Especially 37 hits one,Will you be able to gather monsters in the ice ring and slow down?

Meili who hasn’t gone far.Dongfeng stealth listens to Carlos’s conversation with the death knight,The artificial heart and lungs in the body are beating rapidly。
Hunk,Always sad。
But for thousands of years,There are so many sorrows and joys,The old master is not a hypocritical person。
Seeing that Carlos is not a fake brave but a real fierce,Meri.Dongfeng is relieved to leave。
There are more important things for him to do。
Such as poison cloud。
The Royal Guard was corrupted in half,These elite human warriors have turned into muddled corpses,Plus the skeleton soldiers and ghouls secretly mobilized by the cursed sect,And a few death knights。
The total number of Scourges is less than 10,000,How long will it take to destroy the city of Lordaeron?
The answer may never be。
The riots in the city stem from fear of the unknown。
Although the guards in the city“Sensitivity”,Most chose to stay in place,Indulge in panic enlargement,But I said before,Lordaeron City million population,There are actually 600,000 outside the city,The Menethil royal family still has a lot of troops to mobilize。
Ten Thousand Scourge Corps,It’s impossible to fight against the restored Kingdom of Lordaeron.。
But those plague poisons are different。
This season,Already less windy,The Lich King Ner’zhul looked at Lordaeron again,The power of the Ice Throne affects the weather,The plague poison cloud is gradually spreading throughout the city。