I am Yu Huan Shui: deliberately selling miserable detrimental character creation

“I am Yu Huan Shui”: deliberately “selling miserable” detrimental character creation
The “I am Yu Huan Shui” produced by Noon Sunshine recently aired, and the small character Yu Huan Shui played by Guo Jingfei has gained popularity.But at the same time, the audience also noticed that in addition to the relatively three-dimensional image of Yu Huan-shui, the other supporting characters also have the same Facebook problem. What is the problem?Guo Jingfei plays Yu Huanshui.”Selling miserable” can raise the topic “I am Yu Huan Shui” adapted from the writer Yu Geng’s novel “If There Is No Tomorrow”, which is called the cowardly, useless, timid middle-aged man Yu Huan Shui.Lived out the second life with great brilliance.Just when he was about to wave goodbye to the world, there was a big reversal-he was not ill at all.”I am Yu Huan Shui” basically continues the framework and character of the novel, but it is also carefully crafted.The most striking point is that the script made Yu Huanshui even worse.At work, Yu Huan-shui in the novel has a good working ability, and he works well in the company. The leader also intends to promote him.But when it came to the script, he had the worst business ability company, failed to meet the standard for five consecutive months, was late for three consecutive deductions of his basic salary, and even was punished by the leader to clean the toilet. His dignity was lost.Yu Huanshui is in a dilemma of contempt chain in the unit.In terms of family relations, although the relationship between Yu Huan-shui and his wife turned cold, he did not always keep his promises in front of his wife, and could not stand up in front of his wife’s family.Even during the divorce, his wife praised Huan Shui as a “grandfather”, and the two cried for a while.In the play, Yu Huanshui was at the bottom of the family contempt chain again. Both his wife and her uncle looked down on him, and his wife called on him.In the novel, Yu Huanshui does not have any top-quality native family. His parents are very affectionate. After his mother’s death, his father is alone.In the play, his father became a “needless dad.” After his mother died, he married his stepmother. The stepmother took his father to the company of Yu Huan Shui and asked Yu Huan Shui to marry his son.Yu Huan Shui has a good friend named Lu Fumeng, he owes Yu Huan Shui 130,000.In the novel, Yu Huan-shui got the money from Lu Fumeng very smoothly, although Lu Fumeng also made a ruthless statement, “We will each go our own way in the future.”In the script, Yu Huanshui begs for money and was teased by Lv Fumeng five times, and finally Yu Huanshui made a face to make trouble before he could get the money . his wife was counting Yu Huanshui.There is no doubt that this is an era of topical drama.From “It’s All Good”, “Little Joy” to “An Jia”, these urban life scripts have caused much discussion, often because those discussed in the script have stamped the emotional pain points of modern people.Therefore, the current urban scripts are keen on “topic first”, and some topics are discussed on Weibo, and the show will give you a full set.The same is true for “I am Yu Huan Shui”.Its first two episodes can be called the “Better Tragic Conference”, which made Yu Huanshui debut as the “most miserable protagonist in history”.Only tragic enough to have enough “gimmicks”.Whether it is a “middle-aged person”, a “social animal” or a “little person”, each ethnic group can more or less see its own shadow from Yu Huanshui and get emotional resonance.Moreover, it is tragic enough, and the subsequent small people’s Jedi counterattack counterattack can bring enough feeling to the audience; Yu Huanshui’s “revenge” can also be popular.Therefore, many domestic film and television dramas with the theme of counterattack of small people are keen to restrain first and then raise, first portray the characters into “tragic”, as if it is not enough to be miserable, it is not worthy of counterattack.Yu Huanshui was led down by the leader.Deliberately “selling miserable” detracts from the creation of characters from novels to episodes. Yu Huanshui’s misery index keeps escalating, the drama conflicts in episodes are more intense, and the topicality has also climbed.But from novels to dramas, the images of many supporting characters have also been completely facialized.They all became functional characters-causing trouble for Yu Huanshui.There is no time to worry about whether it is logical to create trouble.For example, several leaders of Yu Huan Shui in the play, the labels on their heads are “treacherous”, “slick”, “no brain”, do not know how they rose up.But in the novel, they have distinct personalities and are very smart.In the novel, Yu Huanshui’s wife is a middle-aged woman who is full of three-dimensional and grounded.For example, because she had a conflict with Yu Huan Shui because of the car purchase, when she called Yu Huan Shui, the novel wrote such a small detail, “When she yelled at me, I clearly saw a piece of green residue irritated by her roaring tongueThe shot came out. Fortunately, I blinked in time, but the vegetable still hung on the eyelashes of my left eye. At that moment, I felt the world was a dim green.”Types of freelance pens allow characters to have” burrs. “In the play, Yu Huan Shui’s wife is a remake of an indifferent woman in the workplace.It’s not that this character is bad, it’s just that she lost the kind of “personality” in the novel.There are also Lu Fumeng, Yu Huan Shui’s youngest uncle, Yu Huan Shui’s father, dog-raising neighbors and other supporting roles, but also accidentally “exaggerated”.For example, Yu Yushui ‘s youngest uncle, who dismantled Yu Huan Shui in front of him and claimed that the wine he bought for 2000 yuan was only 78 yuan. He even spit out the wine he drank in front of his family. This plot created embarrassment for Yu Huan Shui, highlighting Yu Yushui ‘s misery.The effect is achieved, but the role of Uncle Xiao is also “bad” and does not conform to common sense and reason.The youngest uncle after spitting out Yu Huanshui’s wine.As a result, although “I am Yu Huan Shui” has relatively successfully shaped Yu Huan Shui, he has also sacrificed the image creation of other supporting roles, and they have only left “bad”.Nowadays, some “topic dramas” and “selling tragedies” have been used to narrate plots and express characters by creating large, intense and exaggerated drama conflicts.But the truth is, there is not so much blood in the mediocre real life, and the people often have some minor, inconspicuous details, small conflicts; the reason why we are tired of human relations is not that people are extreme.Bad people, but they are complicated people.They are not so good and not so bad, we will be particularly embarrassed.Therefore, classic works can always achieve “waves” in the plain, and “thunder” in the silent.”I am Yu Huan Shui” is a “good-looking” play, maybe that’s all.□ Cong Yi (play reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Lijun