Ice cool sound is full of irony。

Her gaze,One inch is allocated from two faces,Tauntful,Gradually from her red lips。
“Blue Xin,You don’t have blood to spray,We just want to travel abroad。
What is a huge sum??
Don’t worry about doing things。”
Gu Anan bite her teeth and watching her.。
Looking at Lan Xin, the face is full of hatred,She is afraid of her heart.。
Gu’s is like this.,Do you still have a thought to go abroad??
Gu Anan,You do your thief,I will never hide the disclosure on your face.。
Grandma is an accident,My big brother’s thing,Shares,A few billion,Not all your good means??”
Blue Xin cold eyes to her,Full of anger and hate。
From the clear eyes,Shoot a burst of cold light,It is even more embarrassing chill.,All instantaneous frozen around around,It’s like a ice.。
Listening to Blue Xin’s stripes,Gu An’an’s heart tight,I saw Xu Xianghe.。
Xu Jinghe is looked at Blue Xin,Some regrets directly do the plane left。
Blue Xin said so clearly,I am afraid that Xu Jinghe’s heart’s idea has not yet fallen.,There are many casual police around them around.。
Brigade first step forward,Looking at Gu Anan and Xu Jinghe,Show your own documents。
Come together,Pulling a warning line around,Crowd in evacuating around onlookers。
“Gu Anan,Xu Jinghe,Your alleged fraud,kill,Deliberately murder,unambiguous evidence,Now arrested you now。”
Captain’s voice,Rewinding the ears of Gu An’an and Xu Jinghe two。
Gu An’an unbeliented,Looking at Blue Xin,“Blue Xin,Your happiness,It turns out that you have already arranged together.,Just waiting for us to jump,Yes or no?”
Gu An’an lost to the blue and blue,Roar like a mad woman,I have to spend the second half of my life.,Let her be willing。
What is your life?!Blue Xin is cold and cold,The bottom of the bottom,She doesn’t deny that Gu Anan’s words:“I don’t have such a big matter.,This is everyone’s credit。
Let Xu Jinghe turn over the money,But just want to figure out the path and method of him turning money.,It is good to take the previous ten billion people.。
So I will drag it for so long.。
more importantly,Xu Jinghe should understand,How do you use your technology to control the evidence of my husband’s car?。”
Last few words,Blue Xin’s tone is suddenly heavier,In order to get these evidence,They are really waiting for too long.。
Xu Jinghe listen to these words,Some shakeheads who don’t believe:“Do not,impossible,How can you find out??”
He is in a hurry, but it regrets it.,Doesn’t he do not hit??
At this time,Ou Jing and Le Zhenxi have also appeared at the scene。
European scenic, temperament, Hua Yao,Standing with Le Zhenxi,The two people have emitted the same deep domineering moment.。
“Xu Jinghe,There are people outside people.,There are days outside the sky.,Do you really think that your technology is invincible??”