thing in dealing with ordinary people is inconsistent work,Different treatment,A bowl of water is uneven。

It seems,Ren Xiaoliang and they are red eyes。
After putting down Liuquan’s call,He called Old Gu again,Old Gu is outside his house。
Peng Changyi puts on his jacket,Pick up the cotton coat worn at night,He was about to leave,the phone is ringing,Ye Tong。Peng Changyi hesitated,Got the call。
Ye Tong said:“leadership,Sorry,I was in your secretary’s room just now,Okay,He finally finished his impassioned,I have time to call you。”
Peng Changyi said:“Have you eaten breakfast?”
“Ha ha,Eat early,If I was silly waiting for someone to come and have breakfast with me,I’m afraid I’m starving to death。”
“Ha ha,Sorry,I slept until dawn,If it wasn’t for the phone to wake me up,I’m afraid I’m still asleep at this time。”
“That’s my hero, too hard。”
“Ha ha,where are you now,I will look for you。”
“no need,I’m leaving soon。”
“Yes,Hurry back to post,If you get caught by other reporters,You won’t be in the limelight,Giggle。”She laughed on the phone。
“Grandma,Please,Don’t write me,Write more about our secretary,He likes these,Happy to write him,My life will naturally be better。”
“rest assured,I know。Grandma?Haha,What a familiar title,Changyi,I really want to be alone with you。”Speaking of here,Ye Tong’s voice is much softer。
Peng Changyi’s heart moved,Said:“Next time,As your popularity gets higher and higher,I guess you don’t want to come,Kangzhou will invite you。”
“I am popular everywhere。”Ye Tong said:“but,Why always i come?”

“Yes indeed,Your husband’s phone,You hurry up,Stop inking!”

Murong Shan turned around,I found that Xiao Huahan had left consciously。
The bathroom door opened a gap immediately,Shen Ruoxi stretched out a little white hand……
Qin Liang listened to the conversation between Murongshan and Shen Ruoxi on the phone,I couldn’t help but smile on my face,They are really two lovely girls。
“Hey!it’s me……”
On the phone,Shen Ruoxi’s excited voice appeared。
“Wife,good evening。”
A mouth,Qin Liang suddenly realized that he didn’t know what to say……
“……good evening。”
Although Shen Ruoxi feels a little strange,But I still replied casually。
“Wife,have you eaten?”
Since I don’t know what to say,Just have nothing to say,I can’t help but speak!
“not yet,I’m taking a bath,So the call was answered。”
Shen Ruoxi very obediently reported what she was doing。
“Wow!Open video,Open video!I want to see!”

“Flame Destruction!”

Shout three times,Mo Qilin’s whole body unexpectedly appeared countless crisscrossed flame thorns,This kind of attack can be said to be extremely strange。
Can invisibly make the opponent’s head different,But it’s not enough for Mo Qilin,Because before the inflammation thorn appeared,With his keen perception of the warrior who is also a fire attribute,Avoided beforehand。
Dai Tianbao didn’t even think of using this trick to defeat the man in front of him,His real target is the spear in the air,And when he got the spear,Is the time to decide the outcome of this battle。
The flame spear melts and grows,Turned into a Yanlong with a thick waist and mouth,Swimming around men。
The most recognized beast species on the mainland,That’s the dragon。So many powerful martial arts come out through fantasy fighting with dragons。
But fantasy is fantasy after all,These martial arts have no dragon power,Even the shape of the dragon is not delicate enough to imitate,So after all, it can only become a high-level profound level。
Mo Qilin is different,He is the one who really has the arm of the ancient spirit beast unicorn,He has the majesty and shape of the ancient spirit beast。
A huge unicorn braving the flames appeared above his head to watch the movie,Yanlong***Intertwined。
Hovering in a high place Dai Tianbao fell to the ground,Bitterness in the corners of the mouth,A genius whose family has high hopes,I didn’t expect to lose in the first fight,This is something no one thought of。
“I lost,Hahaha,I lost。”Dai Tianbao looks at the sky,Shout out loud。
Everyone didn’t expect this to happen。
“brother……Are you OK!”Dai Tianfeng ran down quickly,Kneeling in front of my brother。

It’s completely Ou’s control group。Ou’s family life is like a fairy tale,Xie’s family is a realist family life。

Xie Yunchu thinks,Before he cleared out the mess between Xie’s and Xie’s,I really have no face to marry a relative。And the age at which they can get married,Getting closer。He obviously kept thinking,I went to get the certificate when I was young,right now,He is in love,Embarrassed to talk.
Besides,Just like his home,Ou Family,I definitely won’t agree with Jinbao to marry him。Will definitely use this as an excuse,Cover his face.
Once he could rely on a deep affection,Desperate conspiracy for the love of relatives,But now,He is more mature,Also understand more about the weight and responsibility of marriage。He loves his relatives very much,Want to marry her,Want to form a family with her,Want to grow old with her,Even he now has a mentally retarded idea of wanting to be with his relatives forever。
And these,It’s not just that he loves relatives,My dear loves him too,You can。The family behind them,cause,Will be an important part of their marriage。because,Even if marriage requires two people,But everything behind the two,It’s what constitutes the two of them。
He can’t be irresponsible,When the house is messy,Just ask Baolai and him to bear his family and his life.
and so,In Qinbao implied that she is an adult,Can try to fall in love,Xie Yunchu is both happy and anxious。
I always wanted to find opportunities,Talk to your relative。It’s just that when they meet,Have a good chat,Just forgot.
Xie Yunchu thinks,He is subconscious,Letting myself refuse to talk about unpleasant topics。
The two talked for a while,The cake is coming。
Baby Ou thinks this cake should feel like a paladin,Far from the unicorn,But she didn’t say it。Tasted,Tastes really good,Just ordered another,Make cherry theme,She wants to take it back to the family。
Xie Yun’s mind flashed through the recent exaggeration,Rumors about the two brothers of Oujia,Hesitate,Still didn’t say。this matter,Si Guangnian, they must all know。They didn’t talk to relatives,If he said something here,It feels like being tricked。I’ll leave it to them.
Seeing that the cake is almost ready,Xie Yunchu is still talking about it,Baby Ou sighed in his heart,Put down the fork,“Do you want to fall in love with me??”
I all hinted so obvious,I just got a bunch of flowers to confess to you,You didn’t even react,I also want face, okay.
Xie Yun was abruptly frightened by the words of his relatives,Coughed,After a while。But don’t know what to say。
Think for sure,but,Can’t just imagine,You can’t just fall in love.
“You want to fall in love with me?”Xie Yun asked with a hint of grievance in his tone。
Ou Baobao raised eyebrows,“Aren’t you the first candidate for my love?I want to fall in love,Not looking for you,Who to find?”Is not,“You want me to find someone to fall in love?”

Jiang Fan thought,I have left the mainland for several years,Excluding Peng Changyi and now a provincial cadre,He really has no cronies to take,Even if there are cronies,Are also in the county level of Jin’an,It will be very troublesome in organizational procedures,The key is,There really is no one to bring out,Because Langzhu is a prefecture-level city,Remove Kangzhou,He doesn’t stay long anywhere,That is, no cronies have been formed。Even if some people can be cultivated as cronies,From the heart,He doesn’t want to do this,no need,It can even backfire sometimes。Lang Zhu’s political arena is complicated,Where is the political arena not complicated?The world’s officialdom ecology is the same,As long as he depends on his superior,Rely on organization,Rely on the majority,He believes that he can stand on his heels in Langzhu,Everything,It’s all artificial。

Jiang Fan is a person with family and country feelings,Like what Wang Jiadong said,He has an ideal color that ordinary officials do not have。He disdains to be a politician,He wants to be a politician。What to do after gaining power,This is a criterion for distinguishing politicians from politicians。Politicians have clear political ideals,And will persevere to realize the ideal。And ambitious politicians,Is always entangled in the struggle to consolidate power,Always securing my own power,Even do everything。of course,In order to realize his political ideals,Politicians sometimes have to use the means of politicians,That’s an extraordinary move。
Then right now,Are you in this extraordinary situation??The answer seems to be yes。Although he can’t see the gunpowder,But it cannot be ruled out that there is no struggle。
and so,He went to She Wenxiu’s office today in the name of communicating ideas on investment promotion。He found this excuse to be superb、Antelope Hanging Horn,Not obtrusive at all。because,Is the first-level regime running well?,Especially the top leaders are not good,To some extent is closely related to financial resources。And the fiscal revenue of a place is like a cake,The plate is only that big,How to divide it so that everyone can be happy requires art。She Wenxiu as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee,He certainly hopes that Lang Zhu can make a breakthrough in the issue of investment promotion.,In order to reverse the series of bad views of Nie Wendong’s affairs on him。
Everyone knows,Cases like Nie Wendong,Only one from a place,Just look it up carefully,Almost a case,How big is Lang Zhu’s problem?,What can be found,I’m afraid no one can tell,But one thing,She Wenxiu doesn’t want any more accidents,Especially when you don’t want an election,Then he, the secretary of the municipal party committee, really ends up。
After Nie Wendong’s affairs came out,,She Wenxiu has indeed reached the point of being burnt,Secretary Liao of the Provincial Party Committee personally admonished,The task force investigates and collects evidence twice in three days,He himself has to do some work,Run to the province twice in three days,sometimes,And find some Beijing relations。It’s not that he has a big problem,As secretary of the municipal party committee,Some situations he must master,But there are cases,May not come to the end,He may not know where things are going。
She Wenxiu’s office is in12East end,Jiang Fan’s office is also near Dongtou,But not the most east,The east end of Nie Wendong’s original office,Secretary-General Xiao Aiguo worried about the taboo of the new mayor,I quietly exchanged the original mayor’s office with the mayor’s reception room,I can’t help but say that this fits Jiang Fan’s heart。Although Jiang Fan is a materialist,But if I sit in the place where Nie Wendong’s buttocks have been sitting every day,,I feel a little awkward when I think of it。So at this point,Jiang Fan feels that Xiao Aiguo is quite good at doing things,Worthy of being a secretary。
Later, the driver Xiaoshanzi told Jiang Fan during a small chat:“Secretary-General Xiao will best arrange the office,Because he knows the secrets of office layout,Mayor Nie’s office is not furnished by Secretary-General Xiao,It was arranged by the Feng Shui master he himself found。Secretary-General Xiao once advised him not to work in Dongtou,It’s best to work in the second house, the mayor’s reception room.,But he doesn’t listen,Think Dongtou is the main position,He can’t leave the position of theme,That is to be inferior to others,Because the secretary of the municipal party committee is in Dongtou,I am the head of the government,Of course I have to work in Dongtou。Who knows,It didn’t take long to move into the building before something happened。”
Jiang Fan smiled at this。
The leadership’s office arrangements are indeed particular,Generally speaking,The higher the position,The higher the floor of the office,Bigger house。The office of the big leader depends on the east end,Can’t rely on Xitou,Because Dongtou means the rising sun,Symbolizes the advancement of official career。Xitou means the setting sun。In officialdom,There are so many unwritten ones。For example, the office of the leader should not be located on the eighth floor,You can choose seven layers,Or a floor without any meaning,There are many sayings among the people,Which official hopes he will not go up and down?and so,Sitting on the seventh floor,Foretells that you will be promoted in the future,Office on the eighth floor is not rising but falling。
Besides,The leadership’s desk is also very particular about the orientation,Best to sit north and face south。Because the folks say“Face north,Smear;Face south,Xiangyun Disk。”Work by the leader,Especially for those who are the Secretary-General,Not only to see all directions,Must also be well versed in various unspoken rules,Otherwise it won’t win the favor and satisfaction of the leader。and so,When Xiao Aiguo reported on the first day Jiang Fan,It shows the professional quality of the secretary general。Jiang Fan did not accept his suggestion to stay in the hotel,The rest are adopted,Including secretary、driver,Even the last residence is Xiao Aiguo’s long list of candidates。
Jiang Fan did this,Is based on his trust in comrades。He also hopes Xiao Aiguo can feel his trust,Can feel the difference between him and his predecessor。
Jiang Fan once asked Xiao Aiguo,Why don’t the Standing Committee members work together,Xiao Aiguo introduced,After Lang Zhu built the new office building,The members of the Standing Committee moved into a new building with better conditions,There is no place for centralized office。But for safety,All the house members of the Standing Committee have been removed,Guards have been strengthened at the door。