The Emperor I still have after the empire,I want to effectively imitate the emperor to build“Emission”,But the same cost is huge,But create a batch of weapons,Whether it is the ability or an effect?,Can’t follow“Emission”Comparable。

At that time, the emperor was also ironic.,Be called“Emission”before,Can only be a minister。So there is a group of names“Unconscious”Weapon。
And just Najan Tan saw the special ability to treat soldiers treatment,The next consciousness is considered,Night is also“Emperor”。
“It’s really hard to imagine that you have been strong.,If you have an emperor,What level can you??
Perhaps it can be comparable to another horrible guy in the empire.,That person is also the strongest existence I have seen.。”
Look at the current night,Na Jie Tan is expected,The other party must be a genius that does not lose to Esdes.。
Night naturally knows who Na Jiesi Tan is said to,But but smiles don’t speak。
He can only say that Alice is very strong.,But I am really talking to the night.,I am sure to be crushed by him.。
What is Esdes’s Ability??Be a drink“Super risk”Blood given“Ice-breaking ability”。
Esdes“Emission”Probably the most special,A bowl from unknown“Super risk”Blood。
Previous people drink this blood,Not dead is abolished,Even if someone can withstand the power from the blood,become“Emperor”,His blood he drink,Also trace。
Esdes fell,A large bowl of blood,But it was bored by her.,And her body is still upset.!
This also leads directly.,Esdes’s strength,It’s far away from others.!
But no matter Esdeso,As long as she is using“Cold ice”ability,Then she can’t be the opponent of the night.。
do not forget,Night“Ice gift”This kind of skill,He is a nightmare of all ice and snow capabilities.。
All immunization“Ice and snow injury”,It’s just that all ice and snow capists,Even if the night is standing,The other party also didn’t do it at all.!
But I remember the night.,Esdes seems to have a trick,Can even be done“Freeze time”,Do you need to pay attention to it。
After all, the master passed,It is enough to be fatal between the moment,The other party has a move that can affect time tracery,It is quite ahead of the sky.。
“We went to the emperor.,How about it,Is it quite shock??”
Na Jie Tan rode the night after watching the horse,Trying from night“Township”I saw shocking expressions on my face。
But let him down.,Although the night is a bit surprised,When it is not enough to make him shock,Because he has seen the Babel Tower, who has seen in Eulai, with Dungeon,It’s much much more than here.。
But in this era,Can build such a big town,It is also enough to see the Empire’s past,How strong。
Chapter 357 I am alone.,It’s like a million lion!
Because many old iron old complains that no group,Because of the difficult reason,This fluffy street also has a group,Everyone’s face,Can come in playing,1156584963′`
巍 的 wall,Medieval architecture style,Around the city wall around the city wall,Can be in such an era,Complete such a building,The empire is really strong.。
In this regard, this area and the region,It is also worthy of a country.。
When Na Jie Tint took the army to enter the city gate,Night is also able to see the town behind the wall.。
Don’t you lose money??Compared with the villages and towns that they take along them,It is simply a hetero。
People on the street are constantly,People who are in the aristocratic clothing are also everywhere.,On the avenue is also a car horson,The gorgeous carriages of the past are not counting。
The technology of this world seems a bit strange,The fire is all kinds of firearms with cannons.,But the people here are costumes or productivity.,But stay in the medieval era。
But no matter what to say,As a country,It is indeed quite bustling here.。
If the night is not to read this,Maybe it will think,Monarchs who rule this country,Is a quite excellent person。
But knowing the night of the plot, but knowing,Don’t look at this emperor,In fact, behind it is full of various dirty dark darkness.。
Things that are beautiful at this time,In the evening, it may be a devil ghost.。

He is not a saint,You are not a person who is worthy of sympathy。”

Lin Ye shook his head,really,What people in this world are easy to do,It is a good man hard to do。
Lu Hao returned to the company,Tell the results to Blue Xin,After listening to Blue Xin,Didn’t say anything。
“Blue,what happened?”
Lu Haocheng looked at her not talking,Walking to her, holding his waist。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head:“fine,Just feeling heart hurting his doctor’s son.。”
“You,Don’t want to think about,This world is too bad for the money and doing bad things.。
I have to get off work.,What do you want to do today??
I go with you。”
Blue Xin thought about it:“Nothing to do,This time now,I have gone to my dinner.,Not as good as ,Let’s go to see the little auspicious。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”He just wants to have two people with her.。
Lu Haozheng bowed,Looking at the girl long and curling eyelashes,Fair face,Fantastic pink,Can’t help but have some hearts of the gods。
I can’t help but kiss her forehead.,“Blue,Recently there is a newly opened hotel,I take you in the past,Is your favorite sour。”
His low voice is lazy,Confused。
Blue Xin,Looking at him, I blinked,“Can I eat now??
wrong,The wound in my hand has already been built.。
That line,Go to get off work directly after work。”
finally,Still can’t help but the temptation,Below,She gives up the little auspicious,Waiting for time,Go to the little auspicious chooses a gift to send。
after get off work,Blue Xin went to the design department,In her heart,The person of the design department is most likely to know what she is in,When she went to work,In the company, only only go to the 11th floor and design department.。
She is in the design department,Yao Yao chatted with her,Talked,Blue Xin suddenly surprised the opening,She went to the newly opened hotel tonight to eat。
People around,Including Lin Xiwei can listen clearly,After chatting with everyone,Everyone packs up to get off work。
Lu Haocheng went straight to the hotel with Blue Xin。
Road,Blue Xin received a daughter video phone。
“dad,Mother,Where are you going??”
Blue Qi looked at Mom and Dad,In fact, I really want to go home.。
The life of other countries is not easy。
Their family has money,As long as you live, you will not feel difficult.,All conditions are different,I really can’t go here.。
Blue Xin is close to Lu Haocheng,“Kiki,I am going to eat with your father.,Have you eaten??”
“We are still early,I am still in the studio.?
I mainly want to tell my father.,After a month, I amMState has a picture exhibition,I am very interested in Danny teacher.,But a little problem。”
Lu Hao Cheng was very surprised,Daughter’s painting is also as popular in foreign countries。
Lu Haozheng parked the car on the side of the road ,Asked:“baby,Tell Dad, what is going on,Dad helps you solve。”
Blue Qiqi, I feel that the toothache is,“Not the sister of my mother’s classmate,You said that she is an old age.,Also grab the location of the show,I also found me to study me. I threaten me.,If I participate in the exhibition,She will not make me can’t mix here.。”

Zhang Xiaoying’s mouth,Laugh:“With just a ratio,Now the image is very ugly。”

“So I have to dress up.,Come,you try。”Wang traffic handed over her mouse,I introduce it next to it.:“I am using a male image,You have to like,Can be switched into a woman。
Here these is a decoration that can be used.,These are free,These are all charges,What do you like?,I tried to dress up.。”
Zhang Xiaoying holds the mouse,First switch the characters into women,Then stared at the decoration and saw a moment.,Subsequently picked a fairy dress,Then click to dress up。
moment,OriginallytShirt and short skirt,Looking at the same cartoon image of a little soil, it suddenly changed,It became a white long dress,Blu light is also scattered around,Like a small fairy,Missing a lot of hardships。
Zhang Xiaoying looked at the eyes:“Don’t say,I feel that it is a bit mean.。”
After talking about it, I will pick up the necklace.、A ring、A pair of crystal shoes,At the end, I also picked a pink sun visor.,Turnout and dress up,Playing is not easy。
Finally, I can’t help but remind it.:“Don’t play it?,Still something,What is the shortcoming。”
Zhang Xiaoying thinks this,Laugh,Sink:“Overall is not bad,Quite fun,But the function seems to be a bit single.。
Only two options to try and purchase,If the user doesn’t want to buy it in a time, do you want to buy?,Or how to do not buy?
Is it possible to add a collection option?,First collection,Waiting for it, I want to buy it again.?”
Wang is dark,At the same time, hurry out the phone,Into the pony:“qqShow function single,Can consider adding a favorite option。”
After finishing, look at Zhang Xiaoying:“Is there still??”
“Um……Since you can buy it,Why can’t you give a gift??Mutual dressing between friends,Contact the feelings are also very good.?”
NS211chapter Mobile dream network(Pay back11)
Wang traffic is thoughtfully,Continue to pony:“Add a gift function,Convenient users to communicate friendship。”
Did you once again see Zhang Xiaoying:“Go on。”
“Besides……I will once again.,Is it a little waste??Can you consider adding a deadline more?”
Wang Liu’s eyes bright,This must be,A hammer sale,How to have a long-flowing cost-effective,Not mentioned,Continue to pony。
Another one。
Look at the continuous feedback,Pony is very popular,He knows,Looking for a king to experience and find it wrong with it.,Now, I really guess it.,This is only a big conference,Just send so many constructive opinions……
The boss is really good.。
However, he doesn’t know.,This time he really looked high.,Not the boss,But the boss is in the past。
The new version that has been booked to release,Because Zhang Xiaoying suddenly ranked again and again。
After all, we must start exploring the charging mode.,First trial charge,Lean seeking a little bit,It is also easier to succeed。
and,Throughout the network social field,DependentqqA large,There is no one in the rest.,No competitive pressure,The new version doesn’t have to release it.,Extension is completely indispensable。
I don’t know that I have entered December.。
Just arrived in the company,Liao Zhongwei suddenly called the phone,The king is a little surprised,Impression,This is also Liao Zhongwei to call him the first time.。
Handle,Laugh:“Zhongwei,How do you think of calling me??What’s up?”
“Be a bit,And it is a good thing。”Then,Liao Zhongwei:“Just get the news,China Mobile is coming soon‘Mobile dream network’service,Interested in summarizing social telecom value-added business partners,Let this business together。

“Yes,Don’t there be a bullet hole on this coffee table?,Why is a girl of a female killer playing on the roof?”Bi Zhongliang carefully viewed the scene,

“Only one possibility,That is the long reaction of the tank class.,Speed is also fast enough,When the female killer knocked on the door, I didn’t feel right.,As for the elastic hole on the roof,Long Tuli Junuxun is playing with the other party。”Ding Mun Village,
“Not that it is very powerful?。”
“His hands have no weapons,If there is a female killer, you will die.。”Ding Mun Village,
“Is there a gun on a special plant??”Bi Zhongliang is still skeptical,
“He said that the gun was in the car.。”Li Shun said,
“Loyalty,You suspect a long history?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Not dare,I am a very strange thing.。”
“Killer to assassinate the pool, hunger, is true,And a total of six people,According to the description of Tangmann,Three men lifted the gun directly to the door,Seeing the long pokeing auxiliary window and escaped。”
“Loyalty,You think too much,According to Jiuchi,Tang Manqing,Zhuang Xiaoman’s description and on-site analysis are no problem.,The long tank class long did not bring a weapon,He can only choose to evacuate。”
“The goal of the killer is that the long-term pool of the pool is correct.,But the scene is not too strong.,But I can’t say it again.。”Bi Zhongliang said,
“All right,This case doesn’t need you,Wang Manchun is self-evident,Then let her be responsible.。”
before dinner,Blue Carrier with a basket of fruit came to the long spring Junjiajia,Fu Yingxue really gave her Japanese cuisine.,Give her clothes to her before eating.。
Girls seem to like beautiful clothes,Happy blue carp said to Fu Yingxue:“Snow sister,Such a long pool is given to me.!”
Originally Fu Ying Xue wants to say that the more such comrades, the better,But I want to be tossible every night.,This is swallowed again.。
“rouge,Is there any situation in recent special industries??”Qi Rui,
“I really have something to tell you.,The former day, Telecommunications section received an encrypted text,It is from Japan,Content is agreed to the plan,Specifically, I haven’t found it yet.。”
“be careful,Now Ding Mun Village is investigating a leaking。”
“I know who is。”
“Von Mana?”Tangshanhai will definitely not let the blue carp are seen.,Ruined this is determined to be Feng Manna.,
“You know you.!”
“Guess can also guess,But how do you know??”
“I still know about Feng Mana’s,Just let me not think about Zhou Yuhao actually hifted her.。”
“I have long said to you.,Sometimes people want to see,Don’t look at the surface,But no matter how you don’t have to mix them anyway.,Even what happened?,Do you remember??”
“I won’t be mixed,But I will tell you。”
“Um,This is right.。”
Finish,Rui Rui sent blue carp,I have a few words in the car.,Eight-point,Rui Rui, I came to the gods,Seeing Wang Tianfeng wearing a gray long shirt,Wearing a pair of patch shoes sitting in front of the table slowly in eating 馄饨。
“boss,Give me a bowl of 馄饨。”Rui Rui said next to Wang Tianfeng。
Wang Tianfeng bowed his head and drank his mouth soup,Say:“Do you have anything to find me??”
“How do you act?,I just inform you.,The special high-class long poolicate can not kill now,Because he is related to a huge plan,We can only start from him.。”
“what’s the plan?”
“Arctic Star Lacy Plan,This thing doesn’t have to use your Shanghai Station.,Just I hope that you will plan to kill anyone in advance, you can’t tell the rose in advance.,Because we also have a lurking in the enemy camp,Don’t misunderstand our own people.。”
“If you can give me some intelligence,Or give me the assassination target, I don’t know who can kill.,No one can’t kill?。”
“it is good,I will give you two people now.,A name called Luo Junqiang,A called Cai Guangyuan,You go to kill them.。”

I want to understand this sentence.,Get the first sentence from the snow,That is“We have been threatened,Please help us。”

“it”When roaring,I also make a threat to the surroundings.,Thus, there is a fortune that is attached to the natural。
Time to watch news,I saw a similar expert lecture.,Say what happened this year’s climate will be very abnormal,Especially in the Pacific region,Lanina and El Nino effect will reach the strongest history.。
This unusual storm,Just this year’s start,Next year,Climate disasters will be very frequent。
At the beginning, the department is only thinking this.“US”Index to one of the snow,But now it seems,It refers to the entire natural weather。
this“it”,With the ability to shake the entire natural climate,This ability is,May only be a dragon.?
Props three:【warning】
“Demon,Already waiting for you in the Pacific Ocean。”
This is a card written with red ink,Reflecting the style of quantum force。
The Pacific Ocean。
These two key elements are combined together,It’s enough to let the science callgaTerrorist game,Still the type of disaster film。
Yinchuan Longhe,This man who is born from the Pacific cruise ship accident,His figure,It’s been behind this storm.。
He is using his strength to be a dragon,And a full room,What do you do in the Pacific?,His series of behaviors lead to chaos of the climate,Finally, the tourist town of this Hokkaido,Caused a blizzard。
Scary to unrecognized ability。
Lenten it again《Casel》Tsunami shot when the tape。
Not good,He really will trigger the tsunami。
I have so far,The two dragons of the slaughter are also demon and the Lordora,But to say that these two dragons,Also doped some moisture。
These two people are in the help of the genital spirituality.,In order to become a non-purely river。
Zezi brother,He until the last moment,I have a chance to win chess,But he is hard to die.,This is unpaladable with his too bad mentality.,Huge win-negative pressure makes him difficult to think in the last moment。
失 武 那,His technical level is of course impeccable,He also turned his mentality in the key moment.,When the subject is on the time of sacrifice mode,A few steps, the hand, the arrogant and fragile attitude,After a long time, he slowed down.。
If the disappears can be equipped with a strong heart from the head to the end,Corporation will open the sacrifice mode even,Maybe it is not so easy to turn this plate from the other’s hands.。
Yinchuan Longhe,It is true pure blood dragon in the true sense.,One does not take anything in any junction,Purely relying on your own genius and efforts,Extended protagonist’s luck to embrace the man of the dragon,Unveiled in the technical level,On the mentality level,It is like the dragon claws.。
Such people,The more you put him on the road,He may be more exciting.,Just like the smile showing when he decided to discard it under the disadvantage situation.。
Think here,Kohuan looked like a remote sky。
Today’s weather is sunny,It is self-playing into the winter.,The best in the Hokkaido is one,But such weather is in the roaring of the Dragon,It is possible to break away at any time.。
The fortune attached to the chess,Shaped the bustling of the chess,Also gave a lot of madness。
Can be fade,What is the fortune??
Simple luck,Still, it is true that some concept?
Quantum mechanics,What is the relationship with them??
So from yourself into the chess,It has been nearly a year.,On this fairy road,He has also gone to a very high position,Now there are only a few peaks left in front of him.。
The worldview of the world is often like this.,Not imaginary pyramid shape,I’ve walked from high levels,The less unknown areas,But the shape of rugby,In the middle,Mystery and questions are the most,But continue to this critical line,Mystery will reduce high speed。
He now,Although the strength has entered a high-level group,But you will feel self-feeling,Overall progress is still in the middle half,If this is a24Episode,May be the current progress bar12Set。
He now,There are still many people,I have never seen it.,Only witnessed on newspapers。
Such as well,Such as Mu Gu Sheng Naixiang,There are also a few top holders,Also, such as half wild teachers,When these people start, when they appear in front of him.,Maybe it means that the story is about to come.?

The violent power is hitting the shock wave.。

The people of the gods in the lower part are all affected.,All are in the bustling,Suddenly a chaos。
Only the madness is not affected。
He is like a beast.,Touching the body,Intimate,Anxiety,噼噼。
Fladder,The strong people of the gods are flying in the air,Unexpectedly。
And the other side,Summer has been with Dongxuan fierce battle together。
The two is like a electro-light entanglement,Disabled,Along with the sword of the sword。
“Fukou,What are you waiting for?!”
Dong Xuan is one side with summer fight,While cold,“Want to see the lively there?,Go to block the madman。”
Jiangkou Fang Ye Face,A bit bite,Also leap from above。
Great,“Everyone gathers together,Don’t separate,He is alone,Injured,Don’t fear him。”
This sentence has played a lot。
Counting ordinary members,The gods in this place have hundreds of people,It is also all arbitrarily in this moment.,Handheld sword screaming towards the 枭。
I saw Dong Xuan, a knife.,The air in front is now broken.,Like electricity, it is generally straight in summer.。
Summer shape,On the side of the side, let go of the hand and pull it back.。
Dong Xuan’s figure jumps,It is like a gyro-like rotation,Hitting。
His strength is indeed,Even if it is in summer, it is difficult to defeat.。
There are many external factors in this.。
There is nothing in the summer injuries.,However, those huge shock waves falling in the shells,But let him have also hit hard with the 枭。
“Kill god,You are dead。”
Standland,Dong Xuan big drink,“Die!”
At the same time,His hands appear on a white jade,Slaid to throw in summer。
At the same time,A terrible energy is open。
White jade is still blasting in half air,The white dust in the sky has raised。
Next second。
The shocking scene appeared。
I only see a giant snake with a foothold with more than ten meters.,Working with a residual shadow toward summer。
Summer is not shocked。
He is very profound about this。
This is an aggressive Xuanmen!
Last time on the killing conference,There is a woman named Maria to get one,And used to deal with summer。
He remembers that is a huge vulture.,If he does not have a cognition,I am afraid that I will have the other side.。

Leo has changed even more today,I’m already over two meters tall,The whole person does not look burly,But the whole body is full of power。

Advanced Swordsmanship:100000/100000
Compared to the first advanced swordsmanship one and a half years ago,Now his advanced swordsmanship has reached the full level。
He found a swordsman on the island,Study in the sword hall of the swordsman,With an experienced swordsman guide,His swordsmanship goes a long way,Now I’m stuck at the apex of advanced swordsmanship,Just make a breakthrough,He can become a swordsman。
And Green Bull is also under Leo’s strict requirements,Strength increase。
Green Bull
Head iron(Do not accept):The hardness of the head is greatly increased,The stiffness of the limbs increased slightly。
Although this property panel is not a system,And can’t provide him with strength help,But the level of strength is also clearly divided。
In a year and a half of exploration,He figured it out,The rank of an ordinary adult man is generally9level。
and10After level, it is already the strength of the ordinary navy。

Ice cool sound is full of irony。

Her gaze,One inch is allocated from two faces,Tauntful,Gradually from her red lips。
“Blue Xin,You don’t have blood to spray,We just want to travel abroad。
What is a huge sum??
Don’t worry about doing things。”
Gu Anan bite her teeth and watching her.。
Looking at Lan Xin, the face is full of hatred,She is afraid of her heart.。
Gu’s is like this.,Do you still have a thought to go abroad??
Gu Anan,You do your thief,I will never hide the disclosure on your face.。
Grandma is an accident,My big brother’s thing,Shares,A few billion,Not all your good means??”
Blue Xin cold eyes to her,Full of anger and hate。
From the clear eyes,Shoot a burst of cold light,It is even more embarrassing chill.,All instantaneous frozen around around,It’s like a ice.。
Listening to Blue Xin’s stripes,Gu An’an’s heart tight,I saw Xu Xianghe.。
Xu Jinghe is looked at Blue Xin,Some regrets directly do the plane left。
Blue Xin said so clearly,I am afraid that Xu Jinghe’s heart’s idea has not yet fallen.,There are many casual police around them around.。
Brigade first step forward,Looking at Gu Anan and Xu Jinghe,Show your own documents。
Come together,Pulling a warning line around,Crowd in evacuating around onlookers。
“Gu Anan,Xu Jinghe,Your alleged fraud,kill,Deliberately murder,unambiguous evidence,Now arrested you now。”
Captain’s voice,Rewinding the ears of Gu An’an and Xu Jinghe two。
Gu An’an unbeliented,Looking at Blue Xin,“Blue Xin,Your happiness,It turns out that you have already arranged together.,Just waiting for us to jump,Yes or no?”
Gu An’an lost to the blue and blue,Roar like a mad woman,I have to spend the second half of my life.,Let her be willing。
What is your life?!Blue Xin is cold and cold,The bottom of the bottom,She doesn’t deny that Gu Anan’s words:“I don’t have such a big matter.,This is everyone’s credit。
Let Xu Jinghe turn over the money,But just want to figure out the path and method of him turning money.,It is good to take the previous ten billion people.。
So I will drag it for so long.。
more importantly,Xu Jinghe should understand,How do you use your technology to control the evidence of my husband’s car?。”
Last few words,Blue Xin’s tone is suddenly heavier,In order to get these evidence,They are really waiting for too long.。
Xu Jinghe listen to these words,Some shakeheads who don’t believe:“Do not,impossible,How can you find out??”
He is in a hurry, but it regrets it.,Doesn’t he do not hit??
At this time,Ou Jing and Le Zhenxi have also appeared at the scene。
European scenic, temperament, Hua Yao,Standing with Le Zhenxi,The two people have emitted the same deep domineering moment.。
“Xu Jinghe,There are people outside people.,There are days outside the sky.,Do you really think that your technology is invincible??”

Various emotions,I can’t miss anything wrong. Who is wrong?。

And the spring is also guided.,Slowly change people’s thoughts,Although you can’t solve all problems。
But the generous direction is absolutely good。
He is just a vast passenger.,The past is just an ordinary person,Not so much retaliation。
And the spot is just a big conflict with his awareness.。
Maybe this is also his influence。
“Then there is nothing to say.,Bar,Who will win this world?”Spouse。
Obviously he saw that he did not speak,Prepare to fight。
Spot is not a person who is very strong,It seems that Ashura’s revitalization is particularly strong.。
And the spots I feel that I have stood at the same height.,I want to share the winning and negative between the two.。
“You can’t win”Spring smiles。
This is the battle of six models,This has never happened in the history of the role.。
One has the strongest challenge,A five elements of yin and yang with themselves,Who is strong and weak, I really don’t say it?。
far away。
“Have not started,Good luck”After falling in the column。
“。。。。Are you not worried at all?”He said in the middle。
Others have also fallen。
“What is I am worried?,It seems that,Dao Dao Dao once again”Block smiles and patted shoulders。
扉 无 无 语,But still put your eyes on the body of the air.。
Others don’t talk,Quietly watch this history unprecedented battle。
“Oh,The column is also coming.,hehe,Then let you see how I am defeated everyone.,Re-establish a new world”
The spot appeared in the front of the spring,Whenestone formed by jade,Falling over the spring。
The spring also appeared in the hands of a black sputum blocking。
When the wavy suddenly exploded。
“I have the Chakra far super,You can’t be my opponent”Looking at the eyes of the spring。
“hehe,Yes?Our two are six models,Can better,Then see the body skills,This is very good at this”Spring is a smile。
Spring, with powerful power, straight-blocked long stick,Then instantaneous,Lift a high kick leg,Kicking on the spots。
Kick it directly on the spot。
Even if there is a big strengthening of the body of the six models,But it is definitely more than the body that is abrasive under gravity.。
Just kicked out a spring,Instantly disappear,Then in front of the spot。
The long stick in his hands is a set of stabs.,Play a lot of wolf,The body is also retreating。

Summer stares them,“You are not veterans,But a change……Brent!”

Three Tianzhu masters successively discolored,The pupil has a dramatic contraction。
They didn’t think of dreams.,The secret of keeping for many years is actually seen in a glance。
Their true identity,Even if the employer today doesn’t know,Now that it is blocked,This makes three people have a feeling of frightening.。
“Who are you?!”
“No country,How is home?,This is our education from the Xiaoxia.,Soldier,It is also willing to throw your head for your own country.。”
Summer cheeks have a smest,Cold drink,“I and ask you,What is the duties of the military?!”
Three people discolored。
This sentence has already touched their hearts of their heart.,Also don’t want to face one side。
“I ask you again.,I can still remember the vows under the national flag.!”
Three people eyes flash,Face 狰狞 distortion,Be accompanied by crazy。
“Don’t ask you what to do for the country,but,Why don’t you do good people?,But you have to lose your livestock!”
Da da da。
Three Tianzhu masters have taken a step,Forced forward。
Killing madness in the scorpion。
Bamboo。Fundamentally to continue to open in summer,The shape is full of a debris,Speed up,Crazy attack。
NS322chapter Steel to burst
As the summer is saying。
The three of them are not only the soldiers,And is the same battle group。
For some reason,They became a detour。
Since then, it is mixed in the Western underground world.,Become three Hech’s famous master list。
This thought it was changed to the face,No one knows their identity,But I didn’t expect to be called by the summer.。
This person must die!
have to say,Their cooperation between each other cannot be described in tacit understanding.。
It is impeccable。
One person rushed to the summer,I don’t know anything in my hand.,Sharp in the palm of the palm,Quick like electricity is generally rosted by the summer neck。
And another one is directly on the right side of a boxing,Big tiger,Complete each other dodge and living space,Forced him to only dodge on the left。
at the same time,The last accelerated tiger,Punch,It’s like a war ax in the trick.。