To say that both sides have fully recovered,Impossible in such a short time。

When physical energy is on the verge of exhaustion,for the rest of the time,Is stronger than whose willpower!
“Michael,carry on?”Pippen is deciding whether to continue passing the ball to Jordan。
Jordan’s jersey is soaked,His sweat evaporates on the jersey and forms puffs of smoke。
But his eyes are still shining!
“of course。”
51Minute,It’s not my limit。
“run!start running!”Kirtrambis shouted from the sidelines。
Lakers players continue to run!
This lineup system has very high requirements for the running of the three Lakers marksmen.,They need to keep interspersing,Pick and roll,Run back,Free cut to giveOKManufacturing space。
Eddie Jones is fine to say,Young and vigorous after all。
Horry just turned out27year old,Very good physical fitness。
The only uncomfortable thing is Old Curry,He has already hit this game18separated。
5Three points!
For a role player,It’s a fantastic performance,Based on his performance in this game,He doesn’t worry about not getting the money for the next contract。
But his stamina is really exhausted,Staggered。
“Damn,Hold on for a few more minutes,Run these old legs for a few more minutes!”Old Curry gritted his teeth。
But he still ran a step slower,Kobe’s pass flew in front of him。

“Chojuro,take a good rest,Leave this person to me to deal with。”

“Terumi Mei.must be careful.”
“Although I am older,But don’t underestimate me,Chojuro。”Terumi Mei said,Side knot,“Meltdown·Monster Melting!”
A special liquid composed of water-like chakras and earth-like chakras was sprayed out from the mouth towards Dyruda in the sky,Not only has super stickiness,It is also highly corrosive。
“Is this the strength of the Five Dynasties Shuiying??”
Diluda, with his hands on his chest, easily turned sideways to avoid Terumi Ming’s spitting,Looked down quite disdainfully。
“Water escape·The Art of Mist!”
While Diruda dodges sideways,Terumi Mei uses the signature ninjutsu of Degiri Hidden Village,The entire surface of the sea is filled with white mist that can’t be seen,Even Dyruda flying in the air is shrouded。
“The attack just now was just a pavement,Is the real idea to use the technique of mist hiding as a cover to escape?.It’s a pity that you met me!”Diluda’s eyes started to glow red,Turn on the infrared function,“Got you!Don’t want to run!”
I saw Terumi leaving the cruise ship,Diluda hurried to catch up。
“Boiling escape·Skillful Fog!”
Combine chakras of fire and water,Spit out white mist from Terumi Mei’s mouth,It’s different from ordinary fog and concealment,This is a white mist composed of boiling steam,It can even be melted。
“Laser beam!”Diruda’s finger points to Terumi Mei,A laser shot through Terumi Ming’s chest and said,“In front of these infrared eyes,It doesn’t make sense to me to increase the density of the fog.,The two of you will never escape。”
“Concentration of fog?That’s it,It seems that you don’t know much about my intelligence.”
Terumi Mei covered the wound on her chest and said。
With the sound of Terumi’s words falling,Diluda’s body also began to melt。
“How is this going?!”
With a frightened expression on his face, Diruda watched that he was gradually melting,Body that exposes the wires inside。
“This is a ninjutsu that even Susao can melt.”Terumi Ming’s hands began to seal the road,“Diruda,Sleep in this sea forever!Water escape·Water Dragon Bomb!”
A water dragon made of sea water formed on the sea and rushed towards Dyruda, who was too late to dodge because his body melted.。

“Three non-stick!Shaq punished a three non-stick!”The magician’s eyes rounded,Can’t believe it,Although Shaq’s free throw was terrible,But three free throws are not touched, something that novice basketball players can do,Still surprised the knowledgeable magician。

Then just laugh。
The magician and Kareem were laughing together,Looking at raising hands,O’Neill staring at his hands incredibly。Magician and Kareem can’t help it anymore。
“The situation of this game may be different from everyone’s guess。”Ma Fu guessed。
And at the other end of the American Republic,Far east,What happened in the sinful land of the windy Chicago。Also beyond everyone’s expectations。
“Got in!Joe Dumas!Joe Dumas!Dumas with the help of pick and roll,Made his third mid-range shot in a row!”
“quasi-!Too accurate!The state of Dumas today reminds us of88-89Playoffs,At that time, he also faced the red bull,Treat Michael Jordan as nothing!4:0Swept Chicago!At that time, Joe Dumas was the god of heaven!And today,Will the Bulls be at their home court,Usher in Detroit’s revenge,Welcome to Joe DumasFMVPWhere’s revenge?”
“Michael’s face changed!He seemed to recall the shame of being bloodbathed by the Pistons.!Michael is a bit grumpy this year,I don’t know if it’s because Kobe broke him too many good things?Cause Michael is no longer willing to be a gear in the triangle offense。”
“One to one!Michael Jordan let everyone pull away!He is going to fight Joe Dumas!”
“Bullfight!1980The two strongest shooting guards of the year!in1980Years,This scene has happened many times,And enter1990Years,Jordan has already thrown this former opponent far away。”
“Michael Jordan changes direction before the continuum to try to break through!”
“Guarded!Joe Dumas defended!Swift side slide!Joe Dumas’s lateral speed seems to have returned to its peak,Move quickly like a cheetah,Blocked Michael!”
“Michael leaned back!Take advantage of height!”
“Hit!Michael went back to halftime without saying a word,And Joe Dumas took possession of the ball from Grant Hill!”
“Fateful duel!Continues to today!”
Chapter Three Seventy Six Shaq’s bad free throw

Nick Fury, whose voice fell, turned into light,Kick the evil gold with one kick。

“Evil gold!”
The evil land looked at the kicked evil gold and shouted。
“Do not worry,Next is you。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty The protagonist of this game finally got up
Peace star turned into starlight and rushed to the universe,Follow the Peace Star,Can find unlimited energy。
“Sorry,Lord Hei Di,We failed。”
In front of the shadow emperor in the black mist,Evil wood half kneeling on the ground,Said respectfully to the black shadow sitting on the throne in front of you,Evil gold,Bad soil,Eihuo also half-kneeled behind Emu。
“It’s ok,What’s more, you are not originally the opponent of SHIELD Director,Our most important opponent is the armor of light and shadow。”
“but,What to do with unlimited energy.”
Emu says。
“Even with unlimited energy,SHIELD still won’t have a way to deal with us,But the light and shadow armor is different,and also,In the recent period,You better hibernate。”
Emu looked at the Shadow Emperor with a confused expression on his face。
“When Peace Star fulfills his wish,Will return to the place of unlimited energy to replenish energy,but,In this process,Will cause time and space wormholes to appear,Let some people from other universes come here。”

Pickled pepper is gone,In exchange for two very talented young people,Especially Oladipo,If not for injury,This is properly another star-level player。

seemingly.Xu Xuan is now the only one to play his worth in the Pacers,The player who retired safely again.Just don’t know,This world,Pickled pepper will not go to Thunder,If the pickled peppers don’t go,Then Oladipo has no chance to go to the Pacers。
But not necessarily,Nothing to say。
With the referee’s whistle,The ball was thrown high in the air,Adams and Yi Jianlian jumped up at the same time——
The game started!
Aquaman’s height213,The weight is slightly heavier than Yi Jianlian,Yi Jianlian was a little slower when she jumped up,The ball was returned to the backcourt by Adams。
Thunder’s first attack。
A Lian is a little embarrassed,Three games played in the regular season,Missed a ball。
But these are all subsections,Frank off the court is also on the notebook,For Yi Jianlian’s training, we need to shift part of the focus to the jump ball.This is a very basic thing,Not important,But sometimes it can also play a vital role,For example, during a scramble.
Westbrook dribbles over,Observe the frontcourt,Adams mentioned high pick and roll from the inside,Westbrook borrows a pick and roll,Zombie jump shot——
Westbrook’s unique skills。
Bang,There is no arc of basketball,Hit the basket straight,Yi Jian jumped up to protect the rebound,To Xu Xuan,Xu Xuan held the ball for halftime。
The Thunder’s offense is simple,After the pick-and-roll, Westbrook will either fight,Or hit it yourself,Either.Fight yourself.
Unless special circumstances,Normally nothing happens unexpectedly。
Than offense,Their defense is obviously much better,Westbrook will not defend Xu Xuan,Westbrook wants to shoot a game44Times,Let him defend the opponent’s vanguard,You are going to exhaust him?
Roberson is defending Xu Xuan,The strongest individual defense on the Thunder side。

“Okay,I believe in the SHIELD to which Shunhuo and Shunhuo belong,Will definitely not do things that endanger the safety of Ninja World,Kidnapping a child,There should be other reasons too。”

Pratunam comforting Kushina,Before there is conclusive evidence,Watergate does not think that a person is a bad person at will.
Although Watergate believes that Instant Fire’s kidnapping of children is indeed wrong,But the instant fire will harm the world of Ninja,Watergate is not approved。
Pratunam thought that instant fire might really just like money。
“I will prepare food for you,I’ll leave it to you here。”
Whether it’s food or daily necessities,In the system lottery draw, I got a lot of instant fires,It’s no problem to take out some water gate and Jiuxinai。
“did not expect,Instant fire you are not only a talent for space ninjutsu,And the gift of sealing。”
“This should be a ninjutsu similar to a storage scroll。”
“Storage scroll is to seal items into the scroll,Your ninjutsu should be to seal items into space。”
Looking at the food that suddenly appeared in front of me,Watergate tries to guess the principle of the ninjutsu of Instant Fire。
“Hey,Watergate,You try this strange contact ninjutsu。”
Jiuxinai quickly yelled at Watergate。
At this time, Instant Fire remembered a crucial thing,That is that everyone did not hide their identity in the chat room,Because there were only two people, Shunhuo and Itachi Uchiha,So instant fire forgot。
But it’s not too late。
Since it is a chat room,Then there will naturally be a group leader。
In the setting of instant fire,The Director of S.H.I.E.L.E.D. Bureau Marinated Egg,As the deputy director of SHIELD, he is the deputy group leader。
Actually,Group owner and deputy group owner have the same permissions,Who is Shunhuo is the real boss behind the scenes。
Use owner permissions,Shunhuo changed the chat room settings,Everyone’s names have become code names。
【Knock grandma li chat room】

The dialogue between Song and Tielan was in front of Huang Lei,Nothing to hide,This makes Huang Lei puzzled,He was a little awkward listening,An unspeakable feeling。

But anyhow he didn’t think much,Song Zheng, whose surname is Song, let him go to the room,He just followed,I’m very curious,If you want to know more, you don’t even think about it.,In his opinion, it is nothing more than some minor problems,Although this guy said something important。
“Brother Huang Lei,This time I suffered,The person who dealt with the chick is no ordinary person at all,He is professional,I heard that once,Then ran away,Is a deserter,But despite this, this guy is a ruthless character,I have been trained,I haven’t done bad things less in these years。”
“Because the opponent is good,Also said he was a professional killer,The level is also the kind of past,So this person is not ordinary,During this period, I didn’t say to do anything too surprising。But this guy is definitely not easy to deal with,This matter is not our turn to intervene,I’m afraid you have to ask a professional person to solve it at this time。”
With the surname Song, Song briefly said some general information about this matter,Huang Lei also knows what happened,As expected,The person I saw through the camera before knows that the other person is not an ordinary person,But he didn’t expect this person to be trained,It seems to be really good,This makes Huang Lei have to think carefully about this matter.,What to do about this?
Huang Lei can’t deal with such a person at all。。
But he can’t take it as it didn’t happen。
This person has already started shooting at the chick,This period also created a particularly tense atmosphere,This makes Huang Lei impossible to justify,He has to do something on this matter,Stop the other party from doing this,But I didn’t think about it.,Do you really have to face that guy directly??
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine Ignore him
What Huang Lei meant to say,Really match each other,Huang Lei has no chance of winning。
Not only that,The situation will become relatively bad at this time。

A few bites of rice,Mental head is back,“brother,Nothing happened at home?”

“What can be,Eat your meal。”Wang Lan glared at her daughter,“Hurry to school after a full meal,Why are you running back at noon?,Little troublesome。”
“I’m afraid you will be bullied,Run home after class,I can’t even drink my saliva,Who wants a calm home,Really boring。”
Gan Yifan joked:“You still want to make a big turn at home to be interesting?”
“That is not what i mean,Just,It’s different from what you imagined。”
“It didn’t matter much,Eat quickly,Brother sent you to school after dinner。”
Wang Lan said:“Don’t pester your brother,Your brother has to go to school,Mom will send you there。”
“I am on the same road with Xiaowen,Take her to school together。”Wang Yahan put down the dishes,“Eat slowly,Start at one point,Xiaowen can rest at home。”
Xu Wen does not appreciate,Make faces at her back upstairs。Gan Yifan was amused by her playful appearance,Add another bowl of rice。If Xu Wen knew how many steaks he had,,Just ate a few bowls of rice not long ago,I must say he is a pig again。
Gan Yifan actually discovered this too,I don’t seem to be full enough,When I was in this state before,He estimated that he would go to a new level in his cultivation away from fire art。
After eating, Gan Yifan went straight to school,Wander around the lake,The number is not small,He went to the dormitory to show his face,Lest Wang Youwei can’t see him,Go back to the lake,It’s almost time for class,The school security blasted a circle of people,The lake is finally quiet,Gan Yifan dived into the depths of the grove and started practicing。
At noon, the practice is not progressing from the fire technique,But it can increase proficiency,In this practice, he controls the flame of the three fingers and has tended to do whatever he wants,It is estimated that I can light the fourth finger flame at the same time when I go back on the weekend,It’s getting closer and closer。
In the afternoon this basketball game was played against the Chinese Department,The Chinese Department of Gansu University is a major department,Divided into several departments by subject,This basketball game is played against freshmen in the Chinese Department。
There are many international students in the Chinese Department,As China has become more and more influential in the world,The proportion of foreign students is also increasing year by year,The number of foreign students enrolled this year in the Chinese Department of Gan University alone is more than 30 higher than last year.,The number of overseas students in the Chinese Department is also more than ten more than in previous years。
Of the five players on the field, there are three foreign students,Two European students,Not shorter than Gan Yifan and Wang Youwei,And another Asian student is also 1.85 meters tall,There are still a few tall people sitting on the bench。

The second one was too weird to promise。

It’s scary fast。
People can’t believe it。
“why?”Wei Xi stammered a bit。
“Because you know。”Shen Huan smiled,He who is laughing,Very handsome,“I like to deal with people who know something,Since you know something,Then I won’t be stingy for you。”
Wei Xi looks at this smiling face that can make hundreds of millions of fans scream,The heart is excited and fearful。
This is16Years old!
So mature,where is that16Year old can have?
To know,His reputation outside,But gentle atmosphere、A super nice person to help others!
Where can I get it when necessary,It’s actually like this。
If not for huge benefits,He feels like this,It’s better to deal with less。
Because of such a person,Controlling people’s hearts is too great。
“200In case the price of the song does not change,I can give it to you these few days。”Shen Huan said,“If nothing happens,You go back early,Prepare for Dong’er’s album!This album,I hope she does well,With a head-up knowledge,Leaving the mediocre studio。”
“This is what i hope。”Wei Xi came over,Said with a smile:“Thank you teacher Lu!”
Of course he should thank Shen Huan。
If someone said it would be singing these days,He has to wonder if he is fooling himself by making a song,But since Shen Huan said,That is sure to work。
Seeing others are rubbing《I sing my song》The popularity of,But they must have never thought,I will be the first one?

How come you are called by your name so quickly?

But soon,Lynn’s treat,But let him completely forget about it。
Kogoro Mori is difficult recently,He lost the bet to Marseille,In addition to the necessary operating funds,The rest of the money was detained by my daughter。
Don’t talk about drinking,It’s hard to even drink a bottle!
Now the landlord is very kind and planning to treat,Of course he can’t miss this opportunity!
But he didn’t expect,Just as he kept flipping through the menu,When you want to order the most expensive coffee,The city’s face is causing Xiaolan to have a fever。
Today, Dad has completely lost his face!
“A cup of irish coffee?I understand。”
“correct,Xiaolan、Garden,What do you want to drink,I got it done together by the way。”
After a lot of thought,After all, Kogoro Mouri did not choose the most expensive coffee,But picked a cup of Irish coffee with alcohol。
What should I say?
Worthy of you?
I don’t even forget to drink coffee!
Xiaolan’s understanding of coffee is obviously insufficient,otherwise,After Kogoro Mouri ordered this cup of coffee,,She will definitely stop。
But Lynn didn’t plan to find out the truth,But after ordering Mouri Kogoro’s order,By the way, I asked Xiaolan and Yuanzi’s preferences。
A cup is also boiled,Three cups are also boiled,Just together。