Xia Jian didn’t expect that Guo Meili would have such a comprehensive question,When he came, he was afraid of her pushing back,This is not in the investment agreement after all。Seeing Xia Jian breathing out,Guo Meili shook her head gently and said:“It’s a pity that you are a talent,It would be great if you are really the parent official here,The local people will benefit a lot”

“Hi!you flatter me,I’m just a little bit more experienced than others,Know the ups and downs experienced by farmers,Try to do more,Just work hard”Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Xia Jian still has something to do,But just walked to the door,A thirty-something came to face,Medium body,A man http://www.manfully.cn with a hat on eyes,When this person saw Xia Jian,Hurriedly asked:“Mr. Xia!”
“Oh!Are you the Manager Zhuo of the External Relations Department??“Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Guo Meili hurriedly introduced:“Yes, Mr. Xia,He is Manager Zhuo,Responsible for our outreach work“
In this case,Xia Jian is not leaving either,He sat down again,I want to hear Manager Zhuo talk about which piece of land in Xishan。
Manager Zhuo wiped the sweat from his forehead,So he sat on the sofa opposite Xia Jian,Guo Meili was very sympathetic to his subordinate and poured him a glass of water。
Manager Zhuo took a sip of water and said:“This one hundred mu of land belongs to Heiwang Village,In fact, it has been deserted a few years ago,Don’t look at it as a flat land,Actually, there are almost all small rocks under the soil,So it doesn’t grow long,The villagers http://www.zfdyj.cn gave up,No one wants to rent“
“Isn’t it great??Didn’t we just solve the problem for them”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Manager Zhuo nodded and said:“When the head of their village heard me,,Of course very happy,But there is still a little problem,I’m afraid it’s still a bit difficult to handle”
Guo Meili frowned and asked:“what is the problem?”
“In the middle of which piece of land,Isn’t there a few shabby cabins??Which is rented to a small boss,I heard from the village chief that the lease term is 20 years,About seven or eight years have passed“Manager Zhuo said,Took a look at Xia Jian。
Xia Jian was stunned and said:“I think the plant should be useless for many years,Just take it back,This should not be a big problem“

Six silhouettes leap out directly,Surround Li Ming Tuan Tuan。

“you guys。http://www.allwcm.cn 。。”
“kill~”No language communication,The moment these six people spoke in Li Minggang,Full burst。
Head full of dirty braids,The skinny warrior holds a giant axe,Cut through。
And the other http://www.huabao88.cnfive warriors,Or use bow and arrow,Or use a spear,Or scimitar,Mixed with various genes,Slammed at Li Ming。
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Chapter 26 The Order of God
Red mist forest,Six Great Warriors,Especially two of them are masters at the pinnacle of the Great Warrior,Join forces to besie a great warrior。
If in a normal situation,This besieged great warrior,Even the strong one,At least it takes a lot of effort to win。
But actually,Li Ming doesn’t care about these six。In the realm of Li Ming,Nian Li’s analysis of the strength of their six is extremely thorough,The strongest of them may not be able to mix a third-class elite in the four major http://www.tai-cang.cn organizations of Black Dragon Mountain.。
Li Ming, who is also at the universe level, just flipped,Take a picture。

Lin ring。

Lin Father and Linmu feel like a new body,Overlook。
Who doesn’t want to live?。
Chen Yuqing said:
“Two old ages live in 50 years is more than enough,Continued by the heaven and earth,When you arrive, you have no borders.。”
Lin Father said:
“We are not greedy,Instead, I want to see Lin Yong has children born.,Great is full of satisfaction,I will continue to have a lot of life.。”
Lin mother also said:
“His old disease is dead,You can’t exceed these cultivators.,,What’s more, we are?”
Lin ring does not say;It is indeed the law of life and death.,No one can’t escape。
Don’t look at the life of the millennium now,Can not break through for a long time,Millennium also blinks。
Lin Father and Lin mother take http://www.thmos.cn the medicinal medicine,Good spirit。
Take them to see the garden。
After the place,Lin ran is very surprised,The peach tree species is full of mountains.。
“Usually we are all crude tea,What is the spiritual stone that is sent by the gold and silver jewelry?,Only this place, I spent a big price.。”
Zhu Yolian touched the peach tree:
“It turned out to be a spirit,A sapling is less than saying a hundred Lingshi,Master is really arrogant。”
Lin Father said:
“This spent the nine bull of the bulls.。”
Lin loudly:
“I really don’t know how the guy makes money.,Can so wealthy。”
I am waiting at the peach blossom.,Lin lived and Qingqing leaving Linfu。
They came out,Qingqing deeply sucks our cool air。
“It seems that you haven’t come out for a long time.。”
“Not too long。Previous time before the mother,Have been more than ten years,The number of fingers came out from the time。”
Lin raw hand into her waist,Laugh:
“It is cheaper.?”
“Not dare。”
From Qingqing Road,The two people walk along the broad path of Lincheng。
During the house, it is lonely,She stops。
Lin looked up,Immediately:
“Since it is coming,Don’t go in and see?”
“They only have my sister is a daughter.,I am just an accessory,The one who can be discarded。”
“what!It seems that you are blamed, you have lost you to a good person.。”
Lin http://www.3650597.cn loudly:
“I guess you like reading people.,Just like the peach blossom just now,Poetry,Huadian Moon。”
Qing Qing shake his head:

If it is with Qingdao Lu to come to this next time, it is the declaration of the stadium.,So most halfway, you have to see you a few days.,But considering the next itinerary of Saito is Hawaii,This should have a long time.?

After Sotey,Cang Yun Bridge is talking together:“What did you gamble before you?,Let him will be willing to move the teaching location to us.?”
This problem, Cang Yuqiao, also asked Saito.,But Saito just laughed,God’s secret,The more you have a curiose heart。
“You really want to listen?”
“I say,If I lost,I will marry his granddaughter.。”The science is calmly speaking.。
“puff——!”Cang Yu Bridge took the wine to the wine。
“啥?You want to marry the granddaughter of Saito?!”Cang Yu bridges widely。
“I said,I am lost.。”Corporation is calm soup,Essay’s own polite http://www.jiehuncheng.cn sound。
Cang Yu Bridge is asked for a calm question as much as possible:“Stop stop,what do you mean,Granddaughter,Instead, it is also grievances.?”
“Don’t do this,I just think that the style of Saito is,Although he is very enemy of the teacher’s ceremony,But I can feel that he is actually really trying to have a set of fun.。”
That dish is forcibly the worship of the two sons is the best proof。
“So I am thinking,He is actually very hoped to take me later.,And he still appreciates me.,So I put this kind of bet that married his granddaughter.。”
“You will set the teaching location at school,Gamble, this kind of life?”Cang Yu Bridge looked at his face。
“This is not good.,Can you destroy?,In short, my top priority is to hurry him with me and I am going to the previous game.。”
In fact, when I was in Scot,Boarding http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn also looked a challenge,To enhance the chance of successful success。
And in the challenge bet,He is filling this。
Challenge this kind of play intention to metallology,Even if you want your own chess,It is estimated that it also has 10,000 ways to make yourself.,
God knows that if you really lift chess,What storyline will be entered?。
But the science did not think so much at the time.,He felt invincible for seven days of spectral,Who is dead?,Therefore, there is no more thinking of chess。
Moreover,Again,The consequences of regardless of the loss are beneficial to increase the winning。
The later facts also proved,He gambled again。
Cang Yu Bridge is still smashed,It seems a headache:“Kojun,Not I said you,You are present before this bet,Do you really do a little intelligence??”
“understand what?”
“for example,Senior granddaughter,Who is it?。”
“I know,It seems to be called Zaito in the vegetables.,It seems to be a famous female player,Participate in the competition,Have a name,Age and me almost,But I have never seen it.。”
“You see,You still don’t know anything.!”Cang Yu Bridge suddenly roaring。
Cangmo always feels that Cang Yu bridge is with him to play riddles.,Can’t help but obstacle:“Then you are talking,What important information I missed!”
“Granddaughter of Saito Senior Grandman This year, the third grade of elementary school.!The game she participated in only a primary school student game.!Take a master of primary school students.!”Cang Yun Bridge continuously to do the end,It is enough to see his heart crash。
The chopsticks of the subject are directly dropped.,A sound,Echoing a hit in his heart。
Doggy day,How can I always feel that I seem to be with dangerous stuff??
The story of the entered after the loser,Be called a jailbad end?

When he finished,Jin You Rong stood up,Face iron,“What?Kill our fifteen boxing boxers?Challenge the master of all Chinese?Gorgeous!Find dead!”

He hang up the phone,对 对 道 道,“Sorry,I invite you to drink alcohol。”
Thunder nodded,At the same time,But still curiously ask,“What happened?”
Goldao Rong did not hide,I have said things over.。
Thunder,“These foreigners,Have all my Huaxia??One-wave existence,Go back to promote how you http://www.shuanka.cn do……”
Toned,Drink the beer in the cup,“Walk,I am going to join you.。”
Goldao Rong is a bit surprised。
“Misunderstand,I just make fun of the fun.,It also sees the master of the abroad。”
Summer does not know the wind of the outside world。
At this moment, you will watch TV together on the sofa.。
TV shows is a variety of interesting variety,Liu Qingqing laughs like a silly girl.。
Summer is drinking tea,Look at the direction of the window。
“What happened?”Liu Qingqing asked。
Summer doesn’t speak,But use the chin to indicate。
Liu Qingqing also follows the direction of the direction。
How much,Same is a glimpse。
I saw it on the edge of the window,A small guy ghost head is standing there,A pair of round eyes is looking for it。
“Small gold?”
Liu Qingqing is not surprised,I immediately gone up。
Subsequently open the window,Come in the little guy。
A few days have not seen,The little guy has become a pure green body.,Old soft light,Even in the lights。
The little guy is not struggling.,But the eyes are extremely integrated……Sometimes sometimes doubts,Is this little thing that can understand people?。
When Liu Qingqing is restrained,The little guy jumped directly to the tea.,A pair of small short legs curled up,Lavender。
Then,Polyperbite looks at the previous LCD TV。
Liu Qingqing is a http://www.ctigaojie.cn stay。
Since learned that the little guy actually killed a person,She will come back every day.,People will give the little guys for food,And you will be teased。
In summer,,This is called cultivation。
“Give it a name.。”Summer ridiculous,“Small green。”
“Go,Little green is not good。”
Liu Qingqing is blaming,Curious,“Do you say what variety it is?。”

He deeply spit out a sigh,“This news is that Anthony came back.,I sent him to distort,In addition to secretly hosted the overall situation,Also give him a task。”

Paused,Also,“When he goes to reverse,I let him secretly handed the fairy.,Today’s half night,Xianti is sent to the secret to reverse,He just went to hand,result……”“So, Anthony is not dead.?
Very good。
That fairy?”
Johnston’s face also reveals a lucky color,“Now Anthony and Xianti are together,Not yet being killed。”
I heard this sentence,Everyone http://www.zhongkehuayuan.cn in the field is also heavy.。
to be honest,They are not the death of Anntany。
As long as the fairy is still controlled in the hands,They think there is still a chance。
Johnston raised the sound,“We have a hard to cultivate 50 super masters for decades.,All death,The God of http://www.wrgfncp.cn God is also killed,Everyone talks about what to do now.。”
How to do?
The high-level color of the American carving is gloomy,in silence。
What can I do??
Of course it is negotiation。
This is their consistent way。
After all, Xiani is still in their hands.,There is only this one.。
Johnston’s eyes swept away,Everyone’s expression is falling in his eyes.,The corner of the mouth is immediately evil。
“How is the killing?,I want everyone to know,God is destroyed,Our masters have been killed,Next,We will welcome,His bloody http://www.tongshuntc.cn revenge,Do you really think negotiations??”
Conference room is still silent。
Half half,One of the high-level uncertain said,“Xianti is in our hands,He does not dare to come,We have the capital of negotiations……”“madness!”
Johnston interrupted him,Cold channel,“He has long known that Xian Ti is in our hands.,But still kill Murphy,Kill our fifty three super masters。
Today’s meter,We can only tear your face with him.,Hard speech,This is our home court,Not necessarily killing him!”
Interior,Similar to the Guardian Alliance in China。
After all, it is two countries.,The national situation is very different。
Relatively speaking,More privileged and more privileged。
Important,American carving does not lack a master。
More than a dozen high-rise,Both are the strengths above the half-level,Johnston, as the president,It also reached a pseudo-level。
“Johnston president,We all agree with us。”
At this time,One of them opens,“but,Can we play kill??”
Do you have to kill??
These words,Let everyone hands and feet。
They are not brainy,Summer can be in just one night,Destroy fifty three super masters,Kill the Goddess and the master,This can be seen about how terror of his strength。
Now now,Everything is not used。
Fist is the last word。
This is a simple fact。
Very simple,But what is helpless。
Johnston Women,“We may not fight him,But we can mobilize the army……”“Can’t!”
“I oppose!”

After all, now,In fact, this thing itself,Already completely posted。

As for next,In the end, we should start to deal with these eyes.。
In fact, how do you think,How to give a chance。
That is,These things,What kind of way is it to solve it?。
In fact, it is,In turn,Silk is not enough。
“this matter,Who is doing??”
Wei Yun looked at the eyes,Whole brow frown,Asked the next consciousness。
After all, this is,too suddenly。
Let Wei Yun have some intake,so,what is this?
people around me,It is said to Wei Yun.。
“boss,The other party http://www.fzxcgcmy.cn is the head of the War Temple Shen Xuan。”
“It is a person who is with the Hall of War.,Treatment。”
As people around you say this。
This is to let Wei Yun,The whole person’s brow is slightly frown。
After all, now,This is actually,It has not made people。
After all, this extent is now,How to do it,In fact, it has been quite important。
“Humph,In short now,Since we do everyone,Already fully controlled。”
“So,Is there anything to say??”
When Wei Yun’s sight is slightly condensed,The next conscious look at the eyes。
The more like this,In fact, in Wei Yun’s eyes,It’s full of killing。
Wei Yun’s,Side around those people,What’s more, the more I feel very excited?。
After all, I will follow it.,How to solve this thing in the end,Right,In fact itself,It is even more difficult。
“In short, start now,get ready,I http://www.jogjog.cn have to kill this Shen Xuan。”
“Not destroy him,It’s hard to eat my heart hate!”
Wei Yun bite his teeth and said to this。
This is said,Wei Yun’s side,Others are, the more I feel very excited.。
After all, this extent is now,I should try to http://www.fuzuweb.cn solve this thing in front of it.。
In fact, it is,This is coming,More simple than thinking。
And just this,In fact, when I saw it in front of my eyes,The more these,Actually look,It is far away.。
What about the rest,The more you think about it, the more you feel angry.。

Fortunately, the speed is not very fast.,Otherwise I am really serious.。”

Mu Zihao is impressed by making your own mom and dad,Tell it to say it。
And this thing is really unreasonable.,Indeed to the problem of the car。
Lu Si, listened to Mu Zizi,,I thought of my mother.,Mom has always watched the big brother is not pleasing to the eye,In fact, my mother sends a big brother many times.,She has seen it,But it’s your mother.,She is naturally helping her mother.。
She and my brother,Not too much feelings。
Le Yu’s eyebrow,actually,I also understand http://www.zhpjc.cn the practice of Mu Zihao.,I want to make her don’t have to be guilty.。
In fact, this man is very good.,In-depth contact with him,I found that he is actually a responsible man who dares.。
Xu Feng and Mu Weiyan have fewer knowledge of some Lu Haozheng’s things.,certainly,Outstanding,Some practices of Qin Ning,Eye people can see clearly。
Couples are not a fool,Naturally understand the interest relationship between this,In front of Lu Si,I won’t say anything about it.。
Xu Feng looked at Le Yu Xiao Xiao:“Gather,Then I will continue to work hard tonight.,I will send you breakfast tomorrow morning.。”
Le Yu heard this,Quite helplessness,tonight,Don’t she take care of Muzi??
But,Looking at this master friendly smile,How can she not bear to refuse?,“Aunt,I will take care of the son。”
Mu Ziyu gives my mother http://www.asevia.cn a vision of eyes,Mom, this is good。
Also know to give them opportunities,It seems that my mother is good to be impressed.。
“Aunt,Would you like me?。”
Lu Siyuan looked at Xu Feng。
Mu Zihao does not wait for his mother to say:“Mother,I just want to be awkward。”
Xu Fengyi,How can I not understand my son that??
She looked back,Laugh:“Grace,Thank you for your heart.,but,If you don’t go home,Your mother will worry about you.,Let it go,Let’s send you back first.。”
“But”Lu Si, bite the lip,I originally wanted to come to find this woman’s trouble.,But,Let her unexpected,Uncle Mu seems to like this music。
This music is,What is the head?,See her clothes,Although not a brand,It is also very beautiful in terms of cropping and style.,Even if they are Lu Yong Group,There is no such a beautiful dress。
Xu http://www.339aabp.cn Fengdao:“Think,I really thank you for your coming with us.,Let’s send you home.。”
Xu Feng is really aware of the mind of Lu Si,,only,They don’t like their son,They have no way。
There is another more important reason,She is not very like Qin Ning, who only has money.。
at last,Lu Si Gun is boring to leave with Mujia couple。
There is only a lot of Mu Zi and Le Yu in an instant in the ward.。
Mu Ziyou looked at the beauty of peace of mind,Laugh:“Gather,Lu Si,Don’t go to your heart,I have no relationship with you in a car accident.。”
Le 妍 妍 低,Looking at his careful expression,Want to say。
“I know。”
Le Yu has sitting back to the chair,But I am interested in what he just said.。
“Son,You just said,Car was manually handed?”
“Um!Gather,Since you want to know,Then I will tell you。”
Mu Ziyi looked at her,Warm laugh,Telling things from the head to the end, I said Le Yu.。
Here,Lu Hao Cheng and Lan Xin Lan Xin took Chu Feiyang,I bought a lot of things.,Chu Feyang is very happy all the way,Not in playing games,This makes Lu Hao Cheng have a lot of peace of mind.。

Listed to haha, laugh:“I also know Cao Meng,Ginger,Jiang Xing,Zhou Dak,Li Nancheng,Lu Zhengnian,Huo Qizhong and Tan Zhuohui。”

Girl preemptively cheers,But immediately skeptical:“Why didn’t I listen to Jing Yun, a big brother, saying you?!”
“We are just just,Jing Yun Captain now Shanghai executive task?,I believe it will come soon.。”
“Do you say that the brother of Jing Yun is coming soon??”Girl is excited,
Laughter:“Yes,It seems that you really like our Jing Yun captain.!”http://www.leaderyoung.cn
Girl instantly red face,Bowen Road:“Don’t think that I believe you.!”
NS481chapter You have a prompt to you.
Rui Rui seemed to see the martial arts relationship with water village,These lakes seem to be very impressed with Jing Yun,It seems that this kid didn’t give them less.。
“Do you really know the captain of Jingyun??”Big man asked,
“Really know,Would you like me how to know all the team members of their arms。”
“You still say someone。”Another big man,
“I am less talking about the gun hand.?”
“It seems that you are really a person.!”The man’s name of the martial arts is not possible to know,And this is not bad.,So Xu Wei basically believes in the words of Qi Rui。
“Such as fake。”Qi Rui finished reading the Song Jian and Tang Rui,Waiting for it to explain to them why you know the martial arts team。
“Triple,Please take it inside.。”
Enter the cabin,There is only a small table inside,There is a small basket above,There are some dry foods,There is a kettle and a water bowl next to it.,The cabin is very simple,But it can cover the wind and rain。
Rui Rui:“I haven’t advised all the names.?”
Twenty-six-year-old man said:“My name is Xu Wei!”
“My name is Xu Mao!”Xu Mao said that the girl who finished his face was said.:“This is our little girl Xu Jiao。”
“Are you a brother??”
“no,We are a cousin。”Xu Wei said,
“How many people have this water??”
“More than 60 people。”
Rui is talking to them for a while,Only I know that they are all hiding into the mountain lake.,Many people’s families are devilly,The reason why the lake is also hungry, it is not hungry.,Grab the rich family,There are no food in the people of the people, let them grab,Over time, it was called the lake.。
Qi Rui curious:“How did your gun law practice??”
“The gun method is early,Because we are in the push town。”
Most of the water in the water is around the people.,There are only more than 20 people who can fight.,The day of the ghost sweeping almost found the water village,Wei Dawei took a few people to take http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cnthe devil,As a result, only four come back.。
“Xu Da Ge,Can you find the hiding place of the new four army guerrillas??”Qi Rui,
“I want to find it, I can find it.。”
“Can you take us to find them??”
“What is wrong?,The New Fourth Army is a team of devils,We are also willing to help them。”
“That day, you will trouble.。”

Murong watching,The face is full of faint laughs.。

“only,I don’t know recently.,Is there any chamber of chambers??”
When Murong Moon said,people around me,Start reporting。
“Miss,If the chamber of the chamber,At present, there are two major chambers of commerce.。”
“First,It is the God of War, the Gods Chamber of the Shenjianmen and War God。”
When people around me,Murong’s cheeks,It’s even a smile.。
“kindness,If this is this,It is really good。”
In fact,Even even Ming Mingyue,I have to admire the president of this chamber of commerce.。
New Chamber of Commerce that consists of two major power,And the two major potentials complement each other。
“If you give them a certain chance,Then I believe,This chamber of commerce,It must be growing into a home。”
When Murong http://www.ccxingxing.cn Moon saw it here,Her face,It’s even more serious.。
And those people around,I also said。
“Yes,So now all major chambers have begun to have opinions.,Even ready to get started with them。”
“That’s right,If it is really this now?,So this thing looks,It seems very passive。”
“But now,This look,In fact, it is nothing.?”
This,With those people around you,You have said that I am in my words.,Don’t forget to say this。
And as they finished,At this time, Murong Moon still continues。
“What other Chamber of Commerce??”
actually,God of Commerce,Murong Mingyue has heard of。
And with the Murong Mingyue,people around me,It is the beginning of reporting。
“actually,This chamber is called the big chamber of commerce。”
“very beginning,The chamber will only have ten people。”
Do you still have such a http://www.fqrvtu.cn chamber of commerce??
only,Such a chamber of commerce,What kind of potential is there??
actually,Murong’s heart,It is very curious.。
And this time,people around me,Then, this thing is to Murong.。
This will let Murong Yuer,For these,Probably has a deep understanding。
Just now,Murong Yuger saw it here,Her face is still an incredible。
Because of such a thing,In fact, she is a little curious.。
“If it is really this now?,So don’t you say,In the future,Will be more interesting。”
“but,If you are all truthful,So next,I am very urgent.,I want to see it.。”
When Murong Yuner said,Others nodded。
The first thousand twenty-seven seventh chapters help me
“you said,Are it true??”
Tasty people watching people,Slightly curious,I can’t help but ask here.。
And the side of the quarter,When the man saw it http://www.huaitw.cn here,Then I said that I nodded again.。
“boss,This thing is thousands of true,I see my eyes.,I heard her so much.。”
When people around me,At this time, the season is looking at this side.,The smile of his mouth is getting rich。