Of course it may be an illusion to others,But Han Wenle probably understands what’s going on。

The first question is the hardest,Even if the process is omitted,I still spend more time。
The second question is proof,The key lies in the details of the proof,So the process must be written clearly and plainly。
The third problem is a calculation problem for derivation of implicit function,Obviously Wang Yufei found the simplest solution,So the problem solving speed is very fast,You don’t need to write too many Chinese characters,Simple mathematical notation will not take long……
Then the fourth question,Fifth question,Sixth question……
Solve each problem,Han Wenle silently took a picture with his phone,record on file。
But I was madly complaining,Have you done all these questions?Even if you did it, you have to remember it?Is this no need to think at all?
When Wang Yufei put down his electronic pen,Look at Hangeul Le Shi,The senior math teacher silently exited the phone from camera mode,Look at the time——Five thirty。
Wang Yufei only uses28Minutes to solve these six problems selected by the mathematics geniuses in the class borrowed from collective wisdom。
this moment,Han Wenle just wants to be silent。
He hesitated,Is there any need to say the next thing?……
This blow seems to be enough,Han Wenle can see that the small faces of the children in the audience have begun to turn white,Even more dare not look up at the podium。
“teacher,I’m done!”Wang Yufei stood on the podium and reminded。
It’s not that I don’t adapt to this quiet environment,But just after putting all my mind on solving the problem,Because the brain is always in a state of high load operation,Too much consumption of the body,Makes him feel very tired,What’s more depressing is,He feels hungry again,So that Wang Yufei felt his legs might tremble after standing a little longer。
Standing on the podium……
That picture is too beautiful,Wang Yufei doesn’t dare to think,I’m afraid of embarrassment,Just because Lu Yuxin is also sitting in class,He subconsciously didn’t want girls to see his indecent posture。