“Hey-hey,Just use the kind of spring that gives you drink.,But this has used a few drops.。”

“A few drops of effect is so amazing?”
Xu Ruzhen is suspected to look at the tea branch that is still growing.,Young leaves。
“Yup,How is the first time you drink, is it significant??
The same is true of this tea tree.。”
“Oh,so it is,I didn’t expect that the medicine you gave not only could rule.,Fragrant trees。”
“Hey-hey,Is it feeling some anti-day??”
Looking at Li Hui’s face, there is some smug smile,Xu Ru is white, he glances:“Be against the sky,However, don’t show such things in front of others.,I should understand the truth of the wealth.?”
“Hey-hey,I understand。”
The next morning,Liu Xiangqian can’t wait to come to the orchard。
When he came to the orchard to see the case of tea branches,His first eye thought that he was an eye.。
I even walked into a study for a long time.,I am afraid that Li Hui is from other places to find a small tea tree that is almost thick.。
Li Hui’s work http://www.azrat.cn from the orchard,It also saw Liu Xiang forward in a circle of tea trees.。
“Liu Premium,How about it?
Is it a bit surprised??”
“Xiao Li,This is really that I gave you the trend.?”
Although Liu Xiang does not believe in my heart,But he made a mark on the tree yesterday.,Previously the logo is still,Especially the place where the engraved number is actually going to heal.。
He remember clearly,It is a withered bark,Otherwise, he is not a letter.。
“Hey-hey,Liu pre-elderly should not take some new buds to stir up a pot?”
Chapter 217 Extreme Green Tea
“Can this??”
Li Hui Feng, this,Let Liu dynasty。
After all, this year’s six-place slices he also told。
And now it is a summer tea.,Not spring tea,But look at the tender buds of the green,He feels that this tea is really,Taste,The taste must not be http://www.fhlove.cn different。
“Of course,By the way, how much can you give the taste?,After all, I also expect this tea tree to earn some tuition.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Liu Xiang is also no longer hesitating,Laugh:“it is good,Let’s take less,Enough enough to cook a pot。”
“Hey-hey,Liu Pretends, you will pick it up.,I also want to taste this worth of good tea.。”
Xu Ruzhen and Qin Su Ya listened to this tea tree planting in Li Hui Feng, actually worth considering,It’s also curious.。
Xu Ruzhen is close to Li with the wind,The unique fragrance on the body makes Li Xiangxue can’t help but start.。
“breeze,You said this tea worth even,How much is worth the city here??”
“Forehead,More than 300 million kilograms,But this is the previous price,I don’t know now.,After all, it is just a small bud.,I can’t pick it up in the http://www.handystock.cn year.。”
Hear this price,Xu Ruzhen is also surprised。
Such expensive tea,She didn’t have a drink,After all, she is not very much love to drink tea.,If you can’t drink Li Hui’s kind of tea,Improve her body,Otherwise, she will not touch it all.。
But since I drank the kind of green tea,It is also a little loved on that flavor。
Looking at Liu Xiangpea, a young bud,A tender buds。

When two fists hit together,I actually issued a metal-like 铿铿,Like fried thunder。

Summer face micro-change,Feeling a giant strength from the arm,The face of the fist is actually hurt.,Just a few steps。
http://www.syhaoda.cn Against black armor,At the same time。
He is like a mad beast,的 吼 吼,Rush again。
铿铿 音 音 不。
The two do not have any moves and skills at all,Although the speed of speed and strength。
They hit the house from the house,Convert direction,Leave a shadow。
Summer and the other party constantly collide,He detected that this person did not show the moving skills.,But the battle consciousness is like the wild beast is generally keen.。
Plus the other party wearing a unknown iron armor,I can compete with him.。
But the summer is not only afraid,But gradually, gradually。
In fact,He hasn’t encountered people who have a strong power to fight with themselves.。
Even the realm is more than him,I am afraid that I don’t dare to touch him hard.。
He lifts his http://www.lijibangbangji.cn legs,Reach,They are like a sound of wind.。
The air is as if it is exploded.。
Gu Zhenjiang also came out from the house。
When he saw the hill and the summer playing in the summer,First shock first,Complete color。
Surprising,Nai Mountain is his basement,Just to deal with summer。
But I didn’t expect a guy with a summer look.,It can also be up and down with the hill.。
But he believes,The final victory must be a hill。
Equalo people send a mad beast,I have played the 18th punches continuously.。
A punch than a punch,A punch than a punch。
The air is no longer 噼 脆响,But it is like a ghosts and general.。
Summer is in the dragon,惊 惊 鸿,Can’t avoid flash at all,Never return,Welcome to the other party’s iron boxing。
“锵锵 锵 锵……”
Under the collision of two people,It’s like Improving the iron.。
This time this time is no longer retained.,Increasing strength。
He joined the big momentum,Quickly appear in front of face,Continuous waves,Into the continuous connection。
Cracking continues to thoroughly。
This time,The armor on the face has cracks.,He rushed to retreat,Although trying to block,But it is still spent in summer.。
Summer cold drink,Both flashing blazing,Be with a sound,I chased it in an instant。

“Four bars!Just the three of us,Add another Feng Yan,Just call ahead and let her be there on time”Hu Huiru glanced at her watch as she spoke。

Xia Jianyi heard that Hu Huiru http://www.natrual.cn would invite him to dinner at noon,Quickly said with a smile:“Thank you Mr. Hu!I also had a dinner appointment at noon,Shall I invite you another day?!”
“okay!Xia Jian seems to have never invited me。If you want to do these four bridge projects in Pingdu,Then don’t say anything”Hu Huiru ignored Lu Xiuli’s presence,Xia Jian said with a glance。
Actually Xia Jian didn’t have much dinner at noon,He just doesn’t want to stay with this woman,I didn’t expect Hu Huiru to say that suddenly,So Xia Jian said with a smile:“Then it’s better to be respectful”
Talk things together,This time always passes quickly。In fact, when Lu Xiuli came to ask Hu Huiru about this,,It’s already over eleven o’clock。
Because the conversation just now was a bit unpleasant,There is no need to continue talking。Who is Hu Huiru,She’s thinking faster than anyone else。
“Hurry up and arrange,We’re over。Let’s talk while eating,Work and eat。Do you think it will work, Mr. Xia?”Hu Huiru makes arrangements for Lu Xiuli,Suddenly turned around and asked Xia Jian。
Xia Jian quickly laughed and said:“President Hu’s arrangement is reasonable,I totally agree”
Lu Xiuli faintly felt that the atmosphere between Hu Huiru and Xia Jian was a bit wrong,But she didn’t dare to ask more。But Xia Jian suddenly asked Lu Xiuli:“Hey!Mr. Lu!Why haven’t you seen Mr. Wang??”
“You say Wang Wei!He is in Qingshan County。Which side of the few projects are particularly tight,He has been supervising the office”Lu Xiuli took a peek at Hu Huiru,Said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Hu Huiru snorted coldly:“Mr. Lu!You can listen,Mr. Xia is our biggest potential commercial competitor http://www.yuyaoshop.cn in Pingdu,Something that shouldn’t be said,Better not tell him”
“Ha ha!President Hu wants to draw a clear line with me!”Xia Jian said embarrassedly。No matter if Hu Huiru is joking with him,Still come true,Anyway, he feels very uncomfortable。
Lu Xiuli laughed,Rush to say:“how could be?Who doesn’t know that you Xia and Hu are always best friends”
“is it?”Xia Jian said,Deliberately glanced at Hu Huiru。
First2380chapter Hole cards
Hu Huiru asked with a cold snort:“What does Xia mean??Aren’t we good friends?”
“It must be counted!”Xia Jian said that,But in my heart, I have more precautions against this woman。In case she is unhappy,Then he will be miserable。

Some dark road lights,A lonely back is on the car,Lingering smoke。

Lu Hao Cheng,Gu Yi Lin。
Lu Haozheng converges all the emotions,And the same look,Go to Gu Yi Lin,The more close to him,The more you feel the strong sadness that is emitted by him.。
“Memorize,Is there something??”He is indifferent。
Gu Yi Lin looked up at him,Take the smoke in your hand,Only looked at Lu Haozheng:“Hao Jun,I saw Jiaqi tonight to eat with you.,Do you know Qi Qi??”
Lu Haocheng looked at an eye,Also slowly collect the eye,Tone:“She is a friend of Blue Xin,I met together.,I have eaten a meal together.。”
Gu Yilin nodded,His eyes have a little hole,More is difficult to suppress pain。
“Is she ok??”
“Fortunately!”Lu Haoge’s indifferent。
Looking at his painful expression,Lu Hao Cheng is also very taste。
Gu Yi Lin is also infatuated,But the arm is screwed on the thigh。
He is infatuated,There is no courage to compete with Gu Boyu。
His scorpion picked slightly:“Memorize,We also grow up together,Do you really miss your happiness like this??”
Gu Yi Lin, a sudden face suddenly, I’m going to,“Don’t want,But my mother’s attitude is very determined.?And recently she bought a piece of land near the Jiangpu District.,We are busy every day.,I want to wait for this thing.,In the case of hunger”
“Family?”Lu Haocheng suddenly smiled and interrupted his words,The corner of the mouth ridiculously。
“Um!”Gu Yi Lin nodded,Full of attention is firm,This http://www.swanrose.cn is the way you think so.,Only in this way can he be with Jiaqi。
Lu Haozheng Junmei’s face suddenly dyed a layer of cold cream:“Memorize,You want to be homework is impossible,But also,Now Shen Jiaqi may not be with you.?”
“Why?”Gu Yi Lin looked at her puzzle.。
Lu Haocheng’s ridiculous:“Memorize,Since protection is not good,Don’t provoke her,Do you know who your mother and your sister are??”
Lu Haocheng watched him deeply,Don’t say anything more,Turn away。
Gu Anan’s insult,The words of the Mrs. people hurt people in the bones.,As long as it is a blood with blood,I can’t forget my life.!
Gu Yi Lin looked at his arrogant back,Eyebrows,“Mom and sister?”
He quickly chased past,Lu Haozheng stopped,Hurriedly asked:“Hao Jun,What do you mean by what I just said??Did you see what or heard??”
“Let go!”Lu Haocheng http://www.aoliangzhiyi.cn looked in indifferently。
For his things,He has no qualifications,He is still a mess here.!
“Hao Jun,You also said that we are a big brother together.,If the small memory is still,We may also become a family.,Don’t you want to see me happiness??”Gu Yi Lin looked excitedly of Lu Haozheng。
Lu Haozheng was slightly smashed.,“Memorize,Blue is still alive,Why do you think she is dead??If she heard these words,Do you know how painful??”
“Me”Gu Yi Lin,,“But Hao Cheng,I have passed so many years.”
“No matter how many years in the past,Shouldn’t you give up??”Lu Haocheng once again anger to interrupt his words。
“Also,Memorize,Happiness is to fight for yourself.,Keep in mind those people who make you breathless,Because they teach you, what do you say or cruel。”
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Have a,Overline。
Gu Yi Lin http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn is not as him,Taken home,He wants to come back from his head,The process will be very difficult!
Mrs. Gu, in order to make him married him and better,Is it absolutely not compromising!
Lin Demon’s stubborn,He also used it。
Gu Yi Lin has always looked at Lu Haozheng’s back.,The face is still maintained with a painful look.。

One leaned on him to attract the attention of three defenders,There is another Westbrook far away,It is equivalent to no one defending Kobe,If you can’t score like this,The name Los Angeles Iron King is no longer enough to describe Kobe。

The third ball is also Shen Huan’s prediction of success in advance,After grabbing the ball, Ingram assisted。
Ingram only needs to start running right away,Speed don’t be so embarrassing,Will definitely receive the ball,Goal unguarded。
at this time,TNTKenny Smith of Tiantuan praised Shen Huan,“Look at!Look at Shen Huan’s pass!They didn’t throw them around at all!He is very particular about the intensity of throwing,Not hurried,And can bounce to the height of a normal human,Let Ingram receive the basketball most comfortably,Thereby shooting!
In our time,If there is such an excellent passer,I am afraid it is a good helper that every player dreams of!?”
“Do not,It should be like this in any era。”Buckley Road,“Look at Ingram now,I have completely beaten my courage,His game,Definitely not bad!”
“If I have Shen Huan by my side,We both cut down every game100Points are possible!”O’Neill also slightly envied the way。
With Shen Huan’s breakthrough passing ability,For O’Neal, who is unstoppable at the basket,Definitely more powerful。
No need to move a game,Just stand under the basket and shoot well。
Power at the basket,Who can beat a big shark?
“Ha ha,You think too much!”Barkley hit him mercilessly,“Shen Huan needs to be anyone’s assistant?Even Michael,Is not qualified to ask him to do this。”
O’Neill’s mouth moved,Shameless:“Hahaha,Maybe,Shen Huan and I are still in good tune,We can be a very good combination!”
Noisy comment,Does not affect the excitement on the court at all。
Under the leadership of Shen Huan,Whether it is the main force or the substitute,Have launched a storm-like attack on the Thunder。

Besides, Shen Huan is just full17year old,Out of ten.Nine are young.child,Can accomplish this great achievement that made Shen Huan an adult,Even those female singers who are a little conservative,I also think it is a very memorable and fulfilling event。

Of course Shen Huan was not fooled。
Someone came to visit the class,He will greet very politely,Thank you,But she would refuse to eat,Let alone go to the bar。
He didn’t like places like bars。
Secondly, people who are not familiar,Shen Huan doesn’t feel so much to socialize。
Youth understand,The reason why so many singers suddenly come to please me,The reason is Han Donger。
Just these few days,Yanhuang Music announced,After signing Xiaotian, Han Donger。
Some main contract conditions are shown as soon as,The whole music circle was a sensation。
Yanhuang Music Signs Han Donger5year,Sign up for 2000Ten thousand。
5Within the year,Yanhuang music needs to be produced for Han Donger3Albums,The production cost of each album is not less than3000Ten thousand,Announcement cost is not less than2000Ten thousand。
Just from this amount,It’s a sky-high price。
Nothing else,Is the production and promotion costs of this album,If Han Donger can’t keep improving,That’s at a loss。
For example《red beans》This album,2Months time,Sales are online750Ten thousand,Offline25Ten thousand,Total sales4375Ten thousand。
Even if《red beans》No matter how strong the staying power is,Total sales are impossible to reach1Billion。
Not reach1Billion words,Plus production costs、Singer dividend、Sales dividends, etc.,The minimum expenditure for Yanhuang Music is7000Around ten thousand。
In other words,If Han Donger’s next album is《red beans》Level of,Yanhuang Music must lose money,Just a loss1000Wan still2000The difference。

This is the last short holiday before the college entrance examination,Such a good time,How can it be wasted easily?Outing together,What a monumental thing!

Yan Mo had an appointment with Wen Jing,It’s just that Wen Jing doesn’t want to be that shiny light bulb,She doesn’t want to eat dog food,So she wisely refused。
fair enough,That was her date with Shen Siyan,Yan Mo thought so,Don’t mention how happy you are,Excited for a whole week。
The day of meeting out is coming as scheduled,The two brought them to tourist attractions in the suburbs。
This place is beautiful,Green grass,The lake water reflects a blue sky like a wash,Beautiful。
It’s a holiday,The beautiful scenery also attracts an endless stream of tourists。The bustling crowd poured in,Hustle and bustle。
“Shen Siyan,It’s so beautiful here!”Yan Mo shook Shen Siyan’s arm excitedly,Smile。
Shen Siyan looked at her,The corners of the mouth follow up,then,Watching her run away little by little。
She raised her head,Embrace the breeze,Feel the sun,Spin and jump to a small stone bridge,Small bridge and flowing water,Creek。
She stood on the bridge laughing and watching the scenery,And he under the bridge,Standing not far away smiling at her,Wherever you look,Only her。
“Shen Siyan,look!What are those two in the middle of the lake?Mandarin duck??”Yan Mo beckoned to Shen Siyan,Shouted excitedly。
Shen Siyan approached,Look in the direction she is pointing,Nodded gently。Watching that pair of mandarin ducks play in the lake,The two are inseparable。
Yan Mo lay on the bridge railing,Looking at them with interest。And he is standing by her side,Staring at her intently。that time,Shen Siyan seems to understand why the ancients sighed“Envy mandarin ducks but not immortals”Up。
he thinks,As long as she is there,Everything else is beautiful,He won’t be envious。Because she is his warm sunshine,Is his world。
“save,Help.save.help me.”
A hurried cry for help sounded,Brought back Shen Siyan’s thoughts,When he followed the prestige,I saw Yan Mo fluttering in the lake。
He doesn’t know when Yan Mo ran to the shore of the lake,How can it be in the blink of an eye,People fell into the lake。

He didn’t finish,The tall boy frowned just now:“All right,say no more!Put away your little meaning,Less embarrassing here!”

“it is good,it is good。”
Shi Zixiong bowed his head and stepped back,I can still hear the laughter of several students。
He clenched his fist secretly。
You bastards!
Wait, then!
I will surpass you one day,I make you regret the humiliation to me today!
He Qiang’s heart is very relaxed at this time,They let these children pester Shen Huan for ten minutes,To coax them to make way,Come here with Shen Huan。
Shen Huan saw this group of students far away,It’s like they are looking at themselves。
Then he also saw Shi Zixiong,Just hiding behind the crowd,Blinking eyes,Don’t know what’s thinking。
Of course Shen Huan didn’t take him to heart,But smiled at everyone,Just passed them,Entered the teaching building。
“Wow,What a handsome boy!”A senior high school sister said with a smile,“Such a little boy,Both handsome and talented,Still earn money,I really don’t know which little girls will be cheaper in the future!”
“I hope he lives up to his reputation。”The boy with glasses just now said,“If his mathematical ability,Comparable to his ability in writing and composing,We are sad today!”
“Ok,Have to try to find out。”The tall man smiled,“Today, Professor Yu asked him to come,Just try our fineness!”
Everyone nodded as they listened。

This Rolls Royce has soundproof glass,The driver in front can see them,But can’t hear them。

So Shen Huan also asked directly:“My ability to bet is good,Did you tell Mr. Mu??”
“No no。”Mu Ruru waved her little hand,“Our children,Pay attention to a letter。How can I betray my good friend?”
Shen Huan thinks about it too。
If Mu Guishu knew Shen Huan’s ability,Yesterday’s phone call won’t be so tentative,But will be very sure, please Shen Huan must help。
It seems that this little girl is pretty good,Have enough responsibility。
Smile,Looking at Mu Ruru’s crystal clear face who is still lying beside him,Shen Huan was confused,I almost wanted to cover my mouth。
Fortunately, he woke up in time,Abruptly stopped。
Mu Ruru didn’t notice,She continued the fragile way:“This time is really troublesome,The pony after my dad agreed,Yesterday at noon, the news spread throughout the jade circle,I can’t make Dad want to spin。
The way he proposed the game,It’s our own10Piece of rough,Then shuffle the order and assign it to two people,Two wins in three games。It seems very fair。”
“Isn’t it fair?”Shen Huan questioned,“In case they want you to lose,I’ll get you the worst rough,So even if we picked the best three,It’s not as good as others,How to do?”
“Hee hee,I’m not a fool。”Mu Ruru smiled,“The rough we picked,It’s in the famous Yushi Xuan in Huajing,The most expensive20Block buy,Then divide it into two parts to compare。”
This is not bad。
Shen Huan smiled unconsciously,“Ruru,Ma Liangyuan came up with this method, right?”
“Then you are miserable。”Shen Huandao,“Can get your dad hooked so easily,Can propose such a fair and interesting game,He is obviously a great expert!”

Although Bai Wushuang visited her before,,But that was with many people,The two are not even friends in private。

“I will give you an ointment。”
Bai Wushuang holding a small laboratory bottle,Handed it to her:“You apply a little bit to your burned area every morning and evening,Start applying from the edges……If it works,Then go to the middle。”
“Oh,You find someone to match it?”Bao Chenjing smiled and took it:“Ok,thank you,Interested!”
Recently,Many friends who advise her,The laboratory even found a lot of medicine for her,Ointment like this,She has several bottles in her hand。
Bai Wushuang didn’t look surprised when she saw her,Just say one more thing:“Mine is precious,You know after a few days……remember,Don’t tell people,Otherwise there will be no more。”
“Know it!”
Bao Chenjing smiled,“Exclusive secret recipe!You all say that,Makes me a little nervous!Rest assured,I will use it tonight,See effect!”
She still knows how to measure。
Because Bai Wushuang is a cold goddess on weekdays,I rarely say anything。
Now the goddess brings her medicine in person,This intention is really rare。
No matter how you want to use it,Even if she has no expectations at all。
After all, when I looked in the mirror some time ago,The tragic look on that face,It really made her terrified herself!