I want to understand this sentence.,Get the first sentence from the snow,That is“We have been threatened,Please help us。”

“it”When roaring,I also make a threat to the surroundings.,Thus, there is a fortune that is attached to the natural。
Time to watch news,I saw a similar expert lecture.,Say what happened this year’s climate will be very abnormal,Especially in the Pacific region,Lanina and El Nino effect will reach the strongest history.。
This unusual storm,Just this year’s start,Next year,Climate disasters will be very frequent。
At the beginning, the department is only thinking this.“US”Index to one of the snow,But now it seems,It refers to the entire natural weather。
this“it”,With the ability to shake the entire natural climate,This ability is,May only be a dragon.?
Props three:【warning】
“Demon,Already waiting for you in the Pacific Ocean。”
This is a card written with red ink,Reflecting the style of quantum force。
The Pacific Ocean。
These two key elements are combined together,It’s enough to let the science callgaTerrorist game,Still the type of disaster film。
Yinchuan Longhe,This man who is born from the Pacific cruise ship accident,His figure,It’s been behind this storm.。
He is using his strength to be a dragon,And a full room,What do you do in the Pacific?,His series of behaviors lead to chaos of the climate,Finally, the tourist town of this Hokkaido,Caused a blizzard。
Scary to unrecognized ability。
Lenten it again《Casel》Tsunami shot when the tape。
Not good,He really will trigger the tsunami。
I have so far,The two dragons of the slaughter are also demon and the Lordora,But to say that these two dragons,Also doped some moisture。
These two people are in the help of the genital spirituality.,In order to become a non-purely river。
Zezi brother,He until the last moment,I have a chance to win chess,But he is hard to die.,This is unpaladable with his too bad mentality.,Huge win-negative pressure makes him difficult to think in the last http://www.hebzgrs.cn moment。
失 武 那,His technical level is of course impeccable,He also turned his mentality in the key moment.,When the subject is on the time of sacrifice mode,A few steps, the hand, the arrogant and fragile attitude,After a long time, he slowed down.。
If the disappears can be equipped with a strong heart from the head to the end,Corporation will open the sacrifice mode even,Maybe it is not so easy to turn this plate from the other’s hands.。
Yinchuan Longhe,It is true pure blood dragon in the true sense.,One does not take anything in any junction,Purely relying on your own genius and efforts,Extended protagonist’s luck to embrace the man of the dragon,Unveiled in the technical level,On the mentality level,It is like the dragon claws.。
Such people,The more you put him on the road,He may be more exciting.,Just like the http://www.szht92.cn smile showing when he decided to discard it under the disadvantage situation.。
Think here,Kohuan looked like a remote sky。
Today’s weather is sunny,It is self-playing into the winter.,The best in the Hokkaido is one,But such weather is in the roaring of the Dragon,It is possible to break away at any time.。
The fortune attached to the chess,Shaped the bustling of the chess,Also gave a lot of madness。
Can be fade,What is the fortune??
Simple luck,Still, it is true that some concept?
Quantum mechanics,What is the relationship with them??
So from yourself into the chess,It has been nearly a year.,On this fairy road,He has also gone to a very high position,Now there are only a few peaks left in front of him.。
The worldview of the world is often like this.,Not imaginary pyramid shape,I’ve walked from high http://www.shhongxiang.cn levels,The less unknown areas,But the shape of rugby,In the middle,Mystery and questions are the most,But continue to this critical line,Mystery will reduce high speed。
He now,Although the strength has entered a high-level group,But you will feel self-feeling,Overall progress is still in the middle half,If this is a24Episode,May be the current progress bar12Set。
He now,There are still many people,I have never seen it.,Only witnessed on newspapers。
Such as well,Such as Mu Gu Sheng Naixiang,There are also a few top holders,Also, such as half wild teachers,When these people start, when they appear in front of him.,Maybe it means that the story is about to come.?