Summer stares them,“You are not veterans,But a change……Brent!”

Three Tianzhu masters successively discolored,The pupil has a dramatic contraction。
They didn’t think of dreams.,The secret of keeping for many years is actually seen in a glance。
Their true identity,Even if the employer today doesn’t know,Now that it is blocked,This makes three people have a feeling of frightening.。
“Who are you?!”
“No country,How is home?,This is our education from the Xiaoxia.,Soldier,It is also willing to throw your head for your own country.。”
Summer cheeks have a smest,Cold drink,“I and ask you,What is the duties of the military?!”
Three people discolored。
This sentence has already touched their hearts of their heart.,Also don’t want to face one side。
“I ask you again.,I can still remember the vows under the national flag.!”
Three people eyes flash,Face 狰狞 distortion,Be accompanied by crazy。
“Don’t ask you what to do for the country,but,Why don’t you do good people?,But you have to lose your livestock!”
Da da da。
Three Tianzhu masters have taken a step,Forced forward。
Killing madness in the scorpion。
Bamboo。Fundamentally to continue to open in summer,The shape is full of a debris,Speed up,Crazy attack。
NS322chapter Steel to burst
As the summer is saying。
The three of them are not only the soldiers,And is the same battle group。
For some reason,They became a detour。
Since then, it is mixed in the Western underground world.,Become three Hech’s famous master list。
This thought it was changed to the face,No one knows their identity,But I didn’t expect to be called by the summer.。
This person must die!
have to say,Their cooperation between each other cannot be described in tacit understanding.。
It is impeccable。
One person rushed to the summer,I don’t know anything in my hand.,Sharp in the palm of the palm,Quick like electricity is generally rosted by the summer neck。
And another one is directly on the right side of a boxing,Big tiger,Complete each other dodge and living space,Forced him to only dodge on the left。
at the same time,The last accelerated tiger,Punch,It’s like a war ax in the trick.。