The second one was too weird to promise。

It’s scary fast。
People can’t believe it。
“why?”Wei Xi stammered a bit。
“Because you know。”Shen Huan smiled,He who is laughing,Very handsome,“I like to deal with people who know something,Since you know something,Then I won’t be stingy for you。”
Wei Xi looks at this smiling face that can make hundreds of millions of fans scream,The heart is excited and fearful。
This is16Years old!
So mature,where is that16Year old can have?
To know,His reputation outside,But gentle atmosphere、A super nice person to help others!
Where can I get it when necessary,It’s actually like this。
If not for huge benefits,He feels like this,It’s better to deal with less。
Because of such a person,Controlling people’s hearts is too great。
“200In case the price of the song does not change,I can give it to you these few days。”Shen Huan said,“If nothing happens,You go back early,Prepare for Dong’er’s album!This album,I hope she does well,With a head-up knowledge,Leaving the mediocre studio。”
“This is what i hope。”Wei Xi came over,Said with a smile:“Thank you teacher Lu!”
Of course he should thank Shen Huan。
If someone said it would be singing these days,He has to wonder if he is fooling himself by making a song,But since Shen Huan said,That is sure to work。
Seeing others are rubbing《I sing my song》The popularity of,But they must have never thought,I will be the first one?