How come you are called by your name so quickly?

But soon,Lynn’s treat,But let him completely forget about it。
Kogoro Mori is difficult recently,He lost the bet to Marseille,In addition to the necessary operating funds,The rest of the money was detained by my daughter。
Don’t talk about drinking,It’s hard to even drink a bottle!
Now the landlord is very kind and planning to treat,Of course he can’t miss this opportunity!
But he didn’t expect,Just as he kept flipping through the menu,When you want to order the most expensive coffee,The city’s face is causing Xiaolan to have a fever。
Today, Dad has completely lost his face!
“A cup of irish coffee?I understand。”
“correct,Xiaolan、Garden,What do you want to drink,I got it done together by the way。”
After a lot of thought,After all, Kogoro Mouri did not choose the most expensive coffee,But picked a cup of Irish coffee with alcohol。
What should I say?
Worthy of you?
I don’t even forget to drink coffee!
Xiaolan’s understanding of coffee is obviously insufficient,otherwise,After Kogoro Mouri ordered this cup of coffee,,She will definitely stop。
But Lynn didn’t plan to find out the truth,But after ordering Mouri Kogoro’s order,By the way, I asked Xiaolan and Yuanzi’s preferences。
A cup is also boiled,Three cups are also boiled,Just together。