The second one was too weird to promise。

It’s scary fast。
People can’t believe it。
“why?”Wei Xi stammered a bit。
“Because you know。”Shen Huan smiled,He who is laughing,Very handsome,“I like to deal with people who know something,Since you know something,Then I won’t be stingy for you。”
Wei Xi looks at this smiling face that can make hundreds of millions of fans scream,The heart is excited and fearful。
This is16Years old!
So mature,where is that16Year old can have?
To know,His reputation outside,But gentle atmosphere、A super nice person to help others!
Where can I get it when necessary,It’s actually like this。
If not for huge benefits,He feels like this,It’s better to deal with less。
Because of such a person,Controlling people’s hearts is too great。
“200In case the price of the song does not change,I can give it to you these few days。”Shen Huan said,“If nothing happens,You go back early,Prepare for Dong’er’s album!This album,I hope she does well,With a head-up knowledge,Leaving the mediocre studio。”
“This is what i hope。”Wei Xi came over,Said with a smile:“Thank you teacher Lu!”
Of course he should thank Shen Huan。
If someone said it would be singing these days,He has to wonder if he is fooling himself by making a song,But since Shen Huan said,That is sure to work。
Seeing others are rubbing《I sing my song》The popularity of,But they must have never thought,I will be the first one?

How come you are called by your name so quickly?

But soon,Lynn’s treat,But let him completely forget about it。
Kogoro Mori is difficult recently,He lost the bet to Marseille,In addition to the necessary operating funds,The rest of the money was detained by my daughter。
Don’t talk about drinking,It’s hard to even drink a bottle!
Now the landlord is very kind and planning to treat,Of course he can’t miss this opportunity!
But he didn’t expect,Just as he kept flipping through the menu,When you want to order the most expensive coffee,The city’s face is causing Xiaolan to have a fever。
Today, Dad has completely lost his face!
“A cup of irish coffee?I understand。”
“correct,Xiaolan、Garden,What do you want to drink,I got it done together by the way。”
After a lot of thought,After all, Kogoro Mouri did not choose the most expensive coffee,But picked a cup of Irish coffee with alcohol。
What should I say?
Worthy of you?
I don’t even forget to drink coffee!
Xiaolan’s understanding of coffee is obviously insufficient,otherwise,After Kogoro Mouri ordered this cup of coffee,,She will definitely stop。
But Lynn didn’t plan to find out the truth,But after ordering Mouri Kogoro’s order,By the way, I asked Xiaolan and Yuanzi’s preferences。
A cup is also boiled,Three cups are also boiled,Just together。

She recognized it at a glance。

The woman in white clothes,Gu Qiao。
Suddenly a sad mood filled my heart,Want to say something,I don’t know what to say。
Lu Ban and Gu Qiao strolling in the hotel garden。
Street lights dim。
Evening chrysanthemum blooms in the garden,Showing yellow stamens。
“How are you thinking about the variety show at Mango Terrace?”Gu Qiao asked casually。
“That one,talk later。”
“Anyway, the opportunity passed by。”
“Ok?You want me to participate?”
“I just think it’s a good choice for you。”
“Then I turn around……Ask Kong Xi,See if the other party’s candidate is still uncertain,If it’s undecided,Let her talk about the price first。”
Gu Qiao nodded,Took off the mask,I’m so bored wearing a mask。

“Are you using the technique of Thunder God?。”

As the most familiar in the ninja world,The ninja who is also the most proficient in flying thunder god,Of course Water Gate knows exactly what ninjutsu is used by Instant Fire。
“The Art of Thunder God?Known as Uchiha Dasha, you can actually fly Thunder God!How did you learn?”
Jiuxina stared at the instant fire,The eyes are dull,Out of the corner of the mouth。
It is clear,This is the effect of Pai Daxing’s transformation card。
After all, Pai Daxing would be like this when thinking。
“Hey,Kusina,Are you OK。”
I saw Jiu Xin Na look like this,Watergate showed a worried expression,Move forward and shake Kushina’s shoulder。
“what,I’m fine,I was just thinking。”
Kushina didn’t notice what he did just now。
For Kushina’s words,Watergate is ashamed,He decided that it would be better not to tell her the behavior of Jiu Xin Na just now。
“This is where you live temporarily,Quickly restore strength,I’ll let you visit Naruto if I have a chance。”
After hearing that I can see Naruto,Water Gate and Jiu Xinnai looked at the flashing dog head at the same time。
After the resurrection,The biggest wish of Watergate and Jiu Xinnai is to visit their son,And my grandchildren and granddaughters。
Although two people are currently a sponge,One is starfish,But their feelings for the Naruto family cannot be wrong。
“There is a child tied inside,His father would take money to redeem people,What you have to do is before his father comes to redeem people,Keep him safe。”
Shunhuo said as he walked into the cave with Watergate and Jiuxina。
“Kidnapping children is not something Konoha ninja would do。”
Kushina was unhappy about the kidnapping of children by the flash fire。

Of course it may be an illusion to others,But Han Wenle probably understands what’s going on。

The first question is the hardest,Even if the process is omitted,I still spend more time。
The second question is proof,The key lies in the details of the proof,So the process must be written clearly and plainly。
The third problem is a calculation problem for derivation of implicit function,Obviously Wang Yufei found the simplest solution,So the problem solving speed is very fast,You don’t need to write too many Chinese characters,Simple mathematical notation will not take long……
Then the fourth question,Fifth question,Sixth question……
Solve each problem,Han Wenle silently took a picture with his phone,record on file。
But I was madly complaining,Have you done all these questions?Even if you did it, you have to remember it?Is this no need to think at all?
When Wang Yufei put down his electronic pen,Look at Hangeul Le Shi,The senior math teacher silently exited the phone from camera mode,Look at the time——Five thirty。
Wang Yufei only uses28Minutes to solve these six problems selected by the mathematics geniuses in the class borrowed from collective wisdom。
this moment,Han Wenle just wants to be silent。
He hesitated,Is there any need to say the next thing?……
This blow seems to be enough,Han Wenle can see that the small faces of the children in the audience have begun to turn white,Even more dare not look up at the podium。
“teacher,I’m done!”Wang Yufei stood on the podium and reminded。
It’s not that I don’t adapt to this quiet environment,But just after putting all my mind on solving the problem,Because the brain is always in a state of high load operation,Too much consumption of the body,Makes him feel very tired,What’s more depressing is,He feels hungry again,So that Wang Yufei felt his legs might tremble after standing a little longer。
Standing on the podium……
That picture is too beautiful,Wang Yufei doesn’t dare to think,I’m afraid of embarrassment,Just because Lu Yuxin is also sitting in class,He subconsciously didn’t want girls to see his indecent posture。

When the huge beam hits the shield,Began to crack gradually……

Xu Sheng looked at the shattered shield,Raised eyebrows“Ok?I am now a Level 96 Super Douluo,The spirit abilities on display are far from comparable to a few years ago,And this Dugu Bo can break his defense with his ninety-three-level Wuhun real body,It doesn’t look so unbearable”
I don’t know why Dugu Bo can break the defense,Relying on that spirit bone skill,Eye of Medusa!
At this time, the green mist around has disappeared,Xu Sheng jumped a dozen meters to the rear,Avoid being affected by attacks……
The shield that could not withstand the attack shattered suddenly,The attack of Medusa’s Eye hit the surface,After directly erupting an astonishing power, a large pit of tens of meters was left!
Dugu Bo kicked his legs again,Jumped on the snake crown,Squinting at Xu Sheng below,Coldly shouted“Kid,You still don’t even plan to use the Martial Spirit Real Body,Are you looking down on the old man??”
Xu Sheng just made fun of it,If he uses Wuhun real body,I’m really afraid of killing Dugu Bo accidentally……
Looking at the huge Jade Snake Emperor,Xu Sheng stretched out his right hand,Aligned it……
Indifferent“Deal with you,There is no need to use the real Wuhun body,But it should be over soon”
The eighth spirit ring under my feet lights up……
Eighth Spirit Ability,Bitter:Able to directly drain soul masters who are quite different from their own soul power within a certain range,Blood of the Soul Beast,If the latter is drained,Will not be able to use Wuhun for a week!
If the spirit power of both parties is close,It will form blood thorns around the opponent that constantly absorbs vitality。
The eighth deep soul ring under Xu Sheng’s feet lit up when Dugubo of the Biphosphor Snake Emperor,He immediately warned“Eighth Spirit Ring?This kid,He didn’t even use the real Wuhun body,Just used the eighth spirit ring,Combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced!”
This is common sense that all soul masters should know!
immediately,Dugu Bo said coldly again“No matter how much,Since this kid is so underestimating,Then let his underestimate ruin himself!”
next moment,He controlled the Biphosphorous Snake Emperor and rushed towards Xu Sheng who was as small as an ant……
The fast crawling Jade Snake Emperor is like a winding dragon,In the dusty,Rushing away against Xu Sheng……

Dugu Fengyun rushed towards the ink and smiled,There was a concerned look from the bottom of my eyes。

Mo Zizhen gritted his teeth,Think of those dead brothers,A layer of tears floated in the eyes again,Chong Dugu Fengyun said,“Lonely senior,Do you know what the chopsticks did?They don’t even let the baby in the baby go,Children under three in that village,Dead in their hands,No less than ten!”
When Mo Zizhen spoke, his fists creaked,Blue veins bulging on forehead,Said very painfully,“That is our Huaxia child,Is our future,and so,I do not regret,If I do it again,My brothers and I will still keep going,I will swear to kill them all,The only thing I regret is,dead,Not me Mo Zizhen!”
Mo Zizhen believes,It’s not just that he doesn’t regret,His siblings who died will not regret it either!
At that time, although he advocated chasing and killing those gangsters,But none of his men opposed,And they all regard death as home!I have enough energy to completely kill these beasts!
after all,something,I would rather die than protect!
Dugu Fengyun was slightly startled when he heard this,Then he sighed heavily,Full of emotion。
How can Mo Zizhen be like him when he was young?,It’s just carved out of a mold!
Mo Xiaosheng, who was listening attentively, was also shocked,Looking at Mo Zizhen and trembling,“Mo Erye,you……You say,They killed all the children in a village?!”
He feels buzzing in his mind,Shocked,It must be such a conscientious person to do such a cruel thing!
The endless sadness in Mo Zizhen’s eyes,Nodded solemnly,Shen Sheng,“They killed all the people left behind in the whole village,57 people in total,More than ten children……”
What he just said is that there are no fewer than ten children under three,If you count all the minor children,A dozen people。
Mo Xiaosheng clenched his fist tightly,Red eyes,Gritted his teeth and asked,“Why are they killing these innocent civilians?!”
Mo Zizhen raised his head and glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Look down,Distressed first,“For a catchy news!”
“Catching news?!”
Mo Xiaosheng was startled,Opened his mouth,My heart is dripping blood,Vibrato,“Just for a catchy news,he……They killed so many people?!”
this moment,He suddenly realized what Mo Zizhen said just now“No regrets”The meaning of the three words,If Mo Xiaosheng was there,He will certainly not hesitate to hunt down those beasts that have lost all conscience,Even if you lose your life,I can’t let these demons wandering around the world retreat.!
at this time,He knows more about the weight of Mo Zizhen’s sacrifice,To these people,Respect Mo Zizhen more and more!
Can train such a soldier,It is the blessing of China,Is the blessing of the people!

Mo Xiaosheng said lightly,“and,What you said is too early,Has he ever committed a crime in China,There is no conclusion yet!”

Yuan He snorted coldly,Just about to speak,The horn by the door squeaked suddenly。
Yuan He frowned,Cold voice:“Don’t you know I’m interrogating the suspect?,Who?Tell him to go!”
He said he winked at Chu Fan,Chu Fan quickly got up to open the door,Just about to yell,When he saw the person outside the door, the color changed suddenly,Neck shrinks,Vibrato:“Hu,Director Hu?”
No one else came,It is Hu Fan, the head of MI!
“Yoha,**,Come in time,how,Are you so anxious to fish out??”
Yuan He glanced at Hu Fan,Sarcastically said,He knows without asking,Hu Fan was born for Mo Xiao。
But Hu Fan was at a loss when he heard what he said,And after seeing Mo Xiaosheng,Hu Fan looked surprised,Surprised:“Niche,Why are you here?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and shook his head when he saw him,I don’t know how to explain to him。
Yuan He frowned slightly,Then sneered:“Okay,**,In front of me,Also acting!”
“What kind of play,I don’t even know what is going on with you!”
Hu Fan frowned,I don’t care about asking Mo Xiaosheng,Anxiously said to Yuan He,“Old yuan,I came here to ask you,Your people invite Yuan Yuan over,Why don’t you say hello in advance!”
Yuan He frowned when he heard Hu Fan’s words,Some unclear so asked rhetorically:“What Yuan Lao?”
Hu Fan was taken aback by Yuan He’s rhetorical question,Some unsure doubts:“Didn’t you invite Mr. Yuan over??!”
“What is old Yuan Fang,I don’t even know what you are talking about!”

“Jin Qi,Let him go,He is not our family,Why are you letting him here,And yelled like a second brother。If your dead brother knows,I guess I’ll come back to you every night!”Cao Chen sneered,Ridicule。

“Just,Mo Xiaosheng is a little self-aware,Doesn’t he feel embarrassed to stay here?”
Sun Peijie also yelled from the back of Mo Xiaosheng leisurely。
At this moment, Mo Zizhen has hurriedly entered the house to visit his mother.,But to his surprise,The eldest brother took him directly to his parents’ bedroom。
I saw my mother was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed,Slightly pale complexion,Weight loss,Looks sick。
Mo Zizhen’s heart suddenly tightened,Needless to say,He also knows that his mother is sick。
“Zhener?Is it my perfect??”
The old lady suddenly opened her eyes when she heard her son’s voice,I grabbed Mo Zizhen’s hand,Said with a trembling voice。
“mom,it’s me!The unfilial son kneeled for you!”
Mo Zizhen was heartbroken to see his mother so,Kneeled to the ground with a puff,A pair of eyes that never shed a tear even with three bullets,A mist suddenly rose up。
“Your mother has been like this for a while,People are getting old!”When Mo Qingwu saw this, he smiled and comforted his son.,“Actually there is no big problem,It’s just that the body is broken,Somewhat weak。”
“Big brother,fast,Go and invite Mr. Mo,Show mom!”Mo Zizhen hurriedly raised his head and said to Mo Ziqin。
“Dr. Mo came with you?Great!”Mo Qingwu immediately opened his eyes and smiled,In fact, he always wanted to invite Mo Xiaosheng to show his wife,But he knew that Mo Xiaosheng would not wait to see them Mo Family,Afraid that Mo Xiaosheng would reject him,Mo Xiaosheng can help him heal this second son,He was very grateful。
Mo Ziqin immediately agreed,Walked out quickly,But after he walks into the yard,Where did you find Dr. Mo?。
“Big brother,what happened?What’s the order?”
Cao Qian and Sun Peijie saw Mo Ziqin seem to be looking for help,Immediately greeted us。
“Have you seen Mo Xiaosheng??”Mo Ziqin asked。
“Saw it,I was just driven away by my brother-in-law and me!”Sun Peijie said smugly,he knows,My elder brother doesn’t deal with this Mo Xiaosheng,I definitely don’t want to see Mo Xiaosheng,So his attitude in these words is obviously a little inviting credit。
First0462Zhang is too good to blow

“Very early?Just go to college?”Li Meilin asked。

“correct,I just saw Song Song,I know her identity,But I knew it accidentally,Really don’t blame me,It was just suspicion at the time,Later on Songge’s 19th birthday,The car she drives,And later she went to work in the Shen Group,I am sure of her identity。”Fan Xiaofiction。
That evening,She saw Shen Mange’s car,At that time, she felt that this should not be a car that a person with a very ordinary family can afford,Later, Shen Mange went to work in the Shen Group,So busy every day,She is even more sure of Shen Mange’s identity。
“It turns out that my identity has long been exposed,Fortunately, you didn’t say in the dorm,otherwise,I might still be kept in the dark by the two of Bai Yucheng。”Shen Mange said with pleasure。
Yes,If Li Meilin said her doubts from the beginning,Wen Xin and Bai Yucheng would definitely doubt,By the time,Everyone knows the identity of Shen Mange,Bai Yucheng said nothing would break up with Shen Mange。
Then,Things behind,Shen Mange can figure it out with his fingers。
“alright,In that case,Should Song Ge be a treat??After all, whether it’s your home or your boyfriend’s,But they are all rich people in Jiangzhou。”Deng Xin’er won’t let this opportunity pass。
downstairs,Bai Yucheng is waiting for Wen Xin,He has been thinking about what happened last night today,Yes,He regrets,Shouldn’t listen to Wenxin’s words,Let Shen Mange go。
If Shen Mange is still his own,Then the entire Shen Group behind her,The future is my own。
Although Wenxin’s father is also the boss of a company,But that is a small group after all,How can it be comparable to the Shen Group??not to mention,Speak the truth,Shen Mange is more beautiful than Wen Xin,Learning,No matter where it is,Are much better than Wen Xin。
“Yucheng,You came so early。”Wen Xin walked over,Come to the front of Baiyucheng,Holding Bai Yucheng’s arm affectionately。
From last night to now,Yucheng often in a daze,Made her feel a deep sense of crisis,Could it be said that Yucheng knew the identity of Shen Mange,So are you planning to break up with her??
Do not,No way,Definitely not,anyway,It’s impossible for her to let go of Bai Yucheng’s hand and let him go back to find that woman,Bai Yucheng is the man she loves warmly,No one can take it。
“Ok,Want to see you sooner,So I came early,It’s ok,Let’s go,I’ll accompany you to report,And go shopping with you in the afternoon。”Bai Yucheng looked at Wen Xin spoiledly。
“really?Will you go shopping with me?Great,Thank you Yucheng,I thought……”Wen Xin lowered his head,I didn’t say the following words。
“Heart,what are you thinking,I won’t leave you,Do not worry,I will be responsible for you。”Bai Yucheng rubbed Wen Xin’s head,Comfort road。
“Ok,That’s good,I thought you knew the identity of Shen Mange,You don’t want me,After all, her identity is so……”
“Silly girl,Stop thinking about it,Why would I not want you because of money and power?You gave me everything you have,I must be responsible to you,And we have all met your parents,This means that everything has been settled,Don’t think about it anymore。”Bai Yucheng says。
“Ok,Ok,Yucheng,I know,I will definitely not think about it,As long as you stay with me,I’m satisfied。”Said with satisfaction,My heart is as sweet as honey。
in the afternoon,Wen Xin and Bai Yucheng go back to school after shopping,I saw Shen Mange and Su Jingchen just downstairs in the female dormitory,The two are going home。