Middle-aged men also need sexual fantasies


Middle-aged men also need sexual fantasies

[Introduction]The quality of sexual life of many middle-aged couples has gradually declined, and some even have a continuous but not sexual life.

This is of course closely related to the age, sexual ability and physical condition of the two people, but sexual life is new and tedious is also an important factor.

In fact, it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a dull sexual life come out and appropriately stimulate some sexual fantasies.

銆€銆€Sexual fantasies are an important sexual stimulus. Mr. Wang and his wife have been married for 20 years. Now they are all over 40 years old. Mr. Wang’s body has been blessed, and his wife has also passed away, and wrinkles have climbed into the eyes.

However, in his sexual life, Mr. Wang is always willing to imagine his wife as a pretty adult, and his wife is also infected by her husband’s passion, so the sex life of both sides has always been quite satisfactory.

It is sexual fantasies that have helped them.

銆€銆€Usually, both men and women will have sexual fantasies. The scenes and sexual objects that appear in fantasy can generally reflect more thoughts in people’s hearts, and the illusions often do not match reality.

The beauty lies in the fact that it can be free from time and space constraints, increase sexual excitement, help cultivate interest in sexual life, and promote the arrival of climax.

銆€銆€For middle-aged people, especially middle-aged men, sexual fantasies are an important sexual stimulus.

Because young men’s sexual desire is in a period of vigorousness, erectile function is also normal, and even very slight sexual stimulation can make them forget to attract sex; and quite a few middle-aged men may have lost their initial passion and even strong sexual desire.To a large extent, sexual fantasies are needed to improve the quality of sexual life, so that they can achieve a certain self-stimulating purpose through thinking activities in waking state.

Therefore, middle-aged men have more sexual fantasies, which will not deviate from the promise of mutual loyalty between husband and wife, but also bring freshness to sexual behavior.

銆€銆€What do you want to recall when you recall the more beautiful fantasy?

This may exceed the normal life of normal life, and sexual life with strangers or many people; some people’s fantasy of sexual partners is not an ideal person; there are people who are far more realistic than the realitycompanion.

銆€銆€In the study, it was found that young people are more exposed to modern media, and the content of sexual fantasies is also affected by their sexual promotion.

銆€銆€In comparison, middle-aged men’s sexual fantasies, young women are mostly, many middle-aged people will try to imagine themselves and young and beautiful women have a good sex life.

At the same time, middle-aged people may be more likely to recall previous sexual details during the process of sexual fantasies, such as the sex life of the spouse.

Like Mr. Wang mentioned earlier, it is a wonderful feeling to let your sexual fantasies stay in the appearance of his wife when he is young.

銆€銆€Appropriate fantasy can help couples’ emotional fantasies from the beginning of adolescence to the sexual behavior that may exist in the old age.

But as you get older, the frequency of sexual fantasies may drop.

From the perspective of maintaining sexual passion, middle-aged men can appropriately have more sexual fantasies, causing their own sexual excitement and sexual arousal.

However, there is a limit to everything. If you indulge in sexual fantasies all day, even interfere with normal work and affect interpersonal relationships, it will cause harm to your wife and yourself.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is best for middle-aged men to be short-term fantasies. After the end of sexual life, the objects of imagination disappear.

If you are obsessed with sexual fantasies all day long, even fantasizing your colleagues or friends, it will affect the normal marital relationship, and the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life runs counter to it.

銆€銆€Sexologists believe that, to a certain extent, the more bizarre the sexual fantasies, the more illusory, the less the adverse effects will be; on the contrary, the more concrete, the threat to real sex and even marriage.