She doesn’t know what’s going on。

“Forget it,Let’s go!”
Fang Yu saw that Qiao Yun really didn’t know,Take her away。
Almost rested,I should go out for dinner!
Qiao Yun knows。
That fat guy,May be the wrong person。
She really doesn’t know that fat man!
But after they left,That fat guy chased up。
“Qiao Yun,That fat guy is chasing……”
Fang Yu reminded。
“No way……I never thought I was so beautiful and cute,Was spotted by a fat guy!”Qiao Yun distressed。
“Not as good as,We went over and asked what happened?”
Fang Yu proposed。
Qiao Yun knows。
not ready yet,Was pulled by Fang Yu。
And soon came to Fatty’s side。