Borrowing from the east wind of Qing Yu Nian, Jian Ye 2 is going to be a dog-tailed sable?

Borrowing from the east wind of “Qing Yu Nian”, “Jian Ye 2” is going to be a dog-tailed sable?
To say that the hottest domestic drama at the end of 2019 must be “Qing Yu Nian”. Nearly 200,000 people on Douban have seen it, with an average rating of 7.9 points, the play is based on the online writer Mao Yi’s work of the same name.The other cat’s greasy work “Jiangye” was adapted into a TV series as early as the end of 2018, with an average score of 7 in the first 60 episodes of Douban.4. Word of mouth is not bad in domestic dramas.A few days ago, “Jiangye 2” has been aired. After watching the first ten episodes, I must sigh that the collapse of word of mouth is as fast as the rhythm of the first episode, and it has become the first new year’s work of the dog.Stills of “Jiangye 2”.Actor and Sang Sang.The rhythm is chaotic, the actors are not as good as the old thanks to the relevant policies of the past two years, the water injection phenomenon of domestic TV dramas has been reduced, “Qing Yu Nian” has only 45 episodes, and “Jian Ye 2” is more than 60 of “Jian Ye 1″The episode is reduced to 43 episodes, and it is likely that the second season will tell the story of all six volumes of the novel (“Jian Ye” is adapted from the first and second volumes of the original book).The opening episode of the first episode was fast-paced, and at least five minutes to review the content of the first season of “Jiangye”, and it was straightforward to let the teacher treat the injured Sang Sang after the injury, and suggested that Ning lacked a belt.Seeing Master Qishan’s treatment with the silkworm rotten silk temple and looking for Master Qishan, the situation is extremely urgent. Next, I spent almost the same space on the farewell of Ning Que and Wang Tang, the brothers and sisters. This is a bit of a desire to ease and rhythm., But too much time is wasted on this plot outside the main line.Fortunately, the rhythm of the first six episodes is relatively fast. In addition to encountering the ambush of Prince Longqing, Sang Sang was healed by Dao Ye Yehongyu, Ning Que successfully brought Sang Sang to Lanke Temple, and quickly determined SangSang’s true identity is the daughter of Pluto. The two brothers of the master and the two brothers teamed up with the golden array of the big broken Ke Temple to help Ning Que take Sang Sang to escape.This is equivalent to basically finishing the third volume of the original novel with the first six episodes in the second season.Ning Que and injured Sang Sang.But the following episodes were slow in pace and some people gasped, and inserted too many original content, such as the bookworm Mo Shanshan, who was originally rescued by the master from the Lanke Temple, became a prisoner of the Xiling’s order in the TV series, and there was more than one episode.The trial was suspected of Mo Shanshan’s original content.These plays are probably intended to show the affection of the sisters of “three idiots in the world”, but in fact, the relationship between flower idiots and Dao idiots, book idiots is not very good, and Ning Que almost abolished Prince Longqing and brought flowersInsane damage; Bookworm likes Ning Que; Dao Chi regards Ning Que as his only opponent in life, but deep down in his heart, he also knows Ning Que to make friends.force.The replacement of actors also failed.In the first season, Chen Feiyu’s acting was one of the reasons for the criticism in the first half, but at least it showed the boyish spirit that Ning lacked this young man and dared to do everything.However, after changing the actor of “Ye Ye 2”, he had a little more affection for Sang Sang in his eyes, which caused a nonchalant attitude towards the world of Haotian.Tang Wang Li Zhongyi changed to Bao Jianfeng after Liming’s resignation, and also lacked the kind of anger in Liming’s anger; the queen was originally born of the Mozong saint, and in the second season after changing the actor almost became a special husbandThe godson’s good wife and mother have both the temperament of the queen and lack of British spirit. In the original book, after the death of the king of the Tang Dynasty, the queen assumed the important task of guarding the Tang Dynasty.Dao Ye Ye Hongyu, Hua Fen Lu Chenjia, Three Sisters Yu Yu, and Seven Sisters Muyou are also newer than old.The original works are rich in content and reduced after discounts. In the past ten years, Maozhi has created “Suzaku”, “Celebration Year”, “Visitor”, “General Night” and “Selected Days”.Internet literature is very popular among readers, among which “Selected Days”, “Ying Yu Nian” and “Jian Ye” have been successively adapted into TV series.If the TV version of “Jian Ye” is still working hard to restore the people and things in the novel, then, after a large number of cuts and modifications, “Jian Ye 2″ feels like it is necessary to hurry up and end this project.Chinese New Year.Datang Emperor Li Zhongyi.The main content of the third volume of the original book is Ning Que ‘s encounter with Sang Sang on the road to Lanke Temple, and the causes and consequences of Sang Sang ‘s true identity being revealed.”Jian Ye 2” finished the content in only six episodes. The most obvious deletion is the complete deletion of the line of Qinghe County (there is also the first season of “Jian Ye”).Qinghe County is a strategic fortress between the Tang Dynasty and Xiling, and lives in the cracks all year round.Later, when the Tang Dynasty was cut down, they chose to betray the Tang Dynasty and slaughter the Tang people.The Qing Gorge, which was once opened to the rest of the world, is the border between Qinghe County and the Tang Dynasty.Later, Brother Two took several brothers and sisters to stay in the Qingxia for seven days and seven nights. Later, when Ning Que negotiated with Zhishouguan Chenguanzhu, he also used the pressure chips given by Qinghe County to exchange for temporary peace.As this line was deleted and exhausted, some of the following stories became persuasive.Another major deletion is the Seven Thoughts of Buddhism.When Ning was out of battle in Xiahou, Master Brother had a long talk with Qi Nian and informed Sang Sang’s true identity. He also explained that he would go to Lanke Temple to cure the disease and find a way to make the daughter of Pluto disappear temporarily.But Qi Nian betrayed his righteousness and took Master Baoshu to reveal Sang Sang ‘s identity at Lanke Temple, which also triggered the anger of Brother Master. The second Brother ‘s “Since then no monks shall enter the Tang Dynasty”, only the Second Brother Brother of the original Volume 5Go to Xuankong Temple, the unknown place of Buddhism, and experience the rebellion of serfs who have been enslaved for a long time.If you have n’t read the original book, you will feel inexplicable in the face of the second gentleman ‘s “gentleman bullying”.The original book hints at the follow-up of the series, and the sequel may be the final season. At present, the story of “Jian Ye 2” has been developed to the content of the fourth volume of the original book, which is also the most exciting one of the original book.Ning Que with Sang Sang also got help from the Tang Dynasty and the deserted people after escaping from Chaoyang City.During the Wasteland War, the Confucius borrowed the sword, Liu Bai’s sword to slaughter the dragon, and the Confucius ascended the sky to fight against Haotian, which exacerbated the whole world. So there was the battle of the wasteland, the battle of the Qingxia, and the battle of Changan City.defense.Stills.In the battle of the Qingxia, Brother Two only took a few brothers and sisters to confront the 100,000 Allied Forces in Xiling, and successively with Ye Hongyu, Ye Qing (Ye Su in the original book, homophonic Jesus), Jian Sheng Liu Bai Yi JianDiscussing Tao is a part of the most popular book fans.Inside and outside Chang’an City, the three senior sisters abandoned Xiling to teach Xiong Chumo at the back of the academy, and then joined hands with the elder brothers. Ning lacked the battle against Chen Guanzhu.Judging from the currently exposed film and trailer, “Jian Ye 2” will enter the world in the third week of the broadcast, and the battle of Chang’an City will also appear in the film.Although some people say that the play will have a third season, in terms of the overall fast pace and progress, it is more likely that the second season will be the last season, which is to change the content of the fifth and sixth volumes of the original book.The scene of Ning Que in the town teaming up against Xiaoshu in the town has also appeared in the film.Haotian, Pluto is actually one side and two sides. Sang Sang is both Pluto’s daughter and Haotian’s children in this world.The fifth volume of the original book mainly talked about Haotian thinking that he could return to the gate of heaven through the removal of the dust edge with this world, so he called the Taoshan Conference and controlled the Ningqian who had the deepest dust edge with her, and the shears continued to be chaoticThe two again entered the Buddhist sacred treasure board.After several years of practice, Sang Sang’s fate has finally been removed. She wants to return to heaven with a cruel attitude.But it is not known that she is Haotian’s spokesperson in this world, and her destination is still this world.Ye Qing was seriously injured during the battle of the Qing Gorge and lost his life and lost all his life. However, he also realized some Protestantism that was biased towards secular life and was comfortable spreading Protestantism in the Southern Jin Dynasty.Chen realized that he could make himself the master of this world, so he launched another war between Daomen and Tang, a secular society. He tried to find Sang Sang, who was hiding in a corner of the world, to seize her hit.To become the new Haotian spokesperson, Ning Que is looking for Sang Sang to protect her while protecting Tang Guo . The actions of the last two volumes of the original book have been improved, and more humane and secular life have been added. This is an adapted cultural drama.The interplay of action scenes laid a good foundation.I also hope that the next “Jian Ye 2” will bring surprises, at least I hope to change the various embarrassment, discomfort, and want to vomit the content broadcast in the previous two weeks.□ Amu (drama reviewer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreads Wei Zhuo