War of Inheritance and Chernobyl scored two golden balls

“War of Inheritance” and “Chernobyl” scored two golden balls
After receiving the Golden Globe Award, Olivia Coleman talked about the shortcomings of playing a real person: “Everyone knows that the Queen is a certain kind, which is much harder than shaping a completely fictional character.”The other side of her that is not known to the world is not something I am familiar with and naturally able to master . In fact, I am not that powerful.”The poster of” War of Inheritance “has a strong artistic effect.In the second season, the wall of the restaurant was hung by William Adolph Bouguereau’s oil painting “Dante and Virgil in Hell”, showing that the poets of Dante and Virgil came to hell and witnessed “seven sins”People biting each other.For theatrical stage, especially Shakespeare, Brian Cox was obsessed with his life.In 1983, he was fortunate to perform “Lear King” with Lawrence Oliver.Brian was very excited after receiving the invitation to “The Battle of Inheritance” because he felt that the play was simply the play code of “King Lear”: “Rogan Roy is an uneducated preacher, this is a man who wants to recaptureDynasty story.”This year the red carpet has frozen the most beautiful one frame: Renee Zweig, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, the three main shafts holding hands and talking.  Sauna Night Network News The evening of January 5th, American time, the 77th Golden Globe Awards Ceremony was held at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills Antiques, and there were hardly any hits in the TV category.Olivia Coleman defeated “Crown” defeated Nicole Kidman in “Large and Small Lies”, and opponents such as Judy Comer in “Killing Eve” won the most drama series.The best heroine.This is the third time she has won the Golden Globe Award after the TV series “Night Shift Manager” and the movie “Pamper”.Brian Cox used “War of Inheritance” to win the best actor in the drama series, and was only shortlisted for the award in “Game of Thrones” (Snow Snow’s actor Kit Harrington was nominated)As a result, no particles were collected in this Golden Globe Awards.  In addition, Strand Skarsgard won the best supporting actor with “Chernobyl”, while Patricia Arquette won the best supporting actor with “Evil Deeds”.Last year, Arquette won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Screenplay / TV Movie with “Danny Mora Prison Break”, and this is her third Golden Globe Award.  In terms of episodes, “Battle of Inheritance” (season 2) defeated popular works such as “Large and Small Lies”, “Crown” and “Slaying Eve” and won the best drama series.”London Life” (season 2) won the best comedy series; 2019’s popular word-of-mouth drama “Chernobyl” won the best limited script / television movie.  This year’s Golden Globe Carol Bonnet Lifetime Achievement Award in the TV category was won by Alan Dejanis.    ”Battle of Inheritance” is a giant version of “House of Cards”. The series of “Battle of Inheritance” produced by HBO focuses on the fictional media predator Roy’s family.The media crocodile Rogan Roy is old and his health is not optimistic. The TV, film, media and entertainment empire that he founded by himself is about to usher in variables. The outside world is speculating on how he will choose to completely let go.The empire handed over to one of the four children to inherit, or did he choose a puppet heir, who was still behind the curtain to listen to politics?Logan Roy’s four children, Roman, Kendall, Connor, and Schiff, also heard the news, and each used their own means to compete for the company’s control and started the battle of succession.  At the end of the first season, Logan Roy lost his consciousness, which paved the way for the more intense battle of succession in the second season.As the plot of the second season unfolded, the audience gradually discovered that Logan Roy was the master of this war.The children are competing for the “big cake” in front of the stage. The old man silently observes who has the ability to be an heir behind the scenes. By the way, the succession battle is made more intense.It’s hard to say whether Logan Roy was choosing an heir or calculating an heir, and eventually he would regain control of himself.Unfortunately, each of his children is still a little bit worse-even Kendall’s final Jedi counterattack against his father in the second season was exceptionally wonderful.  ”War of Inheritance” screenwriter Jesse Armstrong is also the screenwriter of the first season of “Black Mirror”. The script of “War of Inheritance” was polished in his hands and revised for eight years.He said that when creating the core character of the show, Logan Roy, he used many real-life businessmen and their families as models.”Reality has given us a lot of inspiration, which is a good research sample for us.”A netizen in the United States commented that” War of Inheritance “is a giant version of” House of Cards “and is” King Lear and his children “.  Complete award list in the TV series Best drama series: Best heroine in the “War of Inheritance” drama series: Olivia Coleman Best heroine in the “Crown” drama series: Brian CowBest Comedy / Musical Episode of “War of Inheritance”: Best Actress in Music / Comedy Drama of “London Life”: Phoebe Waller-Bridge Best Music / Comedy Drama of “London Life”Actor: Rami Yusuf “Lami” Best Limited Script / TV Movie: “Chernobyl” Limited Script / TV Movie Best Actress: Michelle Williams “Forsy and Warden””Limited Screenplay / Best Actor in a TV Movie: Russell Crowe” Best Voice “TV Series Best Supporting Actress: Patricia Arquette” Evil Deeds “TV Series Best Supporting Actor: Strand S.Cascade’s “Chernobyl” Lifetime Achievement Award: Alan DeJanise ■ All-Vegetarian Highlights This Golden Globe Awards Ceremony is still in Beverly Hills, California, USA, but the difference is thatThe dinner at this ceremony prepared a meat-free menu for the guests. The 100% vegetarian dinner broke the tradition of the “gourmet feast” of the Golden Globe Awards.  The President of the Hollywood Association of Foreign Journalists Lorenzo Soria has explained that this change is to increase people’s awareness of environmental protection in food consumption and food waste. “The food we eat, how we grow it, and how we handle it all lead to a climate crisis.One of the main factors.”It is reported that the dinner will also eliminate plastic disposable products and bottled water.  The performer Jason Moma of Sanmei with the same frame “Sea King” and the muscle “Sea King” debuted as the award guest this year at the Golden Globe Awards.The Air Force exposed Jason ‘s “grooming” Golden Globe Awards on the Internet. In the video, Jason wore a blue-green suede dress and was helped by the staff to help decorate the decoration; Jason was excited to shake his long and curlyhair.However, at the awards ceremony, when the camera shot Jason on the higher stage, he just tied his hair, and his suit was nowhere to be seen. He only wore a black vest and showed strong muscles.The flickering footage also became one of the most interesting pictures of this year’s Golden Globe Awards.  Pete Tucao At this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Brad Pitt won the best supporting actor with the movie “Hollywood Past”.When he received the award, he thanked the cast of “Hollywood Past”. At the same time, he also thanked the other star of the film, Leonardo DiCaprio: “Thank you for my partner.He is an All-Star, gentleman.I will not be here without you.If it were me, I would share that plank with you.(At the end of Titanic, Jack, played by Leonardo, floats on the board and dies alone.) “The humorous Pete hardly teased good brothers, and also told the media that he loves to write his gossip:” I wanted to invite my mother to attend the ceremony tonight, but I didn’t.Because everyone standing next to me, they (the media) said they were my new girlfriend.This is too strange.”In the absence of Russell Crowe through the TV series” The Loudest Voice “, actor Russell Crowe was absent from the Best Actor in this year’s Golden Globe-Limited Screenplay / TV Movie category.However, at the awards ceremony, actor Jennifer Aniston made a speech in his place.Aniston said that Russell Crowe was protecting his family in Australia ‘s home and fighting the devastating bushfire, “If he wins, he will tell everyone the news.”At the same time, Aniston admits that because of climate change, a tragedy is being staged in Australia, and all walks of life around her use renewable energy to protect the earth,” so that we can have a future.”It is reported that Russell Crowe was born in New Zealand and moved to Sydney when he was four years old. His film and television career also began in Australia.In November 2019, a sudden fire broke out in the eastern Australian jungle, leaving thousands of people in danger.  Author of this edition / Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He Yang Lianjie