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8 tips to make your skincare products more durable

In your mind, it seems that there is no such thing as the management of skin care products. Is it OK to just buy skin care products?


In this case, your skin care products will be too wasteful.

In fact, skin care products must also be good at management, in order to trigger the major potential of skin care products, to maximize the effective use of skin care products.

Now teach you eight secrets to properly manage skin care products.

  Tip one: Essence is used after cleansing and toner. Generally speaking, Essence highlights deep maintenance, accelerates cell metabolism, and provides powerful supplements.

When changes in the environment cause obvious discomfort or dark skin, the use of essence is more effective.

  When using the essence, be sure to use it on the third layer of the skin care procedure, that is, after cleansing and toner.

And do not use it after the lotion, let alone the essence, because the essence of the essence can only be absorbed by the emulsion and not by the skin.

  Technique two: skin care products with ruddy skin color must be massaged to be effective for rosy skin products. They contain trace element manganese, multi-intake, high-efficiency humectants, etc., which can replenish and lock the skin’s moisture and make the skin surface smooth.Smooth and shows a healthy, rosy, beautiful complexion.

  With this type of product, you can’t finish it with a single swipe. Adding a massage action is the secret.

Massage can promote the absorption of nutrients by capillaries and lymphatic vessels, increase skin temperature, accelerate blood circulation, deliver nutrients to the skin, and make the skin full of rosy luster.

For example VICHY Vichy Brightening Vitality Gel.

  Tip 3: Cell care products are not suitable for everyone. Scientists have completely analyzed the root of skin beauty-cells. Cell care will go beyond skin care and become a new opportunity for modern beauty and skin care.

Products like Magnolia Oil Renewing Skin, Estee Lauder Perfect Rejuvenating Serum and Avon Revitalizing Essence are all products with cell care.

These products are more suitable for tired skin, thirsty skin or aging skin.

  Tip 4: Under normal conditions, skin care products refrigerated in the refrigerator are more likely to deteriorate. Putting lotion, lotion, mask and high-protein skin care products into the refrigerator is one of the methods to protect skin care products.

However, once the care products are refrigerated, they must always “live” in the refrigerator, otherwise the refrigerated care products can be easily returned to the room and deteriorated easily. In addition, the best place to store care products in the refrigerator is refrigerated fresh vegetables and fruits.local.

  Do not put cosmetics on the door of the refrigerator. Opening and closing the door back and forth makes it easy for the product to air dry and deteriorate.

You can wrap a plastic wrap on the outside of the bottle so that it doesn’t dry out easily and the bottle is clean.

If the collector is indoors, it must be placed in a place where the direct sunlight and ventilation are not available, so as to fully ensure the safety of the product.

  Tip five: Sunscreens need to be replaced every year. Even if the sunscreen last year has not been used up, it is best not to use it.

Although the sunscreen after opening has not yet expired, its sun protection effect has been greatly reduced, especially when traveling, you must buy a new sunscreen with a high factor to be safe.

  Tip 6: Plant-based skin care products should be pre-heated before use. The skin should be warmed in the palm of the hand for 30 seconds each time in order to let the effect fully radiate. The effect is the best.

For example, La Mer Aqua Blue Mystery Cream belongs to this kind of product.

  Tip 7: Streamline whitening. Three products are enough. The most cost-effective whitening procedure can be streamlined into three products: whitening cleanser, whitening night cream, and whitening essence.

Whitening cleansers have the effect of cleansing and exfoliating, accelerating the metabolism of the skin; whitening night cream has both whitening and moisturizing; and whitening essence contains heavy-weight whitening ingredients, belongs to the “powerful agent” of the whitening series, and is the core product of a full set of productsBe sure to use it.

  Tip # 8: Use it efficiently and extend the life of skin care products. Use beauty products to develop good hygiene habits to extend the life of your products.

Generally speaking, cream care products are not directly accessible by hand, it is best to use a scraper or cotton swab; some care products or cosmetic products have isolated plastic pieces in the bottle caps. Do not throw them away.
To avoid bacterial invasion, wash your hands before using the product and close the cap tightly after use.

Sharing cosmetics with others will increase the risk of conjunctivitis and influenza. In particular, don’t share mouth and eye makeup products with others.