“If it’s like you said,I want to go to such a place,Really want to open my eyes。”

The original party with a different flavor changed the style of Huang Lei’s words。
Of course,There are also some reasons,Everyone is a little tired of the conflict between Zheng Li and the little girl just now,Most people show indifference。
But it’s also because of face,Didn’t interrupt this kind of contest between them,It’s as if you can’t see or hear。
Now Huang Lei talked about such a topic,Of course everyone hopes to dive into this topic,The purpose is not to hear them arguing here again in the future。
Anyway, things like that are not a good thing。
Huang Lei didn’t think so much,The only thing he thinks now is where to find such a place。
Are asking Huang Lei,Huang Lei can only tell them that this place is a place in our country。
“I don’t know how to tell you more specifically,I will take you there when you are free。”
Huang Lei said with a chuckle。
Chapter Fifty Nine Help blind date
On the way back,Huang Lei was puzzled inside,The chick is watching him all the time,This also makes Huang Lei feel more guilty。
He knows why the chick looks at him,It’s just asking if he really has such a place?
Actually there is a place like a ghost。
“so what should I do now?”Chick asked。

Specifically what kind of content,Door closed,She didn’t hear very clearly。

Just looked at the time,It’s almost midnight,Imagine two big men in a room,I suddenly felt very lost:
“He really likes men……”
“I’m out of play in my life……”
Chapter One Fifty Six Life is like a play,All by acting
Luo Xiaohu is also a rookie who has not recorded a reality show,The whole show is that he and Fang Hao are both rookies,And they don’t belong to the people that the show group wanted to invite at the beginning,It’s just stuffed in through other channels。
The two of them need some training,To experiment with the recording of this reality show。
When Fang Hao was alone,No one to accompany him to do this kind of thing,Now add a Luo Xiaohu,Training for them also started。
Actually this training is quite simple,Is to adapt them to life under the camera。
A few cameras followed,To face them from different angles。
What do they need to perform,Life as usual is fine。
Including eating、to chat with、Reading、Washing hands or something。
Just to get rid of their discomfort with the camera。
People in the entertainment industry have adapted to life under the lens,It’s hard for people outside the circle to adapt right away。
When two people first started,The eyes are always involuntarily looking towards the camera,I think that everything I say and do will be recorded,Unconsciously there are traces of performance。
But this won’t work。
The most taboo thing about reality shows is the traces of performance,Claimed to show the truest state of life,You always look at the camera,Always say some fake things in a serious manner,More fake than a theater performance。
Of course you have to change it。

To know,The deterrence of a peak fighting king,In a small place like the Gama Empire,Not worse than a Douhuang……

Li Chenfeng who recovered from his memories,Looked at the two people present,Out channel:“grandfather,I just heard my father say,You were injured when you picked a strange plant named Qihuanqingling?”
Nalanjie nodded,Tao:“Not bad。”
“These seven magical blue spirits salivate this plant,Its rhizome,Can extract a very mysterious liquid substance。And this substance,Is the best medicine to restore soul power。So it can be regarded as a special strange thing between heaven and earth,get it,The injury is worth it。”
Li Chenfeng has some joy in his eyes。
Because he seems to have found a way to wake up Yao Lao……
Sorted out my thoughts,Li Chenfeng looked at the two,Tao:“grandfather,This experience,Grandson’s harvest is not small!right now,I am already a fighter……!”
“what did you say?!”
Nalanjie, who was originally smiling, opened her eyes wide.,A look that didn’t understand,Asked again。
Li Chenfeng has no nonsense,Direct operation of fighting spirit,A thin layer of fighting gauze was formed around his body。
“this is……Fighting gauze,Fighter!”
“How can this be!You were nothing but Six Star Fighters when you went out!It’s only half a year now,How can I be promoted to Master?”
Seeing Nalanjie and Nalansu both look unbelievable,Li Chenfeng smiled slightly,Explain。
“This time I can make such a big breakthrough,Actually because I was lucky,Thanks to a good teacher!”
“teacher?”Nalan and his son looked at each other,All saw the surprise in their eyes。
“Hurry up,Elaborate。”
Nodded,Li Chenfeng narrated the words he prepared one by one。
In his words,It means that I accidentally met an injured old man,The other party thinks he has good qualifications,Accept him as a disciple。
of course,Li Chenfeng also made up a lot of twists and turns in the middle。

Zhan Li smiled:“I went to Pengcheng a few years ago,I don’t know what it looks like now。Read your book,I think that city seems to be getting more and more beautiful。”

“Yes,”Fang Haozheng said with full energy,“The construction of the motherland is changing with each passing day,Every day I can feel the vigor of this society’s vigorous development,Living in this era,Really happy。”
Zhan Li glanced at him,Said:“I’m free in a while I want to go there for a few days,Handsome boy,Would you like to be my tour guide?”
Fang Hao’s heart burst:“What does she mean?Is she greedying my body too??”
I don’t think when I don’t have this idea,With this idea,I think Zhan Li’s every move is confirming this idea。
Said with a smile:“of course can,Sister Li, you are the goddess in my heart,For you,That’s my honor。”
But my heart is very tangled。
It’s not that Zhan Li is old,His physical reaction told him,Not disgusted at all。
Mainly because this woman doesn’t dare to mess with it!
I’m not afraid to tear him,I just don’t want to get too close to this woman,Because this woman was rejected by the whole circle,Has been blocked by this circle for several years。
He wants to be a star,If I get too close to this woman,Hate House and Wu,Was implicated by this circle,Block him too,Isn’t that going to cry?
No problem,But in my heart,If this woman really travels through most of China and goes to Pengcheng to sleep with herself,I still have to find an excuse for not seeing me。
Writer,You can find excuses——Cut off contact with the outside world,Write yourself in a small black room。
Zhan Li doesn’t know what he thinks,I just think I have successfully dated a peerless gun,In a good mood。
They talked and laughed and walked to that small yard,Sheng Tiange saw that scene in the courtyard,I feel so bored:
“Why did this mad woman come over?,Those two guys ran so far like pugs to meet?I’ll come over,They sit there still。Am I more mad than a mad star?”
Chapter 201 The world is so complicated
Although I am very dissatisfied,See Zhan Li coming,Sheng Tiange still hurried to greet,Said with a smile:“Sister Li hasn’t seen you in a long time,I find you become more beautiful。”

Otherwise, Shen Huan will go in and out to meet others,When others talk about this,Shen Huan must be unhappy。

Once Shen Huan is upset,Just sell this house,A few more words,Not only will the riverside be green,Other houses they developed,Will definitely encounter difficulties。
As a paradise city,There are so many real estate developers in Lin’an,If the reputation gets bad,There is no way to gain a foothold in Lin’an。
For the mere millions,Just can’t pay。
So this house was found cheap by Xia He,400Wan directly won,By the way, I gave a parking space。
But this makes a profit,Liang Xiuxiu is so willing。
Give Xia He such a convenience,Then I want to ask Shen Huan to do something,It will be easier。
Not necessarily real estate related,Other things are fine。
With Shen Huan’s development momentum today,It must be difficult for ordinary people to have a relationship with him,Only one favor at that time,But it’s very valuable!
Xia He is also very happy,It happened that the two houses were renovated together,No need to change decoration company,Just change the plan。
during the weekends,She is happy to talk about the decoration plan,Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu rarely sit on the sofa,Watch TV shows together。
Actually,Most TV shows,Especially variety shows,Tend to be naive and brainless。
Because it looks easier,Make people laugh,That’s a good pastime。
But there are also not so easy。
Like some talk shows。
Especially the one called“Liao Xin’s Date”Talk show,Often get some sad interviews。

So James Harden must play carefully,Don’t be fouled again。

But got the basketball,Bearded has just passed halftime,I saw Shen Huan blocked it up。
He has a shadow on Shen Huan now。
Did not feel Shen Huanxingyun Liushui’s attack,I felt Shen Huan’s sharp foul first.。
Forget it,Can’t afford。
James Harden turned sharply,But didn’t take two steps at all,He threw the ball directly to front power forward Ryan Anderson。
The Rockets don’t have a serious center.。
Nene Gilario, the center who played the most regular season,But only hit67field,Of which only8Field is the starter。
But their players are usually taller,Generally, power forwards and small forwards are2Over meters,This largely replaces the role of the big center。
For example, Ryan Anderson today,Is used as a center。
But taller,Naturally move slowly。
Ryan Anderson just received the ball,Haven’t turned around and attacked,A huge force came from behind,“Snapped”The sound of,The basketball was shot off。
Then a figure passed him,Bring the basketball all the way towards the Rockets’ basket。

“Yes!I just want to go to that place!”

The car stopped in front of a very big sign——Cabelas。
“Turned out to be a gun,I like。”Kobe touched his chin。
“GOGOGO,RUSHstand up。”
In the U.S,You can’t do without guns,Guns are a culture in the United States。
The nation’s largest gun storeCabelas,The guns here are dazzling,various kinds。Not all guns after entering the store,It’s a bit like a forest zoo,A rockery in the middle,Full of animal specimens,Outdoor products are sold around。
Outdoors and hunting are also behaviors that American people love very much。
“Jack!”Just entered the shop,The gun shop manager greeted him immediately。
“Tony,Today I brought my little brother to play!Make something interesting!”
“The actor said so,That has to be arranged。I recently got a few modified guns,Full of energy,Come try?”
“Go,What are you waiting for。”
A group of people took the elevator straight to the second floor,There are a dazzling array of firearms on the shelves on the second floor,Pistols, rifles and sniper rifles are very complete,After all, it’s the largest gun shop in the U.S.,Keep going inside,Came to the shooting range。
There are rows of waiting seats in the open lobby,Two-thirds of the area is placed with counters and various shelves,Except for some promotional posters on the walls on both sides,There is also a hook type locker。
“Play with pistols first!”After a group of people fill in their personal information,Wear noise-reducing earplugs and goggles,Started gun selection。

Get up early,He didn’t look at the phone either,I didn’t expect someone to take a video of singing last night,Unexpectedly exploded。

Lin Dong seems to have seen,White flower silver,Coming soon。
Especially Chen Lan’s call,Tell him Qianyu Music Network is ready to invest,Please a professional team,Help him shoot and comprehendMVAlbum,And arrange a first-class recording studio in Yanjing,Record song。
And these costs,Don’t need him at all,Will not be deducted from the share。
have to say,Qianyu Music Network will do business!
Realize that if the album goes viral,This production cost is a shit。
Originally, Chen Lan wanted to treat him at noon,Negotiate and sign the contract,But Lin Dong wanted to party at night,I made an appointment with Chen Lan tonight。
At the same time, let Chen Lan invite Mo Xiaoxiao,He won’t shout alone。
Bought a bunch of things,Called a car before pulling home。
Come home,Put some ingredients in the refrigerator,Lin Dongcai began to contact and invite。
Qin Xiaomi,Sister Mei,Xu Kun and Wang Qian’s young couple,Liu Ou from the small studio,Now there are Fang Runde and his lover Chen Keke。
of course,Lin Dong didn’t expect the two to come。
I planned to take time out today,To record me and my motherland sample song,But considering Chen Lan’s decision,Need to record and comprehend。
Then just record it by the way,Also save money and trouble。
Didn’t sleep well last night,After Lin Dong got in touch,,Can’t stand it anymore,Entered the room and turned off the phone,Sleepy。
When Lin Dong was sleeping very heavily,As if coming。
I called the car to the door of the courtyard,And it’s a small truck。
Pots of flowers and green plants,Was moved into the courtyard by two porters,It’s like a big bag,Clothes and shoes for Lin Dong,From the inside out,Three or four sets。
And some small daily necessities,Tea coasters have。
have to say,Women are really delicate。

In his words:“Relying on a person’s hard work for more than ten or twenty years,Just want to surpass other people’s ancestors,Parents,Plus decades of hard work of this generation?Why?”

But today,He found himself wrong。
It’s wrong,The guy opposite who can smash his pride is a proof。
This makes Zhao Yuming not want to talk at all。
quickly,Yuan Jiequan took out a memo that was already prepared,After seeing the three,Signed directly,This means the matter is officially settled。
Although Guo Xiaoyi has to go to high school for a few years,To go to university,But Wang Yufei is not too worried that the school will break the contract。
In fact, his experience in Beijing these days taught him a truth,People need to be strong to be king。
For example, as long as he is strong enough,No one dare not keep the promise to him,I didn’t see Ge Lingyue come to Sichuan to meet him,Xu Ruixuanhai called specifically,The person who told him there was an Apple went to him to apologize。
After understanding the cause and effect,That guy also analyzed,It is unlikely that Apple employees that day were actors from Apple.。
Between words seems to have put down the previous defense,I really mean to treat him as a friend。
But does Wang Yufei need friends now??
Hard to say,At this moment,Obviously this genius is not very good at making friends,Still staying at the low-level stage where a woman is enough。
“When shall we go to university?How about after this summer vacation?,I don’t think it makes much sense in the third year of high school。”After everything is done,Wang Yufei said to Lu Yuxin。
“OK,Then register for the college entrance examination this year。”Lu Yuxin nodded。

Xu Sheng’s eyes fixed on Xiao Wu’s cheek,Just coldly said“Your spirit bone and spirit ring are not attractive to me,Now that you have decided to stay with Tang Sande,You have to pay attention to your true body!”

If the Title Douluo who came here today is not himself,Then I’m afraid Tang San and Xiao Wu will also become a tragedy。
Although he is not optimistic about people and soul beasts,But not against。
Xiao Wu heard what Xu Sheng said,Obviously caring about yourself。
So I opened my eyes in amazement,She thought Xu Sheng would do it next second,did not expect……
Seeing Xu Sheng’s eyes filled with puzzlement,But since I can stay with Xiaosan,She was already very satisfied。
Xiao Wu pursed her thin lips and replied“I will!”
“Dean,I brought them Oscar!”There were two more lazy figures behind Dai Mubai who came back。
One looks slightly vicissitudes,Cheeks are covered with broken beard,If not familiar,I’m afraid it’s just one sentence“Uncle”
It’s the Big Sausage Uncle among the Shrek Seven Monsters,Oscar!
And the other way is that it seems to accompany fat,Very funny to walk,But its martial soul is also a top beast martial soul,Evil Fire Grass Chicken。
Oscar rubbed the dark circles of his eyes,Asked Flanders“Dean,Why did you tell us so early??”
Ma Hongjun scolded with extreme dissatisfaction“Yes teacher,I just tried,But now you suddenly……Isn’t this a tossing disciple??”
Randomly looked at Dai Mubai with resentful eyes,Angrily“And boss Dai,Can you knock on the door next time,That kick almost scared me to death!
Dai Mubai scratched her golden hair,Awkwardly smiled“Accident,I don’t think your fire is a little heavy,Physically reduce fire”
Secretly in my heart“This kid is so evil,Don’t call him like that,I’m afraid it won’t be over until tomorrow”
Flander stroked his beard,Smiled“Oscar,Hongjun,Call you guys this time,I want to tell you that Shrek Academy has added four new members today!”
The other four mentors behind Flander also nodded.……
Oscar showed a shocked expression,Exclaimed“what?Someone even joined our Shrek Academy?”