Aunt Zhou said:“not coming,He said that he would save the 饹馹,Come to pick it up tomorrow,He said he didn’t dare to disturb you,Let you chat to your heart’s content。”

Secretary Liao mumbled:“Not come better,Humph。”
Guan Hao said:“Liu Ming is almost forty,Should you put it down too。”
“Considered,Let’s see what happened this year。All right,Say you。”Secretary Liao continued just now:“I tell you a secret,You can’t break up with her family anyway,Run a few times during the holidays。I think your Aunt Zhou’s home was high,She’s afraid of hurting me,Also play missing,I went to her house almost every day,Girls can’t live without home after all,Finally got me caught。”He look at Aunt Zhou outside,Said again:“Do not be discouraged,Don’t be decadent,take care of yourself,Presumably she also hopes you are good in all aspects,Women are like this,You obviously miss what she wants to eat,But if you really feel helpless,She looked down on you again。”
Guan Hao smiled helplessly,This is the best mother-in-law since he met Secretary Liao,He must be worried about his own affairs。After understanding the old chief’s mind,He just said:“do not worry,I won’t languish。I will do my job well,But there is one thing I have to discuss with you”
Secretary Liao said:“As long as it’s not illegal,I promise you everything you discuss today。”
“Can you not drink,I have to walk at night。”Guan Hao said。
Secretary Liao said:“Drink less,Less cars on New Year’s Eve,The police are not too serious。do you know,Liu Ming is thinking about my wine for some time,I was not willing to let him drink。Moreover,I won’t leave if I drink too much,Chinese New Year at my house。”
Guan Hao smiled,Say:“Any year will work, but not this year,I’m not going back, dad should have an idea,He doesn’t feel well these days。It’s not easy to be severely criticized by my mother every day,Especially knowing that I am a grandfather,I have secretly shed tears several times。”
Secretary Liao is also a grandfather,So he understands,Just say:“Well,Just drink three cups。”
The situation is as Guan Hao expected,Even though he called mom before,But dad still feels restless,I thought my son was angry with him,Until midnight, Guan Hao came back,He entered his house with confidence。
Guan Haoyi enters the house,I found out that there was no Spring Festival atmosphere at home this year。
First of all,No one sees the annual Spring Festival Gala,Not even the TV turned on,Guan Yao went to sleep upstairs a long time ago,Dad entered his room as soon as he saw him back,Mother’s eyes are red and swollen,Also seems to have just cried。