“Three non-stick!Shaq punished a three non-stick!”The magician’s eyes rounded,Can’t believe it,Although Shaq’s free throw was terrible,But three free throws are not touched, something that novice basketball players can do,Still surprised the knowledgeable magician。

Then just laugh。
The magician and Kareem were laughing together,Looking at raising hands,O’Neill staring at his hands incredibly。Magician and Kareem can’t help it anymore。
“The situation of this game may be different from everyone’s guess。”Ma Fu guessed。
And at the other end of the American Republic,Far east,What happened in the sinful land of the windy Chicago。Also beyond everyone’s expectations。
“Got in!Joe Dumas!Joe Dumas!Dumas with the help of pick and roll,Made his third mid-range shot in a row!”
“quasi-!Too accurate!The state of Dumas today reminds us of88-89Playoffs,At that time, he also faced the red bull,Treat Michael Jordan as nothing!4:0Swept Chicago!At that time, Joe Dumas was the god of heaven!And today,Will the Bulls be at their home court,Usher in Detroit’s revenge,Welcome to Joe DumasFMVPWhere’s revenge?”
“Michael’s face changed!He seemed to recall the shame of being bloodbathed by the Pistons.!Michael is a bit grumpy this year,I don’t know if it’s because Kobe broke him too many good things?Cause Michael is no longer willing to be a gear in the triangle offense。”
“One to one!Michael Jordan let everyone pull away!He is going to fight Joe Dumas!”
“Bullfight!1980The two strongest shooting guards of the year!in1980Years,This scene has happened many times,And enter1990Years,Jordan has already thrown this former opponent far away。”
“Michael Jordan changes direction before the continuum to try to break through!”
“Guarded!Joe Dumas defended!Swift side slide!Joe Dumas’s lateral speed seems to have returned to its peak,Move quickly like a cheetah,Blocked Michael!”
“Michael leaned back!Take advantage of height!”
“Hit!Michael went back to halftime without saying a word,And Joe Dumas took possession of the ball from Grant Hill!”
“Fateful duel!Continues to today!”
Chapter Three Seventy Six Shaq’s bad free throw