To know,The deterrence of a peak fighting king,In a small place like the Gama Empire,Not worse than a Douhuang……

Li Chenfeng who recovered from his memories,Looked at the two people present,Out channel:“grandfather,I just heard my father say,You were injured when you picked a strange plant named Qihuanqingling?”
Nalanjie nodded,Tao:“Not bad。”
“These seven magical blue spirits salivate this plant,Its rhizome,Can extract a very mysterious liquid substance。And this substance,Is the best medicine to restore soul power。So it can be regarded as a special strange thing between heaven and earth,get it,The injury is worth it。”
Li Chenfeng has some joy in his eyes。
Because he seems to have found a way to wake up Yao Lao……
Sorted out my thoughts,Li Chenfeng looked at the two,Tao:“grandfather,This experience,Grandson’s harvest is not small!right now,I am already a fighter……!”
“what did you say?!”
Nalanjie, who was originally smiling, opened her eyes wide.,A look that didn’t understand,Asked again。
Li Chenfeng has no nonsense,Direct operation of fighting spirit,A thin layer of fighting gauze was formed around his body。
“this is……Fighting gauze,Fighter!”
“How can this be!You were nothing but Six Star Fighters when you went out!It’s only half a year now,How can I be promoted to Master?”
Seeing Nalanjie and Nalansu both look unbelievable,Li Chenfeng smiled slightly,Explain。
“This time I can make such a big breakthrough,Actually because I was lucky,Thanks to a good teacher!”
“teacher?”Nalan and his son looked at each other,All saw the surprise in their eyes。
“Hurry up,Elaborate。”
Nodded,Li Chenfeng narrated the words he prepared one by one。
In his words,It means that I accidentally met an injured old man,The other party thinks he has good qualifications,Accept him as a disciple。
of course,Li Chenfeng also made up a lot of twists and turns in the middle。