The violent power is hitting the shock wave.。

The people of the gods in the lower part are all affected.,All are in the bustling,Suddenly a chaos。
Only the madness is not affected。
He is like a beast.,Touching the body,Intimate,Anxiety,噼噼。
Fladder,The strong people of the gods are flying in the air,Unexpectedly。
And the other side,Summer has been with Dongxuan fierce battle together。
The two is like a electro-light entanglement,Disabled,Along with the sword of the sword。
“Fukou,What are you waiting for?!”
Dong Xuan is one side with summer fight,While cold,“Want to see the lively there?,Go to block the madman。”
Jiangkou Fang Ye Face,A bit bite,Also leap from above。
Great,“Everyone gathers together,Don’t separate,He is alone,Injured,Don’t fear him。”
This sentence has played a lot。
Counting ordinary members,The gods in this place have hundreds of people,It is also all arbitrarily in this moment.,Handheld sword screaming towards the 枭。
I saw Dong Xuan, a knife.,The air in front is now broken.,Like electricity, it is generally straight in summer.。
Summer shape,On the side of the side, let go of the hand and pull it back.。
Dong Xuan’s figure jumps,It is like a gyro-like rotation,Hitting。
His strength is indeed,Even if it is in summer, it is difficult to defeat.。
There are many external factors in this.。
There is nothing in the summer injuries.,However, those huge shock waves falling in the shells,But let him have also hit hard with the 枭。
“Kill god,You are dead。”
Standland,Dong Xuan big drink,“Die!”
At the same time,His hands appear on a white jade,Slaid to throw in summer。
At the same time,A terrible energy is open。
White jade is still blasting in half air,The white dust in the sky has raised。
Next second。
The shocking scene appeared。
I only see a giant snake with a foothold with more than ten meters.,Working with a residual shadow toward summer。
Summer is not shocked。
He is very profound about this。
This is an aggressive Xuanmen!
Last time on the killing conference,There is a woman named Maria to get one,And used to deal with summer。
He remembers that is a huge vulture.,If he does not have a cognition,I am afraid that I will have the other side.。