Zhan Li smiled:“I went to Pengcheng a few years ago,I don’t know what it looks like now。Read your book,I think that city seems to be getting more and more beautiful。”

“Yes,”Fang Haozheng said with full energy,“The construction of the motherland is changing with each passing day,Every day I can feel the vigor of this society’s vigorous development,Living in this era,Really happy。”
Zhan Li glanced at him,Said:“I’m free in a while I want to go there for a few days,Handsome boy,Would you like to be my tour guide?”
Fang Hao’s heart burst:“What does she mean?Is she greedying my body too??”
I don’t think when I don’t have this idea,With this idea,I think Zhan Li’s every move is confirming this idea。
Said with a smile:“of course can,Sister Li, you are the goddess in my heart,For you,That’s my honor。”
But my heart is very tangled。
It’s not that Zhan Li is old,His physical reaction told him,Not disgusted at all。
Mainly because this woman doesn’t dare to mess with it!
I’m not afraid to tear him,I just don’t want to get too close to this woman,Because this woman was rejected by the whole circle,Has been blocked by this circle for several years。
He wants to be a star,If I get too close to this woman,Hate House and Wu,Was implicated by this circle,Block him too,Isn’t that going to cry?
No problem,But in my heart,If this woman really travels through most of China and goes to Pengcheng to sleep with herself,I still have to find an excuse for not seeing me。
Writer,You can find excuses——Cut off contact with the outside world,Write yourself in a small black room。
Zhan Li doesn’t know what he thinks,I just think I have successfully dated a peerless gun,In a good mood。
They talked and laughed and walked to that small yard,Sheng Tiange saw that scene in the courtyard,I feel so bored:
“Why did this mad woman come over?,Those two guys ran so far like pugs to meet?I’ll come over,They sit there still。Am I more mad than a mad star?”
Chapter 201 The world is so complicated
Although I am very dissatisfied,See Zhan Li coming,Sheng Tiange still hurried to greet,Said with a smile:“Sister Li hasn’t seen you in a long time,I find you become more beautiful。”