Compared to,Xu Xuan is a bit too bloated。

It’s time for the sunspots to revel。
Many Xuanhei almost didn’t vomit themselves to death because the Pacers won the championship,Now I can finally go out to see the sun。
“Los Angeles?Zijin Dynasty?Ha ha!Don’t make me smile!I can bet,Los Angeles will become Xu Xuan’s burial ground!”
“Go as soon as you win?Xu Xuan is still a person?Doesn’t take the walkers who raised him up at all?”
“I seem to have seen Xu Xuan wailing in Los Angeles,Please remember my words,James is the next Xu Xuan!”
This old man is amazing,While spraying Xu Xuan, he also took James away.Spray two。
Prick、There are a lot of people who discredit,But disappointed many people。
The Pacers fans did not suffer from love and hatred because of Xu Xuan’s departure.。
They still love Xu Xuan as always。
Including the official。
Half an hour after a public agreement was reached with the Lakers,The Pacers’ official website has updated their official website background,I used Xu Xuan’s picture of winning the championship and holding two trophies。
And attach it below:
Our hero!
right now!

“how about it,Kakashi。”

Standing in front of the mirror,Naruto stroked his sleeve and said。
“Very handsome,master,You must be the most dazzling tonight,You must be able to attract Miss Hyuga’s attention。”
Kakashi says。
Although the big family does not allow their blood to flow out,But only for civilians。
The head of the Hyuga family now has two daughters,There is only one patriarch,So there is the possibility that the patriarch’s daughter of the Hyuga family will marry。
“forget it,Kakashi,and also,I ask you to investigate what happened?”
“There is not much information about Fuer Jar and Watson Zoriana,I just know that these two people have recently cleaned up many underground forces in Konoha Village,Formed a pot gang,Has not caused any trouble to the village。”
“what?Jar gang?”Naruto is kind of surprised,“Doesn’t sound like an evil underground force,On the contrary, it’s more like the business of these two people who specialize in selling cans.,Where’s the clown’s intelligence?”
“Sasuke Uchiha,Should be the real name of the clown,The reason why the master is familiar with clowns,It should be because you two met when you were young,After all, your mother and Uchiha Sasuke’s mother were once close friends”
“Is the mother’s best friend’s son?”Naruto muttered to himself,I strengthened my determination later。
No matter who the other party is,As long as it is bad,Naruto will never let it go easily。
What happened before Naruto back then,It is still vivid today,Even when Naruto is sleeping, he often wakes up from dreaming back to the scene。
Naruto’s principle of not killing,In addition to restricting yourself,Also considering the mood of the criminal’s family。
“Let’s go,Kakashi。”

The key is,If you continue to stay close to the garden,It’s easy to be misunderstood by Xiaolan。

In case this kind angel came up with the idea of matching himself with the garden,That would be a real loss!
“No trouble no trouble!No trouble at all!”
“Lin, you are welcome,After all, we are already friends!”
Lynn’s euphemistic tone,In fact, he is already expressing rejection。
Regrettably,Yuanzi didn’t seem to hear it at all,Not only took the initiative to move the table next to Lynn,By the way, I pulled the chair,That distance,I almost leaned on Lynn!
“Suzuki students!what are you doing?”
Above the podium,Shizuka Hiratsuka naturally saw this scene。
Mingming just warned,How come in a blink of an eye,Someone came to give her eye drops?
“Report to Mr. Hiratsuka!Lin has no textbooks,I lent him the textbook to study together!”
Was called by Shizuka Hiratsuka,The garden immediately raised his hand and stood up。
Facing the death gaze of the head teacher,This Miss Suzuki did not retreat in the slightest。
She is reasonable, what is she afraid of?

Originally arrogant,now,Shut up instantly。

And the silver needle,Was also found at this moment。
Zhuo Sihan who got the silver needle,Take it out and take a look,After making sure,And hand it to Lin Yu。
Lin Yu who took the silver needle,Light the alcohol lamp quickly,Then sterilize the silver needle,As for using Zhen Qi to disinfect the silver needles,That’s really consuming,Lin Yu wouldn’t do such a stupid thing。
After disinfection,Lin Yu picked up the silver needle,And walked towards the old man on the bed。
See this,Zhuo Sihan finally couldn’t help it,Ask the previous doubts。
“Lin Shao!Is it you who saved my grandpa this time??”
Chapter 152 Lin Yu’s Shot(in)
It’s impossible,You thought it was someone else?”
Lin Yu who heard this,Turning to look at Zhuo Sihan and asked。
Was asked so,Zhuo Sihan doesn’t know how to answer。
Because I just thought,Lin Yu asked his family doctor to come。
if not,I would definitely not agree。

“Hey!Hey!……Smelly rascal dared to hang up my phone,I’ll make you look good next time I meet。”She was furious,But when I thought of just now I said she was more beautiful than Zhong Manxia,Although I knew it was to coax her,But I still feel happy。

I thought I would take Zhong Manxia out to play,Very jealous,Now Zhong Manxia has become her demon,Face other girls,Even as beautiful as Liu Yanli,She knows she can handle me,But facing a beauty who is not inferior to her,She had doubts about her beauty for the first time。
It is in this kind of heart,She took out the black gold card in front of me,Shows her strong background,Just tell me,She is not only very beautiful,And distinguished,I am with her to help me in the future much more than Zhong Manxia。
Although using these methods, once I choose her, I will disappoint her,But what troubles her is,Even with this disgraceful method,I behaved very plainly,She wants to find someone to investigate my family,How rich is the family so that she can’t take her billions of worth in the eyes。
hang up the phone, I breathed a sigh of relief,These girls don’t have a fuel-efficient lamp,Cope with their increasingly strenuous,I think of Xie Yi from Tianfeng Studio,In the future generations, the red flag will not fall,Colorful flags fluttering outside,He himself is ugly,But the colorful flags are very beautiful,The point is that red flags and colorful flags are also recognized,I can still get along,This makes me admire,The trick he said at that time was to coax,Coax every girl happily,Then everything is fine,Actually now I am also following the guidelines of his previous life,But there is always a feeling of powerlessness,It seems that you have to go back to him for advice during the holiday,See if he had this opinion when he was young。
the next day,I took my bike down a little earlier and waited for Zhong Manxia,She came on time,I really appreciate this,She never makes me wait when we date。
Today she is wearing the black Nike sportswear we met for the first time on the sports field a year ago,Pink nike sneakers,Wearing a white baseball cap,Standard trouble-free sunglasses,Smiling and waving at me from a distance,It makes me feel like it’s wrong。
When she waved to me a year ago,Maybe neither of us expected to be together today,I hold her in my arms,Kissed her cheek,Affectionate Tao:“Manxia,I love you!”
She smiled:“Did you see me wearing this dress?,Think of your stupid look a year ago!”
I was surprised:“You didn’t even look at me straight at the time,Actually remember,The first time we met was wearing this suit?Could it be that you secretly fell in love with me then??”
She shaved my nose,Smiled:“Stinky you,Just your bean sprouts,I want toads to eat swan meat。”
“OK,Dare to scold me,Then my toad will try to eat your swan meat。”I stretched out to tickle her。
“Dear,Spare,I won’t dare again next time。”She was itchy by me,Beg for mercy。
“No way,The swan does not kiss the toad,This matter is endless。”I’m shameless。

Of course not everyone is surprised。

Master Ruan doesn’t look good。
But he still holds hope,Hope to see only this,And then cut it directly。
But Master Ruan was disappointed。
Because then,The boss who rubbed the stone in the middle,Also exclaimed。
Wait till he takes off the machine,When washing the cross section with a water gun,I saw a touch of pure emerald green。
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First756chapter That touch of brilliance
“Oh oh!Emerald?!?”
“Not necessarily,Just looks a bit like。”
“Even if it’s not emeralds,At least it’s brilliant green!It’s so green!”
“Teacher Lu is indeed a blessed person,Is this bet going up??”
“Don’t know yet,Depends on how wide the continuation is、How deep。But now there is a high probability that it will definitely rise!”
A group of people nagging,Let Young Master Ruan want to yell, shut up the labor and management。

Teacher He got up and said:“Susu,You help me control two,I divide the egg flowers among them。”</p>

“no problem,I’m professional in dog control。”Su Luo got up,Go around the table,One hand one,Controlled Brother Piao and Mei Wan。</p>
Just two left,Just Huang Lei’s big white leg clamped one,Sister holding one in her arms。</p>
Wait until Teacher He gave the four dogs the plate,Put some egg flowers,It just so happened that the tomato scrambled egg dish was spread out。</p>
Then Huang Lei and sister,I just let go of the pot girl,Wok,Then Su Luo’s left hand loosened,Wan Mei hurried over。</p>
Very spiritually ran to my plate,Have formed a habit,Wait until they are almost eaten,Su Luocai released his right hand。</p>
Suddenly Brother Piao rushed out like a tornado,At the speed of Brother Diao,When passing by Huang Lei,Makes him feel a gust of wind,Cold legs。</p>
After eating and drinking,Because there is no big sun,So I’m not sleepy,Everyone just sat in the pavilion talking。</p>
Huang Lei suddenly aroused the topic,Open road:“You may not see,Actually Wang Yinuo used to be a200Big fat man。”</p>
“what?”Hear this,Everyone else looks incredulous。</p>
Teacher He said:“impossible,She is so slim and young now。”</p>
Huang Lei didn’t explain too much,But Tao:“Ask Wang Yinuo yourself,The Lord is here,Wang Yinuo。”</p>
Huang LeicueWang Yinuo,This makes Wang Yinuo look helpless,In fact, she is quite reluctant to expose her past,But I also understand that Huang Lei is creating a topic for her。</p>
Had to smile:“Actually not so exaggerated,I was fat before,Later in order to test Nortel,I made up my mind to lose weight,Then it is reduced。”</p>

but,Rush out。

To release this single before attending the awards ceremony,Then you can catch the heat of the award ceremony。
There are not many opportunities like this。
At least so far,Qu Wan’er only received such an invitation,Or because of Fang Hao,Packaged。
Of course we must make good use of this opportunity。
How to say it is a relatively big promotion。
All five songs are finished,That is impossible,Can only prepare one song。
In the next few days,Qu Wan’er got into that song。
Haoran Culture Company rented the best recording studio in Pengcheng,Found a professional music producer,To help her make this single,To finish the recording before attending the awards show,And publish to the music platform for sale。
Still recording,Fans have already released news in several fan groups,Will release a single in a few days,Call on everyone to save a little money to flush sales。
For that single,The caliber of the fans is of course very nice——This is no accident,No matter how bad the singing is,As a fan,Can only speak nicely。
Some of the fans are not so convinced that Qu Wan’er can sing many amazing songs,But they think this girl works hard,Very caring,Now changed a boss,The first single released,Really need to rush sales。
And most of the fans are easy to be fooled,Listen to what fans say,I think Qu Waner’s new single must be quite amazing。

Pacers offense,Xu Xuan’s ghostlycrossoverDazzled Kyle·Lowry。

This range,This center of gravity,Introduce,JustAINa!
Xu Xuan didn’t jump into the ball,Directly on the outside line after spreading the distance.Body pull,Throw one back!
“Xu Xuan used a backward three-pointer to divide the first quarter into a perfect end.!”
27ratio34,The Raptors fell behind at the start7Minute。
“Torontonians shouldn’t have thought they would fall so much behind in the first quarter”
“In the second quarter, it is obvious that their overall tactics and strategies have become rigorous.”
“Coach Casey doesn’t want to give up this game!”

The effect is not as good as the actual guidance,But it’s better than no one to guide。

The teacher has some troubles,It also specifically proposed that the fee can be halved。
But Qu Wan’er didn’t do that,It still said that according to the original charging standard。
——Now she understands,This teacher is not only highly accomplished in music,More importantly, there are still strong connections。
That day, I randomly took out five songs from my disciple,She only used two,Won her a good reputation,From a traffic singer to a professional singer。
And it also brings great business opportunities,TV stations have been to several,That’s a resource she couldn’t get before。
Compared with the benefits,That little tuition is really nothing。
Blocked unblocked,Didn’t have much influence on her。
And this villa area has not been blocked。
Now the unblocking work in society is slowly starting,Ye Wenwen is already talking to her about how to modify a recording studio in the villa,So she doesn’t have to rent a recording studio,Recording at home。
Mainly for a convenience。
The company will develop better in the future,Will sign more singers,Own a recording studio,Obviously more convenient。
Money above,They are not short of money now。
The company is ready to actively expand its business this year,The profit of the previous year is not going to be split,Is to make various investments。
This is certainly one of the hardware investments。
Some time ago because of the epidemic,The whole society is under a lockdown,If you want to modify, no one will modify them,You can think about it now。
Of course Qu Wan’er would not object to this kind of obvious benefit to her。
What she can do in return,That is to improve your singing ability as much as possible,Improve your business value,Bring greater profits to the company。