Selection of Chinese medicine health certificate

Selection of Chinese medicine health certificate

There are many ways to keep in good health, and there are also many schools of wellness, which have formed our country’s unique wellness.
  October 20th is the “World Traditional Medicine Day”. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of thousands of years. The health concept advocated by it has also attracted much attention today.
In the traditional method of health, traditional Chinese medicine is indispensable, but not everyone needs to take traditional Chinese medicine for health. How to take it?
  传统的五大养生方法  我国的传统养生学有着悠久的历史,数千年来,历代中医药学家和养生学家不断地积累和总结流传于民间的养生保健经验,养生学的专着浩如烟海,养生方法There are many different schools of health care, which have formed China’s unique health care.
  China’s traditional health methods mainly include five methods: spiritual health methods, living health methods, diet health methods, sports health methods and drug health methods.
The mental health method is to make yourself have a good mood every day through mental adjustment. The living health method is to promote good health through a good lifestyle. The diet health method is to ensure health and prevent diseases through a reasonable diet. The sports health method isStrengthen your physique with the right amount of exercise.
These four health methods are economical and effective, and have no toxic and side effects, and are suitable for everyone.
The medicine health method is to supplement or treat people with weak constitution or people with chronic diseases by supplementing traditional Chinese medicine or traditional Chinese medicine with therapeutic effect. That is to say, the reasonable application of supplementary Chinese medicine is mainly applicable to middle-aged and elderly people with weak constitution or disease.
  At present, there are a variety of health products on the market. Most of the health products contain nourishing Chinese medicine or nutritional drugs, which have a certain health-care effect.
Faced with so many health products, middle-aged and elderly people often feel at a loss when shopping.
Many middle-aged and elderly people purchase health products based on advertising, and some people mistakenly believe that the more expensive health products will perform better.
In fact, judging the quality of health products based on advertising and product prices is incorrect.
In terms of the health-care law, the price of health products is not important. The important thing is whether the health products or supplementary Chinese medicines are suitable for you.
  The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that “there is deficiency, and the truth is diarrhea”, which means that only those with weak constitution are suitable for taking supplemental Chinese medicine, while those with strong constitution or suffering from empirical diseases not only cannot use tonics, but also apply laxatives appropriatelyWould be helpful.
Traditional Chinese medicine also pays much attention to “differentiation by syndrome differentiation”. The weak constitution of the human body is mainly divided into four categories: Qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency.
Qi deficiency should use traditional Chinese medicine, blood deficiency with blood medicine, yin deficiency with yin medicine, and yang deficiency with yang medicine, so as to effectively promote human health.
If the yin deficiency is treated with a tonic medicine, the yang deficiency is treated with a tonic medicine.
Therefore, when purchasing health care products, you must make scientific and reasonable choices according to the specific conditions of your body, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing physical fitness, preventing and treating diseases.
Blindly buying and taking those health care products that are drowned by advertisements or expensive, not only waste money, fail to achieve the purpose of promoting health, but also often cause some adverse reactions.
In recent years, side effects such as endocrine disorders, elevated blood pressure, and irritability and insomnia have often been reported due to misuse of health products.
  There are also some middle-aged and elderly people who often take some supplementary Chinese medicines, nutritional medicines or health products, which can achieve the purpose of “sickness and cure, disease-free health”.
In fact, this view is also wrong. Not all middle-aged and elderly people can use traditional Chinese medicine for health care, but it is determined according to their physical condition.
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the physical fitness of the elderly can generally be divided into two categories: normal constitution and disease constitution.
Elderly people of normal constitution are in a healthy state, so it is not necessary to take Chinese medicine for benefit.
  Some people describe the state of a healthy human body as a clock that walks accurately, and there is no need to artificially interfere with its operation.
A health care expert did not understand how to take supplements for healthy middle-aged and elderly people. He said, “Our own biological clock is going very accurately. Why should we dial it faster or slower?
Therefore, we must not do the stupid thing of “taking medicine without disease and spending money on disease”.
  The principle of health care of traditional Chinese medicine-the overall concept and dialectical theory complements the so-called “overall concept”, which means that when we apply traditional Chinese medicine health care, we must take different methods of health care into consideration when we consider the overall situation of the elderly.
The overall condition includes aspects such as mental state, physical function, facial complexion, etc., and then consider specific methods of traditional Chinese medicine health.
At the same time, it is also necessary to properly adjust the variety and dose of Chinese medicine in consideration of the impact of climate change in different seasons on the human body.
  The so-called “differentiation of syndromes” refers to the identification of physical conditions and disease symptoms of middle-aged and elderly people based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine theory, so as to supplement Chinese medicine.
  Four types of deficiency syndromes Generally speaking, the deficiency syndromes of middle-aged and elderly people are mainly divided into four categories: Qi deficiency syndrome, blood deficiency syndrome, yang deficiency syndrome, and yin deficiency syndrome.
  The Qi Deficiency Syndrome refers to the general name of the systemic weakness symptoms of the body’s visceral function decline and lack of vitality.
Middle-aged and elderly qi deficiency syndromes are mostly caused by congenital insufficiency, acquired infertility, chronic illness or aging.
The clinical manifestations are: fatigue, fatigue, languidness, pale complexion, dizziness, palpitations, spontaneous sweating, and poor appetite.
It is suitable for nourishing traditional Chinese medicine, such as ginseng, American ginseng, Codonopsis, Radix Ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Astragalus, Atractylodes, Yam, Lentil, Glycyrrhiza, Jujube, Honey, etc. Chinese patent medicines such as Sijunzi Pill
  The blood deficiency syndrome refers to the general term for the symptoms of general weakness in the body due to insufficient blood in the body and loss of the internal organs and veins.Middle-aged and elderly patients with blood deficiency syndrome are mostly caused by fatigue and internal injuries, excessive thought, weak spleen and stomach, and excessive blood loss.

Clinical manifestations are: pale or yellowish complexion, pale lips, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, numbness of hands and feet, pale tongue, etc.

It is suitable for nourishing blood with traditional Chinese medicines, such as Angelica, Shudi, Polygonum multiflorum, Ejiao, Longan meat, etc., and proprietary Chinese medicines such as Siwu Wan.

  The yang deficiency syndrome refers to the total weighing of symptoms such as insufficient body yang, decreased function and low body reactivity, decreased metabolic activity, and a series of insufficiency.

Middle-aged and elderly people with yang deficiency syndrome are mostly due to congenital insufficiency, acquired deprivation, exhaustion and internal injuries, and chronic illness.

The clinical manifestations are: chills, cold limbs, pale, fatigue, fatigue, laziness, spontaneous sweating, and clear urine.

Suitable for the application of Chinese medicine for tonifying the sun, such as velvet antler, yellow dog kidney, purple river carp, toad, cordyceps, walnut, cistanche, cynomorium, Morinda officinalis, epimedium, citronella, Eucommia, continuum, dog spine, boneBroken tonic, psoralen, nootropic kernel, Shayuanzi, Cuscuta chinensis, Chinese chive seeds, fenugreek, Yangshishi, etc., proprietary Chinese medicines such as Jinkui Shenqi Pill, Yougui Pill.

  The yin deficiency syndrome refers to the total weighing of symptoms such as lack of yin fluid in the body due to the concentration of seminal blood and body fluid, yin does not control yang, and hyperfunction of the body, and excessive metastasis.

Middle-aged and elderly Yin deficiency syndromes are mostly caused by congenital damage, chronic illness consuming Yin fluid, or fever injury Yin.

The clinical manifestations are: five upset fever, dry mouth and dry throat, hot flushes, night sweats, red tongue and less moss.

Suitable for the application of tonifying Chinese medicines, such as Adenophora chinensis, Ophiopogon japonicum, Asparagus, Dendrobium, Polygonatum, Polygonatum, Lily, Lycium barbarum, Mulberry, Eclipta, Ligustrum lucidum, Turtle board, Turtle shell, Black sesame etcSuch as Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Zuo Gui Wan.