“Chojuro,take a good rest,Leave this person to me to deal with。”

“Terumi Mei.must be careful.”
“Although I am older,But don’t underestimate me,Chojuro。”Terumi Mei said,Side knot,“Meltdown·Monster Melting!”
A special liquid composed of water-like chakras and earth-like chakras was sprayed out from the mouth towards Dyruda in the sky,Not only has super stickiness,It is also highly corrosive。
“Is this the strength of the Five Dynasties Shuiying??”
Diluda, with his hands on his chest, easily turned sideways to avoid Terumi Ming’s spitting,Looked down quite disdainfully。
“Water escape·The Art of Mist!”
While Diruda dodges sideways,Terumi Mei uses the signature ninjutsu of Degiri Hidden Village,The entire surface of the sea is filled with white mist that can’t be seen,Even Dyruda flying in the air is shrouded。
“The attack just now was just a pavement,Is the real idea to use the technique of mist hiding as a cover to escape?.It’s a pity that you met me!”Diluda’s eyes started to glow red,Turn on the infrared function,“Got you!Don’t want to run!”
I saw Terumi leaving the cruise ship,Diluda hurried to catch up。
“Boiling escape·Skillful Fog!”
Combine chakras of fire and water,Spit out white mist from Terumi Mei’s mouth,It’s different from ordinary fog and concealment,This is a white mist composed of boiling steam,It can even be melted。
“Laser beam!”Diruda’s finger points to Terumi Mei,A laser shot through Terumi Ming’s chest and said,“In front of these infrared eyes,It doesn’t make sense to me to increase the density of the fog.,The two of you will never escape。”
“Concentration of fog?That’s it,It seems that you don’t know much about my intelligence.”
Terumi Mei covered the wound on her chest and said。
With the sound of Terumi’s words falling,Diluda’s body also began to melt。
“How is this going?!”
With a frightened expression on his face, Diruda watched that he was gradually melting,Body that exposes the wires inside。
“This is a ninjutsu that even Susao can melt.”Terumi Ming’s hands began to seal the road,“Diruda,Sleep in this sea forever!Water escape·Water Dragon Bomb!”
A water dragon made of sea water formed on the sea and rushed towards Dyruda, who was too late to dodge because his body melted.。