Aunt Zhou said:“not coming,He said that he would save the 饹馹,Come to pick it up tomorrow,He said he didn’t dare to disturb you,Let you chat to your heart’s content。”

Secretary Liao mumbled:“Not come better,Humph。”
Guan Hao said:“Liu Ming is almost forty,Should you put it down too。”
“Considered,Let’s see what happened this year。All right,Say you。”Secretary Liao continued just now:“I tell you a secret,You can’t break up with her family anyway,Run a few times during the holidays。I think your Aunt Zhou’s home was high,She’s afraid of hurting me,Also play missing,I went to her house almost every day,Girls can’t live without home after all,Finally got me caught。”He look at Aunt Zhou outside,Said again:“Do not be discouraged,Don’t be decadent,take care of yourself,Presumably she also hopes you are good in all aspects,Women are like this,You obviously miss what she wants to eat,But if you really feel helpless,She looked down on you again。”
Guan Hao smiled helplessly,This is the best mother-in-law since he met Secretary Liao,He must be worried about his own affairs。After understanding the old chief’s mind,He just said:“do not worry,I won’t languish。I will do my job well,But there is one thing I have to discuss with you”
Secretary Liao said:“As long as it’s not illegal,I promise you everything you discuss today。”
“Can you not drink,I have to walk at night。”Guan Hao said。
Secretary Liao said:“Drink less,Less cars on New Year’s Eve,The police are not too serious。do you know,Liu Ming is thinking about my wine for some time,I was not willing to let him drink。Moreover,I won’t leave if I drink too much,Chinese New Year at my house。”
Guan Hao smiled,Say:“Any year will work, but not this year,I’m not going back, dad should have an idea,He doesn’t feel well these days。It’s not easy to be severely criticized by my mother every day,Especially knowing that I am a grandfather,I have secretly shed tears several times。”
Secretary Liao is also a grandfather,So he understands,Just say:“Well,Just drink three cups。”
The situation is as Guan Hao expected,Even though he called mom before,But dad still feels restless,I thought my son was angry with him,Until midnight, Guan Hao came back,He entered his house with confidence。
Guan Haoyi enters the house,I found out that there was no Spring Festival atmosphere at home this year。
First of all,No one sees the annual Spring Festival Gala,Not even the TV turned on,Guan Yao went to sleep upstairs a long time ago,Dad entered his room as soon as he saw him back,Mother’s eyes are red and swollen,Also seems to have just cried。

There was a splash of water from the bathroom。

Qin Liang sitting on the sofa,Listen to that“Touching”The sound of water,Thinking in my head;“I’m fucking lucky,There was a beauty who asked to be with me,If I don’t eat a free lunch,Even God won’t forgive me,Hehe……”
Ten minutes later,Zhao Lu appeared in front of Qin Liang again。
“Handsome guy,Wait anxious?”
Zhao Lu walked to Qin Liang with a sweet smile,Sat on his lap without shyness。
“No,How can you be anxious?”
Qin Liang smiled handsomely,I immediately hugged Zhao Lu unceremoniously。
“Don’t worry?I’m in a hurry……”
Zhao Lu is talking,A pair of snow-white jade arms have embraced Qin Liang’s neck。
“What is your urgency?I’m not in a hurry,What are you anxious?”
Qin Liang teased and said,While looking at Zhao Lu with his eyes。
“Why am i not in a hurry?look,My heart beats faster。”
Zhao Lu acted like a baby,Reached out and grabbed Qin Liang’s hand,Put it on her……
“I’m in a hasty!This girl is too active!If you didn’t know that she was an employee in our company,I thought she was a lady!”
Qin Liang had thoughts in his mind,I moved my hand unceremoniously。
“Handsome boy,No more,I can’t stand it anymore,Take me to bed……”

Yang Shiyun is a girl with a quick temper,Do whatever you think of,So she immediately sent a message to Yanzi,Call yourself back when it’s convenient for her。

after awhile,Yanzi actually called back!
“Sister Shiyun,Is something wrong at home??”
Yanzi asked the first sentence,But the sound is very small,Obviously she deliberately did not want to be heard by others。
“No,I know you are in Dechang,I am also here,So contact you,where are you now?”
Yang Shiyun said happily,There is a feeling of finding an organization。
“Me and Yang Zhi are the three,Now follow a few people in secret,Those few people are following my master secretly,We are tracking and anti-tracking,Hehe……A fun game, right?。”
Swallow said mischievously。
“where are you?I’ll take someone over immediately?”
Yang Shiyun immediately said excitedly。
“We are in the mountains……I don’t know the specific location……Wait for my call if you want to come……”
Yanzi said embarrassingly。
“Mountain?Why did you go to the mountains?”
Yang Shiyun was surprised,Is it difficult to morally change the dealers hidden in the mountains??
“I do not know either……Master is wandering in the mountains,The group followed him,We followed those people further behind。”

Qin Liang turned into a sheep in seconds!This is called an obedient。

So Yang Shiyun is in front,Qin Liang is behind,Two people went upstairs one after another,Looking at Yang Shiyun’s slim and beautiful back,Qin Liangqing couldn’t help but began to swallow……
In Shen Ruoxi’s bedroom, everyone was still chatting with Xiao Yuer on various topics,So no one noticed how long Qin Liang and Yang Shiyun disappeared,No one even noticed when the two of them came back。
Compared to before,Xiao Yu’er’s mental outlook has changed a lot,She is really cheerful,At least not as depressed as before,Silent,This makes everyone’s mood a lot easier。
And the relationship between her and Murong Xiaoyao is obviously much closer than before,This is what everyone wants to see,Even if there is only one close friend,It is also very important for Xiao Yuer。
“Yuer,Sapphire misses you,Hug it。”
do not know when,Shen Ruoxue took her most beloved cat baby,It seems she is really considerate,A very considerate girl,I know Xiaoyu also likes cats,So deliberately went to hug my pet cat。
“Wow,It has grown a lot again,Also a lot fatter than before!”
really,When Xiao Yuer saw Sapphire,He immediately held Sapphire into his arms with a look of love。
Qin Liang was secretly surprised:He has never seen this cat before at home!He thinks this is also very amazing,Something incredible,Live together under one roof,How could I never see this cat??But he really never saw it……
I don’t know if it’s because I have been accustomed to being hugged by so many little beauties at home,When Sapphire was held by Xiao Yuer,Not only did it have no resistance or resistance at all,It’s pretty obedient and obedient,Still smelling the smell of Xiao Yu’er,From time to time, she sticks out her little tongue and licks Xiao Yu’er’s hand。
“Since Yu’er likes cats so much,Let’s go back and buy one and two more。”
Shen Ruoxi said with a smile。
Several little girls immediately replied with joy。
“But let’s say it in advance,No matter how many,You guys are responsible for all their food and drink。”
Shen Ruoxi said seriously again。
“no problem,Do not worry,Just leave it to us。”
Shen Ruoxue immediately patted her chest and promised,Seeing that Qin Liang began to swallow subconsciously again……

She doesn’t know what’s going on。

“Forget it,Let’s go!”
Fang Yu saw that Qiao Yun really didn’t know,Take her away。
Almost rested,I should go out for dinner!
Qiao Yun knows。
That fat guy,May be the wrong person。
She really doesn’t know that fat man!
But after they left,That fat guy chased up。
“Qiao Yun,That fat guy is chasing……”
Fang Yu reminded。
“No way……I never thought I was so beautiful and cute,Was spotted by a fat guy!”Qiao Yun distressed。
“Not as good as,We went over and asked what happened?”
Fang Yu proposed。
Qiao Yun knows。
not ready yet,Was pulled by Fang Yu。
And soon came to Fatty’s side。

“Does it take so long to leave something?”Li Ziqiang complained,Then he shook his head to the trunk of the van:“Move quickly,It looks like it’s going to rain this day。”

The girl leaned forward into the van,Drag out a woven pocket,Said to Li Ziqiang:“I just watched the sunset from above,it’s beautiful。”
“Sunset?”Li Ziqiang leaned back,Barely raised his head,Looking at the clouded sky,Questioned。
“Just now,I said it was just now。Just now the sunlight came through the clouds,It’s like a holy light,But pretty!”
There was sunshine just now,Li Ziqiang smiled:“Do you like this place?”
“I like it,father。”
“nice! You love it,Next we two,May have to stay in this house for three years。”
When the girl moved her own things upstairs again,He went to the window and glanced,I just saw the juvenile cat crawling into the grass,Only showing a butt shaking。
Ok,It’s finally not like a dog holding a frisbee,Became a dog crawling around in the grass……
The girl just stood by the window with her mouth cocked。
The teenager quit after working in the grass for a while,After exiting, he carefully restored the grass to its original state,Then I pushed on the bicycle next to me and left。
Watching the sneaky figure disappear in sight,Girl withdraw her eyes,Staring at the clump of weeds where the young man was busy just now, lost in thought。
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