After 10 Meng Wa stunning the audience after changing clothes, only 8 abdominal muscles at the age of 7

“After 10” Mengwa stunning the audience after changing clothes, only 8 abdominal muscles at the age of 7 and a half
The day before yesterday and yesterday, the gymnastics competition of the 19th Hangzhou Games was held in the gymnastics hall of Chen Jinglun Sports School. Nearly 50 young athletes from five districts, counties and cities in Hangzhou participated in the competition.Chen Yi, who played for Yuhang District, became the biggest winner. One person won 6 gold medals and 1 silver medal.  This kid is less than 7 and a half years old, and the men’s group he is in has only 7 projects, right?而他的惊艳全场却发生在比赛后……  10后 萌娃换衣服惊艳全场  本届市运会体操比赛按年龄分为甲、乙、丙、丁四个组别,昨天上午进行的是The individual events of Men’s Group C and Group D include free exercise, goats, rings, vault, parallel bars, and horizontal bars.The age of the children participating in the D group is between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010, and the largest child among them is only 7 and a half years old.  Looking at the entire gymnastics hall, the little guys in the D group are still very eye-catching. Don’t look at their small size, but they are very good at doing gymnastic professional moves.Chen Yi, who was born in February 2010, is one of the small athletes in the D group. He managed a small flat head. In the same group, he is not tall, but the arm muscle lines are the most obvious.  At the scene, he watched his vaulting, lifting rings, horizontal bars and parallel bars. From the pre-game display, to the action in the game, and then to the next method, Chen Yidu was quite a professional, and the referee also nodded frequently.In addition to throwing three more points on the parallel bars and being deducted points, he won the championship easily in other single events.After the parallel bars were close to noon, Xiao Chenyi ran to the side of the court, where his father, mother, brother and grandmother were there.  How do you evaluate your performance for the first time?well!  Which item is the most satisfying?horizontal bar.  Why do you like gymnastics?Because the gymnastics is so handsome.   an easy answer, cute expression, all the adults present were amused, because Chen Yi was so cute when he talked.After the interview, Chen Yi took off her gym suit and changed to casual wear. At this time, the crowd watching was completely calm. wow, your abdominal muscles. Come and come and take a POSE photo!  Chen Yi, who was originally wearing small shorts, ran to the locker and turned the gym pants over.Once the fists are clenched, the abdominal muscles are clearly visible.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Oh my god, eight full abs.A child less than 8 years old actually developed 8 perfect abdominal muscles!  I quickly sent Chen Yi’s photos to the circle of friends. Several adult men returned to their knees: Kneeled!其他的留言无外乎好帅啊、天哪、这得练得多刻苦啊……  两岁时 一手抱奶瓶一手吊在栏杆上玩悬挂  上午比赛结束后,场地里只剩几位还在统计成绩Referee.Chen Yi, who was worshipped by everyone, had put on a T-shirt and quickly dried a banana and a small jug of milk. Because there was a game in the morning, he didn’t eat much for breakfast, and now he is a bit hungry.After drinking the last sip of milk, the little guy seemed to be fully charged again in an instant, and he ran back and forth to the field. He had to touch aerial ropes, horizontal bars, trampolines, and any equipment.  The son got such a good result for the first time in the competition. Chen Yi’s mother Zhang Hongyu was happy and broke.Chen Yi is her youngest son. The eldest son is 13 years old. She said that Chen Yi’s athletic ability should be born.  Chen Yisheng was born and weighed 8 pounds.When the child was born, he had to put it on the scales to weigh himself. The doctor wanted to see if the child was not flexible, so he scratched it on the sole of his foot. He didn’t expect him to retract his foot immediately.Even the doctor didn’t expect that a newborn baby would react so brightly.Zhang Hongyu said with a smile, giving birth to an 8-pound big fat boy, it is not easy for her with a small model. Both sons were born by myself.I’m not tall, but I like sports when I was in high school, and I jumped farther than those tall students.In this way, Chen Yi still has some sports genes.  Generally speaking, 3-4 months old is the turn-over period for babies, but Chen Yicai will turn over in two months, and climb too early, and will walk in 11 months. Zhang Hongyu recalls that Chen Yi has been a child since childhoodThe strength is particularly great.On one occasion, Zhang Hongyu took two-year-old Chen Yi out of business to let him play by the stall. Once I looked back, Chen Yi held a bottle in one hand to drink milk, while the other hand hung onOn the iron railing, with your feet off the ground, you can also lift them up.  Take it, I take it completely!You know, many high school students can’t even do a pull-up, and only two-year-old Chen Yi can even hang with one arm.  Chen Yi first learned to ride a bicycle. It was the one with two auxiliary wheels at the back. He rode very well.Later, the auxiliary wheel broke down. I said otherwise, don’t ride it, it’s very dangerous.He was about to ride, and he even removed the auxiliary wheels. Before he went to kindergarten, he was already able to ride two-wheeled bicycles, his feet were not on the ground, but the bicycle was very slippery.Speaking of which, Zhang Hongyu’s tone is full of pride.  5 years old away from home, the skin can be tolerated by bleeding and bleeding. I just want my mother’s gymnastics to be different from other projects. The excavation time is earlier. Many times, the grass-roots coach will enter the kindergarten small class to select the seedlings. Chen Yi was caught by the coach at that time.The coach said that Chen Yi was courageous and bouncing well, so he wanted to take it and practice it.  He likes to play everywhere since he was a child. The fitness equipment in the park has been played all over. The gymnastics also likes him very much, so let him exercise.For a child as old as this, once he arrives at the youth sports school, he must live in Chen Jinglun, and Chen Yi’s family is in Yuhang. The equivalent of a four or five year old child will live independently. At the beginning, Father Chen firmly opposedHe was afraid that the baby son would be too hard. It was his brother’s words that relieved his father. His brother said, Dad, gymnastics is Chen Yi’s hobby. Let him go if he likes it.  In September 2015, Chen Yi, who was still in mid-class, came to Chen Jinglun by himself and could only go home once a week. At this time, he was only a little over 5 years old.  He was the most painful when he first went. He just missed his mother and said that it was better to go to the previous school. He could see his mother every day.Zhang Hongyu said that since his childhood, he followed his own hands and had to grab her hair to fall asleep. This is also very reluctant to leave him. He cries at home every day. After about a month, Chen Yi is a little bit adapted, still a child.It’s good to have fun at school.  During the days when Chen Jinglun was training, Chen Yi worked very hard. His palms were frayed and bleeding was common, but he never shouted hard and never thought of giving up.People around me often ask Zhang Hongyu, why should we let the children suffer these hardships?What should I do if I don’t grow long after practicing gymnastics?She said that the person’s height can’t decide anything. This is Chen Yi’s favorite thing. He insisted on it. Of course, the mother must support her son.  Now, Chen Yi participated in the first competition in his life, and his neck was covered with gold medals.Looking at the smile on his son’s face and the joy from his heart, Zhang Hongyu thought it was enough.  How are 8 abdominal muscles made?  Having said a lot of Chen Yi’s natural supernatural power, I forgot the most important thing-Chen Yi’s eight abdominal muscles?  In fact, Chen Yi’s eight abdominal muscles were exposed more than two months ago.There is a very famous parkour team in Hangzhou called 2S. Every Sunday they will go to Chen Jinglun Sports School for training, and Sunday happens to be a day for the gymnastics team to rest.If you don’t go home, Chen Yi will play with Parkour’s brothers and learn to jump, move over obstacles, and make human flags.  Lion, the person in charge of 2S, sent Chen Yi’s video to the circle of friends and Weibo, which immediately caused a stir in the circle.After the lion exposed Chen Yi’s photo of abdominal muscles, more people worshipped.Some people left a message saying: Friends in the fitness circle, we will show less abdominal muscles in the future, and we will be killed by him. Everyone is asking, how is the eight abdominal muscles made by Chen Yi at such a young age?Zhang Hongyu said that this should be the result of his son’s hard training: when he was a child, like most children, his stomach was full every time he ate, and he had no abdominal muscles.  In the spirit of rooting out, I found Chen Yang, the coach of the Chen Jinglun gymnastics team.According to Coach Chen, from Monday to Friday, the team members learn cultural lessons in the morning, and start training after waking up in the afternoon nap. Generally, they will practice from 2 to 4:30 or 5 in the afternoon, and all day on Saturday.Gymnastics is very helpful to children’s muscles, body shape, flexibility, coordination and other aspects.Gymnastics training is no longer the simple three-in-one big one in the past, it is also scientific, especially for some young people.Running, jumping, strength, and muscles are daily essentials.Moreover, children who have practiced gymnastics will roll over and have stronger self-protection ability. Even if they fall, they will not lie down directly, and the chance of injury is smaller.  At an age like Chen Yi, there are still several in the team, but he is the only one with amazing abdominal muscles.Everyone practices the same, why is Chen Yi having perfect abdominal muscles, is it because of eating?  Zhang Hongyu said that there is nothing special about his son’s diet.Every time her son returned home on weekends, she would make dumplings, eating 13 or 4 dumplings in one meal, and the amount of food was not too large. He didn’t like to eat meat. Instead, he liked crunchy foods such as cucumber and lettuce.  This time completely speechless, had to ask industry experts to answer.From the perspective of a lion, the human body’s muscle shape is born, some people’s muscles will look good, and some people can’t practice eight packs of muscles; Chen Yi is young, but his waist and abdomen are especiallyThe strength of the side waist and the strength of the arm are very strong, and the training is usually quite hard. Many factors have created his current eight abdominal muscles.  My answer, I believe that many people still find it not addictive.There is a saying that success equals 99% of effort and 1% of talent.Chen Yi is such a child. Over time, this young boy with abdominal muscles may be able to grow into a national and even world champion.  The son said that he would like to get a lot of gold medals in the future, help his parents buy a house and a car, and take me for a ride.Zhang Hongyu is a little happier.