Otherwise, Shen Huan will go in and out to meet others,When others talk about this,Shen Huan must be unhappy。

Once Shen Huan is upset,Just sell this house,A few more words,Not only will the riverside be green,Other houses they developed,Will definitely encounter difficulties。
As a paradise city,There are so many real estate developers in Lin’an,If the reputation gets bad,There is no way to gain a foothold in Lin’an。
For the mere millions,Just can’t pay。
So this house was found cheap by Xia He,400Wan directly won,By the way, I gave a parking space。
But this makes a profit,Liang Xiuxiu is so willing。
Give Xia He such a convenience,Then I want to ask Shen Huan to do something,It will be easier。
Not necessarily real estate related,Other things are fine。
With Shen Huan’s development momentum today,It must be difficult for ordinary people to have a relationship with him,Only one favor at that time,But it’s very valuable!
Xia He is also very happy,It happened that the two houses were renovated together,No need to change decoration company,Just change the plan。
during the weekends,She is happy to talk about the decoration plan,Shen Huan and Shui Qianyu rarely sit on the sofa,Watch TV shows together。
Actually,Most TV shows,Especially variety shows,Tend to be naive and brainless。
Because it looks easier,Make people laugh,That’s a good pastime。
But there are also not so easy。
Like some talk shows。
Especially the one called“Liao Xin’s Date”Talk show,Often get some sad interviews。