Assassination Novelist has been changed to Fly, wonderful!

“Assassination Novelist” has been changed to “Fly”, wonderful!
Lei Jiayin plays Guan Ning, and the person holding him may be his daughter Xiaotangzi who has been missing for 6 years.  The fantasy action film “Assassination Novelist” directed by Lu Yang, Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, Dong Zijian and others has recently revealed a fixed-term preview, which can be released on the first day of the 2021 year.The film is adapted from Shuang Xuetao’s novel of the same name, and is called Guan Ning (Lei Jiayin). In order to find the appearance of the missing daughter, he accepted the task assigned by Tu Ling (Yang Mi) to assassinate the novelist (Dong Zijian).In essence, the fictional world described by novelists is also affecting the fate of people in the real world.In comparison, the film also has a big adaptation in character setting. Some protagonists have different purposes for assassination missions, and some story setting is also more closely related to the narrative of the ancient world.Here, the characters in the trailer are compared with their counterparts in the original, and the inside story of “Assassination” is discovered in advance.  The protagonist’s assassination motives are different. In order to go to the North Pole to watch the polar bear novel, the novelist wrote a short story “Heart”, which has a character named Chi Fa Gui. Everything that happens to Chi Fa Gui in the novel will happen in reality.In an old man, everything is efficacious, which makes the old man very easy to damage.According to the novelist’s writing progress, the novel will end in three days. Judging from the current trend, the old man will definitely not end well.The old man made up his mind not to let this person and this novel exist in this world, so the old man wanted to find someone to assassinate the novelist and eliminate the source of the hidden danger.The protagonist Qian Bingwei came to apply because he wanted to go to the North Pole to see polar bears very much and needed a sum of money.  In order to find the missing daughter trailer in the first half of the movie, the protagonist Lei Jiayin played the heroine Ning and lost his daughter Xiaotangzi 6 years ago., The image is very dismal.In the trailer, he had a conversation with Yang Mi: “How much can you pay for your daughter?””whatever.”For the clues of his daughter, he took over the task assigned by Yang Mi-to assassinate the novelist.  The novelist plays different novels. The book nerd wrote the original work of a silly boy. The 30-year-old novelist wrote it for 5 years, and the article was not published. He lived on his mother’s pension.The image of him in the novel is described as follows: “About black-framed glasses, weighing less than 65 kg, the upper limbs are particularly thin and thin, almost as thin as women, myopia is not very serious, if you take off the glasses, there will be chaos in front of you immediately.”Jiu Zang, written by the novelist in the original book, is a 19-year-old, a little silly boy in the ancient world in the novel. His knight, a knight, was cut off because of rebellion by his former friend Red Hair Ghost.Only 1 year old.  The movie otaku also has action scenes. Dong Zijian plays two roles in the movie, respectively playing the novelist Kongwen in the real world and the young Kongkong in the ancient world. The corresponding characters in the novel are the novelist and Jiuzang.In the trailer, the novelist played by Dong Zijian has cracks on his headphones and glasses. The typical image of an otaku is basically consistent with the description of the novel.  The short story “Heart” the novelist is writing is a story of a child named Jiuzang avenging his father.In the trailer, the young man running in the woods is the empty text played by Dong Zijian, and there are many action scenes.  The film adds two new female characters Yang Mi is equivalent to the role played by the lawyer Yang Mi in the novel Tu Ling does not exist in the original novel, but the corresponding characters can also be found in the novel, she is equivalent to the first chapter of the novel, the old man ‘sActing lawyer.She mainly explained the assassination mission to Qianbingwei, but she has not appeared since.It can be seen in the trailer that the mission of Lei Jiayin’s assassination is Tu Ling, played by Yang Mi. This character classification novel has more functions, a white suit, very capable, a smoking lens, and an assassination action scene.Very cool.  Lia Jiuzang ‘s mother changed to her sister Tong Liya as Dong Zijian ‘s sister in the movie. In the trailer, she wore armor and a long knife, sliding on the ground to fight.In the ancient world of the novel, Dong Zijian played the young Kongwen who did not have an elder sister. It should be to change the mother’s role in the original book to “elder sister”.In the original book, after Jiuzang ‘s father was killed by Chih Fa Ghost, her mother took Jiuzang away from Beijing to live in the countryside. Later, she accidentally was injured by a grinding disc and died of her foot., Kill the red hair ghost.  Sauna, Night Net