Yang Shiyun is a girl with a quick temper,Do whatever you think of,So she immediately sent a message to Yanzi,Call yourself back when it’s convenient for her。

after awhile,Yanzi actually called back!
“Sister Shiyun,Is something wrong at home??”
Yanzi asked the first sentence,But the sound is very small,Obviously she deliberately did not want to be heard by others。
“No,I know you are in Dechang,I am also here,So contact you,where are you now?”
Yang Shiyun said happily,There is a feeling of finding an organization。
“Me and Yang Zhi are the three,Now follow a few people in secret,Those few people are following my master secretly,We are tracking and anti-tracking,Hehe……A fun game, right?。”
Swallow said mischievously。
“where are you?I’ll take someone over immediately?”
Yang Shiyun immediately said excitedly。
“We are in the mountains……I don’t know the specific location……Wait for my call if you want to come……”
Yanzi said embarrassingly。
“Mountain?Why did you go to the mountains?”
Yang Shiyun was surprised,Is it difficult to morally change the dealers hidden in the mountains??
“I do not know either……Master is wandering in the mountains,The group followed him,We followed those people further behind。”