In his words:“Relying on a person’s hard work for more than ten or twenty years,Just want to surpass other people’s ancestors,Parents,Plus decades of hard work of this generation?Why?”

But today,He found himself wrong。
It’s wrong,The guy opposite who can smash his pride is a proof。
This makes Zhao Yuming not want to talk at all。
quickly,Yuan Jiequan took out a memo that was already prepared,After seeing the three,Signed directly,This means the matter is officially settled。
Although Guo Xiaoyi has to go to high school for a few years,To go to university,But Wang Yufei is not too worried that the school will break the contract。
In fact, his experience in Beijing these days taught him a truth,People need to be strong to be king。
For example, as long as he is strong enough,No one dare not keep the promise to him,I didn’t see Ge Lingyue come to Sichuan to meet him,Xu Ruixuanhai called specifically,The person who told him there was an Apple went to him to apologize。
After understanding the cause and effect,That guy also analyzed,It is unlikely that Apple employees that day were actors from Apple.。
Between words seems to have put down the previous defense,I really mean to treat him as a friend。
But does Wang Yufei need friends now??
Hard to say,At this moment,Obviously this genius is not very good at making friends,Still staying at the low-level stage where a woman is enough。
“When shall we go to university?How about after this summer vacation?,I don’t think it makes much sense in the third year of high school。”After everything is done,Wang Yufei said to Lu Yuxin。
“OK,Then register for the college entrance examination this year。”Lu Yuxin nodded。